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  • Hale Co Tech Ctr
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    ZIP Code 36744 is located in Hale County (98.20%) Perry County (1.80%)

    36744 Street Addresses

    1st St ((100-9098)) 2nd St ((801-899)) 3rd St ((111-1199)) Agnew Rd ((1100-1498)) Airport Loop Rd ((100-1698)) Al Highway 25 ((11901-14608)) Al Highway 69 ((26400-45155)) Alspice Rd ((1-298)) Apple Ln ((101-999)) April Ln ((1-398)) Armory St ((300-698)) Ashford Ln ((1-99)) Aspen St ((1-199)) Bailey Dr ((1-598)) Baldwin Dr ((101-298)) Balsa Ave ((2-498)) Baptist Hill Rd ((1100-1398)) Bellflower Ln ((2-898)) Bells Cir ((1-199)) Beverly Rd ((1-799)) Big Brush Rd ((400-499)) Blount Cir ((1-1299)) Blount St ((100-3398)) Blue Heron Rd ((1-99)) Bobcat Dr ((2-199)) Briar Patch Rd ((1-298)) Brock Dr ((1-199)) Brown Rd ((300-1999)) Bucksaw Ridge Dr ((5800-6098)) Bunny Creek Rd ((1000-1498)) Burroughsrd ((2101-2199)) Burroughs St ((1900-2599)) Bus Shop Rd ((200-399)) Butternut Rd ((300-998)) Caleb Burroughs Rd ((101-1338)) Calhoun Rd ((1300-1498)) Calico Ln ((1-99)) Canary Rd ((2-2499)) Candys Landing Rd ((1-13498)) Cardinal Rd ((2-598)) Cargile Dr ((600-699)) Carver St ((500-598)) Cashew Rd ((1-298)) Cassimore Rd ((200-699)) Castleman St ((900-999)) Castlewood Dr ((1-698)) Cedar Dr ((1900-1998)) Cedar Hollow Ln ((2-1199)) Cedar Hollow Rd ((2-1198)) Centerville Cir ((100-199)) Centerville St ((1000-17999)) Centerville St Co Rd 25 ((200-999)) Cherokee Ter ((1-99)) Cherokee Ter Ln ((1-299)) Chestnut St ((100-298)) Chinqmapin Rd ((1-99)) Chinquapin Trce ((1-698)) Christian Dr ((1-299)) Church St ((1000-1098)) Clary Hill Rd ((1-99)) Cleveland Ln ((200-299)) Cloverland Dr ((1-899)) Cobbs Ln ((101-199)) Cobb St ((100-498)) College Ct ((600-699)) College Park ((1-499)) College St ((200-699)) Co Rd 10 ((1452-7898)) Co Rd 16 ((201-15799)) Co Rd 19 ((2-4299)) Co Rd 21 ((800-4599)) Co Rd 24 ((2-5399)) Co Rd 28 ((101-6299)) Co Rd 29 ((123-2099)) Co Rd 3 ((200-1299)) Co Rd 30 ((500-4498)) Co Rd 32 ((300-77799)) Co Rd 33 ((101-3399)) Co Rd 35 ((101-1399)) Co Rd 39 ((1-1487)) Co Rd 4 ((1200-2598)) Co Rd 473 ((1601-1898)) Co Rd 51 ((1-11198)) Co Rd 53 ((300-998)) Co Rd 54 ((301-2098)) Co Rd 7 ((119-7999)) Co Rd 73 ((301-1198)) Co Rd 76 ((300-399)) Co Rd 85 ((200-3357)) Co Rd 86 ((1-2799)) Co Rd 9 ((2-5298)) Cork St ((500-899)) Corley Ln ((200-299)) Correction Dr ((2-98)) Crawford Rd ((401-2998)) Cypress Ln ((201-299)) Daisy Ln ((100-499)) Dakota Dr ((1-99)) Davis St ((400-2699)) Demopolis St ((1-2499)) Dillard Rd ((2-98)) Dogwood Dr ((1-298)) Dogwood Ln ((2-2198)) Dove Creek Ln Cr 16 ((1-99)) Dove Ln ((1-1398)) Drakes Rd ((601-999)) Duke Dr ((1-99)) Eaton Quarters Rd ((1-1398)) Eric St ((1-99)) E Ridge Cir ((2-99)) Erwin St ((701-1499)) Erwin Woods Ln ((1-99)) Erwin Woods St ((1-399)) Evans St ((1-1399)) Fairground Rd ((300-2594)) Falcon Dr ((2-499)) Faunsdale Rd ((2400-2599)) Finch Dr ((2-398)) Garrett Rd ((100-199)) Garris Ln ((201-699)) Gem Rd ((2-1599)) Greene St ((501-599)) Green Leaf Ln ((2-198)) Green St ((1-99)) Grouse Ln ((201-299)) Hale St ((700-899)) Hazelnut Dr ((1-499)) Hobson Ct ((800-2399)) Hobson St ((800-1099)) Holbrook Pl ((201-299)) Holbrook