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35805 Street Addresses

10th Ave SW ((2500-3999)) 10th St NW ((600-799)) 10th St SW ((2400-2699)) 11th Ave SW ((3000-3199)) 11th St SW ((2100-2699)) 12th Ave SW ((3000-3199)) 12th St SW ((2000-2599)) 13th St NW ((100-299)) 13th St SW ((2000-2399)) 14th Ave ((3000-3199)) 14th St NW ((101-299)) 14th St SW ((2000-2499)) 15th Ave SW ((2800-3199)) 15th St SW ((2400-2699)) 17th St SW ((2500-4199)) 1st St SW ((300-3199)) 2nd Ave NW ((2900-3099)) 2nd St SW ((2000-2498)) 3rd Ave NW ((2800-3099)) 3rd St SW ((2000-2499)) 4th Ave NW ((2800-3899)) 4th St SW ((100-2499)) 5th St SW ((2000-2899)) 6th Ave SW ((2600-3899)) 6th St SW ((2000-2999)) 7th Ave SW ((2001-3899)) 8th Ave SW ((2100-3899)) 8th St NW ((1-699)) 8th St SW ((2000-2499)) 9th Ave SW ((2400-4399)) 9th St NW ((100-799)) 9th St SW ((2000-2399)) Acklen Dr SW ((3000-3299)) Alametos St SW ((2900-2999)) Algerita Dr SW ((2900-3099)) Alhambra Cir SW ((2900-2999)) Alhambra Dr SW ((2900-2999)) Alpine St SW ((3200-3799)) Andros Dr SW ((3000-4799)) Apollo Dr SW ((4000-4099)) Archer Dr SW ((3204-3599)) Arlington Cir NW ((4100-4199)) Arlington Ct NW ((4300-4399)) Arlington Rd NW ((4100-4499)) Arthur St NW ((400-499)) Artie St SW ((2600-2799)) Ashland Dr ((3200-3999)) Ashland Dr SW ((3700-3999)) Atlantic St SW ((2700-2799)) Austin Ave NW ((4500-4799)) Austin Dr NW ((600-4599)) Avery Ave SW ((3300-3399)) Azalea Cir SW ((2900-2998)) Azalea Rd SW ((2900-2999)) Bailes St NW ((200-399)) Baldwin Cir SW ((4200-4299)) Baldwin Dr SW ((4300-4399)) Balwin Cir ((4200-4299)) Barclay Ave SW ((3900-4099)) Bayless Dr SW ((2900-3299)) Baywood Cir SW ((2900-2999)) Baywood Dr SW ((4300-4599)) Beacon Cir ((3900-3999)) Beacon Cir SW ((3900-3998)) Beaty Rd SW ((3500-3799)) Beech Ave SW ((3900-3999)) Belvoir Dr SW ((3700-4099)) Berkley St SW ((3200-3299)) Berkshire Cir SW ((2900-2999)) Berkshire Dr SW ((2900-2999)) Bermuda Rd SW ((3500-3599)) Binderton Pl SW ((3900-4099)) Binford Dr SW ((200-299)) Birch Ave SW ((3900-3999)) Biscayne St SW ((2700-2799)) Blake St NW ((200-399)) Bluecrest St SW ((3200-3299)) Bluegrass Rd SW ((3500-3599)) Boardman St SW ((2000-2299)) Bob Wallace Ave SW ((2002-4899)) Bradford Blvd NW ((4800-5099)) Bradley St SW ((3200-3799)) Brahan Ave NW ((2400-2599)) Brahan Ave SW ((2200-2499)) Brookside Dr SW ((2000-2299)) Brookside St SW ((2000-2199)) Brown St NW ((100-299)) Broyles Ave SW ((4100-4199)) Burks Rd SW ((2800-2999)) Buttercup Dr SW ((3900-4099)) Cabana Dr SW ((3900-4099)) Caldwell Rd NW ((3100-3299)) Catalina St SW ((4500-4599)) Caymann Rd SW ((3500-3599)) Cedar Ave SW ((3200-3599)) Cemetery St NW ((100-199)) Centaur Blvd SW ((4000-4099)) Cerro Vista Dr SW ((3200-3799)) Chasewood Dr SW ((3500-3699)) Chelsea