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37208 Street Addresses

10th Ave N ((500-2099)) 11th Ave N ((100-2499)) 12th Ave N ((800-2199)) 14th Ave N ((800-2499)) 15th Ave N ((1800-2299)) 16th Ave N ((600-1999)) 17th Ave N ((201-1799)) 18th Ave N ((1901-2499)) 19th Ave N ((600-999)) 1st Ave N ((1100-1599)) 21st Ave ((800-1499)) 21st Ave N ((1500-1799)) 22nd Ave ((700-799)) 22nd Ave N ((801-2298)) 22nd Ct ((700-799)) 23rd Ave N ((1301-2399)) 24th Ave N ((700-2498)) 25th Ave ((600-699)) 25th Ave N ((701-2599)) 25th Avenue Ct N ((1800-1899)) 26th Ave N ((700-2599)) 27th Ave ((900-999)) 27th Ave N ((700-899)) 28th Ave N ((500-2199)) 2nd Ave ((1800-1999)) 2nd Ave N ((500-1799)) 36th Ave N ((1000-1099)) 37th Ave N ((600-699)) 3rd Ave N ((500-2099)) 4th Ave N ((600-2099)) 5th Ave N ((100-1999)) 6th Ave N ((700-1998)) 7th Ave N ((1100-1899)) 7th Ave S ((632-799)) 8th Ave N ((600-1899)) 9th Ave N ((900-2199)) Adams St ((1300-1499)) Alameda St ((2100-3199)) Albion St ((1800-2699)) Alexander Cir ((1100-1199)) Arthur Ave ((1400-1799)) Aspen Dr ((2600-2799)) Batavia St ((1900-2799)) Beasley St ((2400-2799)) Blank St ((900-999)) Bond St ((2000-2099)) Booker St ((2300-2799)) Britt Pl ((1900-2099)) Buchanan Ct ((1700-1799)) Buchanan St ((300-2899)) Burch St ((2400-2499)) Canby Ct ((1901-2099)) Cass St ((1000-1799)) Cecilia St ((1100-1599)) Cement Plant Rd ((1600-1999)) Century St ((1600-1699)) Cephas St ((1800-1999)) Chateau Valley Dr ((3029-3052)) Chateau Valley Ln ((3400-3402)) Cheatham Pl ((800-1099)) Clarksville Pike ((1800-2910)) Clay St ((300-1699)) Cockrill St ((1200-1799)) Coffee St ((300-998)) Deerfield Dr ((2600-2799)) Delk Ave ((2500-2699)) Delta Ave ((1300-2099)) Dowlan St ((2400-2599)) Dr Db Todd Jr Blvd ((700-1999)) Eden St ((2400-2799)) Ed Temple Blvd ((1100-2099)) Finland St ((2500-2599)) Formosa St ((1800-2399)) Garfield St ((300-1099)) Goff St ((800-899)) Hammond Dr ((2300-2499)) Heiman St ((1200-2599)) Herman St ((1000-2799)) Hermosa St ((1800-2299)) Hughes St ((1800-1899)) Hume St ((100-899)) Hyde St ((2-2499)) I- 40 ((950-1032)) Ireland St ((900-1599)) Jackson St ((900-1799)) Jane St ((800-1099)) Jefferson St ((100-2799)) Jefferson Street Brg ((100-199)) Jenkins Ct ((2600-2699)) Jenkins St ((1700-2799)) Jennings St ((1100-1299)) Kellow St ((1000-1799)) Kirk Ave ((2200-2399)) Knowles St ((1600-1899)) Lacy St ((2300-2499)) Lena St ((700-899)) Locklayer St ((800-999)) Looby Cir ((1000-1099)) Madison St ((400-999)) Mary St ((1500-1599)) Mc Daniel St ((1700-1799)) McKinney Ave ((1700-1799)) Meharry Blvd ((1100-2799)) Merry St ((2300-2499)) Middle St ((1100-2400)) Monroe St ((1-1099)) Morena St ((1800-2799)) Morrison St ((900-1099)) N 28th Ave ((1200-1799)) Nassau St ((1700-1899)) Nocturne Forest Dr ((2800-2999)) Nubell St ((1700-1799)) O Neal Dr ((2700-2799)) Osage St ((1800-2699)) Owen St ((1800-2199)) Parrish St ((1700-1799)) Pearl St ((2400-2499)) Pecan St ((1700-1799)) Phillips St ((900-1699)) Rev Dr Enoch Jones Blvd ((1000-1099)) Rosa L Parks Blvd ((1344-1699)) Saint Louis St ((1700-2399)) Salem Mason Dr ((1900-2099)) Santi Ave ((2402-2599)) Schrader Acres Dr ((1200-1298)) Schrader Ln ((1200-1799)) Scovel St ((900-2799)) Seifried St ((1700-2499)) Simpkins St ((1700-1799)) State Hwy 12 ((600-2910)) State Hwy 12 Scn ((600-2910)) Stokers Ln N ((2820-3049)) Stokers Ln S ((2700-2799)) Taylor St ((1-899)) Underwood St ((1401-2499)) US Hwy 41 Alt ((600-2910)) US Hwy 41 (Alt) Scn ((600-2910)) Van Buren St ((1-499)) Vance Ave ((2600-2799)) Walsh St ((1100-1499)) Warren St ((900-1099)) Wh Davis Dr ((1200-1299)) W Heiman St ((2400-2799)) Wheless St ((1100-1799)) William Bailey Dr ((300-3399)) W Trinity Ln ((830-923))

