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10th Ave ((1000-3299)) 10th Ct ((900-3999)) 10th St ((1062-4199)) 11 One-Half Ave ((2400-2599)) 11th Ave ((800-3999)) 11th Ct ((2400-2599)) 11th St ((500-4199)) 12th Ave ((500-2599)) 12th St ((1-2899)) 13th Ave ((1-999)) 13th Pl E ((1-299)) 13th St ((500-2699)) 13th St E ((500-799)) 14th Ave ((500-2399)) 14th Ct ((800-899)) 14th St ((200-2698)) 14th St E ((2-299)) 15 One-Half St ((3300-3399)) 15th Ave ((400-1999)) 15th Pl ((1500-1598)) 15th St ((1-3499)) 15th St E ((2-2098)) 16 1/2 St ((3200-3299)) 16th Ave ((800-1999)) 16th Ave E ((1724-1730)) 16th Pl ((3200-3299)) 16th St ((1-3399)) 16th St E ((300-2499)) 17th Ave ((2-2199)) 17th Ct ((1-99)) 17th St ((1-4699)) 17th St E ((300-699)) 18th Pl ((3200-3499)) 18th Pl E ((1-1898)) 18th St ((1-3699)) 18th St E ((300-499)) 19th Aly ((1201-1999)) 19th Ave ((300-799)) 19th Pl ((4100-4199)) 19th St ((500-4299)) 19th St E ((1-499)) 1st Ave ((1500-2299)) 20th Ave ((400-1199)) 20th Ct ((2600-2698)) 20th Pl E ((1-199)) 20th St ((1-4899)) 20th St E ((1-799)) 21st Ave ((1-2798)) 21st Ct ((2800-2898)) 21st Pl E ((1-499)) 21st St ((1800-5899)) 21st St E ((1-699)) 22nd Ave ((300-1499)) 22nd Pl ((3800-3899)) 22nd St ((2-4799)) 22nd St E ((200-399)) 23rd Ave ((300-1799)) 23rd St ((1-4999)) 23rd St E ((2-799)) 24th Ave ((300-2899)) 24th St ((1-3998)) 25th Ave ((1200-3199)) 25th Pl ((400-4999)) 25th St ((500-4999)) 25th St E ((400-499)) 26th Aly ((1600-1699)) 26th Ave ((1500-2299)) 26th St ((500-4399)) 26th St E ((2-598)) 27th Ave ((400-2599)) 27th Pl ((1100-4598)) 27th St ((1-4499)) 28th Ave ((301-2898)) 28th Ct ((1-99)) 28th Pl ((1100-4199)) 28th St ((400-5299)) 28th St E ((1-2999)) 29th Ave ((600-3199)) 29th Ave E ((1670-2101)) 29th Pl ((400-2998)) 29th St ((1-5299)) 29th St E ((109-499)) 2nd Ave ((800-2299)) 2nd Ave E ((2-2999)) 2nd Ct ((400-699)) 2nd Ct E ((1-1499)) 2nd St ((400-3299)) 30th Ave ((300-2899)) 30th Pl ((400-4299)) 30th St ((1000-4299)) 31st Ave ((600-2799)) 31st Pl ((1-3599)) 31st St ((900-6899)) 32 1/2 Ave ((1500-1599)) 32 1/2 St ((1601-1699)) 32nd Ave ((300-4499)) 32nd Ct ((1505-3699)) 32nd St ((3200-5799)) 33rd Ave ((300-3999)) 33rd Ct ((1700-3499)) 33rd Pl ((900-5699)) 33rd St ((5700-6999)) 34th Ave ((300-3399)) 34th Pl ((5500-5699)) 34th St ((3300-6999)) 35th Ave ((1-3199)) 35th Ct ((1-3598)) 35th St ((1100-7099)) 36th Ave ((500-3599)) 36th Ct ((2100-3699)) 36th Pl ((3201-3399)) 36th St ((273-3699)) 36th St E ((6500-6799)) 37th Ave ((200-3599)) 37th Ct ((2700-2799)) 