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37212 Street Addresses

13th Ave ((1700-1799)) 13th Avenue Cir ((100-199)) 13th Ave S ((900-1699)) 13th Ct ((1200-1399)) 14th Ave ((900-1899)) 14th Ave S ((1400-1599)) 15th Ave ((900-2599)) 15th Ave S ((1000-2299)) 16th Ave ((1000-1599)) 16th Ave S ((1200-1799)) 17th Ave S ((1000-1999)) 18th Ave ((2300-2399)) 18th Ave S ((900-2399)) 19th Ave S ((800-2199)) 20th Ave ((2100-2399)) 20th Ave S ((900-2099)) 21st Ave ((1900-1922)) 21st Ave S ((100-2699)) 22nd Ave S ((1201-1299)) 23rd Ave S ((1601-1699)) 24th Ave ((1700-1799)) 24th Ave S ((100-2199)) 25th Ave ((2600-2799)) 25th Ave S ((100-2499)) 26th Ave ((1700-2799)) 26th Ave S ((200-299)) 27th Ave ((2800-2899)) 28th Ave S ((100-199)) 29th Ave ((2200-2299)) 29th Ave S ((100-199)) 30th Ave ((2200-2299)) 30th Ave S ((100-299)) 31st Ave S ((100-2898)) 32nd Ave S ((100-2199)) 33rd Ave ((100-3499)) Acklen Ave ((1300-3499)) Adelicia St ((1900-1999)) Altura Pl ((2400-2599)) Ashwood Ave ((1200-2699)) Barton Ave ((2400-2799)) Battery Pl ((2800-2899)) Beechwood Ave ((1200-2598)) Belcourt Ave ((1700-2899)) Belmont Blvd ((201-3299)) Belmont Cir ((1800-1998)) Bernard Ave ((1500-2399)) Bernard Cir ((1-2999)) Blair Blvd ((1700-3299)) Blakemore Ave ((2100-3199)) Bonnie Briar Ln ((100-199)) Brightwood Ave ((2700-3099)) Caldwell Ave ((1200-1499)) Calhoun Ave ((1900-2099)) Capers Ave ((1800-3099)) Cedar Ln ((1200-2099)) Chesterfield Ave ((300-599)) Chet Atkins Pl ((1800-1999)) Children's Way ((2300-2499)) Clayton Ave ((1201-1599)) Cole Aly ((900-1099)) Compton Ave ((1500-1799)) Convent Pl ((1900-2099)) Dallas Ave ((1200-1599)) Delmar Ave ((1500-1599)) Dorothy Pl ((1700-1798)) Dudley Ave ((2800-3199)) Eastwood Ave ((2100-2199)) Edgehill Ave ((800-2099)) Elmwood Ave ((1200-1599)) Essex Pl ((2500-2699)) Fairfax Ave ((200-2798)) Ferguson Ave ((1200-1599)) Gale Ln ((1200-1799)) Garland Ave ((2400-2499)) Grand Ave ((1300-2099)) Hawthorne Pl ((2500-2899)) Hazelwood Dr ((2800-2899)) Highland Ave ((2400-2499)) Hillsboro Pike ((900-2699)) Hillside Dr ((2800-3299)) Horton Ave ((1200-1799)) Jess Neely Dr ((2500-2799)) Kensington Pl ((2400-2599)) Kirkwood Ave ((1000-1599)) Lancaster Ave ((400-599)) Linden Ave ((1200-2099)) Love Cir ((3200-3499)) Magnolia Blvd ((1600-2099)) Marlborough Ave ((3200-3599)) Marshall Ct ((100-199)) Music Sq S ((1700-1799)) Natchez Trce ((100-2899)) Nolensville Pike ((3741-3799)) Oakland Ave ((2200-3099)) Orleans Dr ((3200-3499)) Overlook Dr ((2900-3399)) Paris Ave ((1200-1599)) Pierce Ave ((2100-2199)) Portland Ave ((1700-2299)) Primrose Ave ((1600-2999)) Primrose Cir ((2900-2999)) Rose Hall ((200-599)) Rosewood Ave ((1600-1999)) Saint Charles Pl ((100-199)) Sharondale Dr ((501-599)) Southside Cir ((1300-1399)) South St ((1000-1799)) State Hwy 106 ((200-2699)) St Charles Pl ((100-199)) Sunset Pl ((2100-2799)) Sweetbriar Ave ((1200-2099)) Tremont St ((1200-1599)) US Hwy 431 ((200-2699)) Vanderbilt Pl ((101-3199)) Villa Pl ((900-1799)) Wade Ave ((1200-1499)) Wedgewood Ave ((1200-2099)) Wellington Ave ((2800-3199)) W End Ave ((3422-3499)) Westmoreland Dr ((2800-3099)) Westview Dr ((2200-2299)) Westwood Ave ((2100-2899)) Westwood Trce ((100-199)) Wildwood Ave ((1600-1999)) W Linden Ave ((2100-3099)) Woodlawn Dr ((2100-2799))

37212 Places and Attractions

Ashwood Church of Christ Barbara Massey Hall Bass Street Baptist Church Belmont College Belmont Heights Baptist Church Belmont Little Theatre Belmont Mansion Belmont United Methodist Church Blair School of Music Blakemore Church of the Nazarene Blakemore Primitive Baptist Church Capers Field Carell Childrens Hospital Cavert Junior High School Christ the King Catholic Church Christ the King School Clemons School Cohen Building Dudley Field Eakin Elementary School East Hall Edgefield United Methodist Church Fidelity Hall First Seventh Day Aventist Church Freeman Hall George Peabody College Gillette Hall Hail Hall Harris-Hillman School Hawkins Field Heron Hall Hicks Tabernacle Baptist Church Hill Student Center Hitch Science Center Hobbs Laboratory Ingram Hall Jesup Psychological Building John A Gupton College Kayne Avenue Baptist Church Kennedy Center Langford Auditorium Leu Art Gallery Leu Visual Arts Center Light Hall Lila D Bunch Library Magnolia Lawn Massey Performing Arts Center Mayborn Building McGugin Center Memorial Gymnasium Mount Sinai Primitive Baptist Church Murrell School Music Square Church Natchez Trace Church of Christ North Hall Olin Hall Page-Campbell Heart Institute Park Place Shopping Center Parmer Field House Payne Building Peabody Esplanade Pembroke Hall Progressive Baptist Church Rob Roy Purdy Field Saint Bernards Academy Saint Bernards Convent Scarritt College Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital Tarpley Building University School Vanderbilt University Hospital WPLN-FM (Nashville) WRVU-FM (Nashville) Watson Grove Missionary Baptist Church West Hall Wheeler Humanities Building Wilkerson Hearing and Speech Center Wilson Music Building Wright Hall Wyatt Center Zion Hill First African Baptist Church