37208 Places and Attractions

Abyssinian Baptist Church Adam K Spence Hall Alameda Street Christian Church Arthur Avenue Missionary Baptist Church Bethel Church of God Bethelehem Temple Church Bethlehem United Primitive Baptist Church Buena Vista Middle School Buena Vista Park Carl Van Vechten Art Gallery Carnegie Hall Christ Temple Pentecostal Church Church of Jesus Christ Church of the Assumption Clark Memorial United Methodist Church Cowan Street Missionary Baptist Church Cravath Administration Building Crosthwaite Hall Cumberland Park Shopping Center Dixon Memorial Methodist Church Du Bois Hall Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church Eighteenth Avenue Community Center Eighth Avenue Church of Christ Eighth Street Baptist Church Elizabeth Park Elliott School Ephesian Primitive Baptist Church Fehr School Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church Fifteenth Avenue Church of Christ Fifth Avenue Primitive Baptist Church First Apostolic Tabernacle Church First John Missionary Baptist Church First Street Baptist Church Fisk University Fisk University Union Church Ford Greene School Fort Gillem (historical) Fourteenth Avenue Baptist Church Freeland Baptist Church Galilee Missionary Baptist Church Gay-Lea Christian Church Gordon Memorial United Methodist Church Grace Memorial True Faith Holiness Church Great Hebrew Missionary Baptist Church Greater Revelations Baptist Church Hamilton Tabernacle Baptist Church Harris Music Building Hillcrest Seventh Day Aventist Church Holy Temple Church of God in Christ Hopewell Baptist Church Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church House of God Church House of God Church Howard United Church Interchange 1 Interchange 207 Interchange 208 Jackson Street Baptist Church Jackson Street Church of Christ James Tabernacle Baptist Church Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church John Early School John Spiritual Temple Jones School Jubilee Hall King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church Lee Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Little Rock All Faith Holy Church Little Theater Little Zion Primitive Baptist Church Macedonia Baptist Church McNairy Hills United Primitive Baptist Church Meharry Boulevard Church of God Meharry Medical College Merry Street Church of God Metropolitan Interdenominational Church Monroe Street United Methodist Church Morgan Park Mount Bethel Baptist Church Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church Mount Carmel Baptist Church Mount Nebo Baptist Church Mount Paran Primitive Baptist Church Mount Zion Baptist Church Natchez Trace New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church New Livingston Hall New Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church Non Denominational Church of God in Christ North High School North Nashville Church of God Original Church of God Park-Johnson Hall Pearl School Pentecostal Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Pleasant Green Baptist Church Potters Field Ransom Temple Cumberland Presbyterian West Saint Anselms Episcopal Church Saint Cecilias Convent Saint Johns African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Luke Spiritual Temple Saint Lukes Church Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church Saint Matthew Baptist Church Saint Matthews African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Peters Spiritual Church Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church Saint Vincent de Paul School Salem African Methodist Episcopal Church Scribner Hall Seventh Avenue Church of Christ Shane Hall Sunrise Baptist Church Swift Tabernacle Baptist Church Talley-Brady Hall Temple Cemetery The Holy Temple Third Avenue Church of Christ Universal Christian Church Victory Missionary Baptist Church W E B Du Bois Honors Center WRFN-FM (Nashville) Washington Junior High School Westwood Baptist University Center Wharton School