37th Pl ((3300-3499)) 37th St ((3200-7299)) 38th Ave ((800-3899)) 38th St ((1100-1199)) 39th Ave ((1-3199)) 39th Ct ((1-2899)) 39th St ((2600-6399)) 3rd Ave ((1500-1799)) 3rd Ave E ((1-2499)) 3rd Ct ((2100-2199)) 3rd Ct E ((2000-2099)) 3rd St ((1700-2999)) 40th Ave ((1500-2999)) 40th Ct ((2800-2899)) 40th St ((6000-6199)) 41st Ave ((1000-3199)) 41st St ((1800-6199)) 42nd Ave ((1000-4098)) 43rd Ave ((1500-3199)) 43rd Ct ((1500-1699)) 44th Ave ((1500-2799)) 45th Ct ((2000-2099)) 46th Ave ((2100-2399)) 48th Ave ((2300-2498)) 49th Ave ((2200-2499)) 4th Ave ((800-1999)) 4th Ave E ((1-2599)) 4th Ct ((2100-2899)) 4th St ((1700-3299)) 51st Ave ((1500-2099)) 52nd Ct ((2901-3099)) 52nd St ((7000-8299)) 52nd Street Berkshire Ests ((7000-8298)) 57th Ct ((3100-3198)) 5th Ave ((400-3099)) 5th Ave E ((800-2699)) 5th Ct ((3400-3599)) 5th St ((3000-3599)) 60th Ave ((3400-3599)) 60th Ct ((3900-7398)) 62nd Ave ((6200-6399)) 63rd Ave ((6200-6399)) 63rd St ((6201-6299)) 64th Ave ((501-4099)) 65th Ave ((1-4099)) 66th Ave ((3500-3599)) 67th Ave ((3700-4399)) 68th Ave ((3300-4399)) 69th Ave ((4100-4399)) 6th Ave ((501-3098)) 6th Ave E ((2-1999)) 6th Ct ((2500-2699)) 6th St ((1-3798)) 7th Ave ((1000-2899)) 7th Ave E ((701-2399)) 7th St ((1400-3699)) 8th Ave ((1000-3499)) 8th Ave NE ((400-499)) 8th St ((100-4199)) 9th Ave ((1200-2899)) 9th Ave E ((20-2798)) 9th Ct ((2800-3599)) 9th St ((2-3799)) Abrams Ct ((1-99)) Alaca Pl ((1600-1699)) Alston Ave ((2000-2299)) Alta Vis ((1-99)) Amanda Dr ((301-899)) Anna Ave ((900-999)) Arlington Dr ((1-2499)) Ash St ((400-3398)) Audubon Pl ((1-98)) Avalon Ave ((2000-2099)) Avalon Pl ((500-2098)) Bates Rd ((101-299)) Beck St ((3200-3399)) Beech St ((500-2899)) Black Warrior Pkwy ((2202-4398)) Black Warrior Rd ((6201-7198)) Bonita Ter ((1-99)) Brook Meadows Cir ((1-99)) Brooksdale Dr ((1-3098)) Bryce Lawn Dr ((400-598)) Camellia Dr ((1-2899)) Camellia Park ((1-2899)) Campus Dr ((300-398)) Caplewood Dr ((1-1000198)) Caplewood Dr E ((1000-1004)) Carter Dr ((4800-4852)) Case Rd ((3200-6899)) Cedar Crst ((1-399)) Charlie Davis Rd ((6900-7899)) Cherokee Ave ((800-3299)) Cherry St ((200-2899)) Cherrystone Ave ((3200-3998)) Cherrystone Cir ((3900-4299)) Chestnut St ((2800-2999)) Clinton Dr ((800-1599)) Cloverdale Rd ((1-1499)) Clover Rd ((4700-5299)) Co Hwy 22 ((7800-8240)) Co Hwy 30 ((2801-3298)) College Park ((1-99)) Colonial Dr ((100-999)) Commerce Dr ((1200-7398)) Conecuh County 30 ((2801-3298)) Contemporary Dr ((1500-1599)) Convent St ((1000-1404)) Co Rd 16 ((800-8298)) Co