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  • Leighton Elem Sch
  • Hatton Elem Sch
  • Colbert Co High Sch
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    ZIP Code 35646 is located in Colbert County

    35646 Street Addresses

    1st St ((1428-1906)) 2nd St ((1174-11553)) 3rd St ((161-1717)) 6th St ((3757-11627)) Aycock Bridge Rd ((4001-4699)) Aycock Cemetery Rd ((1200-4099)) Bailey St ((1401-1564)) Bethel Cemetery Rd ((100-598)) Bethel Church Rd ((700-999)) Bethlehem Church Rd ((1100-2772)) Big Bear Resort Rd ((101-499)) Brawley St ((2-199)) Bull Skull Hollow Rd ((1000-2698)) Bull Skull Rd ((1000-2599)) Bumper Rd ((1000-1399)) Burcham Dr ((200-299)) Burgess Ln ((600-699)) Carter Rd ((2-1498)) Cassie Davis St ((700-963)) Church St ((1800-9099)) Circle Dr ((1700-1998)) Clark St ((101-1999)) Clearview St ((200-2199)) Clement Rd ((1052-91798)) C Lowery Rd ((1100-1198)) Cobb Dr ((800-999)) College St ((2000-9098)) Co Rd 22 ((1801-12585)) Co Rd 37 ((880-2798)) Co Rd 48 ((12600-12875)) Co Rd 56 ((1200-4099)) Co Rd 61 ((2000-6899)) Co Rd 63 ((1-5799)) Co Rd 64 ((1-4431)) Co Rd 66 ((2500-2815)) Co Rd 67 ((1-10799)) Co Rd 68 ((1-2399)) Co Rd 69 ((1-11553)) Co Rd 72 ((701-765)) Co Rd 79 ((500-1599)) Cotton Patch Row ((300-398)) Cottontown Hill ((800-999)) Cottontown Ln ((1-4431)) Cotton Town Ln ((101-2799)) Cottontown Rd ((2-898)) Cottontown Sq ((1-3598)) Cottontown Trl ((2-399)) Country View Trl ((2-498)) County Line Rd ((400-90198)) County Rd ((701-3899)) Crockett Ln ((1-999)) Croom Cir ((100-699)) Daryl Ln ((700-2098)) Dial Cove Rd ((2-3398)) Duncan Ln ((1-999)) Duncan Way ((100-799)) E 6th St ((5436-7409)) Fannie Jackson Rd ((100-199)) Foxtrap Rd ((880-1058)) Fuller Store Rd ((1-399)) Gargis Rd ((401-499)) Gnat Pond Rd ((600-3398)) Grace Ln ((100-198)) Grissom Rd ((700-1899)) Hampton St ((101-199)) Harrison Store Rd ((1000-1399)) Hatton Ln ((2100-2198)) Hatton Pl ((2-198)) Hatton School Rd ((1-10799)) Hayfield Dr ((1900-2398)) Heleena Dr ((200-498)) Hidden Hollow Rd ((600-998)) High School Rd ((1-99)) High School St ((2000-2455)) Hollowfield Rd ((1-1066)) Hopewell Church Loop ((2-158)) Howard Ln ((1100-1698)) Ingram St ((1-299)) Jarman Ln ((2100-2132)) Jarmon Cove ((1-2698)) Jarmon Ln ((1-1598)) Jarmon Trl ((1-2698)) Jarmon Way ((1-298)) J D Jefferys Rd ((2-98)) J McGee Rd ((2-1598)) Joe Wheeler Hwy ((1801-9830)) J W Jefferys Rd ((2-98)) King Bridge Rd ((600-1498)) Kiser Ln ((500-5898)) Lagrange College Ln ((1100-2199)) Lagrange Rd ((701-8999)) Langrange College Rd ((1400-2199)) Leon Douglas ((2185-2257)) Leslie Ave ((417-513)) Lile Ln ((4300-4999)) Lincoln Ave ((2100-2299)) Logan Ln ((700-882)) Looney Ln ((300-1099)) Lowery Loop ((1600-1798)) Lowery Rd ((1100-1798)) Main St ((8001-9099)) Mansell Rd ((2-499)) Maple ((1700-1798)) Maple St ((100-1699)) Marshall St ((100-298)) Marthaler Ln ((1800-5799)) McCormack Rd ((100-999)) McDuffie Ln ((801-1099)) Meadows Dr ((2001-2598)) Meadow St ((1-2499)) Mill Creek Ct ((101-298)) Mimosa Dr ((2-198)) Mount Stanley Rd ((500-1599)) Mt Pleasant Rd ((2500-2815)) Mule Dr ((5600-5698)) Mullins Hill St ((2000-2099)) New High School Rd ((2000-2498)) Nichols Ln ((1-452)) Nichols St ((1-2454)) Nora Morgan St ((1700-2499)) N Washington Ave ((2200-2298)) Oak St ((2000-2399)) Old Hwy 20 ((1801-12585)) Old Motel Rd ((1-399)) Ore Mine Rd ((2-798)) Park Pl ((1-199)) Percy Sledge St ((2000-2126)) Pineywoods Rd ((1000-3066)) Piney Woods Trl ((1701-2299)) Poplar Creek Ln ((1-182)) Poplar Creek Loop ((200-2499)) Pruitt Dr ((1-899)) Puller Loop ((200-9399)) R Hand Rd ((601-899)) Rickes Ln ((795-999)) Ricks Cemetery Rd ((501-699)) Ricks Ln ((2000-6899)) Riley Rd ((601-799)) Robert Goodloe St ((400-999)) Roy Hand ((500-698)) Sadie Roberson St ((2200-2299)) Shaw Rd ((201-1998)) Sockwell Ln ((1-1159)) Spangler Rd ((601-899)) State Rte 157 ((301-7499)) State Rte 184 ((11443-11553)) State Rte 20 ((4401-12799)) Stevenson Rd ((3301-3395)) Streit Ln ((100-398)) Sunny Acres ((217-498)) S Washington Ave ((2000-2198)) Tidwell St ((400-1499)) Turkey Farm Rd ((1001-2198)) US Hwy 72 ((6301-12799)) US Hwy 72 (Alternate Rte) ((5792-10774)) Waldrep Loop ((200-3899)) Wallace Looney Rd ((810-1099)) Wallace Mill Rd ((1-663)) Wheeler Hwy ((4401-12799)) Wittstore Rd ((500-1199)) Wolf Springs Rd ((101-299)) Woodstown Rd ((1-499)) Zohitson Rd ((100-699))

