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36016 Schools


  • Barbour Co Primary Sch
  • Barbour Co High Sch
  • Eufaula Sch - Eufaula Campus
  • Census


    ZIP Code 36016 is located in Barbour County

    36016 Street Addresses

    Adams Chapel Rd ((1-299)) Adams Mill Rd ((100-298)) Baxter Rd ((1-99)) Beasley Ln ((1-99)) Bethlehem Ch Rd ((200-1398)) Bill Rd ((1-199)) Bond Rd ((1-499)) Bouyer Rd ((1-99)) Bowden Rd ((1-599)) Boyd Dr ((1-198)) Boys Ranch Dr ((1-99)) Browder St ((1-199)) Browns Mill Rd ((1-399)) Bud Gary Rd ((1-1799)) Buford Fillingim Rd ((1-99)) Cedar St ((1-499)) Chambers Rd ((1-99)) Charity Ln ((1-899)) Charity Ln & Charles West Blvd ((1-99)) Charles West Blvd ((2-98)) Clayton St ((1-199)) Clyde Hancock Rd ((100-199)) Cooper Rd ((1-1799)) Co Rd 11 ((100-399)) Co Rd 12 ((2-499)) Co Rd 19 ((642-798)) Co Rd 20 ((642-1899)) Co Rd 21 ((1100-1999)) Co Rd 22 ((100-798)) Co Rd 25 ((1-599)) Co Rd 27 ((100-1899)) Co Rd 31 ((1-1199)) Co Rd 43 ((1-2898)) Co Rd 44 ((100-598)) Co Rd 49 ((1-2429)) Co Rd 53 ((1-3056)) Co Rd 67 ((1-3133)) Co Rd 79 ((1-2598)) Co Rd 79 S ((1-999)) County Shop Rd ((1-1199)) Court St ((3-20)) Cox Ln ((1-99)) Coy Perdue Rd ((142-199)) Creel Church Rd ((2-98)) Dan Ross Rd ((1-99)) Dan Snead Rd ((2-198)) Depot St ((1-99)) Doc Green Rd ((1-299)) Dogwood Dr ((1-498)) E College Ave ((0-199)) Edgefield Rd ((1-399)) Elam Church Rd ((100-198)) E Louisville Ave ((1-398)) E Martin Luther King Jr Ave ((1-199)) Emory Boyd Cir ((1-799)) Eufaula Ave ((1-399)) Faulk Ln ((1-99)) Full St ((1-99)) Gaino Rd ((1-199)) Gilchrist Rd ((1-299)) Glenn Loop ((1-99)) Gordan Helms Rd ((1-99)) Gorman Trail Rd ((1-499)) Gulledge Mill Rd ((1-299)) Harris Ln ((1-99)) Henry County 67 ((1957-2298)) Hett St ((1-99)) Hill Top Ln ((1-1798)) Hillview Ln ((1-99)) Hobdy Station Ln ((1-199)) Holly St ((1-99)) Homer Rd ((1-99)) Hovey Rd ((1-99)) Hwy 131 ((300-25999)) Indian Lake Cir ((1-99)) Indian Lake Rd ((1-299)) Jack Hightower Rd ((1-499)) Jennings St ((1-498)) John C Martin Rd ((1-2898)) Kennedy Road 1 ((1-499)) Lazy Acres ((1-99)) Lee Rd ((1-199)) Lehigh Rd ((1-99)) Lil Brother Ln ((2-98)) Lime Sink Rd ((1-299)) Lock St ((1-99)) Lohman Rd ((1-99)) Lonnie Wilson Rd ((2-99)) Louisiana Pacific Rd ((100-199)) Lynn Jackson Rd ((1-99)) Main St ((1801-1935)) Marshall Rd ((1-99)) Martin Luther King Jr ((1-99)) Martin Luther King Jr Ave ((0-99)) Mavis Carroll Rd ((1-499)) McCall Rd ((1-499)) McCraney Rd ((1-299)) McDougal Rd ((1-99)) McSwain Creek Rd ((1-299)) Meadowbrook Dr ((1-1499)) Milldrum Pl ((1-198)) Morrison Rd ((1-199)) Mustang Ln ((1-99)) N Armory St ((1-99)) Nern St ((1-199)) N Keen St ((1-199)) N Main St ((1841-1899)) N Midway St ((3-299)) Oak Ave ((1-598)) Old Sardis Church Rd ((1-1399)) Orr Dr ((1-99)) Outback Rd ((2-499)) Parish Ave ((1-198)) Peanut House Rd ((501-599)) Petty Ave ((2-398)) Petty Dr ((2-98)) Pine St ((1-99)) Pine Tree Ln ((1-99)) Pittman Rd ((1-99)) Poorhouse Rd ((100-1599)) Pratts Station Rd ((1-599)) Railroad St ((901-999)) Reed Ave ((1-99)) Robertson Airport Dr ((1-99)) Robertson Mill Rd ((1-899)) Robinson Dr ((2-32)) Rohler Rd ((1-99)) Rosemont St ((1-199)) Rumph Rd ((1-199)) S Armory St ((1-99)) Shady Ln ((2-98)) Shiloh Rd ((1-199)) Shorty Carpenter Rd ((101-199)) Sid Bush Rd ((1-899)) S Keen St ((1-99)) Skeeter Rd ((1-99)) S Midway St ((1-223)) South Ave ((1-99)) Southern Byp ((3274-3698)) Spires Rd ((1-299)) Stark Bros Rd ((301-399)) State Rte 198 ((1-399)) State Rte 239 ((1-1810)) State Rte 30 ((727-3698)) State Rte 51 ((4-2098)) Stevens Rd ((1-99)) St Paul Church Rd ((1-99)) Strickland Rd ((1-399)) Thomas Rd ((1-99)) Tiny Mae Rd ((1-599)) Trawick Rd ((1-99)) Tyson Rd ((1-199)) Ventress Ln ((1-99)) Vinson Rd ((1-299)) Walker Ln ((1-99)) Warr Ln ((1-99)) W College Ave ((1-99)) Western Byp ((1-198)) Westfield Ct ((1-99)) Williams Mill Rd ((1-1899)) W Louisville Ave ((7-302)) Young Ln ((2-98)) Zorn Rd ((1-599))

