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  • Horseshoe Bend High Sch
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    ZIP Code 36256 is located in Tallapoosa County Clay County (1.00%)

    36256 Street Addresses

    Apple Dr ((1-499)) Big Buck Rd ((101-199)) Big Woods Rd ((1-999)) Bill Price Rd ((401-4198)) Birch St ((1-99)) Bishop Rd ((2-98)) Blue Bird Ln ((100-299)) Bluff Springs Rd ((14100-14198)) Bob White Ln ((101-199)) Box Rd ((1-299)) Brooks Rd ((1-299)) Buck Rd ((1-1499)) Chapel Rd ((2101-4198)) Church St ((1-399)) Circle Dr ((301-399)) Coger Dr ((100-199)) Co Hwy 79 ((300-743)) Co Rd 100 ((101-1830)) Co Rd 101 ((1-1580)) Co Rd 107 ((1-1132)) Co Rd 74 ((1500-1599)) Co Rd 75 ((200-4199)) Co Rd 79 ((1-7299)) Co Rd 80 ((1100-6099)) Co Rd 93 ((1200-2399)) Co Rd 98 ((1-3301)) Cowpens Rd ((462-3498)) Cowpens W ((97-1187)) Crowe Rd ((300-899)) Day Rd ((1-599)) Deer Run Ln ((2-198)) Deer Trail Rd ((301-1099)) Doe Ln ((1500-1599)) Drake Rd ((1-3398)) Elm St ((2-98)) Everglade Rd ((2-598)) Fredric Ferry Rd ((1200-2399)) Germanys Ferry Rd ((2800-6099)) Goldville Rd ((17300-21299)) Grapevine Rd ((1-699)) Hamlet Mill Rd ((1-16099)) Harris Rd ((201-399)) Harry Cir ((1-99)) Horseshoe Bend Rd ((11300-11498)) Jacksons Loop ((1-499)) Jones Rd ((200-1499)) Kilgore Dr ((2-98)) King Rd ((1-198)) Leander Rd ((1-2899)) Libby's Ferry Rd ((13701-13999)) Lil Beaver Rd ((201-699)) Lyles Ferry Rd ((2-198)) Maple St ((2-899)) Motley Rd ((1-3539)) Mountain Rd ((200-4098)) Narrow Lane Rd ((600-798)) None Such Dr ((2-98)) Old Daviston Rd ((601-1599)) Old Dutch Rd ((201-1099)) Oliver St ((1-1299)) Patterson Rd ((200-298)) Pine Rd ((1-1580)) Promise Land Rd ((20501-20599)) Service Rd ((1-799)) Simpson Rd ((1-7099)) Simway Dr ((1-199)) State Rte 22 ((198-24903)) State Rte 49 ((12319-45399)) Station Rd ((80-98)) Tallapoosa St ((198-298)) Tower St ((100-899)) Veasey Rd ((1-1132)) Vonn Rd ((1-399)) Walkabout Ranch Rd ((1-355)) Whaley Ferry Rd ((101-1830)) Willoughby Rd ((1100-1198))

    36256 Places and Attractions

    Barnes Memorial Park Bethleham (historical) Bethlehem Cemetery Bethlehem Church Bethlehem Church Birdsong Creek Cholocco Litabixee (historical) Coger Hill Church Cotney Lot Creek Daviston Daviston Baptist Church Daviston Cemetery Daviston Cemetery Daviston High School Daviston Methodist Church Daviston Post Office Daviston Volunteer Fire Department Dewberry Branch Dipping Vat Creek Emuckfaw Battleground (historical) Emuckfaw Creek Emuckfaw (historical) Everglade Everglade School (historical) Fox Creek Galloway Creek Germany Family Cemetery Germany Ferry (historical) Germanys Ferry Bridge Gin Pond Creek Goldville Grapevine Creek Griffin Ferry (historical) Hamlet (historical) Hamlet Mill Bridge Hands Store (historical) Harmony Cemetery Harmony Church Harmony (historical) Harmony Presbyterian Church Hodges Creek Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Bend National Military Park Hutchinson Cemetery Ingram Branch Jones Branch Jones Vane Creek Leander Church Little Emuckfaw Creek Matilda Ferry (historical) Matilda (historical) McClendon Cemetery McGuires Chapel Milam Cemetery Milam Creek Mill Creek Millers Bridge Monaghan Dam Monaghan Lake Mount Godfrey Church Mount Zion Church Mount Zion Church New Salem Baptist Church New Site New Site Division New Site High School New Site Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Service Oakfuskee Council House (historical) Oakfuskudshi (historical) Oak Grove Church Old Vickers Cemetery Parishs Store (historical) Perryville Perryville Baptist Church Peters Island Poe Branch Rocky Mount Lookout Tower Rocky Mount Primitive Baptist Church Simpson Sweetwater Creek Town of Daviston Town of Goldville Town of New Site Zana Zana (historical) Zana Training School Zion Hill Church Zions Hill School (historical)