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  • Sumter Co High Sch
  • York West End Jr High Sch
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    ZIP Code 36925 is located in Sumter County

    36925 Street Addresses

    2nd Ave ((300-1013)) 3rd Ave ((300-825)) 4th Ave W ((186-1718)) 4th St ((100-198)) Abrams Ave ((701-799)) Alabama St ((201-699)) Altman St ((224-499)) Amerson Ave ((1-399)) Atlantic Ave ((200-298)) Atlantic St ((200-299)) Austin Ave ((100-299)) Ave A ((700-1798)) Ave C ((1-799)) Bb Bragg Rd ((3901-4353)) Bennett 13 Rd ((201-1498)) Benn Kidd Rd ((747-4699)) Benn Kidd Spr ((1-799)) Blvd Ave ((600-914)) Booker Ln ((101-199)) Booth St ((400-499)) Boykin St ((200-399)) Broad St ((303-998)) Brown Rd ((101-498)) B S Allen Rd ((1-299)) Campbell St ((100-198)) Camp Dr ((1-199)) Camp Ln ((1-1198)) Camp Rd ((2-1998)) Carolina Ave ((100-522)) Chaney Ave ((100-299)) Childs Rd ((1-599)) Childs St ((300-399)) College St ((100-516)) Conti St ((400-510)) Co Rd 13 ((201-8114)) Co Rd 19 ((400-5872)) Co Rd 2 ((105-499)) Co Rd 42 ((4884-12717)) Country Club Rd ((400-699)) Curl Rd ((100-399)) Derby Dr ((401-798)) Dexter Ave ((201-211)) Dubose Ave ((200-508)) Edmonds St ((100-406)) Evan Allen Dr ((1-399)) Florida Ave ((201-399)) F N Nixon Cir ((100-198)) Gail Ave ((100-198)) Georgia Ave ((200-299)) Gray St ((201-299)) Greenwood Rd ((2000-4199)) Harwell Dr ((1-199)) Hayes Rd ((100-354)) Hightower St ((100-199)) Hinds Rd ((1-599)) Holloway St ((100-299)) Homewood Cir ((100-1198)) Jackson St ((503-599)) Johnson Ln ((100-198)) J P Rd ((1-299)) Kentucky Ave ((200-499)) Klondike Rd ((1-999)) Lafayette St ((14501-14999)) Lee St ((100-199)) Lincoln St ((201-512)) Longshore Dr ((100-499)) Lucy Walker Dr ((1-399)) Lynn Bennett Rd ((1-4555)) Main St ((301-375)) Mallard Dr ((100-299)) Marbley St ((100-198)) Marcus St ((200-498)) McAboy Rd ((300-399)) McConnell St ((201-3099)) McCoy Dr ((1-199)) McCoy Rd ((28-34)) McGregor St ((102-198)) Meadow St ((100-231)) Mediterranean Ave ((100-198)) Mill St ((800-806)) Millville Rd ((3401-3899)) Monroe St ((100-298)) Moore St ((100-299)) Moses Grant Rd ((200-299)) Myrick Dr ((1101-1199)) Nixon Cir ((100-198)) Norton Ln ((100-199)) Old Livingston Rd ((504-698)) Oswalt Ave ((601-1099)) Pacific Ave ((201-299)) Pardue Dr ((1100-1199)) Park Ave ((2-399)) Patton St ((400-515)) Perdue Dr ((1100-1199)) Pickins Ave ((100-299)) Pine Grove Rd ((1000-2099)) Quarter Cir ((1-499)) Quarter Ln ((1-398)) Rabbit St ((300-398)) Railroad St ((100-199)) Rumley Rd ((400-699)) Short Ave ((201-299)) Short St ((101-598)) Smith Ave ((101-199)) Smith Chapel Rd ((1-199)) Smith St ((100-199)) State Rte 17 ((413-14754)) State Rte 7 ((186-14998)) State Rte 8 ((6901-11701)) Stephens St ((201-399)) Stokes Ave ((200-598)) Sumter Academy Rd ((1-1199)) Sumter Academy Spr ((1-599)) Toomsy Ave ((101-299)) US Hwy 11 ((186-14999)) US Hwy 80 ((6901-11701)) Virginia Ave ((100-399)) Walker Ave ((100-199)) Walker Rd ((1-3316)) Walker St ((300-398)) Washington St ((100-199)) Weatherly Cir ((100-199)) Weatherly St ((100-399)) Webster Ave ((300-499)) W End Ct ((100-198)) Wildwood Cir ((100-198)) W L Ezell Rd ((1-398)) Wood Ave ((900-999)) Wood St ((1000-1099)) Wrenn St ((100-199)) Wright Rd ((1-399)) York Ave ((100-799))

    36925 Places and Attractions

    Alamuchee Hill Alamuchee Hunting Club Allison Derby Dam Allison Derby Lake American Can Company Dam American Can Company Lake Bear Creek Bennett Black Bluff Black Bluff Cemetery Black Bluff Church Black Bluff Landing (historical) Buckhorn Camp (historical) Carolyn Dam Chesnut Grove Chestnut Grove Methodist Church City of York Cotahaga Landing (historical) Cotohaga Creek Crooms Bar Crooms Lower Landing Crooms Upper Landing Curl Station Deans Landing Duck Pond Ebenezer Baptist Church Elizabeth Church Elmwood Memorial Estates First Baptist Church First Methodist Church First Presbyterian Church Fourth Creek Methodist Church Fourth Creek School (historical) Friend Church Friendship Baptist Church Friendship Cemetery Gilmores Grinlin Lake H and Y Hunting Lodge Hannah Branch Hicks Cemetery Hill Hospital of Sumter County Hixon Church Home Mission Cemetery Interchange 8 Intercourse Intercourse School Lake Annie Little Fourty Creek Lock Number Three (historical) Lock Three Right Bank Public Use Area Log Landing Mallard Airport Montevallo Church Mount Herman Church Mount Herman School (historical) Mount Powell Baptist Church Mount Powell School (historical) Mount Zion Baptist Church Oakchia Fire Tower (historical) Opossum Creek Pierces Landing (historical) Post Oak Hunting Lodge Rocks Chapel Cemetery Rumley Lookout Tower Saint Matthew Baptist Church Scratch Hill Silmares Landing (historical) Siloam Siloam Baptist Church Siloam Volunteer Fire Department Smiths Chapel Soctum Hill Sparkman (historical) Standard Sumter Academy Sumter Country Club Sumter County Sumter County High School Sumter Fire Tower Sumter Pond Tallawyah Creek Tallyhaly Creek T C Null Dam T C Null Lake The Cutoff Toomsuba Creek Troy (historical) Walk (historical) White Hall Creek White Oak Creek Whitfield Whitfield Church Whitfield Volunteer Fire Department Wildcat Stadium Williams Woods Cemetery WSLY-FM (York) WYLS-AM (York) Yellow Creek York York Cemetery York Division York Fire Department York Post Office York Public School (historical) York West End Junior High School