Berry, AL 35546 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Codes

ZIP Code 35546 is located in (48%) (47%) (5%)

35546 Street Addresses

Armory Ave ((1-499)) Ary Loop ((2-98)) Back St ((1-99)) Bagwell Rd ((21000-22999)) Baker Dr ((100-433)) Baker Rd ((100-399)) Barnes St ((1-199)) Barrie Ln ((200-699)) Bart Brown Rd ((12501-19099)) Berry St ((1-898)) Bigham Loop Rd ((18600-18999)) Bill Gray Rd ((12600-18899)) Bill Lunceford Rd ((21400-21899)) Bill Moore Rd ((22500-22899)) Blossom Ln ((12600-12699)) Bluewater ((2800-2898)) Bluewater Cutoff ((1-99)) Bluewater Trace Rd ((1-199)) Bluewater Trce ((1-199)) Bonner Dr ((1-199)) Bonner Loop ((23201-23999)) Bonner Rd ((1-998)) Bowen St ((1-398)) Box Factory Rd ((1-198)) Bozeman Ln ((12000-12599)) Brand Ln ((2-398)) Brand Loop ((2-199)) Brandon School Rd ((12000-13599)) Bruce Kimbrell Rd ((201-498)) Cannon Ave ((1-99)) Carey Jones Rd ((12900-13099)) Carlos Nelson Loop ((1-798)) Carlos Nelson Loop Rd ((1-798)) Century Dr ((12500-13599)) Charlie Ford Dr ((12000-12399)) Charlie Ford Rd ((12000-12399)) Chism St ((2-299)) Church Ave ((1-198)) Clark Ave ((2-447)) Clark Loop Rd ((101-1098)) Cleburne Watkins Loop ((12900-13398)) Cleveland Rd ((1-1099)) Collins St ((2-98)) Co Rd 12 ((13800-15698)) Co Rd 123 ((101-1098)) Co Rd 124 ((19-306)) Co Rd 125 ((328-1429)) Co Rd 126 ((77-1437)) Co Rd 127 ((40-2144)) Co Rd 128 ((44-1721)) Co Rd 130 ((101-2343)) Co Rd 135 ((1200-1290)) Co Rd 144 ((203-299)) Co Rd 15 ((87-293)) Co Rd 22 ((7901-7999)) Co Rd 26 ((8803-9394)) Co Rd 27 ((76-6719)) Co Rd 30 ((1-101099)) Co Rd 3709 ((100-199)) Co Rd 38 ((10251-17799)) Co Rd 40 ((20188-21099)) Co Rd 46 ((76-13599)) Co Rd 53 ((11000-21299)) Co Rd 55 ((219-21598)) Co Rd 56 ((36-1699)) Co Rd 57 ((57-2346)) Co Rd 62 ((201-1166)) Co Rd 63 ((83-24099)) Co Rd 68 ((3611-4986)) Co Rd 83 ((142-6999)) Co Rd 93 ((1381-4431)) Cripple Creek Rd ((11000-12898)) Crow Ave ((1-611)) Davis Ranch Rd ((21000-21599)) Dellert Farm Rd ((12600-18899)) Dobbs Ave ((1-224)) Dollar Rd ((11000-11299)) Doughty Rd ((13700-14099)) Earl St ((1-199)) Earnest Rd ((1-1998)) East Ave ((1-898)) Espey Springs Rd ((13000-13299)) Espy Rd ((12901-12999)) Etteca Cutoff ((13800-21399)) Etteca Rd ((13701-15698)) Evanstown Rd ((10000-12599)) Factory St ((2-198)) Faucett Acres Rd ((4000-4099)) Fayette Rd ((18300-20399)) Federal Ave ((1-399)) Fenton St ((100-460)) Flat Creek Rd ((1-8799)) Foley Rd ((21500-22098)) Freeman Loop ((566-1098)) Freeman St ((2-198)) Frozen Hollow Rd ((3924-4152)) Fulton Hill Rd ((200-1499)) Gibson Hill Loop ((100-316)) Gibson Hill Rd ((2-6999)) Gibson St ((2-198)) Gilliam Rd ((13601-14699)) Gorgas Cir N ((12700-12799)) Gorgas Rd ((20222-24099)) Graham Rd ((14200-14699)) Grayham Rd ((13800-14076)) Gurganus Loop ((201-1354)) Handley Dr ((1-199)) Hathcock Cir ((100-598)) Haygood Chapel Rd ((13000-13603)) Hershell Henry Rd ((1-354)) Homestead St ((1-499)) Hope Rd ((23300-23599)) Hud Dr ((1-199)) Hyde Rd ((201-2000)) Isek Fowler Rd ((401-1274)) J C Gilliam Rd ((13500-13899)) J C Rd ((13500-13899)) Jeffrey St ((2-198)) Jenkins Cemetery Rd ((500-898)) Jim Taylor Rd ((1-2298)) Joe Taylor Rd ((20000-21999)) John Barnett Dr ((12000-19499)) John Deere Dr ((13000-13099)) Jones St ((1-99)) Junior Ave ((1-99)) Knight Ln ((1-94)) Logan Rd ((201-299)) Longview Est ((12900-13398)) Lost Rd ((11500-12099)) Lowell St ((1-99)) Madison Ave ((1-299)) Madison Dr ((200-2198)) Madison Rd ((1-6198)) Mf Cannon St ((1-455)) M F Cannon St ((1-455)) Mildred Ary Rd ((2-199)) Mitchell Mtn Rd ((1700-1798)) Monroe Dunn Rd ((20600-21299)) Morris Loop Rd ((1500-2953)) Myers Rd ((300-398)) N Bend Dr ((12800-12899)) New Hope Rd ((1901-2799)) New Lexington Rd ((12100-21598)) Northside Rd ((10251-17799)) N School St ((101-299)) N Swindle Rd ((19200-19599)) Old Cheatam Rd ((10000-26998)) Old Fayette Rd ((19101-20999)) Old Jasper Rd ((20400-26599)) Oregonia Rd ((20000-21899)) P and M Mining Rd ((22700-23099)) Patterson St ((1-99)) Pea Ridge Rd ((2-2414)) Pendley Creek Rd ((2-4699)) Piddlers Rd ((20801-20998)) Pleasant Hill Church Rd ((2-2098)) Ples Wilcutt Rd ((10100-10599)) Primrose Dr ((101-199)) Railroad St ((2-198)) Ray Bass Rd ((7901-7999)) Red Cook Rd ((700-799)) Rogers Rd ((13800-14699)) Ross Jones Rd ((10000-11099)) Roxie Ridge Rd ((101-799)) Roy Montgomery Rd ((23500-24099)) Rufus Johns Rd ((22500-22599)) Rutledge St ((101-199)) Ryan Pike Dr ((21700-21799)) Salem Rd ((1-299)) Samantha Farms Rd ((13601-13699)) Samson Clements Loop Rd ((10500-11099)) Sandtown Ln ((10700-10999)) School Ave ((2-380)) Sherman Bolton Rd ((12000-12599)) Sherman Rd ((20188-21099)) Shiver Defreeze ((13202-13698)) Short St ((1-99)) Simmons Dr ((1-172)) Simmons Rd ((2-698)) South Ave ((1-399)) Speeds Mill Rd ((7901-7999)) Springhill Dr ((101-199)) Spring Loop ((23700-24099)) State Rte 13 ((13-22999)) State Rte 18 ((242-24247)) State Rte 69 ((20040-23049)) Studdard Ave ((1-99)) SW 1st Ave ((401-698)) Taylor St ((1-198)) Tolly Jones Loop ((11500-12099)) Tuscaloosa Ave ((1-698)) Union Grove Rd ((701-799)) Upper Place Dr N ((19900-19998)) Upper Place Dr S ((19000-19998)) Upper Place Rd ((12401-12499)) US Hwy 43 ((13-13633)) US Hwy 43 N ((18850-22999)) Utley Loop Rd ((21400-21498)) Vic Green Rd ((19000-20098)) Victor Rd ((3269-3299)) Waldrop Rd ((20000-21098)) Walter Shirley Rd ((12901-21099)) Wenwood Ln ((19559-19699)) Wilcutt Rd ((10800-11299)) Willcutt Rd ((1-1098)) Willie Williams Rd ((2-898)) Willis Ridge Rd ((3924-4799)) Wint Dunn Rd ((20800-21799)) Yerby Acres ((100-1899)) Zion Rd ((100-898))

