Butler, TN 37640 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 37640 is located in (62%) (38%)

37640 Street Addresses

A J Stalcup Ln ((200-298)) Alvin Dugger Rd ((100-199)) Andrew Finney Rd ((101-199)) Andrew Fraley Rd ((101-199)) Andrews Rd ((100-198)) Andy Bunton Ln ((100-599)) Angel Dr ((101-199)) Atley Brown Rd ((100-198)) Atwood Rd ((100-1499)) Avery Meadows Ln ((200-399)) Banjo Ridge Rd ((500-599)) Bear Creek Dr ((100-198)) Bear Ridge Dr ((101-299)) Bear Ridge Rd ((100-144)) Big Dry Run ((7800-9298)) Big Dry Run Rd ((100-7699)) Big Oak Dr ((100-299)) Bill Branch Ln ((200-399)) Bill Cable Rd ((100-499)) Bluestone Dr ((600-698)) Br Ward Ln ((100-199)) Buntontown Rd ((100-2599)) Cable Hollow Rd ((100-299)) Campbell Hollow Ln ((100-399)) Campbell Rd ((100-399)) Canaan Rd ((100-399)) Candlewood Ln ((100-599)) Carfie Bunton Ln ((100-698)) Carl Trivette Ln ((100-499)) Carl Trivette Rd ((400-498)) Cedar Ave ((516-698)) Church St ((100-298)) Clark Rd ((100-298)) Claude Matherly Rd ((100-499)) Clawson Rd ((101-398)) Cobb Creek Rd ((100-399)) Copley Branch Rd ((100-598)) Copperhead Hollow Rd ((915-2198)) Cotton Ln ((200-299)) Country Place Ln ((100-198)) Cove Ridge Cir ((186-676)) Cove Ridge Ln ((100-298)) Cove Ridge Rd ((101-822)) Coves Edge Dr ((701-799)) Cowan Town Rd ((101-1098)) Cox Rd ((100-198)) Culver Pl ((101-199)) Dark Hollow Rd ((201-1799)) Dark Ridge Rd ((100-199)) Darrel Harmon Rd ((100-198)) Dave Rainbolt Rd ((100-198)) Deer Run Rd ((200-298)) Dewey Payne Rd ((100-199)) Diamond Point Dr ((100-198)) Doe Creek Rd ((100-15699)) Doeville Rd ((101-799)) Dogwood Ln ((100-199)) Draft Rd ((101-3299)) Dry Hill Rd ((100-8899)) Dugger Branch Rd ((101-598)) Dugger Hollow Rd ((100-299)) Dugger Holow Rd ((100-498)) Dye Leaf Rd ((100-598)) Elk Ridge ((101-199)) Elmer Reece Rd ((100-199)) Forest Dr ((100-198)) Frank Shupe Ln ((100-598)) Gaither Cable Ln ((100-199)) Gene Dr ((100-599)) George Henry Day Rd ((2-399)) George Shoun Ln ((100-199)) George Shouns Rd ((401-499)) Goose Bradley Ln ((100-799)) Green Hollow Rd ((100-298)) Green Rd ((100-899)) Greggs Branch Rd ((100-1399)) Grindstaff Rd ((100-898)) Ham Campbell Rd ((100-199)) Harbor Vw ((101-499)) Harmon Rd ((100-368)) Hatley Hollow ((100-199)) Heartwood Ln ((601-1499)) Heaton Branch Rd ((100-1698)) Hemlock Dr ((100-199)) Henry Stout Branch Rd ((100-299)) Hickory Hills Ln ((300-498)) Hill Ave ((100-198)) Hill Rd ((100-198)) Hill St ((100-799)) Horseshoe Cove Ests ((201-221)) Howard Campbell Rd ((100-199)) Howes Ln ((100-299)) H Proffitt Ln ((100-199)) Hwy 321 ((501-3798)) Imogene St ((100-399)) Jd Guinn Ln ((100-198)) Jim Duffield Rd ((100-199)) Jimmy Hollow Rd ((100-299)) Joe Dugger Ln ((100-199)) J Thomas Stout Ln ((100-499)) J Thomas Stout Rd ((201-499)) K and R Rd ((100-699)) Karl Pleasant Ln ((100-199)) Karl Pleasant Rd ((300-898)) K & R Rd ((100-899)) Kyte Hollow Rd ((501-698)) Lacy Rd ((100-499)) Lakeside Dr ((100-298)) Lakeview Dr ((100-3099)) Lakeview Terrace Ln ((100-198)) Laurel Mtn Ests ((600-798)) Leroy