Nashville, TN 37209 ZIP Code Map


37209 Schools


  • Nashville Diploma Plus
  • The Academy At Old Cockrill
  • Nashville Big Picture High School
  • Cohn Adult High School
  • Lead Academy
  • M N P S Middle College
  • Mc Cann Alternative Learning Center
  • Sylvan Park Paideia Design Center
  • Park Avenue Elementary Enhanced Option
  • Gower Elementary
  • Cockrill Elementary
  • Charlotte Park Elementary
  • Mckissack Middle School
  • Cohn Alternative Learning Center
  • 37209 Hotels

  • Bw Plus Belle Meade Inn Suites
  • Comfort Inn West
  • Days Inn Nashville West
  • Holiday Inn Express W-I40/Whitebridge Road
  • Howard Johnson Nashville West
  • Super 8 Nashville West
  • Census


    ZIP Code 37209 is located in Davidson County

    37209 Street Addresses

    23rd St ((700-799)) 24th St ((600-699)) 26th Ave N ((500-699)) 27th Ave N ((300-699)) 28th Ave N ((300-699)) 29th Ave N ((700-1099)) 30th Ave ((500-599)) 30th Ave N ((900-999)) 31st Ave N ((401-1099)) 32nd Ave N ((200-1199)) 32nd Ct N ((400-499)) 33rd Ave N ((200-3398)) 34th Ave N ((700-999)) 35th Ave N ((200-1199)) 36th Ave N ((100-699)) 37th Ave N ((100-3799)) 38th Ave N ((1-1199)) 39th Ave N ((2-1199)) 40th Ave N ((1-1099)) 41st Ave N ((100-799)) 42nd Ave N ((100-1099)) 43rd Ave N ((100-1099)) 44th Ave N ((1-1099)) 45th Ave N ((100-899)) 46th Ave N ((100-999)) 47th Ave N ((100-999)) 48th Ave N ((100-1199)) 49th Ave N ((100-1399)) 50th Ave N ((100-999)) 51st Ave N ((100-1499)) 52nd Ave N ((100-1399)) 53rd Ave N ((100-1299)) 54th Ave N ((200-1698)) 55th Ave N ((1100-1599)) 56th Ave N ((1100-1699)) 57th Ave N ((1000-1699)) 59th Ave N ((900-999)) 60th Ave N ((1200-1599)) 61st Ave N ((1200-1899)) 62nd Ave N ((1300-1699)) 63rd Ave N ((900-1699)) Achievement Dr ((400-599)) Alabama Ave ((3900-5399)) Alameda St ((3100-4099)) Alamo Pl ((6300-6399)) Albion St ((1000-4399)) Alden Ct ((400-499)) American Ct ((600-6399)) American Rd ((400-699)) Annex Ave ((301-3798)) Annex Ct ((500-599)) Aspen Ct ((200-299)) Bagleyshop Dr ((500-699)) Balmy Ave ((300-399)) Basswood Ave ((400-698)) Batavia St ((901-3799)) Beacon Ln ((6600-6699)) Belle Valley Dr ((100-499)) Bellmore Ave ((100-299)) Bellmore Pl ((200-599)) Biggs Rd ((8400-8599)) Bomar Blvd ((102-199)) Bon Air Cir ((5500-5599)) Booker St ((2900-2999)) Branch Creek Rd ((700-799)) Bridgewalk Pl ((300-398)) Brookside Ct ((1-5699)) Brookvale Ter ((500-599)) Buckner Pl ((500-599)) Burges Ave ((5400-5599)) Burges Dr ((100-5498)) Burgess Ave ((5400-5799)) Cabot Dr ((6500-7598)) California Ave ((5300-6299)) Canebrake Dr ((700-799)) Capri Ct ((400-499)) Capri Dr ((400-499)) Carl Pl ((5800-5999)) Catherine Johnson Pkwy ((3900-3999)) Cedar Cove ((500-599)) Cedar Crest Dr ((600-899)) Centennial Blvd ((2800-7499)) Centennial Pl ((7100-7499)) Chamberlin St ((100-399)) Charlotte Ave ((300-6443)) Charlotte Pike ((1300-8065)) Charlotte Road Cir ((6400-6599)) Cherokee Station Dr ((200-299)) Clare Ave ((2800-4099)) Cleeces Ferry Rd ((1000-1099)) Clifton Ave ((2300-4199)) Clover St ((3200-3299)) Cockrill Bend Blvd ((7100-7599)) Cockrill