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Mount Vernon

36560 Schools


  • Et Belsaw - Mt Vernon Sch
  • Calcedeaver Elem Sch
  • Census


    ZIP Code 36560 is located in Mobile County

    36560 Street Addresses

    1st St ((19673-19707)) 2nd St ((62-19707)) 3rd St ((177-19699)) Aldergate Church Rd ((20101-20199)) Aldersgate Church Rd ((20101-20199)) Allen Dr ((20800-20898)) Allen St ((2001-20898)) Azalea Ln ((1901-2098)) Ball Park Rd ((1900-1998)) Beasley St ((1100-1199)) Bishop St ((1200-18799)) Boyles Ave ((1400-1598)) Byrd Thomas Dr ((500-598)) Calvert School St ((1100-1299)) Catherine Dr ((18900-18998)) Cedar Creek Baptist Church Rd ((2601-20799)) Cedar Creek Landing Rd ((700-18098)) Center St ((2001-2499)) Charlie Cole Rd ((1200-1598)) Chastang St ((18700-18899)) Chestang St ((18701-18899)) Clarence Byrd Rd ((20100-20299)) Coleman St ((101-1299)) Collette St ((1200-19299)) Co Rd 4 ((919-991)) Co Rd 96 ((3-20698)) Corrine St ((1401-1499)) Crockett Ln ((1701-1899)) Dees Rd ((1900-19698)) Denny St ((1300-19512)) du Cloux Rd ((1921-19299)) Ducloux Rd ((19000-19499)) Ducloux St ((19000-19459)) E Byrd Pit Rd ((1401-1599)) Evans Ave ((1100-1495)) Fairford Rd ((919-991)) Frank Taylor Rd ((1901-1999)) Harris St ((1300-18699)) Harvill Rd ((21700-22220)) Hayes St ((18700-18799)) Hayle St ((1300-1399)) Henry Andry Rd ((16901-16999)) Hill St ((2000-2299)) Howell Dr ((101-499)) Jackson St ((1800-18998)) Jenkins Rd ((400-18098)) Jenkins St ((13300-19898)) Jerry Taylor Rd ((18400-18498)) Joan Harris Rd ((18101-19599)) Johnson St ((19601-19799)) Karen Dr ((19600-19798)) Kelly Rd ((2-17899)) Little St ((19601-19699)) Lofton Ln ((20001-20099)) Lofton Rd ((101-219)) Long St ((19300-19399)) Loxley St ((1100-1298)) Magnolia St ((1200-1298)) Margaret St ((19200-193598)) Marion Dr N ((1901-19799)) Marion Dr S ((1901-20598)) Marion Dr W ((1800-20598)) McKay St ((2300-19298)) Midway St ((1300-1398)) Mildred Dr ((1001-1099)) Mildred St ((1001-1298)) Military Rd ((1251-1598)) Mitchelle Rd ((1200-18798)) Mott Rd ((600-698)) Movico Cir ((18000-18098)) Movico Loop ((17801-17899)) Movico Loop Rd ((301-180198)) Movico Loop Rd E ((500-18199)) Movico Loop Rd N ((500-18098)) Movico Loop Rd W ((400-18198)) Movico Loop W ((400-18098)) N Crave St ((2301-2499)) Oats Ln ((18600-18799)) Octavia Rd ((1500-21099)) Old Military Rd ((1101-19599)) Old Military Rd S ((2301-19298)) Olds Ln ((301-399)) Orchard Hill ((1000-1098)) Parker Dr ((2000-2099)) Park St ((1101-1399)) Patillo Fork Rd ((20100-20299)) Patillo Rd ((18900-20599)) Patrick Rd ((2000-19599)) Pentacostal Church Rd ((1200-1498)) Pierce St ((12700-19799)) Pine Grove Church Rd ((19100-19299)) Pine St ((1200-1299)) Railroad St ((2100-193598)) Red Fox Rd E ((900-12599)) Red Fox Rd W ((1-21198)) Red Level Rd ((1-2223)) Reed Gore E ((2219-2225)) Reed Gore N ((2100-19798)) Rice St ((18600-18699)) Richard Weaver Rd ((1-20299)) River Rd ((1500-1898)) Rivers Rd ((20000-20199)) Roberts Dr N ((2100-19498)) Roberts Dr S ((200-21399)) Roberts Dr W ((2001-19599)) Sam Jones Ave ((1801-23399)) Sawmill Cutoff Rd ((2446-2798)) Shepard Lake Rd E ((19200-20098)) Shepard Lake Rd S ((1642-19399)) Simison Rd ((19301-19499)) Simison St ((1300-1499)) Sims St ((3200-22098)) Singleton Rd ((2200-19599)) Small Rd ((500-1499)) Soshee Rd ((10200-20398)) S & R Rd ((601-799)) Stallworth St ((2300-2398)) State Landing Rd ((2501-2599)) State Rte 13 ((15201-21949)) State St ((13800-18898)) St Stephens Rd ((18801-19499)) St Stephens St ((19201-19499)) Sullivan Rd ((2301-2399)) Superintendents Dr ((700-799)) Tex Ln ((20100-20198)) Thompson St ((18900-18998)) Tom Hopkins Rd ((1-20599)) Under Wood Rd ((1101-1199)) US Hwy 43 ((15201-51798)) Village Cir ((700-799)) Villard Byrd Rd ((1000-22098)) Walker St ((19300-19499)) Wallace Rd ((2000-2198)) Wayne Davis Rd S ((1200-20799)) Wayne Davis Rd W ((701-20899)) W Byrd Pit Rd ((1600-1898)) W Coy Smith Hwy ((3-20698)) Weaver Rd ((101-15599)) Wide Rd ((301-899)) Wiggins Fork Rd ((1400-1498)) Wildwood Ave ((1200-1299)) Williams Chapel Rd N ((600-699)) Williams Chapel Rd S ((17600-51798)) Williamson St ((701-799)) Woodrow Hopkins Rd ((2000-20698)) York Ln ((16301-19499)) Young St ((1100-1399))