Dugger Rd ((100-199)) Linda Ln ((100-499)) Lipford Dr ((101-199)) Lipford Trl ((101-199)) Little Dry Run Rd ((100-4499)) Loan Myer Rd ((100-199)) Loan Myers Rd ((100-199)) Lowell Stalcup Rd ((100-599)) Main St ((4-798)) Mallard Cove Rd ((100-499)) McEwen Bridge Ln ((100-499)) McGuire Rd ((100-399)) McKinley Clawson Ln ((100-199)) McQueen St ((100-799)) Meadow View Church Rd ((100-599)) Mealcamp Rd ((100-1099)) Millard Cable Rd ((100-199)) Montgomery Rd ((100-198)) Moody Cir ((100-198)) Moody Rd ((100-899)) Morefield Rd ((100-999)) Moreland Dr ((100-399)) Morley St ((100-899)) Mountain View Ln ((100-1099)) Mountain Wynd Ln ((100-699)) Myrtle Dr ((600-798)) Norman Dugger Rd ((100-999)) Norris Ceme Rd ((100-198)) Norris Rd ((1-2398)) N River Ln ((100-499)) Oak Dr ((100-299)) Oak Point Pl ((100-198)) O Henry Dr ((100-199)) Old Cabin Private Rd ((100-699)) Old Church Loop Rd ((100-299)) Old Draft Rd ((100-499)) Old Hwy 67 ((100-10698)) Old Stage Rd ((100-10698)) Overlook Dr ((600-698)) Pandora Fork Rd ((900-999)) Pandora Ln ((100-399)) Pandora Rd ((100-198)) Paul Snyder Rd ((100-599)) Payne Rd ((100-199)) Peek Over Knoll Dr ((101-199)) Piercetown Rd ((100-1099)) Pine Orchard Rd ((188-3499)) Pine Ridge Rd ((100-199)) Pine St ((100-599)) Poga Rd ((200-1999)) Rainbolt St ((101-499)) Raven Hidden Cove ((2800-2898)) Ray Whaley Rd ((100-199)) Rd Campbell Rd ((100-1599)) Red Hill Rd ((201-599)) Riverview Ct ((200-399)) Roan Creek Rd ((6044-11686)) Robinson Ln ((100-199)) Rock Island Dr ((500-598)) Roundabout Dr ((200-299)) Rye Branch Rd ((100-299)) S 2nd St ((500-799)) Sawmill Ln ((100-299)) Scenic Vw ((100-199)) Scott Rd ((501-709)) Scott St ((100-599)) Shaw Ward Rd ((100-799)) Shell Creek Rd ((523-592)) Shiloh Rd ((100-199)) Sink Valley Rd ((100-6799)) Smith Dugger Rd ((100-199)) Smith Hollow Rd ((100-299)) Soapstone Hollow Rd ((100-198)) Stanberry Rd ((401-599)) Stansberry Rd ((401-799)) State Hwy 159 ((6658-10175)) State Hwy 167 ((100-11686)) State Hwy 67 ((172-17407)) State Hwy 67 Scn ((172-17407)) State Rte 159 ((3627-5712)) Sugar Grove Church Rd ((100-1599)) Sugar Hollow Rd ((100-999)) Summerhill Dr ((100-199)) Ted Potter Rd ((101-199)) Tester Ln ((100-499)) Tester Rd ((100-799)) Timothy Branch Rd ((100-399)) Tom Bunton Ln ((100-5199)) US Hwy 321 ((172-10175)) US Hwy 321 Scn ((172-3464)) Vaught Stout Ln ((100-199)) Watson Rd ((100-298)) Watuaga Overlook Dr ((100-698)) Wayne Laws Rd ((100-1499)) Whaley Rd ((101-199)) Whaley Town Rd ((100-3798)) White Oak Rd ((101-199)) Wilderness Dr ((100-299)) Williams Ln ((100-799)) Wilson Ln ((100-599)) Wolfe Ln ((100-399))

37640 Places and Attractions