Bend Cir ((6100-6299)) Cockrill Bend Industrial Rd ((5900-7599)) Cockrill Bend Way ((6100-6299)) College Ave ((1000-1099)) Colorado Ave ((4000-4999)) Columbia Ave ((6300-6399)) Comet Dr ((600-699)) Continental Dr ((500-699)) Conway St ((500-599)) Corbett Ln ((5500-5599)) Couch Dr ((5800-5899)) Cougar Dr ((6500-6599)) Cowden Ave ((6100-6199)) Croley Ct ((100-698)) Croley Dr ((400-799)) Cub Creek Rd ((8300-89599)) Dakota Ave ((3300-5299)) Deal Ave ((5900-6299)) Deer Pointe ((200-299)) Delaware Ave ((2700-5399)) Delray Ct ((901-1099)) Delray Dr ((500-999)) Demoss Rd ((100-199)) Dogwood Trl ((300-399)) Dr Walter Davis Blvd ((4000-4099)) Dr Walter S Davis Blvd ((1200-3999)) Duluth Ave ((100-199)) Eastboro Dr ((400-699)) E Bend Dr ((400-599)) Edsel Dr ((6300-6499)) Elaine Ave ((500-599)) Elizabeth Jordan St ((2400-3432)) Elkins Ave ((3200-5399)) Errol Ln ((200-399)) Ethel St ((600-5899)) Fairwood Dr ((600-699)) Felicia St ((2200-3399)) Firestone Ct ((6500-6599)) Fleetwood Dr ((6400-6699)) Fordomatic Dr ((600-699)) Forestwood Dr ((100-199)) Forrest Valley Cir ((100-299)) Forrest Valley Ct ((100-199)) Forrest Valley Dr ((201-399)) Foundation Ct ((500-599)) Foundry Dr ((500-599)) Franklin Dr ((6300-6399)) Freedom Ct ((600-699)) Freedom Dr ((600-6399)) Freedom Pl ((600-6298)) Frisco Ave ((2300-6499)) Futura Ct ((6400-6499)) Futura Dr ((6400-6499)) Galaxie Dr ((600-699)) Geneva Cir ((3400-3599)) Georgia Ave ((601-5499)) Georgia Ct ((3600-3898)) Gower Rd ((6700-6999)) Grosse Point Ct ((400-499)) Haleys Hope Ct ((1700-1799)) Hemstead St ((500-599)) Henry Ford Dr ((6100-6499)) Hermitage Plz ((1-99)) Hickory Lake Dr ((401-499)) Hickory Trail Dr ((500-599)) Hill Circle Dr ((6000-6199)) Hillwood Blvd ((804-899)) Hite St ((700-799)) Hulan Hollow Rd ((7400-7498)) Hunters Run ((100-199)) Hunters Trl ((600-699)) Idaho Ave ((4100-5299)) Illinois Ave ((4400-5499)) Indiana Ave ((3000-5399)) Indian Creek Rd ((7200-7599)) Islay Ct ((600-799)) Ivy St ((6300-6399)) James Ave ((600-899)) James Ct ((6300-6399)) John A Merritt Blvd ((2800-5099)) John L Driver Ave ((3700-3899)) Johnson St ((1206-1398)) Kenaum Ct ((100-199)) Kendall Dr ((600-5699)) Kentucky Ave ((4400-5699)) Killean Ct ((400-599)) Knob Rd ((5400-5799)) Lakeview Dr ((7400-7699)) Landau Dr ((500-699)) Lansing Dr ((6400-6499)) Laramie Ave ((6200-6299)) Laredo Ave ((6200-6299)) Lelawood Cir ((100-199)) Lellyett St ((300-499)) Lenox Ave ((5600-6099)) Leslie Ave ((5501-5899)) Linder Industrial Dr ((1800-1899)) Lookout Dr ((2800-3899)) Louisiana Ave ((4900-6499)) Lovell St ((400-599)) Lozier St ((5600-5699)) Mackie Pl ((5805-5823)) Mackie St ((5800-6099)) Marauder Dr ((6500-6599)) Marcia Ave ((200-499)) Marilyn Rd ((900-1099)) Maudina Ave ((200-5898)) Maxon Ave ((5700-5999)) Meadowcrest Ln ((5500-5699)) Media St ((4000-4199)) Mercomatic Ct ((401-6599)) Mercomatic Dr ((400-599)) Michigan Ave ((3900-5599)) Midland Ave ((400-599)) Morrow Rd ((400-6299)) Mountain Valley Bend ((1100-1499)) Mountain Valley Dr ((600-1499)) Mountain Valley Ln ((800-1099)) Murphy Rd ((3600-4699)) Nall Ave ((500-599)) Nashua