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  • Calhoun High Sch
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    ZIP Code 36047 is located in Lowndes County (91.70%) Montgomery County (8.30%)

    36047 Street Addresses

    Barney Rd ((200-398)) Big Zion Rd ((1-399)) Bishop Bottom Rd ((401-499)) Bolling Rd ((2-799)) Brady Rd ((2066-3399)) Brown St ((1-198)) Burlingame Rd ((101-699)) Buttermilk Rd ((500-899)) Calhoun Cutoff ((601-998)) Calhoun Rd ((8600-8698)) Calico Dr ((200-398)) Celtic Ln ((2-198)) Chicken Pit Rd ((1-1398)) Co Rd 12 ((2900-7749)) Co Rd 14 ((1801-3207)) Co Rd 19 ((4100-4814)) Co Rd 26 ((6401-8899)) Co Rd 33 ((4100-7999)) Co Rd 37 ((7884-18298)) Dickey Rd ((1201-1399)) Dickie Rd ((1201-1399)) Duley Ln ((1-99)) Earnest Harris Ln ((200-398)) Ellis Rd ((100-398)) Goldsmith Rd ((2-198)) Hall Dr ((101-11599)) Hall Rd ((101-298)) Hickory Grove Rd ((4000-5698)) Hill Top ((1301-1399)) Hilltop Rd ((1-1999)) Jen King Rd ((500-699)) Judge Colvin Ln ((1-99)) Judge Rd ((1-1698)) Julian Town Rd ((100-6999)) Lakeside Ln ((2-198)) Lum Rd ((2300-7837)) Matthews Rd ((1-698)) McQueen Rd ((1-199)) Mobile Hwy ((18400-19499)) Montgomery Hwy ((500-21899)) Moss ((1-199)) Mushatt Rd ((401-798)) Oak Ridge Ln ((300-899)) Old Rd ((100-398)) Patterson Rd ((1-99)) Patterson St ((1-299)) Payne Rd ((100-498)) Pecan Grove Ln ((2-199)) Perryman Dr ((101-2699)) Pettus Rd ((4100-7749)) Plantation Rd ((1226-1392)) Poage Pkwy ((100-199)) Powell Rd ((1-99)) Railroad Ln ((100-299)) Railroad Rd ((201-299)) Ramah Church Rd ((1601-2399)) Reed Dr ((1-99)) Ridgefield ((1-9999)) Ridgefield Dr ((1-99)) Rooster Rd ((500-598)) Salem Church Rd ((1001-1099)) Salem Rd ((1001-1099)) Southern Cross Trl ((1-970)) Stallworth Rd ((200-299)) Starwood Dr ((200-299)) State Rte 3 ((1950-21899)) State Rte 97 ((400-11699)) Steiner Rd ((2-98)) Swan Lake Dr ((101-145)) Taylor Dr ((301-399)) Union Academy Ada Rd ((1801-3207)) US Hwy 31 ((500-21899)) W Hickory Grove Rd ((2900-6298)) Wilson Rd ((1-4198))

    36047 Places and Attractions

    Ballards Creek Beautiful Zion African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Beaver Dam Creek Ben Spear Dam Big Union Church Big Zion Church Big Zion School Calhoun Calhoun School Cedar Lake Cherry Creek Church of the Living God Collins Lake C P Crenshaw Dam Crenshaw Ponds Crenshaws Store (historical) Davenport E B and S L Payne Lake E B and S L Payne Lake Dam Gaston Lake Gaston Lake Two Gus Gaston Dam One Gus Gaston Dam Two Guys Village Church Guys Village School Hammond Lake Hammond Number One Dam Hammond Number Two Dam Hammonds Lake Hazley School Hickory Grove Cemetery Interchange 151 J L Crenshaw Lake Number One J L Crenshaw Number 1 Dam Lamar Cemetery Lanes Pond Lee Place Church (historical) Letohatchee Letohatchee Cemetery Letohatchee Church Letohatchee Post Office Lily Missionary Baptist Church Lily School Lum Lum School (historical) Maddox Dam Maddox Lake McQueens Pond Means Lake Midfield Lake Moore Pond Mount Calvary Baptist Church Mount Nebo Church New Hope Church Payne Cemetery Paynes Dam Pierces Hill Ramah Baptist Church Robinsons Pond Rogers Cemetery Rogers Cemetery Salem Church Sandy Ridge Sandy Ridge School Sandy Ridge Volunteer Fire Department Sawyer Cemetery Shiloh Church Skidl Hill Spear Lake Steep Creek Temple Gate Cemetery Temple Gate Church Temple Gate Church (historical) Thorn Church W D Farrior Junior Lake W D Farrior Junior Lake Dam W E Pritchett Lake Dam Number One W E Pritchett Lake Dam Number Two W E Pritchett Lake Number One W E Pritchett Lake Number Two White Cloud Church White Cloud Church (historical) Zion