Arnold Hollow Asher Branch Baker Branch Baker Gap Baker Gap Bear Stand Bearwallow Branch Big Bear Cove Ridge Big Branch Big Branch Big Branch Big Dry Run Big Hill Big Pine Mountain Big Ridge Black Branch Blackman Branch Blue Springs Bradley School (historical) Brushy Ridge Gap Buck Ridge Buck Ridge Gap Buck Ridge Lookout Tower Bunton Branch Bunton Branch Bunton Cemetery Bunton Cemetery Bunton Creek Bunton Ridge Bunton Ridge Buntontown Butler Butler Baptist Church Butler Cemetery Butler Memorial Bridge Butler Post Office Cable Cemetery Cable Prospect Cable Prospect Camp Ten Branch Campbell Cemetery Campbell Cemetery Campbell Chapel (historical) Campbell Creek Campbell Hollow Campbell Hollow Campbell Mine Campbell Pen Branch Capley Branch Cardens Bluff (historical) Cardens Bluff Campground Cardens Bluff Mine Cardens Bluff School (historical) Carriger Spring Branch Casper (historical) Cherokee Wildlife Management Area Cherry Flats Ridge Church Cemetery Church Ridge Cobb Creek Cobb Creek Cobb Creek Prospect Cobb Creek School (historical) Cochran Cemetery Colorado Gap Cook Branch Cook Branch Cook Hollow Cook Hollow Cook Ridge Cook Ridge Coon Den Branch Coon Den Branch Copley Branch Cove Ridge Cove Ridge Dock Cowanstown (historical) Cress Branch Cress Branch Crosswhite Cemetery Curtis Mountain Dale Neely Branch Dennis Cove Dennis Cove Campground Dennis Cove School (historical) Doe Creek Doe Station (historical) Doeville Doeville School (historical) Don Nelan Appalachian Trail Shelter Doubles Branch Draught Creek Dry Branch Dry Branch Dry Branch Hollow Dry Hill Dry Hill Cemetery Dry Run Elementary School Dry Run Mine Dubault Prospect Dugger Branch Dugger Bridge (historical) Dugger Cemetery Dugger Cemetery Dugger Cemetery Dugger Cemetery Dugger Hollow Dugger Prospect Dugger Prospect Duncan Hollow Dye Leaf Branch Dye Leaf Ridge Dyson Grove Church East Fork Dugger Branch Eastman (historical) Elk Church (historical) Elk Mills Elk Mills Baptist Church Elk Mills Christian Church Elk Mills School (historical) Elk Mine Elk River Elk River Elk River Church Estep Cemetery Farmer Mill Farthing (historical) Firescald Branch Firescald Branch Firescald Knob Fish Springs Fish Springs Baptist Church Fish Springs Dock Flat Ridge Fletcher Cemetery Flint Ridge Fork Ridge Freeman and Young Mine Frog Pond School (historical) Gentry Cemetery Gipson Mountain Gipson Mountain Goodwin Cemetery Goodwin Field Branch Goodwin Field Gap Goss Mine Gouge (historical) Green Hollow Greenwell Cemetery Gregg Boat Dock Gregg Branch Gregg School (historical) Griffith Cemetery Grindstaff Cemetery Ham Smith Branch Hamby Branch Hamby Cemetery Hanks Boat Dock Harmon Cemetery Hatley Cemetery Hatley Hollow Hays Branch Heaton Branch High Health (historical) Holloway Branch Holloway Prospect Horse Ridge Howard Branch Ingram Hill Iron Mountain Shelter Iron Mountain Trail Ironville (historical) Jimmy Hollow Jones Falls Keller Gap Keller Gap Kite Branch Lakeshore Dock Lakeview Cemetery Larsens Landing Laurel Branch Laurel Fork School (historical) Laurel Fork Trail Laurel Fork Trail Laurel Fork Wildlife Management Area Laurel Fork Wildlife Management Area Laurel Gap Laws Cemetery Leonard Branch Lineback (historical) Lipford Branch Little Doe Church Little Dry Run Little Dry Run Mountain Little Dry Run Valley Little Laurel Branch Little Laurel Fork Little Milligan Little Milligan Baptist Church Little Milligan Boating