Ave ((6100-6199)) Nashua Ct ((800-899)) Nashua Ln ((600-699)) Nebraska Ave ((3500-5099)) Neighborly Ave ((5901-6299)) Nevada Ave ((3300-5399)) Newton Ave ((400-599)) Newton Ct ((400-499)) New York Ave ((5400-6299)) Nichol Rd ((500-599)) Normandy Cir ((300-499)) Normandy Pl N ((3600-3698)) Normandy Pl S ((3601-3699)) N Upton Ct ((6500-6599)) Oakhaven Ct ((100-199)) Oak Haven Trce ((7500-7599)) Oakmont Cir ((5400-5599)) Obrien Ave ((5600-6599)) Oceola Ave ((2-399)) Ohio Ave ((5600-5799)) Old Charlotte Pike ((5701-8301)) Old Hickory Blvd ((200-3798)) Old Pond Creek Rd ((8271-8599)) Old River Rd ((6901-6999)) Old River Rd Pk ((8200-8398)) Orlando Ave ((200-399)) Park Ave ((3200-5299)) Park St ((600-799)) Patina Cir ((400-499)) Patton Ave ((6300-6498)) Pegram St ((500-599)) Pennsylvania Ave ((5200-6299)) Pilcher Ave ((3600-3699)) Premier Dr ((6400-6599)) Preslor Dr ((900-3999)) Ranchero Dr ((6400-6499)) Redmon St ((3600-3699)) Regal Woods Pl ((501-599)) Ridgelake Pkwy ((100-1099)) Ries Ave ((600-799)) River Rd ((3710-8699)) River Road Pike ((6600-83899)) River Rouge Ct ((400-699)) River Rouge Dr ((500-699)) Riverview Dr ((6601-6699)) River View Dr ((6601-6699)) Robertson Ave ((400-6999)) Rocky Ln ((7400-7498)) Rome Ave ((5500-5699)) Royalwood Ln ((400-599)) Rural Ave ((100-199)) Russleo Dr ((800-899)) Sawyer Brown Rd ((4401-7499)) Saylor Ct ((400-499)) Scholarship Dr ((500-599)) Sentinel Dr ((200-3899)) Sloan Rd ((101-4699)) Snyder Ave ((500-799)) Solway Ct ((100-199)) Sonya Dr ((6700-7399)) Spencer Ave ((600-699)) Spring Creek Dr ((1100-1399)) Sprint Dr ((6500-6599)) Starliner Ct ((300-499)) Starliner Dr ((500-599)) State Hwy 155 ((100-599)) State Hwy 24 ((1300-8065)) State Hwy 251 ((200-8699)) Sterling St ((600-6099)) Stevenson St ((500-599)) Stonecrest Dr ((100-398)) Stonecrest Way ((300-399)) Stoneway Close ((100-199)) Stoneway Trl ((5600-5799)) Stringfellow Rd ((6700-7299)) Summerly Dr ((700-899)) Summit St ((400-499)) Sunliner Dr ((300-499)) S Upton Ct ((6500-6699)) Susannah Ct ((300-399)) Susannah Dr ((200-399)) Sylvan Glen Ct ((100-199)) Tall Trees Ln ((500-599)) Taylor Merritt Ct ((1-999)) Templeton Dr ((816-899)) Tennessee Ave ((4400-5799)) Terry Dr ((6100-6199)) Thunderbird Ct ((400-499)) Thunderbird Dr ((6300-6599)) Tidwell Rd ((7300-7399)) Tigerbelle Dr ((3700-3899)) Tolbert Rd ((4200-7399)) Torbett St ((2600-3399)) Traemoor Village Rd ((2000-2099)) Trevor St ((3200-3399)) Trice Dr ((900-1099)) Tufting Ct ((6000-6099)) Tune Airport Dr ((100-299)) Twin St ((2-6399)) Upton Ln ((6500-6799)) Urbandale Ave ((5500-5599)) US Hwy 70 ((1300-8065)) Utah Ave ((3900-4998)) Vaught Dr ((5500-5599)) Vernon Ave ((600-798)) Waco Dr ((600-799)) Warmstone Ct ((700-799)) Waterloo Ct ((800-899)) Watts Cir ((101-1099)) Watts Ln ((700-999)) Watts Ter ((1200-1299)) W Bend Dr ((400-599)) Weatherside Ct ((900-999)) Wellmoor Ct ((1000-1099)) Wesley Ct ((200-299)) Westbelt Dr ((7000-7099)) Westboro Dr ((400-699)) Westlawn Ct ((1-99)) Westlawn Dr ((3900-4599)) Westlawn Pl ((3900-3999)) Wheatfield Ct ((600-699)) Wheatfield Way ((500-599)) Whetstone Ct ((1500-1599)) Whispering Pines Ct ((1601-1699)) White Bridge Pike ((100-499)) White Bridge Pl ((400-498)) Wilclay Dr ((400-599)) Wildberry Ln ((200-399)) Wildwind Ct ((1001-1199)) Wilhugh Pl ((6600-6699)) William Howard Ct ((700-899)) William Howard Pl ((700-799)) Williams Ct ((300-399)) Williamsport Ct ((600-645)) Winn Ave ((5500-5599)) Woodland Way ((700-898)) W Running Brook Rd ((1200-1499)) Wyoming Ave ((4100-5299))