    36560 Places and Attractions

    Alabama Department of Mental Health Searcy Hospital Lagoon Aldergate Church Apostolic Overcoming Holiness Church of God Beaver Dam Creek Belsaw School Big Rock Blue Ford Landing Borrow Creek Boykin State Wildlife Management Area Broad Branch Bull Branch Byrd Cemetery Byrd Church Calcedeaver Elementary School Calcedeaver Fire Department Calvert Business Park Calvert Landing Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cedar Creek Church Cedar Creek Fish Camp Chastang Chastang Bluff Chastang Landing Church of God Pentecostal Conrad Creek Dabney Creek David Lake E T Belsaw-Mount Vernon School First Baptist Missionary Church of Mount Vernon First Church Florida Gas Transmission Company Facility Fort Stoddard Free Church Grady Hall Creek Greers Landing Griers Creek Indian Grave Creek Kingdom Hall Church Little Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church Lockler Memorial Baptist Church Louts Lake Mary Ida Point Meahers Landing Methodist Mission School Mobile County Health Department Calcedeaver Clinic Mobile County Health Department Mount Vernon Clinic Morningstar Cemetery Morning Star Church Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Cemetery Mount Vernon Community Center Mount Vernon Crossing (historical) Mount Vernon Division Mount Vernon Methodist Church Mount Vernon Post Office Mount Vernon Public Library Mount Vernon Senior Citizens Building Mount Vernon - Simison Volunteer Fire Department Mount Vernon Town Hall Movico Movico Census Designated Place Nanahubba Bluff North Fork Cedar Creek Old Fort Stoddard Mount Vernon Landing Pine Grove Church Roper Cemetery Saint Peters Church Saint Peters School Saint Theresa School Saint Theresas Church Seaboard Bluff Seaboard Landing Searcy Hospital Seymour Bluff Seymour Bluff Cemetery Shady Grove School Sheppard Lake Sheppard Landing South Fork Borrow Creek Spring Landing Sullivan Store Thirty Seven Mile Bluff Tombigbee River Town of Mount Vernon Weaver Community House Webbs Landing Williams Chapel