Site Little Milligan Elementary School Little Pine Mountain Little Pond Mountain Little Pond Mountain Trail Little Stone Mountain Little Stony Creek Little Walnut Ridge Little Walnut Ridge Loss Hollow Lost Ridge Lower Elk River School (historical) Loyd Cemetery Lunsford Branch Lunsford Branch Lunsford Hollow Lupperts Flume Bridge (historical) Luther Hollow Maple Springs Branch Maple Springs Gap Matherly Cemetery Mays Ridge Meadow View Church Meadows Cemetery Meadows School (historical) Meal Camp Hollow Midway Church Midway Church Cemetery Miller Cemetery Miller Chapel (historical) Milligan Branch Moody Prospect Moreland Branch Moreland Gap Morgan Branch Morgan Branch Morley Cemetery Mountain View Church Narrows Knob Neely Cemetery Norris Nowhere Branch Nowhere Ridge Odemville (historical) Odom Trout Lake Odom Trout Lake Dam Old Doe Lookout Tower Old Mountain View Cemetery Palmer Branch Pandora Pandora Prospects Payne Cemetery Peavey Mountain Pierce Pierce Branch Pierce Cemetery Pierce School (historical) Pierce Spring Pine Bottom Branch Pine Knob Pine Orchard School (historical) Piney Grove Church Pleasant Hill Church Plot Branch Plot Gap Poga Poga School (historical) Pond Mountain Pond Mountain Trail Pond Mountain Wilderness Potter Hollow Proffitt Cemetery Profitt Prospect Rat Branch Rat Branch Boating Site Rich Gap Rich Gap Branch Roan Creek Roan Creek Boat Dock Robinson Branch Rough Ridge Rough Ridge Round Knob Row Branch Sandy Gap Scrawls Branch Scrawls Ridge Sheets Hollow Sheffield Ridge Shook Branch Sink Branch Sink Branch Sink Moountain Prospect Sink Mountain Sink Mountain Sink Mountain Sink Mountain Recreation Area Sink Valley Church Sink Valley School (historical) Slide Hollow Slimp Hollow Smith Cemetery Smith Hollow Smitty Branch Smitty Branch Snyder Cemetery Snyders School (historical) Spice Branch Stalcup Branch Stalcup Prospect Stansberry Cemetery Stanton Prospect Stone Mountain Church Stony Creek Stony Hollow Stony Hollow Stout Branch Stout Cemetery Stout Cemetery Stout Cemetery Stout Hill Stout Hill Church Stout Prospect Stump Knob Stump Knob (historical) Sugar Grove Church Sugar Hollow Sugar Hollow Sugar Hollow Branch Sugar Hollow Cemetery Sulphur Springs Branch The Divide Tigue Branch Timbered Ridge Timothy Branch Tom Baker Branch Trivett Branch Trivett Branch Trivett Branch Trivett Branch Turkeypen Gap Turkeypen Gap Twisting Falls Vanderpool Ridge Wagner Branch Wagner Branch Wagner Cemetery Wagner Cemetery Wagner Cemetery Wagner Island (historical) Wagner Prospect Wagner Prospect Walker Ridge Walnut Mountain Walnut Mountain Church Ward Branch Watauga Academy (historical) Watauga Dam Watauga Lake Watauga Lakeshores Resort Watauga Point Recreation Area Watauga Point Recreational Area Watauga River Mine Watauga Scenic Area Watauga School Watson Island West Fork Dugger Branch Whaley Cemetery White Hollow White Prospect Whitehead Cemetery Whitehead Cemetery Whiteoak Ridge Whiting (historical) Williams Island Wolfe Cemetery YS Men Picnic Area Younce Prospect