    37209 Places and Attractions

    Alger V Boswell Complex All Saints Southern Episcopal Church Andrew P Torrence Hall Barth-Vernon United Methodist Church Bass Junior High School Belle Meade United Primitive Baptist Church Born Again Church Boyd Park Brookmeade Elementary School Browns School (historical) Capitol Baptist Temple Cedar Tree Day Camp of Agape Fellowship Church Centenary Church Centenary Church Central Zion Church Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ Charlotte Avenue Medical Clinic Charlotte Center Shopping Center Charlotte Park Charlotte Park Charlotte Park School Charlotte Road Baptist Church Charlotte Shopping Center Charlotte Square Shopping Center Christ Community Church Church of God of Prophecy Clifton Avenue Baptist Church Clifton Park Cochrans Mill (historical) Cockrill Bend Cockrill School Cohn Alternative Learning Center School Cohn High School Collins Lake Collins Lake Dam Number One Collins Lake Dam Number Three Collins Lake Dam Number Two Collins Lake Number One Collins Lake Number Three Collins Lake Number Two Commissioner District 20 Commissioner District 21 Commodore Yacht Club Corinthian Baptist Church Cornerstone Church Creswell Elementary Professional Development Design Center Cub Creek Cub Creek School (historical) Davidson Branch Davidsons Landing Deeper Life Assembly Church Demoss Hollow Dozier Hollow Dozier Landing Edna R Hankal Residence Center Edward S Temple Track Ewin Branch First Southern Methodist Church First United Pentecostal Church Fortieth Avenue Church of Christ Fortieth Avenue Original Church of God Fortyninth Avenue Church of Christ Frank G Clement Hall Frederick S Humphries Hall Friendship Baptist Church Friendship Pentecostal Church Goodwill Manor Gower School Grace Evangelical Church Grace Freewill Baptist Church Guiding Light Pentecostal Church Hadley Park Harold M Love Senior Learning Resource Center Harriett H Hale Residence Center Henry A Kean Hall Henry Allen Boyd Residence Center Hickman Ferry (historical) Highland Primitive Baptist Church Hillwood Plaza Shopping Center Holy Temple Baptist Church Hosea Temple Cumberland Presbyterian Church Howard C Gentry Athletic Complex Hubert Crouch Hall Immanuel Church of the Nazarene Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church Indian Creek Indian Creek Boat Ramp Interchange 204 Interchange 205 Interchange 206 Interchange 48 James Avenue Church of Christ James E Farrell-Fred Westbrook Hall Jane E Elliott Hall Jesus is the Answer Full Gospel Church Jim N McCord Hall John C Tune Airport Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Laura M Averitte