Birchwood, TN 37308 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 37308 is located in (56%) (44%)

37308 Street Addresses

Anderson Acres Dr ((6500-6809)) Baker Rd ((14500-14999)) Bearden Ln ((6300-6499)) Bear Ln ((101-299)) Bettis Rd ((12400-12899)) Birchwood Pike ((13400-14899)) Bluffview Dr ((14100-14498)) Blythe Ferry Charleston Rd ((700-6199)) Blythe Ferry Rd ((700-6199)) Braston Ln ((12400-13599)) Braxton Ln ((12400-13599)) Bud Smith Ln ((6501-6699)) Bunker Hill Rd ((101-5699)) Burdette Chapel Rd ((100-499)) Burdette Rd ((200-398)) Burton Ln ((100-298)) Burton Rd ((201-14599)) Childs Rd ((200-899)) Co Hwy 2221 ((10743-122298)) Co Hwy 605 ((13400-14899)) Cooley Rd ((6201-6305)) Co Rd 105 ((100-199)) Co Rd 109 ((100-1498)) Co Rd 111 ((101-899)) Co Rd 113 ((101-699)) Co Rd 115 ((100-1299)) Co Rd 119 ((101-5498)) Co Rd 123 ((201-299)) Co Rd 127 ((201-299)) Co Rd 128 ((100-1699)) Co Rd 131 ((700-6199)) Co Rd 151 ((101-199)) Co Rd 155 ((101-899)) Co Rd 163 ((301-599)) Cranfield Rd ((11401-12999)) Dana Michelle Ln ((6900-7199)) Daugherty Ferry Rd ((5000-5499)) Defriese Rd ((14900-15299)) Dilbeck Ln ((400-498)) Dolly Pond Rd ((10743-122298)) Eldridge Rd ((13700-13899)) Evart Rd ((4700-5199)) Eyrie Way ((4500-4699)) Gamble Rd ((6225-7764)) Gas Ridge Rd ((101-899)) Giles Rd ((200-899)) Goodner Ln ((501-798)) Goodner Rd ((100-1299)) Grasshopper Rd ((5700-7426)) Grazing Ln ((6400-6899)) Gunstocker Creek Rd ((100-199)) Hamilton Ln ((101-398)) Harden Rd ((6500-7099)) Haycutter Rd ((11900-12099)) Heartland Trl ((13301-13399)) Hinshaw Ln ((7101-7199)) Horner Hollow Rd ((100-1498)) Hwy 60 ((4900-6852)) Johnson Rd ((4400-5499)) Lake Forest Dr ((101-899)) Lawson Ln ((101-499)) Lawson Rd ((101-699)) Lower Bunker Hill Rd ((101-899)) Lower Ln ((201-299)) Mathis Cove Rd ((200-599)) McArthur Ln ((200-699)) McIntruff Rd ((100-798)) Millsaps Ln ((101-598)) Munger Pond Ln Pvt ((6601-6699)) Old Blythe Ferry Rd ((101-5498)) Parker Loop Rd ((4300-4999)) Patterson Rd ((14400-14599)) Pierce Rd ((100-14099)) Priddy Rd ((301-599)) Prism Trl ((11800-11898)) Rabbit Ln ((7400-7499)) Ridgeview St ((100-399)) Riley Ln ((900-998)) River Cove Ct ((2-399)) River Pl ((1-198)) River Place Pt ((1-199)) Riverside Dr ((2-199)) Riverview Ct ((200-298)) Roark Trail Cir ((14700-14799)) Rogers Hill Ln ((101-199)) Rutherford Rd ((5400-5599)) Sam Smith Rd ((5900-6999)) Sanders Rd ((100-199)) Shadden Rd ((300-698)) Shahan Rd ((100-1699)) State Hwy 312 ((13400-14899)) State Hwy 60 ((4970-7698)) Stokes Hill Ln ((100-599)) Stokes Rd ((100-499)) Sugar Tree Ln ((4900-4999)) Tabitha Ln ((7400-7499)) Teresa St ((7101-7199)) Tmb Trl ((7200-7699)) Watauga Ln ((200-298)) Wind Bluff Cir ((4800-4998)) Wright Rd ((5600-5799))

37308 Places and Attractions

Agency Creek Agency Creek Recreation Area Allen Allen Branch Armstrong Bend Armstrong Ferry Recreation Area Bare Branch Bear Branch Access Area Beta Branch Beta Cemetery Beta Church Big Spring Big Springs Church of Christ Birchwood Birchwood Baptist Church Birchwood Church Birchwood Post Office Birchwood School Bird Hollow Blankenship Cemetery Bluff View Blythe Ferry Goose Management Area Bunker Hill Ferry (historical) Burdette Church Burketts Chapel School (historical) Burnette Church Carp Slough Cayuga Town (historical) Center Point School (historical) Coffmans Store (historical) Cookston Branch Cookston Cemetery Coppinger Creek Cowan Cemetery Cross Prong Dividing Ridge Dolly Pond Dolly Pond Cemetery Doughty Cemetery Erwin Cemetery Fuller Slough Garrison Bluff Godsey Cemetery Goforth Spring Good Hope Church Goodman Bluff Grasshopper Grasshopper Creek Recreation Area Gravel Hill School (historical) Hale Hollow Hale Hollow Creek Hawk Spring Hiwassee Island Hiwassee Slough Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge Holder Slough Hooper Slough Jenkins Ridge Jewell Bluff Jim Branch Joe Smith Hill Johnson Slough Judd Slough Kincannon Ferry (historical) Kincannons Ford (historical) Kingsfield Landing (historical) Lagoon Branch Lewis Branch Lewis Cemetery Lewis Valley Lick Branch Malones Store (historical) McCallie Cemetery McCormicks Mill (historical) McCulley Ridge McInturff Cemetery McKenzie Cemetery Middle Ridge Moon Island Mount Carmel Cemetery Mount Carmel Church Mount Carmel Ridge Mount Carmel School (historical) New Liberty Church Old Browder Cemetery Pendergrass Bluff Penny Branch Perkinson Spring Perry Cemetery Powell Bluff Powell Cemetery Powell Slough Powell Spring Price Creek Roark Cemetery Roberts Hollow Roberts Slough Russell Ferry (historical) Ruyan Cemetery Salem Church (historical) Salem School (historical) Sewell Cemetery Shahan Slough Shelton Cemetery Shiloh Cemetery Shiloh Church Shiloh Ridge Shiloh School (historical) Stokes Hill Stulce Prong Sullivan Cemetery Tennessee Wildlife Refuge Tom Roark Slough Waddell Slough Whitmore Spring Ziegler Slough