Place Rd ((2-399)) Honeysuckle Ln ((200-2298)) Horse Shoe Bend ((1-799)) Hubbard Rd ((1-1898)) Hutchinson Ln ((1-198)) Indigo Rd ((1-199)) Jack Branch Rd ((300-799)) Jackson St ((1-1398)) Jasmine Rd ((1-499)) Jefferies St ((1-99)) Jeffries St ((1-99)) Jersey Rd ((100-199)) Jones Cir ((1-99)) Jones Ln ((501-2399)) Kilpatrick St ((1-698)) Kingfisher Rd ((1-99)) Kings Hill Rd ((5-99)) Knight St ((1300-1999)) Lake Ridge Rd ((901-999)) Lakewood Farm Rd ((1-899)) Lilac Ln ((1-498)) Loon Rd ((100-298)) Lynns Ln ((2-298)) Main St ((100-7098)) Maple Ln ((1-99)) Marchant Ln ((2-198)) Marigold Dr ((1-398)) Market St ((900-999)) Martin Luther King Dr ((1-2499)) Martin Rd ((1000-1299)) May Ln ((1-99)) McCalpine Rd ((101-473)) McGruder Rd ((562-592)) Meadowlark Ln ((1-498)) Millwood Rd ((2-5399)) Mockingbird Rd ((300-598)) Morse Ln ((1100-1699)) Morse St ((1000-1199)) Nelson St ((2100-2199)) Night Hawk Dr ((101-499)) Northrup St ((800-998)) North St ((601-1798)) N Powers St ((1100-1399)) N Ward St ((1501-1799)) Oak Dr ((2-298)) Oakwood Dr ((1-2099)) Old Hwy 14 ((23-10499)) Old Sawyerville Rd ((2200-2298)) Orchid Rd ((1-199)) Otis St ((800-899)) Parakeet Dr ((1-498)) Park Dr ((1-199)) Park St ((400-499)) Pear Rd ((1-99)) Pecan Rd ((2-299)) Persimmon Rd ((2-1199)) Pickens Quarters ((1-99)) Pine Hill Rd ((101-999)) Pinto Rd ((2-198)) Pleasant Valley Rd ((300-398)) Ponderosa Pt ((2-98)) Powers Ln ((1201-1399)) Powers St ((1100-1199)) Prairie Creek Rd ((200-398)) Ramey Cir ((301-1399)) Ramey Rd ((200-4999)) Ramsey Dr ((2-198)) Raven Rd ((501-1998)) Redwood Rd ((2-98)) Rhodes St ((101-1399)) Robert Burroughs Ln ((201-699)) Rollins Ln ((101-798)) Rosemary Rd ((2-8099)) Royal Estates Dr ((1-478)) Saffron Rd ((2-199)) Sage Rd ((2-599)) Sandpiper Dr ((2-498)) Savanna Dr ((101-199)) S Centreville St ((1200-1298)) Seay St ((701-999)) Sewell St ((1700-1798)) Shady Dr ((1-99)) Shady Ln ((1-199)) Shelton Rd ((2-1878)) Shiloh Rd ((101-199)) Short Blount St ((1900-1999)) Short Rd ((1-17399)) Silver Ln ((200-499)) Solace Dr ((200-298)) South St ((1001-2198)) Spann St ((501-599)) Sparrow Rd ((2-198)) Starling Rd ((600-698)) State Rte 14 ((1-13630)) State Rte 25 ((101-24398)) State Rte 61 ((400-4098)) State Rte 69 ((1-45155)) State St ((201-2198)) Stevenson Dr ((1-299)) Stickney Ln ((1500-1599)) Strawberry Rd ((600-1998)) Stringfellow Rd ((2-599)) S Ward Pl ((1-198)) Swift St ((2-199)) Taylor Ln ((201-299)) Thomas Dr ((1-99)) Thomas Ln ((2-399)) Thomas Loop Rd ((300-598)) Thompson St ((1-2499)) Tiger Rd ((2-898)) Timber Land Rd ((500-598)) Tulip Rd ((100-198)) Turner St ((1000-1099)) Tuscaloosa St ((1100-1799)) Tutwiler St ((601-799)) Union Grove Rd ((500-1599)) Wabash St ((1003-1398)) Wade Rd ((1-99)) Walker St ((201-2699)) Waller St ((900-998)) Wall St ((1-99)) Walton St ((1001-1099)) Warbler Rd ((1-199)) Ward St ((1100-1499)) Washington St ((1201-15498)) Water Oak Rd ((400-2199)) Westview St ((2-1998)) Willow Rd ((1-398)) Woodbine Dr ((1-299)) Wynn St ((1200-14398)) Yerby Branch ((100-299))

    36744 Places and Attractions