Amphitheater Lena B Watson Residence Center Lewis R Holland Hall Lighthouse Mission Ministries Madison Christian Church Marie B Strange Music Hall Martha M Brown-Lois H Daniel Library Mary L Wilson Residence Center McCabe Park McCann Alternative Learning Center McCann School McClurkan Memorial Church of the Nazarene McKissack School Merle R Eppse Residence Center Mount Hopewell Baptist Church Mount Nebo Baptist Church Mount Olive Church Nashville Christian School Nashville Fire Department Station 13 Nashville Fire Department Station 23 Ned R McWherter Administration Building New Hope Church New Jerusalem Christian Center New Peoples Deliverance Temple Noahs Ark Primitive Baptist Church Oakley Airport Old Hickory Boulevard Church of Christ Otis L Floyd-Joseph A Payne Campus Center Overall Creek Park Avenue Baptist Church Park Avenue Christian Church Park Avenue Church of Christ Park Avenue School Pennsylvania Avenue Church of Christ Peoples Number Two Spirtual Temple Perry L Harned Hall of Science Praise God Ministries Religious Science Church of Nashville Religious Society of Friends Meetinghouse Richland Richland Baptist Church Richland Church of the Nazarene Richland Creek Richland Creek Shopping Center Richland Freewill Baptist Church Richland Park Richland Park Branch Nashville Public Library Richland School River Bend Church River Road Church Robert E Clay Hall Robertsons Landing Rock Harbor Marina Saint Andrews Church Saint Anns Catholic Church Saint Anns School Saint James Missionary Baptist Church Saint Johns Church Saint Luke Missionary Baptist Church Saint Lukes African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Lukes Community Center Saint Phillips African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Phillip United Methodist Church Saint Thomas Family Center Saint Timothy Missionary Baptist Church Salvation Army Hispanic Corps Community Center Samaritan Ministry of Temple Baptist Church Sandy Creek Sherrell Hollow Shiloh Church (historical) Sixtyfirst Avenue United Methodist Church Sulphur Springs Sylvan Park Freewill Baptist Church Sylvan Park School Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial State Tennessee State Penitentiary Tennessee Towne (historical) Vaught School Victory International Life Changing Ministries Walter S Davis Humanities Building Watkins Chapel Watkins (historical) Watkins Landing Wesley Foundation North West End Community Church Westlawn Court Church of Christ West Nashville West Nashville Baptist Church West Nashville Church of God West Nashville Church of Grace West Nashville Freewill Baptist Church West Nashville Heights Church of Christ West Nashville Junction West Nashville Post Office West Nashville Presbyterian Church West Nashville Southern Methodist Church West Nashville United Methodist Church West Park West Side Assembly of God Church Westwood Baptist Church Whartons Bar Whites Bend Wilfred W Lawson Hall William J Hale Stadium Wilma Rudolph Residence Center WSMF-FM (Nashville) WSMV-TV (Nashville) WZTV-TV (Nashville) WZTV-TV (Nashville) Zion Mission Church