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36603 Schools


  • Florence Howard Elem Sch
  • Calloway Smith Middle Sch
  • Dunbar Creative Performing Arts
  • W H Council Traditional Sch
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    ZIP Code 36603 is located in Mobile County

    36603 Street Addresses

    1st Ct ((200-282)) 2nd Ct ((200-282)) 3rd Ct ((245-281)) 4th Ct ((200-281)) 5th Ct ((200-281)) Adams St ((1-2399)) Armistead St ((300-399)) Augusta St ((100-899)) Baker St ((1100-1599)) Baltimore St ((700-899)) Basil St ((900-1599)) Bay Ave ((700-899)) Beauregard St ((1-599)) Belsaw Ave ((400-798)) Bert St ((1400-1599)) Besteda St ((1600-1699)) Bizzell St ((400-699)) Bizzel St ((618-698)) Bloodgood St ((100-899)) Browns Aly ((600-699)) Calhoun St ((200-499)) Camp St ((1300-1399)) Canal St ((1-899)) Cedar Ave ((400-799)) Cedar St ((800-899)) Charleston St ((1-899)) Chatague Ave ((1400-1599)) Cherry St ((300-499)) Chestnut St ((500-699)) Chinquapin St ((901-1499)) Chisam Ave ((1400-1499)) Chisam St ((1300-1399)) Claiborne St ((400-699)) Clay St ((200-499)) Cleveland St ((300-399)) Congress St ((2-1599)) Co Rd 45 ((1326-1599)) County 24 ((7671-7759)) Cuba St ((200-499)) Dale St ((1300-1399)) Davidson Ct ((600-699)) Davidson St ((400-699)) Dearborn St ((200-299)) Delaney St ((1500-1599)) Delaware Ct ((400-499)) Delaware St ((400-699)) Delusser St ((1400-1599)) Dr Eb Goode Dr ((400-499)) Dr Martin L King Jr Ave ((1-1599)) Dunbar St ((100-499)) Earle ((100-199)) Earle St ((300-899)) Elmira St ((1-899)) English St ((400-699)) Eve St ((1200-1299)) Fisher Aly ((400-799)) Franklin St ((400-499)) Gaston St ((200-499)) Glennon Ave ((1200-1299)) Glidden Pl ((300-599)) Good Pay St ((600-699)) Gorgas St ((700-899)) Gum St ((700-899)) Half Mile Rd ((7671-7759)) Harrison St ((300-499)) Harris St ((1-99)) Hercules St ((900-1399)) Hickory St ((400-799)) Hill Ave ((1300-1399)) Hogan ((1400-1599)) Hospital St ((300-499)) Jackson St N ((400-899)) J Blair St ((400-599)) Joachim St N ((400-899)) Juniper St ((1200-1399)) Kennedy St ((100-499)) Kentucky St ((700-899)) Knox Ct ((400-499)) Knox St ((100-599)) Lawrence St ((500-799)) Ledyard St ((1000-1199)) Lexington Ave ((211-499)) Lincoln St ((1400-1599)) Live Oak St ((400-799)) Locust St ((100-399)) Lola St ((1300-1399)) Lyons St ((800-1399)) Madison St ((1-199)) Magnolia St ((300-499)) Manassas St ((100-498)) Maple St ((400-799)) Marionee St ((100-498)) Marion St ((300-899)) Marmotte St ((400-799)) Marshall Aly ((400-499)) Marvin St ((1100-1299)) Maryland St ((200-599)) McQuillen St ((800-899)) Menas Ave ((1300-1399)) Monday St ((401-799)) Montgomery St ((500-899)) Morgan St ((200-799)) N Ann St ((150-499)) N Bayou St ((150-299)) N Broad St ((4-499)) N Catherine St ((251-699)) N Cedar St ((150-799)) N Claiborne St ((1-899)) N Conception St ((1-399)) N Dearborn St ((50-399)) New Jersey Ct ((400-499)) New Jersey St ((100-899)) N Franklin St ((1-899)) N Hamilton St ((1-798)) N Jackson St ((100-399)) N Jefferson St ((100-299)) N Joachim St ((1-399)) N Lafayette St ((211-499)) N Lawrence St ((50-499)) Norman St ((200-299)) North Carolina ((501-899)) North Carolina Ct ((800-899)) N Pine St ((100-299)) N Scott St ((1-399)) N Warren St ((150-399)) N Washington Ave ((200-298)) Old Spanish Trl ((100-199)) Palmetto St ((1-899)) Parham St ((700-799)) Patterson St ((300-499)) Patton Ave ((400-699)) Peach St ((300-799)) Pearl St ((301-499)) Pecan St ((900-1499)) Persimmon St ((1000-1499)) Pettus St ((800-899)) Pillans St ((200-799)) Planters Ln ((1-99)) Plum St ((400-799)) Pope St ((1600-1699)) Robbins St ((200-499)) Royal St ((300-899)) Rylands Ln ((200-399)) Saint Anthony St ((1-999)) Saint Madar St ((800-1499)) Savannah St ((100-899)) S Bayou St ((200-799)) S Broad St ((200-1299)) S Cedar St ((201-799)) S Commerce St ((200-299)) S Conception St ((300-1199)) S Dearborn St ((300-999)) Selma St ((500-899)) Sengstak St ((300-398)) S Franklin St ((800-1099)) S Hamilton St ((300-1099)) Short Bloodgood St ((700-899)) Short Earle St ((900-999)) Short Manassas St ((800-999)) Short Texas St ((1-199)) S Jefferson St ((300-799)) S Lawrence St ((300-1099)) South Carolina St ((600-1198)) Spruce St ((1200-1499)) S Royal St ((400-799)) S Scott St ((200-1199)) State Rte 13 ((49-599)) State Rte 16 Alt ((49-599)) State Rte 17 ((1354-1549)) State St ((1-1299)) St Emanuel St ((300-899)) St Francis St ((651-699)) St Stephens Rd ((1326-1599)) Sumpter St ((200-499)) S Warren St ((201-999)) S Washington Ave ((252-1099)) Tacon St ((400-499)) Tennessee St ((500-1099)) Terrill St ((400-499)) Texas St ((100-899)) Titi St ((600-799)) Tunstall St ((300-399)) US Hwy 43 ((49-599)) US Hwy 45 ((1354-1549)) US Hwy 90 Alt ((49-599)) Washington Pl ((1-99)) Water St ((200-899)) Wilkinson St ((601-999)) Yeend St ((200-299)) Youngs Aly ((600-699))