    Amos Bailey Dam Anderson School (historical) Antioch Cemetery Antioch Church Bailey Lake Bay Spring Church Bester (historical) Bethel Church Bethesda Church (historical) Big German Creek Bills Branch Blacksand (historical) Boston Cemetery Brick Spring Brush Creek Bryars Junior Lake Bryars Junior Lakes Bryars Junior Lakes Burk Cemetery Burrough Cemetery Burroughs Cemetery Burton Cemetery B W Coleman Dam Number 1 B W Coleman Dam Number 2 B W Coleman Farm Dam Number 1 B W Coleman Farm Dam Number 2 Camelia Court Candys Landing Carey Tidmore Dam Carey Tidmore Lake Carmichael Lake Carmichael Lake Dam Casemore Casemore Cemetery Casemore School (historical) Cedarville Cedarville Community Hall Chambers Cemetery C H Bryars Junior Dam Number 1 C H Bryars Junior Dam Number 2 C H Bryars Junior Dam Number 3 Christian Valley Church Christian Valley School (historical) City of Greensboro Clements Bend Clements Landing Coleman Farm Ponds Coleman Farm Ponds Coleman Lakes Coleman Lakes Cottonwood Creek Crooks Cemetery Dominick Drakes Landing Drakes Landing Ferry (historical) Eaton Cemetery Emory School (historical) Estes School (historical) Far View Plantation (historical) First United Methodist Church French House Friendship Church Friendship Volunteer Fire Department Gilmore Quarters Glencairn Greenleaf Cemetery Greenleaf Church Greensboro Greensboro Baptist Church Greensboro Cemetery Greensboro Church of Christ Greensboro City Hall Greensboro Division Greensboro Female Academy (historical) Greensboro Historic District Greensboro Hospital (historical) Greensboro Municipal Airport Greensboro Northeast Division Greensboro Post Office Greensboro Presbyterian Church Greensboro Public East School Greensboro Public West School Greensboro South Division Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department Greenwood Gross Lake Gross Lake Dam Hale County Hale County Courthouse Hale County Hospital Harmony Church (historical) Harper Cemetery Harry Branch Hatche Cemetery Hatche (historical) Hatche School (historical) Hickory Stand Church Hickory Stand School (historical) Hill Place Cemetery Jacks Branch Japonica Path J B Thomas Dam J B Thomas Lake Jenkins Place Cemetery Jerusalem Cemetery Jerusalem Church Jim Griffin Dam Jimmy Seale Dam Jimmy Seale Lake J L Morrison Dam Number 1 J L Morrison Dam Number 2 J L Morrison Lake Number One J L Morrison Lake Number Two Joe Glover Dam Joe Glover Lake John Jay Dam John Jays Lake Johnson Cane Brake Church (historical) Kaintuck Chute Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kyser Lakes Kyser Lakes Kyser Lakes Kyser Lakes Dam Number 1 Kyser Lakes Dam Number 2 Kyser Lakes Dam Number 7 Lake Bend Lake Bend Landing Lakeview Country Club Lake View Country Club Lake Lelia Myers Dam Lelia Myers Lake Lenson Montgomery Dam Number 1 Lenson Montgomery Dam Number 2 Lenson Montgomery Lake Number 1 Lenson Montgomery Lake Number 2 Lenson Montz Dam Number 1 Lenson Montz Dam Number 2 Lenson Montz Dam Number 3 Lenson Montz Dam Number 4 Lenson Montz Ponds Lenson Montz Ponds Lenson Montz Ponds Lewis Lawson Dam Lewis Lawson Dam Number 4 Lewis Lawson Dam Number 5 Lewis Lawson Lake Number Five Lewis Lawson Lake Number Four Lewis Lawson Pond Limestone Creek Lions Park Little Brush Creek Little German Creek Little Prairie Creek Lock 5 School (historical) Lock Five Lock Number Five Left Bank Public Use Area MacMillian Bloedell