Ln SW ((2900-3199)) Clopton St SW ((2900-3799)) Cloverdale Dr NW ((4000-4399)) Cobb Rd ((3800-3998)) Coffee Cir SW ((4101-4199)) Coffee Dr SW ((4000-4299)) College Park Cir NW ((300-3799)) Colonial Park Cir SW ((3800-3899)) Concord Rd NW ((4200-4299)) Conger Ct SW ((3400-3499)) Conger Rd SW ((3300-3799)) Corporate Dr NW ((4900-4999)) Crawford St NW ((200-299)) Crestwood Dr SW ((2400-2499)) Cypress Ave SW ((3900-4099)) Derrick St NW ((200-399)) Dewey St SW ((100-399)) Drake Ave SW ((2100-4099)) Dubose St SW ((3500-3799)) Dunn St SW ((3200-3399)) Dyshell Dr SW ((4401-4699)) Earl St SW ((100-299)) Eldridge Dr NW ((400-499)) Elliott Ave SW ((2400-2599)) Elm Ave SW ((3300-3599)) Elmore Rd SW ((2700-2999)) Emmell St SW ((3500-3799)) Environmental Cir SW ((4100-4199)) Erskine St NW ((600-799)) E Schrimsher Ln SW ((4200-4399)) Eunice St SW ((4000-4099)) Ewing St ((401-499)) Ewing St NW ((400-499)) Executive Dr NW ((400-599)) Fair Acres Rd SW ((2700-3399)) Fair Oak Ln SW ((3900-3999)) Fairview St SW ((3500-3799)) Flamingo Rd SW ((3500-3599)) Foster Ave SW ((3900-4599)) Fouche Dr SW ((3100-3199)) Franz Ave NW ((4400-4499)) Freeman Rd SW ((2100-2599)) Freemont Dr SW ((4000-4099)) Gazette Dr SW ((4300-4499)) Gesman Pl SW ((3400-3999)) Gilmer Dr NW ((4800-4999)) Governors Dr SW ((600-4099)) Governors House Dr SW ((4601-14699)) Grassfort Dr SW ((3400-3499)) Greenacres Dr NW ((400-599)) Grote St SW ((3001-3799)) Grunden Dr SW ((3800-3999)) Hale Dr SW ((3100-3299)) Hall Ave NW ((2000-32798)) Hall St NW ((600-799)) Harden Ave SW ((2200-2299)) Harwood Ave SW ((3800-3999)) Hawthorne Ave SW ((3900-4299)) Hicks Ave NW ((2400-2599)) Hicks Pl NW ((100-199)) Hillcrest Ct SW ((2501-3999)) Hillmont Cir NW ((400-499)) Hillmont Dr NW ((400-499)) Hillsboro Rd SW ((2700-3199)) Holiday Dr SW ((2700-3099)) Holly Ave SW ((3200-3499)) Holmes Ave NW ((4800-4899)) Hood Rd SW ((2800-3099)) Indiana St SW ((100-399)) Ivy Ave SW ((3000-3799)) Jack Coleman Dr NW ((300-499)) Jackson Ave NW ((2100-2199)) Jamison Dr SW ((4100-4199)) Johnson Rd SW ((2400-3998)) John Wesley Way NW ((500-1583)) John Wright Dr NW ((601-799)) Jordan Ln NW ((101-952)) Jordan Ln SW ((2000-2399)) Joslin St SW ((3200-3299)) Judith Ln ((4300-4498)) Judith Ln SW ((4300-4599)) Karter St NW ((400-499)) Kennemore Dr SW ((3400-3599)) Kiger St SW ((4400-4499)) Knight Rd SW ((4001-4499)) Lamar Ave NW ((3700-3899)) Larry St SW ((2500-2699)) Lawrence Ave SW ((2600-2799)) Lemley Pl SW ((3800-3899)) Lex Cir SW ((2500-2599)) Lex Dr SW ((2400-2499)) Lilac Cir SW ((4101-4299)) Linden Ave SW ((3101-3999)) Lockwood Ct SW ((3300-3399)) Long Ave SW ((3200-3399)) Longford Ave NW ((2001-2199)) Loren Dr NW ((700-3199)) Lowry St NW ((100-399)) Marguerite Dr NW ((400-799)) Mariposa