35546 Places and Attractions

Adams Cemetery Alabama Christian College (historical) Alta Alta Cemetery Alta Church Appling (historical) Arbor Springs Church (historical) Bad Branch Barbee School (historical) Beaven Cemetery Bee Spring Branch Berry Berry Baptist Church Berry Church of Christ Berry City Cemetery Berry Elementary School Berry High School Berry Methodist Church Berry Post Office Bethabara Cemetery Bethabara Church Bethlehem Church Bethlehem Church Spring Bevans Chapel Big Jim Hollow Blue Creek Mine Boley Church Boley Spring School (historical) Boley Springs Boley Springs Cemetery Boley Springs Church Boone Cemetery Brand Branch Brandon School (historical) Bryant Cemetery Calvary Church Cane Creek Caney Branch Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Cemetery Clear Creek Cleveland Cleveland Cemetery Cleveland Church Coalbed Hollow Coalbed Hollow Corona Mine Corona Number 20 Mine Cripple Creek Cemetery Cripple Creek Church Davis Chapel Davis Creek Mine Dawson Cemetery Deadwater Creek Dickey Branch Dividing Ridge Dobbs Temple (historical) Dry Branch Dry Creek Earnest Cemetery Ellis Creek Erie Creek Espy Creek Etteca School (historical) Evanstown (historical) Fairview Cemetery Fairview Church (historical) Fairview School (historical) Fellowship Temple Finley Branch Flat Creek Flatwoods Flatwoods Cemetery Freeman Creek Freewill Church (historical) Friendship Cemetery Friendship Church Frost Cemetery Frost Hill Gibson Hill Gibson Hill Cemetery Gibson Hill Church Gibson Hill Church Gilliam Cemetery Goodwater (historical) Goodwater Church Goodwater School (historical) Gum Springs Church Gum Springs School (historical) Haygood Cemetery Haygood Chapel Hendon Creek Hocutts Mill (historical) Jemison (historical) Jenkins Branch Jenkins Cemetery Johnson Branch Johnson Cemetery Keith Branch Laney Branch Lexington Gas Field Liberty Hill Cemetery Liberty Hill Church Lick Branch Little Blue Water Creek Little Cedar Creek Little Creek Little Tyro Creek Lockhart (historical) Lower Sulpher Springs Cemetery Lower Sulphur Springs Church Madison Cemetery Mars Hill School (historical) McDuff Spring Branch Meg Mine Mount Joy Church Mount Pleasant Church Nazarene Church of Berry New Hope New Hope Cemetery New Hope Church New Hope Church New Lexington New Salem Cemetery North River Number 1 Mine Northside Gas Field Oak Grove School (historical) Obye School (historical) Old Lebanon Church Old Salem Church Oregonia Cemetery Oregonia Church Oregonia School (historical) Panter Cemetery Panter Cemetery Pea Ridge Pea Ridge Church of Christ Pea Ridge Number 1 Mine Pendley Pendley Cemetery Pendley Cemetery Pendley Chapel Pewter Creek Philadelphia Baptist Church Philadelphia Cemetery Pilgrim Chapel Pine Branch Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant Hill Church Poplar Hollow Rice Cemetery Rob Hollow Rock Creek Rock Springs Cemetery Rock Springs Church Rocky Branch Salem Salem Baptist Church Salem Cemetery Salem Cemetery Salem Church Sand Town Mine Sandtown Sandtown Cemetery Sandtown School (historical) Sandy Point Creek Scraptown (historical) Shady Grove Baptist Church Shady Grove Cemetery Shop Hollow Simmons Cemetery Stanford Hollow Stanley (historical) Stanley Cemetery Star Branch Sterling (historical) Sterling Cemetery Sulphur Church (historical) Tabernacle Cemetery Tabernacle Church (historical) Tanyard Creek The Backbone Union Grove Baptist Church Union Grove Cemetery Union Grove Mine Upper Sulphur Springs Church Upton Spring Branch Utley Cemetery Walker Elementary School Wallace Branch Walton Cemetery Waltons Mill (historical) West Corona West Corona Mine Whitson Whitson Church Whitson Place Cemetery Widow Jones Spring Wiley Wiley Cemetery Wiley Dome Gas Field Wiley Methodist Church Willingham Cemetery Wilsons School (historical) Windham Springs Windham Springs Baptist Church Wittson Bridge Wolf Creek Wolf Den Hollow Zion Cemetery Zion Church