Boligee, AL 35443 ZIP Code Map


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35443 Street Addresses

Al Highway 39 ((2200-9098)) Allison St ((1-499)) Anderson Ln ((2-98)) April Ln ((2-98)) Boligee St ((800-10879)) Bowl Ln ((101-499)) Brave Ln ((1-99)) Candle Ln ((1-99)) Carrie W Jolly Rd ((2-1599)) Cobbs Ln ((100-299)) Constantine St ((100-1399)) Cooke Rd ((301-699)) Co Rd 12 ((145-798)) Co Rd 125 ((1201-1299)) Co Rd 133 ((2301-3199)) Co Rd 150 ((2-1599)) Co Rd 20 ((24400-25198)) Co Rd 46 ((1900-1998)) Co Rd 76 ((401-3399)) Co Rd 81 ((2-1399)) Co Rd 91 ((300-598)) Country Lane Rd ((101-1099)) Country Ln ((1-99)) Cox Quarters ((1-199)) Cr 133 ((2301-3199)) Crawford Cemetery Rd ((201-798)) December Ln ((101-199)) Delivered Ln ((1-498)) Demopolis Hwy ((6200-9599)) Demoville St ((2-198)) Develle Rd ((200-298)) Devon Rd ((1001-1099)) Doe Ln ((2-299)) Emerald Ln ((1-299)) Even Ln ((300-399)) Faith Ln ((2-98)) Family Cir ((2-298)) Fannel Dewman Hwy ((24400-25198)) Given Ln ((100-198)) Gould St ((100-198)) Handy Pac Rd ((301-598)) Happy Ln ((200-399)) Head Dr ((2-399)) Heron Ln ((201-299)) Holy Ln ((100-299)) Iola Wallace Young Rd ((1-199)) July Ln ((1-99)) June Ln ((100-4698)) Knott Rd ((600-899)) Lewis Miles Ln ((1-499)) Lil Naes Dr ((1-299)) Limit Ln ((0-599)) Magnolia Dr ((10800-10860)) Magnolia Ln ((10800-10860)) Means St ((2-298)) Mt Zion Rd ((100-198)) Nail Ln ((1100-1298)) November Ln ((2-98)) Oak Ln ((20-98)) Outland Rd ((300-598)) Pamocross Rd ((0-699)) Parkers Fish Camp Rd ((1-798)) Paul Ln ((101-499)) Plum Ln ((1-199)) Riverwalk Rd ((300-399)) River Walk Rd ((201-599)) Robinson St ((1-99)) Rose Dr ((2-98)) School St ((1-3399)) Shady Ln ((0-198)) Shelly Hughes Rd ((13111-13163)) Side Ln ((1-198)) Speed Ln ((1-199)) Star Ln ((600-1498)) State Rte 7 ((800-846)) St Matthew Rd ((0-398)) Strong Ln ((1-199)) Sunset Ln ((1-99)) Taylor Byrd Sr Ln ((2-999)) Trust Way ((2-199)) Turtle Rd ((1-399)) US Hwy 11 ((800-10879)) US Hwy 43 ((6200-9599)) Viola B Morgan Rd ((1201-1299)) Waltons Dr ((2-999)) Washington Rd ((301-399)) Water Ln ((2-498)) Webb Dr ((1-99)) Weeping Willow Rd ((1-99)) W End Ave ((145-798))

35443 Places and Attractions

Bean Stack Creek Bethlehem Baptist Church Bethlehem Cemetery Bethlehem School (historical) Bethsalem Cemetery Bethsalem Church Blind Shoals Boatright Cemetery Boligee Boligee Bar Boligee Canal Boligee Cemetery Boligee Creek Boligee Creek Swamp Boligee High School Boligee Hill Plantation (historical) Boligee Lower Bar Boligee Post Office Browns Artesian Mill (historical) Brush Creek Brush Creek Bar C N Drennen Dam Number 1 C N Drennen Dam Number 2 C N Drennen Dam Number 3 C N Drennen Dam Number 4 C N Drennen Lake Number 1 C N Drennen Lake Number 2 Campbell Hill Canefield Plantation (historical) Clays Bar Clays Bluff Clays Landing (historical) Cook Cemetery Cook School (historical) Cooks Chapel Number 2 Church Crawford Cemetery Crawford Fork Crossroads of America Industrial Park Don Drennen Dam Number 1 Don Drennen Dam Number 2 Drennen Lake Number 1 Drennen Lake Number 2 Drennen Lake Number 3 Drennen Lake Number 4 Dry Creek Epes Bar Exit 32 Five Points Fowler Gladys Landing Gum Pond Slough Hawth Hill Hohenlinden Plantation (historical) Hycutt Jack Toms Shoals Jerusalem Baptist Church Jerusalem Church (historical) Jones Creek Bar Kingdom Baptist Church Kirksey Cemetery Lizzieville Macedonia Baptist Church Macedonia Cemetery McAlpines Ferry (historical) McAlpines Landing (historical) Meeting House Branch Midway Plantation (historical) Miller Millers Bar Millers Landing (historical) Mount Bethel Cemetery Mount Olive Baptist Church Mount Zion Baptist Church Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zoar Baptist Church Mount Zoar Cemetery Mount Zoar School (historical) Old Boligee (historical) Paramount High School (historical) Saint Jesus Church Saint Luke Baptist Church Saint Luke Cemetery Saint Marks Church Saint Paul Cemetery Saint Pauls Baptist Church Sebastopol Plantation (historical) Shed Branch Smiths Landing (historical) Sprees Ten Acre Lake Sprees Twenty Acre Lake T H Spree Eight Feet Dam T H Spree Fourteen Feet Dam Temperence School (historical) The Canal Toms Bar Trice Lake Trimble Hill Trussells Ferry (historical) Union Church (historical) Weston Woodland Plantation (historical) Zion School (historical)