Rd SW ((3500-3599)) Marks Dr SW ((3300-3499)) Mary St SW ((2300-2399)) Mason Ct NW ((100-199)) Maxwell Dr NW ((4100-4199)) Mc Allister Dr SW ((4300-4499)) Mc Calley Pl SW ((3900-4099)) McJohn Cir SW ((2800-2999)) Mc Vay St SW ((3600-4199)) Millvale Dr SW ((4400-4499)) Mobile Dr SW ((1000-2471)) Monta Loma Dr SW ((3300-3999)) Montrose St SW ((3200-3299)) Morgan St SW ((2700-3199)) Mortimer Ave SW ((2600-2699)) Nassau Dr SW ((3100-3199)) N Broad Pl SW ((3300-3598)) Nell Ave SW ((3900-3999)) Newby Rd SW ((2500-2999)) Newson Rd SW ((3800-4199)) Newton Ave SW ((4600-4699)) N Morgan Cir SW ((3000-3098)) N Rose Dr SW ((2101-2399)) N Westdale Ct SW ((3600-3799)) Oak Ave SW ((3200-3899)) Oak Glen Ter SW ((3900-3999)) Odessa St SW ((2500-2699)) Oleander Cir SW ((3501-3599)) Oleander Rd SW ((3500-3599)) Pacific Cir SW ((3400-3498)) Pacific Dr SW ((2700-2799)) Palmer Ave NW ((2600-2699)) Patton Rd SW ((2700-4599)) Patty Ann Dr SW ((4000-4099)) Peel St SW ((2700-2799)) Penny St SW ((3500-4299)) Pickett Dr SW ((3900-3999)) Pine Ave SW ((3900-4199)) Pinedale Dr SW ((3700-3899)) Pine Pl ((2001-2099)) Pizitz Dr SW ((2201-2299)) Price Cir SW ((3800-3898)) Price Rd SW ((3800-3999)) Ratney Dr SW ((2300-2399)) Redfern St SW ((2300-2399)) Research Dr NW ((4900-4999)) Ridgecrest Cir SW ((3800-3899)) Ridgeway Cir SW ((2101-2199)) Ridgeway St SW ((2100-2299)) Roanoke Dr SW ((2500-2699)) Roland Rd SW ((2400-2599)) Rucker Cir SW ((3900-4299)) Sanderson Rd NW ((400-5798)) Saturn Dr SW ((3800-3899)) Saundralane Dr NW ((4000-4599)) S Broad Pl SW ((3200-3599)) Seminole Dr SW ((100-2299)) Sewall Dr SW ((4000-4199)) Shaver Rd SW ((2800-2899)) S Morgan Cir SW ((3000-3099)) Sparkman Dr NW ((100-499)) Spartacus Dr SW ((2800-4499)) Spruce Ave SW ((3501-3899)) Squaw Valley Dr SW ((3600-3898)) S Rose Dr SW ((2100-2399)) S Shawdee Dr SE ((14310-15088)) State Rte 53 ((101-4099)) Stokes St NW ((200-499)) Stone St NW ((218-499)) Summer St SW ((2000-2199)) S Westdale Ct SW ((3600-3799)) Sycamore St SW ((2100-2299)) Talwell Dr SW ((3800-4199)) Tatom St NW ((700-799)) Technology Dr NW ((5000-6098)) Telstar Cir SW ((3800-4199)) Telstar Ct SW ((4000-4099)) The Prado St SW ((3800-3899)) Thomas Rd SW ((3800-3999)) Thurman Cir SW ((2800-2898)) Thurman Rd SW ((2700-3199)) Toftoy Dr SW ((4100-4299)) Triana Blvd ((5000-5098)) Triana Blvd NW ((100-799)) Triana Blvd SW ((2000-5299)) Troy Swasey Blvd SW ((3800-4099)) Tulip Ln SW ((3900-3999)) University Dr NW ((4701-4899)) Ventura Rd SW ((3500-3699)) Vernon Ave SW ((2000-2199)) Village Dr SW ((3100-3399)) Walnut St SW ((2200-2299)) Warner St NW ((400-599)) Waterloo Rd SW ((2300-2699)) W Clinton Ave ((2000-2799)) Weeden Mtn Dr ((1500-1598)) Westcorp Blvd SW ((2901-2999)) Westdale Cove SW ((4000-4099)) Westdale Ct SW ((3600-4098)) Westheimer Dr SW ((3202-3299)) Westland Cir SW ((2400-2499)) Westland Dr SW ((2500-2699)) Westmill Dr SW ((3300-3399)) Westwind Cir SW ((3800-3899)) White Oak Way SW ((3600-3699)) Wilks Pl SW ((3300-3999)) Windtrace Cir SW ((2200-2399)) Winner Ave SW ((1200-1399)) W Oak Way SW ((3800-3999)) Woodway Dr SW ((2901-3099)) W Schrimsher Ln SW ((4200-4299)) Wynn Dr ((1-698)) Wynn Dr NW ((1-698))

35805 Places and Attractions

Archer Park Blackman Church (historical) Bradford Cemetery Bradley Junior High School Brahan Spring Brahan Spring Park Brison Memorial Chapel Broglan Branch Butler Park Calvary Temple Assembly of God Central Baptist Church Chelsea Chelsea Park Christian Fellowship Church Church of Christ Church of God of Prophecy Crestwood Hospital Cummings Research Park Cummings Research Park West East Cemetery Eldridge Street Church of God Emmanuel Church of Christ First Assembly of God Church First Freewill Baptist Church Friendship Missionary Baptist Church General Shoe Tank Glenwood Cemetery Governors Drive Church of God Grace Chapel Primitive Baptist Church Grace Church of the Nazarene Green Acres Hillmont Hillsboro Heights Church Holiday Plaza Shopping Center Huntsville Adult Education Center Huntsville Church of God Huntsville Field Huntsville Municipal Golf Course Huntsville Park Huntsville Park Huntsville Park Baptist Church Huntsville Running Park Jamison Park John Blue Co Tank Jordan Park Church of Christ Kennamer Shopping Center Liberty Bible Fellowship Church Lincoln School (historical) Lowe Church Lynwood Gardens Madison Plaza Shopping Center Madison Square Mall Shopping Center Matkins Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church McDonald Creek McDonnell Chapel McDonnell Elementary School Merrimac Branch Merrimack Cemetery Milton Frank Stadium Morris Elementary School Neighborhood Church of the Advent Oak Leaf Owens Chapel Payne Chapel (historical) Pea Ridge Pine Park Plain Truth Apostolic Church Ridgecrest Elementary School Robe Park S R Butler High School Saint Paul Church Salvation Army Church Sherwood Creek Sivley Cemetery Sixth Avenue Church Stone Middle School Triana Village Christian Church Trinity Church Union Church University Park University of Alabama Research Institute WBHP-AM (Huntsville) WNDA-FM (Huntsville) West End Early Childhood Education Center West Huntsville West Huntsville African Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) West Huntsville Baptist Church West Huntsville Church of Christ West Huntsville Elementary School West Huntsville Public School (historical) Westland Plaza Shopping Center Westlawn Westlawn Baptist Church Westlawn Church of God Westlawn Middle School Westside Neighborhood Center