    36603 Places and Attractions

    Aimwell Baptist Church Alabama Bulk Terminal Company Wastewater Treatment Plant Alabama State Docks Alabama State Docks Authority Mud Lakes Wastewater Treatment Plant Alabama State Port Authority Bulk Materials Handling Plant Albert F Owens Public Housing Allen Memorial Home Arreain Missionary Baptist Church (historical) Bankhead Tunnel Battery Buchanan (historical) Battery Gladden (historical) Battery Missouri (historical) Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Bishop State Community College Blakely Island Reach Booker T Washington Public School (historical) Brothers and Sisters of Corinthians Hall Number One (historical) Caldwell Elementary School Canal Street Holiness Church Choctaw Point Christ Overcoming Holiness Church of God Christ Temple Apostolic Church City Hospital (historical) Clarke School Clifton C Williams Wastewater Treatment Plant Cooper Marine and Timberlands Industrial Plant Dearborn Community Center Dearborn YMCA Community Center Delaware Street Baptist Church DePorres Hospital (historical) Dolie Temple Church of God Dunbar High School Dunbar Junior High School E L Marechal Public School (historical) Emerson Elementary School Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church First Church of God in Christ Fort Mouton (historical) Fort Sidney Johnston (historical) Franklin Primary Health Center George C Wallace Tunnel Greater Macedonia Baptist Church Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church Number 1 Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church Number 2 Greater Nazarene Baptist Church Greater Union Baptist Church Great Mount Gilliard Baptist Church Gulf City Rescue Mission Holy Church of God Holy Trinity Ministry Church of God in Christ Hope African Methodist Episcopal Zion Chapel Interchange 24 Interchange 25A Interchange 25B Interchange 27 International Seaman Center Jesse Thomas Public Housing Joe Radford Thomas Center Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Leslie Busby Center Liberty Missionary Baptist Church Lily Baptist Church Lincoln Square Shopping Center Little Welcome Baptist Church Liveoak Missionary Baptist Church Lutheran School (historical) Marine Hospital (historical) Martin Luther Lutheran Church Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church Midway Shopping Center Mobile Channel Mobile Convention and Visitors Center Mobile County Health Department Main Clinic Mobile Rescue Mission Mobile Turning Basin Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic School Most Pure Heart of Mary Church Mount Gilead Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Mount Tabor Full Gospel Church Mount Zion Baptist Church Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church National African - American Archives New Hope Baptist Church New Light Missionary Baptist Church New Lights Missionary Baptist Church Oakdale Methodist Church Oakdale Pentecostal Holiness Church Oakdale School Owens Elementary School Owens School Park Palmetto Street Baptist Church Pentecostal Church of God Temple Pinto Island Pinto Pass Pinto Reach Prince of Peace Church Providence Infirmary (historical) Rehoboth Missionary Baptist Church Richards Daughters of the American Revolution House Museum Rightly Dividing the Word Church Saint Anthonys Colored Mission School (historical) Saint Anthonys Roman Catholic Church Saint Barnards Parochial School (historical) Saint Johns Deliverance Temple Saint Joseph Baptist Church Saint Lukes Baptist Church Saint Mark Church of God in Christ Saint Patricks Roman Catholic School (historical) Saint Peter Clavers Roman Catholic Church (historical) Saint Peters Baptist Church Saint Vincents Academy Saint Vincents Catholic Church Saint Vincents Roman Catholic Select School Science of Life Missionary Church Semmes School Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Solid Rock Church of God In Christ Southern Infirmary (historical) South Franklin Presbyterian Church Springhill Recreation Center State Street African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Step of Faith Church Stewart Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Stone Street Baptist Church Sunlight Baptist Church Tabernacle Baptist Church Texas Street Recreation Center Trinity Church (historical) Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God Church Truevine Baptist Church Union Baptist Church United Methodist Inner City Mission USS Battleship Alabama Memorial Park Waterfront Rescue Mission WGOK-AM (Mobile) W H Council Elementary School WIXO-AM (Mobile)