Toxey, AL 36921 ZIP Code Map


Toxey ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 36921 is located in Choctaw County

36921 Street Addresses

1st Ave S ((31-39)) 2nd Ave S ((28-15866)) 3rd Ave N ((16-22)) 6th St ((26-1012)) 7th St ((68-76)) Aimwell Rd ((200-399)) Ann's St ((101-199)) Ararat Rd ((1-140806)) Aspen Rd ((100-299)) Bergamont Rd ((1-299)) Boggs Rd ((1-199)) Broad St ((1-382)) Brookwood Rd ((1101-1199)) Buckcreek Rd ((1-1144)) Buck Creek Rd ((1-4299)) Carlisle Rd ((1-98)) Chapel Hill Rd ((1-7199)) Chappell Hill Rd ((6800-7199)) Chinaberry Ln ((1-198)) Clayhill Rd ((101-1599)) Clay Hill Rd ((101-1598)) Co Rd 18 ((2-5299)) Co Rd 23 ((1-140806)) Co Rd 25 ((8900-11498)) Co Rd 28 ((300-398)) Co Rd 43 ((5400-5699)) Co Rd 9 ((1-5481)) Davidson Rd ((100-398)) Depot Rd ((100-398)) Dew Rd ((11300-11498)) Fire Tower Rd ((2-98)) Grady Mazingo Rd ((100-398)) Grady Mozingo Rd ((2-398)) Griffin Rd ((100-698)) Heaven Bound ((201-299)) Hilltop Rd ((100-198)) Jacobs Rd ((2-299)) Land Rd ((300-398)) Land St ((1-99)) Lindsey Rd ((301-319)) Little Dr ((301-399)) Live Oak Ln ((1-398)) Lucas Rd ((700-1198)) Marble Ln ((2-98)) Memorial Park Rd ((1-198)) Mint Ln ((100-198)) Molet Gray Rd ((4000-4099)) Murray Rd ((1-299)) Needham Rd ((2-5299)) New Hope Rd ((101-5481)) Nosley Rd ((4101-4199)) Old Toxey Rd ((1-899)) Pickett Creek Rd ((1-199)) Pleasant Hill Rd ((8900-11498)) Railroad St ((101-299)) Rose Dr ((1-198)) Shiloh Rd ((1-320)) Sims Rd ((101-398)) Slaterlanding Rd ((1-1998)) Spark Rd ((1101-1299)) Spring Hill Rd ((10501-10599)) State Rte 10 ((13155-118829)) State Rte 17 ((15701-28533)) Surveyors Creek Rd ((1-498)) Sylvester ((1-99)) Thompson Rd ((1-743)) Thorton Springs Rd ((1601-2099)) Tuscahana Rd ((5400-5699)) Tyson Dr ((1-299)) Wade Rd ((1-99)) Westwing Rd ((101-1299)) Wimberly Rd ((1-4599)) Womack Hill Rd ((2801-3016)) Woodland Rd ((101-999))

36921 Places and Attractions

Ararat Barneys Shoals Beach Bluff Bear Creek Beaver Creek Big Bunny Creek Bucey Bluff Bush Cemetery Butler Mountain Lookout Tower Buttonwood Branch Cade Bend Cade Bend Landing (historical) Cedar Springs Cemetery Cedar Spring School (historical) Chappell Hill Chappell Hill Oil Field Chatman Ridge Church Branch Copassaw Copper Salt Creek Corinth Baptist Church Cowans Pond Cunningham Bend Emery Creek Ferrell Landing (historical) Gilbertown Dock Grace Chapel Assembly of God Church Grangers Bar Hill Mountain Hodgewood Horne Ridge Hunnicut Creek I Martin Landing (historical) James Creek J Martin Landing (historical) Liberty (historical) Lingo Mountain Little Cemetery Lusk Assembly of God Church Lusk School (historical) Lusk Volunteer Fire Department Magnolia Landing (historical) Marvin Cemetery McCartys Bluff McCartys Ferry (historical) McCartys Landing Melton Spring Branch Mill Branch Morgan Bluff Morgan Chapel Morgan Chapel Baptist Church Mosleys Lake North Choctaw Ridge Oil Field Old Lusk Cemetery Opossum Branch Osage Bar Peaceway Assembly of God Church Pickett Creek Pickett Creek Potato Ridge Quinn (historical) Quinns Landing Red Springs Assembly of God Church Rock Branch Rock Hill Branch Rocky Branch Rose Hill School (historical) Sisters Chapel Skelton School (historical) Slater Slater Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Slaters Landing (historical) Spring Hill Spring Hill Church Sykes Cemetery Tailawampa Church Tallawampa Baptist Church Tallawampa Creek Tallawampa School (historical) Tishlarka Creek Town of Toxey Toxey Toxey Church Toxey Volunteer Fire Department Wesley Cemetery Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church Wildcat Landing Wilson Cemetery Wilson Ridge Wimberly Methodist Protestant Church Wimberly Oil Field Wimbly Yellow Bluff Yellow Branch