Rockvale, TN 37153 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 37153 is located in (91%) (9%)

37153 Street Addresses

Acre Dr ((100-299)) Adair Ct ((100-199)) All Saints Pl ((5800-5999)) Astro Ct ((100-298)) Aubrey Ct ((100-199)) Ballard Ct ((100-199)) Bayou Ct ((100-199)) Berntson Ct ((200-299)) Bowles Rd ((8600-9399)) Brey Haynes Rd ((7000-7399)) Brocton Ct ((100-1199)) Bryant Rd ((10700-10899)) Bunker Hill Rd ((100-11998)) Buttrey Ct ((100-199)) Calhoun Ct ((3100-3199)) Cantrell Dr ((1400-5899)) Chalmers Ct ((3000-3199)) Chance Ln ((100-5499)) Charger Ct ((1600-1799)) Citadel ((5700-5799)) Clearidge Dr ((100-299)) Coleman Hill Rd ((100-4899)) Colley Dr ((1900-1998)) Concord Rd ((9000-9998)) Constantine Dr ((5500-5799)) Copper Ridge Trl ((100-299)) Dalton Cir ((100-498)) Dalton Rd ((100-498)) Danbury Ct ((5000-5299)) Dedham Ct ((100-199)) Devonshire Ct ((900-999)) Ditch Ln ((10000-12399)) Dyer Rd ((8401-8599)) Ent Ct ((100-199)) E Overall Creek Rd ((5500-6099)) Fairhaven Ln ((1705-1999)) Fentress Ct ((100-199)) Franklin Rd ((6299-11727)) Fruit Valley Rd ((100-12696)) Galileo Dr ((800-899)) Grace Ave ((2-399)) Graham Way ((200-1099)) Hampden Ave ((3001-5999)) Hant Hollow Rd ((8000-13599)) Hasell Dr ((5200-5499)) Hay Ln ((12900-12998)) Hidden Valley Ln ((100-199)) Hill Cemetery Rd ((3101-3199)) Hill Rd ((1880-4399)) Hwy 99 ((8818-8999)) Jackson Ridge Rd ((6800-11099)) Jade Ct ((100-199)) Jarratt Dr ((1500-1699)) Jeremiah Ct ((100-199)) Jj Rucker Dr ((1700-1999)) John Hood Dr ((101-1499)) Joy Ave ((200-299)) Kesha Ct ((100-199)) Kingdom Rd ((100-275)) Kings Ln ((1100-1199)) Kingwood Ln ((668-2599)) Lafayette ((100-199)) Lamb Rd ((100-298)) Largo Ct ((100-199)) Lingard Ct ((100-199)) Link Rd ((300-10099)) Longview Rd ((2101-15699)) Lowe Ln ((7000-7999)) Marymont Springs Blvd ((4300-4599)) Middleton Dr ((3000-5099)) Montaque Ave ((5700-5999)) Moore Ct ((1600-1699)) Mooreland Ln ((600-1306)) Morgan Rd ((3401-6299)) Mount Pleasant Rd ((9700-15199)) Mount Vernon Rd N ((11200-12198)) Needham Blvd ((100-399)) New Dawn Rd ((100-199)) Newman Rd N ((1000-2899)) Newtown Rd ((8000-14199)) Nunley Dr ((2000-2299)) N Walter Leathers Dr ((2300-3099)) Old Jackson Ridge Rd N ((7000-9365)) Old Salem Rd ((4283-8999)) Oneill Ct ((800-899)) Overton Ct ((1400-1599)) Panther Creek Rd ((10201-11298)) Paramount Dr ((1200-1299)) Pate Rd ((2100-12998)) Patterson Rd ((4100-123098)) Pope Rd ((101-299)) Pusher Pl ((101-1199)) Putman Well Rd ((100-299)) Read Trl ((100-199)) Reed Rd ((100-198)) Rockvale Rd ((8401-11299)) Rocky Glade Rd ((4829-9499)) Rolling Creek Dr ((1900-2199)) Rutledge Dr ((900-1199)) Salem Pike ((8818-8999)) Salem View Ct ((5400-5499)) Salem Woods Dr ((2001-2299)) Saugus St ((1001-1099)) Scout Dr ((2101-2399)) Scruggs Hollow Rd ((401-499)) Sherwood Oaks Dr ((900-999)) Showtime Dr ((100-199)) Slidell Ct ((100-199)) Smith Rd ((10600-10699)) Snail Shell Cave Rd ((3500-8999)) State Hwy 99 ((8818-8999)) S Windrow Rd ((4129-12899)) Tanner Ct ((100-199)) Taylor Rd ((100-11099)) Trotters Ln ((1400-1798)) Versailles Rd ((8700-15699)) Watson Rd ((3000-3399)) W Overall Creek Rd ((6000-6999))

37153 Places and Attractions

Allen Cemetery Armstrong Branch Baskin Cemetery Bennett Cemetery Bett Ray Hill Brady Knob Brothers Cemetery Bunker Hill Byler Bottoms Carlton Cemetery Carlton Cemetery Carlton Cemetery Cedar Ridge Cocke Cemetery Comer Cemetery Concord Concord Church Concord United Methodist Church Cooper Cemetery Cothran Cemetery Covington Cemetery Davis Cemetery Downing Cemetery Driping Spring Hill Dripping Spring Dyer Cemetery Elmore Cemetery Elmore Cemetery Fain Hill Farris Cemetery Freeman Cemetery Fruit Valley Garrett School (historical) Harris Cemetery Haunt Hollow Haynes Cemetery Haynes Cemetery Haynes School (historical) Hill Cemetery Hudson Cemetery Hudson Hill Indian Mountain Jackson Cemetery Jackson Ridge Camp Ground (historical) Jackson Ridge Cemetery Jackson Ridge Church Jarratt Cemetery Jarrett Knob Johnson Cemetery King Cemetery King Cemetery Kingwood School (historical) Lamb Bottoms Lamb Cemetery Lamb Cemetery Lawrence Chapel School (historical) Leathers Hill Love Cemetery Manning Cemetery McBride Cemetery McClaren-Marable Cemetery Mount Pleasant Cemetery Mount Pleasant Church Nance Cemetery Newtown Overall Post Office Overall Springs Pate Cemetery Patterson Patterson Baptist Church Patterson School (historical) Pope Cemetery Pope Cemetery Pope Cemetery Primm Cemetery Puckett Branch Puckett Store Putman Well Ralston Cemetery Raney Cemetery Ransom Cemetery Ransom Cemetery Raylor Cemetery Red Hill Reed Cemetery Reid Cemetery Rockvale Rockvale Church Rockvale Elementary School Rockvale Post Office Romans Cemetery Rover Rowland Hill Cemetery Rowling Hill Rucker Cemetery Rutledge Hollow Saint Paul Cemetery Saint Paul Church Salem Salem Methodist Church Sharber Cemetery Smith Cemetery Smotherman Cemetery Smotherman Cemetery Snail Shell Cave Spring Snell Cemetery Snell-Newman Cemetery Sophie Hill Sudberry Cemetery Taylor Cemetery Taylor Cemetery The Gulf Townsel Hill Tucker Cemetery Versailles Versailles Knob Wade Cemetery Ward Cemetery Watson-Rowland Cemetery Watson-Vaughn Cemetery White Cemetery Windrow Windrow Branch Windrow Church Cemetery Windrow Community Cemetery Windrows Camp Ground (historical) Wood Cemetery Wray Cemetery