    35646 Places and Attractions

    Abbie Baptist Church Abernathy Bottom Aycock Cemetery Bean Bridge Bethel Bethel Cemetery Bethel Colbert Missionary Baptist Church Bethel School (historical) Bickley Point Big Bend Bingham Blue Pond Blythe Memorial Cemetery Blythe Memorial Church Brick - Hatton Volunteer Fire Department Brickley Place (historical) Brickville Post Office (historical) Brush Pond Brush Pond Buckeye Hill Burney Pond Cal Cemetery Campbell Hollow Campbell Settlement (historical) Christian Home Church of Christ Colbert County High School College Spring Collins Mountain Cottontown Cottontown Church Crutch Pond Dillahunty Cemetery Doss Hollow Faith Tabernacle Ford City Church Foxtrap Creek Galilee Church Gargis Cemetery Gargis Cemetery Gin House Hollow Glendale Cemetery Glendale Presbyterian Church (historical) Gnat Pond Gnat Pond Harmony Freewill Baptist Church Hatton Hatton Elementary School Haw Branch Hollow Field Branch Hopewell Church of Christ Hopewell School (historical) Horselot Pond Jack Point Jarman House Plantation (historical) Jenkins Cemetery Johnson Lake Kent Hollow Kent Mountain King Cemetery King Cemetery Kirby Bridge (historical) La Grange LaGrange Cemetery LaGrange Church La Grange College (historical) LaGrange College Monument La Grange (historical) LaGrange Mountain La Grange Post Office (historical) La Grange School Leigh Cemetery Leighton Leighton Division Leighton Elementary School Leighton Middle School Leighton Volunteer Fire Department Lick Hollow Madding Cemetery Masterson Creek McAfee Creek McBride Branch McCorkles Gap Midway Midway Freewill Baptist Church Midway Methodist Church (historical) Midway School Mississippi Pond Mount Miles School (historical) Mount New Home Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Cemetery Newfound School (historical) New La Grange Church New Sockwell Church Nichols Pond Old Bethel Old Bethel Baptist Church Pane (historical) Pane Post Office (historical) Poplar Creek Poplar Creek (historical) Poplar Creek Missionary Baptist Church Poplar Creek School (historical) Poplar Pond (historical) Preuit Cemetery Rand Cemetery Ricks Cemetery Ricks School (historical) Riley Pond Saint James Memorial Church Saint James Missionary Baptist Church Saint James School (historical) Sand Rock Sand Spring Section Shady Grove Church (historical) Shady Grove (historical) Shaw Cemetery Sink Pond Sockwell School (historical) Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department Stanley Cemetery Town of Leighton Vandiver Brothers Lake Vandiver Brothers Lake Dam Vandyver Slough Watson Spring Branch Whiteoak Whiteoak School (historical) White Oak Volunteer Fire Department Wilson Cemetery Winston Quarters Winston Quarters Pond Zion Hill Baptist Church