    36016 Places and Attractions

    Adams Chapel Cemetery Adams Chapel United Methodist Church Adams Millpond Adams Mill Pond Dam Antioch Church Barbour County Barbour County Courthouse Barbour County Farm (historical) Barbour County Public Lake Dam Barbour County Training School Barkers School (historical) Bascom Cemetery Bascom Church (historical) Bells Crossroads Bentons Pond Bickleys Mill (historical) Black Branch Blair Cemetery Boyds Store (historical) Browns Mill (historical) Cedar Creek Center Ridge School Clarks Store (historical) Clayton Clayton Baptist Church Clayton Cemetery Clayton Division Clayton Fire and Rescue Clayton Municipal Airport Clayton Post Office Clayton Presbyterian Church Clayton United Methodist Church Cold Spring Branch Cooper Branch Corinth School (historical) County Lake Cox Mill (historical) Creel Church Cunningham Cemetery Dickle Mill (historical) Double Branch Dowdy Creek Edgefield Elam Church Eufaula Air Force Station (historical) Eufaula District Academy (historical) Evergreen Baptist Church Farrior Branch Floyds Mill (historical) Floyds School (historical) Friendly Church Fuqua Gin (historical) Gaino Gilmore Hill Lookout Tower Gin Creek Graveyard Hill Greens Crossroads Greens Crossroad Volunteer Fire Department Hamm Creek Hartzog Pond Henry De Lamar Clayton House Horn School (historical) Houstons Store (historical) Howell Creek Huttos Store (historical) Jacksonville Cemetery Jacksonville Church Johnsons Store (historical) Knowlton (historical) Leak Creek Lime Sink Lindsey Lords Church Louisville Club Pond Louisville Club Pond Dam Marianna Church Martin Pond Mercers Store (historical) Mill Branch Millers Ford Mount Hope Church (historical) Mount Mariah Church Mount Nebo Church Mount Nebo Church (historical) Mount Olive Cemetery Mount Olive Church Mount Olive (historical) Mount Scilla Church Mount Serene Cemetery Mount Zion Church Nebo School (historical) New Bethel Church New Hope Cemetery Nix Mill (historical) Norton School (historical) Oateston Osco Palmyra Church Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Pleasant Plains Church Pleasant View Cemetery Pleasant View Presbyterian Church Polecat Branch Pratts Prospect Baptist Church Richards Mill (historical) Robertson Mill (historical) Robertson Millpond Robinson School Saint Marks Church Saint Pauls Church Saint Peters Church Saint Peters Church Salem Church (historical) Sanders Store (historical) Sardis Cemetery Sardis Church Scotch Cemetery Shady Grove Elementary School (historical) Shiloh Church Smith Branch Spencers Pond Spires Store (historical) Spring Hill Church Stewarts Gin (historical) Stinking Creek Tabernacle Cemetery Texasville Texasville Cemetery Texasville United Methodist Church Texasville Volunteer Fire Department Town of Clayton Triumph Church Union Baptist Church Ventress Mill (historical) Ventress Pond Walker Temple Church Wallace High School Warren Cemetery Wesleyan Methodist Protestant Church WGIQ-TV (Louisville) White Oak White Oak Chapel (historical) White Oak Church Williams Mill Branch Williams Millpond Williams Millpond Williams Millpond Creek Wilson Branch Zorns Mill (historical)