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  • Uniontown Elem Sch
  • Robert C Hatch High Sch
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    ZIP Code 36786 is located in Perry County (83.50%) Marengo County (16.50%)

    36786 Street Addresses

    Aurelia St ((305-315)) Ave ((100-1498)) Beta Rd ((700-798)) Broadway ((1-99)) Broadway St ((100-598)) Bryan Ln ((1-199)) Buck Ave ((200-398)) Buddy Shaw Rd ((700-798)) Bunny St ((100-399)) Buster Sealy Rd ((200-298)) Byron Ln ((1-199)) Cahaba Rd ((2-799)) Cane Brake St ((2-198)) Cedar Bluff ((601-699)) Cedar Bluff Rd ((1-599)) Cedar Hill ((2-1498)) Church St ((100-1498)) Cobb St ((400-499)) Co Hwy 26 ((2300-2535)) Co Hwy 61 ((100-2398)) Co Rd 1 ((2-7399)) Co Rd 102 ((600-698)) Co Rd 12 ((0-399)) Co Rd 21 ((100-199)) Co Rd 26 ((3601-3899)) Co Rd 44 ((101-4198)) Co Rd 53 ((1-174698)) Co Rd 65 ((1-3898)) Co Rd 78 ((400-898)) East Ave ((0-3699)) Franklin St ((101-499)) Free To Wn Rd ((2100-2198)) Front St ((2-399)) Gardner Ave ((500-599)) Gasline Rd ((801-899)) Gay St ((100-399)) Gray St ((1-99)) Green St ((3-199)) Greer Creek Rd ((1901-2299)) Hale County 26 ((3601-3899)) Hare Cir ((100-199)) Hare St ((101-199)) Hinton Ct ((100-199)) James Ave ((200-398)) Jasmine Rd ((1-99)) Jeanie Ave ((101-398)) Jenkins Bryant Rd ((2-598)) Jones St ((2-1199)) Kappa Ln ((101-199)) Langward Cir ((2-98)) Langward St ((1-298)) Leroy Brown Dr ((1-899)) Little Flanders Rd ((607-1898)) Locust Ln ((101-199)) Lucian St ((100-599)) Marengo County 44 ((101-4198)) Marengo County 53 ((17467-174698)) Marengo County 61 ((100-2398)) Mc Gorkle St ((1-198)) Mill Ave ((1-499)) M L K Dr ((0-499)) M L King Dr ((100-199)) North St ((0-399)) Old Demopolis Rd ((400-498)) Pitts Bottom Ave ((101-899)) Pitts St ((1-198)) Plumbee St ((100-299)) Range St ((17400-17583)) Rev R L Flowers Rd ((600-698)) Royal Ave ((100-198)) Smith Ave ((1300-1398)) South St ((1-1599)) Star Bethel Rd ((101-199)) State Rte 183 ((3601-3699)) State Rte 25 ((17400-23891)) Stephens Memorial Rd ((1-2399)) Taylor St ((100-198)) Turpin Vice Rd ((201-699)) US Hwy 80 ((2-1199)) Village Ave ((2-198)) Washington St ((300-699)) Water Ave ((300-998)) Water St ((2-498)) West Ave ((2-1499)) W Forniss St ((100-799)) Windmill Rd ((2-598)) Yelverton St ((900-1098))

    36786 Places and Attractions

    Aimwell Baptist Church Antioch Church (historical) Antioch (historical) Antioch Methodist Church Antioch School (historical) Asbury Cemetery Asbury Methodist Church (historical) Bethel Cemetery Bethel Church Blanks Cemetery Browns Store and Mill (historical) Bushy Oak (historical) Canaan Baptist Church Canebrake Agricultural Experimental Station (historical) Cedar Lawn Plantation (historical) Church of Christ Coffee Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church (historical) Cottrell Lake Cottrell Lake Dam Craig Chapel Methodist Church (historical) Crocker Dam Crocker Lake Devere Dam DeYampert Plantation (historical) Ellawhite Ellawhite Cemetery Ellawhite Elementary School (historical) Fairhope Plantation (historical) First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church First United Methodist Church of Uniontown Flatwood (historical) Foot Washing Baptist Church (historical) Freetown Freetown School (historical) Friendship Baptist Church Friendship Cemetery Goldman Cemetery Grassland Farm Greenlawn Gardens Hatch High School Hebron Baptist Church Henton (historical) Hillcrest Hilton Mckee Lake Hilton Mckee Lake Dam Hinton School Holy Cross Cemetery Holy Cross Episcopal Church Hopewell Presbyterian Church (historical) Johnsons Mill (historical) Lewis School (historical) Little Canaan School (historical) Living Hope Baptist Church Living Hope Cemetery Marguerite S Howell Lake Marguerite S Howell Lake Dam Miller Brothers Dam Number One Miller Brothers Dam Number Three Miller Brothers Dam Number Two Miller Brothers Lake Number One Miller Brothers Lake Number Three Miller Brothers Lake Number Two Morrissette Cemetery Mount Calvary Cemetery Mount Calvary Church Mount Mariah Baptist Church New Hope Church New Hope (historical) Oak Grove Church Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church Oak Lawn Plantation (historical) Oscar Cobb Dam Oscar Cobb Lake Perry County Training School (historical) Pickens Cemetery Pitts Folly Pollard Store (historical) Popes Beat School (historical) Prairie Hill Farm Quinn African Methodist Episcopal Chapel Rabbityard Rosemount Cemetery Rural Hill Plantation (historical) Saint John Elementary School Saint Marys Baptist Church Sanctified Church Second Baptist Church Shady Grove Church Smiths Branch Star Bethel Church Stephens Memorial Baptist Church Sugar Hill Plantation (historical) Sugarville Sunnyside Plantation (historical) Tayloe Tayloe Branch Taylor Station (historical) Temple School (historical) The Cedars (historical) The Village Tolar Farms Town of Uniontown Uniontown Uniontown Baptist Church Uniontown Church of God Uniontown District Academy (historical) Uniontown Division Uniontown Elementary School Uniontown Female Academy (historical) Uniontown Male Academy (historical) Uniontown Middle School Uniontown Municipal Airport (historical) Uniontown Volunteer Fire Department Vaiden School (historical) Walkers Prairie Walkers Quarter (historical) Wares Grove (historical) Weaver Plantation (historical) Westwood Plantation (historical) White Hill School Willard Grove (historical) Willow Grove Church (historical) Winfield Cemetery Woodland School (historical) Woodlawn Church Woodlawn (historical)