Lake MacMillian Bloedell Lake Dam Madison School (historical) Magnolia Grove Magnolia Hall Mars Hill Church Mars Hill Church Martian Cemetery Mary Grote Church (historical) May Cemetery McCoy Cemetery Micken Cemetery Mike Wurm Dam Mission School (historical) Montz Lake Number Four Moravian Hall Plantation (historical) Morning Star Baptist Church Morning Star Cemetery Morning Star Church Mount Carmel (historical) Mount Herman Cemetery Mount Herman Church Mount Herman School (historical) Mount Mariah Church Mount Moriah Cemetery Mount Moriah Church (historical) Mount Olive Church Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Church Multi Flora Murphy Averette Dam Murphy Averette Lake Myers Bluff Myers Landing (historical) Newbern Division New Harmony Cemetery New Haven Cemetery New Haven Church New Shiloh Cemetery Oakwood Cemetery Old Lock Number Five (historical) Old Shiloh Cemetery Peck Place Plantation (historical) Pickens Artesian Mill (historical) Pickens Cemetery Pickens Cemetery Picks Creek Pine Grove Cemetery Pine Grove Church Pleasant Grove Cemetery Pleasant Grove Church Pleasant Grove Church (historical) Pleasant Grove School (historical) Pleasant Valley Cemetery Pleasant Valley Church Polecat Creek Port Royal Posey Branch Praine Chapel (historical) Prairie Eden Community Hall Ramey Chapel Cemetery Rameys Chapel Redick Cemetery Rhodes Chapel Baptist Church Rhodes Chapel Cemetery Richard Poellnitz Dam Richards Lake Rising Star Baptist Church River Bend-Greensboro Division (historical) Rosemary Rosenwald School (historical) Roy Alexander Dam Roy Alexander Lake Saint John Church Saint Johns Cemetery Saint Johns Chapel (historical) Saint Marks Church Saint Marys African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Matthew African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Pauls Cemetery Saint Paul School (historical) Saint Pauls Church Saint Pauls Church Saint Pauls Episcopal Church Saint Thomas Church Salem Baptist Church Salem Baptist Church (historical) Sanctified Church (historical) Shelton Cemetery Sledge Southern Academy Southern University (historical) Sparks Creek State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 1 State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 2 State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 3 State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 4 State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 5 State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 6 State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 7 State Cattle Ranch Dam Number 8 State Cattle Ranch Lakes State Cattle Ranch Lakes State Cattle Ranch Lakes State Cattle Ranch Lakes State Cattle Ranch Lakes Stokes Cemetery Sullivan Lakes Sullivan Lakes Sullivan Lakes Sully Ponds Sunset Hill Taylor Grove Church The Oaks Thomas Lake Tindells Landing Union Chapel (historical) Union Chapel (historical) Union Grove Cemetery Union Grove Church Valley School (historical) Wallis Chapel Washington Cemetery Weaver Cemetery Whitsitt Willie Woods Dam Number 1 Willie Woods Dam Number 2 Willie Woods Dam Number 3 Willie Woods Lake Willie Woods Lake Willie Woods Lake Wilson (historical) Zion Church Zion Methodist Church