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36908 Schools


  • Southern Choctaw High Sch
  • Southern Choctaw Elem Sch
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    ZIP Code 36908 is located in Choctaw County

    36908 Street Addresses

    Adams ((1-199)) Adams St ((1-86)) Allison Ln ((2-299)) Apple Ln ((300-498)) Arcola Rd ((100-184)) Barrytown Rd ((1-5698)) Barry Town Rd ((400-2798)) Bartsmess Rd ((2-98)) Berry Ln ((1-399)) Briarwood Rd ((2000-2198)) Bright Water Rd ((4389-7509)) Broad St ((1-499)) Cahaba Rd ((300-498)) Carlisle Rd ((500-2320)) Chapel Hill Rd ((1-5977)) Chappell Hill Rd ((7500-7598)) Chestnut Rd ((401-499)) Choctaw Ave ((11901-13598)) Clark Rd ((1-2899)) C & L Dr ((2-298)) Clover Dr ((1-299)) College St ((1-99)) Conners Rd ((300-498)) Copper Ln ((1-199)) Co Rd 13 ((1-8799)) Co Rd 14 ((2-13598)) Co Rd 16 ((200-3199)) Co Rd 18 ((2-3899)) Co Rd 21 ((1-299)) Co Rd 23 ((1-5698)) Co Rd 25 ((1-11328)) Co Rd 39 ((2-3098)) Co Rd 8 ((300-3139)) Co Rd 9 ((1-7509)) Cougar Rd ((300-398)) Crimson ((2-498)) Crimson Dr ((2-398)) Cypress Dr ((2-298)) Cypress Ln ((2-298)) Dew Rd ((1-398)) Doggett Dr ((2-98)) Doggett Rd ((2-298)) Dove Ln ((1-298)) Dust Creek Rd ((2-398)) Eden Rd ((1-499)) Evergreen Rd ((2-1499)) Fern Ln ((1-298)) Franklin Ave ((100-337)) Gem Ln ((1-199)) Gibson Rd ((1-699)) Gin Creek Rd ((701-1497)) Green Rd ((300-398)) Grittney ((2-198)) Grouse Ln ((1-199)) Happy Acres Dr ((101-299)) High St ((100-199)) Hollow ((101-199)) Huckleberry Ln ((2-198)) Hurricane Rd ((1-8799)) Hwy 17 ((2-198)) Inez and Henry Rd ((100-298)) Iong Prvt Drvway ((2600-2698)) Iris Rd ((100-104)) Isney Cir ((2-98)) James Rd ((2-998)) James St ((2-399)) Jenkins Rd ((100-1299)) Jimmerson ((1-198)) Jimmerson Hill ((1-198)) Kite Cir ((2-198)) Land St ((100-299)) Lanoir Landing Rd ((1-99)) Lenoir's Landing Rd ((100-299)) Long Ave ((2-98)) Loop Rd ((1-599)) Lou Dr ((1-299)) Lusk Rd ((1-20398)) Main St ((1-699)) Melvin Cutoff Rd ((2-3899)) Melvin Cut-Off Rd ((2901-3599)) Melvin Rd ((101-8439)) Middle Rd ((300-599)) Mill Creek Rd ((100-598)) Mosley Bridge Rd ((100-4999)) Mosley Rd ((200-258)) Mudcat Rd ((501-599)) Mustang Rd ((1-99)) Needham Rd ((2-3899)) Null ((300-398)) Null Rd ((101-199)) Old Field Rd ((2-1598)) Old Lane Rd ((101-1099)) Old Lusk Rd ((1-20398)) Paragon Rd ((200-3199)) Pheasant Rd ((201-598)) Pine Rd ((2-99)) Pine St ((300-13598)) Plantation Dr ((2-1099)) Pleasant Hill Rd ((1-11328)) Ponderosa Dr ((101-299)) Psalm Rd ((1-198)) Ray Young Rd ((1-498)) Rogers St ((1-599)) Ruby Dr ((1-99)) Saffron Rd ((1-298)) Shady Grove Rd ((1-299)) Snapdragon Ln ((1-298)) South St ((100-198)) Stafford Rd ((1-399)) State Rte 17 ((10505-28533)) Stewart Rd ((1-99)) Thompson Rd ((700-799)) Utsey Smith Rd ((701-29312999)) Valery Ln ((100-198)) Viloet Ln ((2-98)) Virgina Ln ((1-99)) Wallace Town Rd ((2000-2198)) Warbler Cir ((201-498)) Wimberly Rd ((1-4798)) Wisdom Rd ((2-298)) Womack Hill Dr ((5101-5199)) Womack Hill Rd ((1-5698)) Woodbine Rd ((2-398))

    36908 Places and Attractions

    Barrytown Barrytown Cemetery Barrytown Oil Field Barrytown United Methodist Church Beaver Run Belmount Methodist Church Biddys Creek Big Tallawampa Creek Bogueloosa Creek Boswell Tabernacle Bucatunna Creek Oil Field Butterfly Branch Campbell Branch Campground Branch Chambers Branch Chapel Hill Church Chapel Hill School (historical) Choctaw County Choctaw Ridge Oil Field Church of God Church of God Coker Bend Lake Ditch Creek Dixie Branch Donald Assembly of God Church Doty House Branch Emory (historical) Evansboro Gibson Mill (historical) Gilbertown Gilbertown Cemetery Gilbertown Church of God Gilbertown Junior High School Gilbertown Oil Field Gilbertown Volunteer Fire Department Gin Branch Glorious Temple Church of God Golden Horn Branch Goodwill Assembly of God Church Goose Neck Bend Hurricane Baptist Church James Creek John Green Dam John Green Pond Judys Slough Lamar Mill Creek Lee Creek Lenoir Landing Lenora (historical) Liberty Church (historical) Little Mill Creek Little Mill Creek Oil Field Little Souwilpa Creek Little Tallawampa Creek Lou Lusk Lusk Baptist Church Melvin Melvin Junior High School (historical) Melvin United Methodist Church Middle Tallawampa Creek Mill Branch Mill Creek Mill Creek Oil Field Miller Branch Moores Cemetery Mosley Bridge Mosley Bridge Congregational Methodist Church Mosley Cemetery Mosley Cemetery Mount Mariah Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Negro Creek New Lusk United Methodist Church Nix Bridge (historical) Okatuppa Creek Public Use Area Old Samuel Paragon Paragon Cemetery Paragon Church (historical) Paragon School (historical) Phillips Branch Pine Grove Cemetery Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Department Puss Cuss Creek Red Crossroads (historical) Red Springs Red Springs Baptist Church Red Spring School (historical) Saint Luke Church Saint Paul United Methodist Church Southwest Barrytown Oil Field Souwilpa Creek Stafford Congregational Methodist Church Stewart Cemetery Strafford School (historical) Sugar Ridge Oil Field Surveyors Creek Tabernacle Church The Church of Latter Day Saints Thornton Branch Thornton Springs Town of Gilbertown Toxey Oil Field Turner Shoals Vanilla School (historical) Water Valley West Barrytown Oil Field Womack Hill Womack Hill Baptist Church Womack Hill Cemetery Womack Hill Church Wrights Landing