Rd 27 ((4100-7099)) Co Rd 37 ((800-1698)) Co Rd 44 ((800-7299)) Co Rd 75 ((101-299)) Co Rd 88 ((200-2419)) Country Club Cir ((1-11199)) Country Club Dr ((1-3798)) Country Club Hills ((1-99)) Country Club Ln ((1-99)) Crabapple Ln ((86-199)) Culver Rd ((1500-8199)) Dearing Pl ((1300-1799)) Delaware Jackson Ave ((1100-1198)) Devotie Dr ((501-599)) Dinah Washington Ave ((1790-1798)) Dr Edward Hillard Dr ((1201-1299)) Druid Ct ((1-99)) Dubois Ter ((2-99)) Dupont Ave ((2500-2598)) Eastwood Ave ((2-199)) E Cir ((1-799)) Eddins Rd ((3100-3799)) Elizabeth St ((2600-2699)) Elm St ((2600-3199)) Elmwood Dr ((1000-1099)) Exchange Ave ((2600-2899)) Fairlawn Rd ((1-1898)) Fairmont Dr ((1670-2101)) Fairway Dr ((2-2798)) Fernridge Dr ((3300-3499)) Fernwood Ct ((1-2099)) Fernwood St ((1-199)) Forest Hill St ((1-499)) Forest Lake Dr ((1-2357)) Foster Ferry Rd ((1500-3999)) Fosters Ferry Rd ((1500-3999)) Frederick Dr ((1-499)) Fredrick Dr ((1-499)) Friday Cir ((4700-4999)) Gee Ln ((2-6999)) Glendale Gdns ((2000-2599)) Glen Dr ((1-3699)) Glen Ln ((1-3898)) Glenn Dr ((200-3599)) Glenwood Ave ((2000-2599)) Glenwood Gardens ((2000-2599)) Grace St ((300-1299)) Greensboro Ave ((100-4053)) Greenview Dr ((4600-5299)) Gresham Cir ((2900-3099)) Grover Burchfield Dr ((6000-6098)) Guideswood ((2-99)) Guildswood ((1-99)) Hackberry Cir ((1-99)) Hackberry Ln ((100-2699)) Hackberry Pl ((1-1999)) Hargrove Rd ((100-2099)) Hargrove Rd E ((1-1698)) Harris Ave ((2000-2299)) Harris Ct ((2101-2299)) Harrison St ((2200-2599)) Hendersonville Rd ((3100-3199)) Herman Ave ((2100-2899)) Hickory Frst ((1-399)) Hickory St ((2600-2799)) Hillcrest Dr ((3-99)) Holly St ((2-2998)) Homewood Dr ((801-999)) Ingleside Vlg ((1-99)) Jackson Ave ((1100-1199)) Jackson Cir ((1-3599)) Jack Warner Pkwy ((1101-3299)) Jefferson Ave ((401-699)) Jemison Ave ((1800-2499)) Johnson Rd ((800-8298)) Kauloosa Ave ((3100-5599)) Kaulton Rd ((2600-2799)) Lake Ave ((1500-1899)) Lakefield Dr ((6000-6599)) Lancaster Rd ((1300-1499)) Lavera Dr ((2110-2299)) Lee Rd ((4400-4999)) Lenora Dr ((1-2199)) Lurleen B Wallace Blvd N ((500-1499)) Lurleen B Wallace Blvd S ((400-1498)) Lurleen Wallace N ((1401-1499)) Magnolia Dr ((800-901)) Mahogany Downs ((2800-2999)) Main St ((3500-3999)) Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((300-7299)) McCorvey Dr ((200-298)) McKenzie Ave ((100-198)) Meador Dr ((1-599)) Meadow Lawn ((1-2199)) Meadowlawn Ct ((48-2199)) Meadowlawn Dr ((1-53)) Meadow Lawn Dr ((1-99)) Meadowlawn St ((1-1398)) Middle Rd ((7800-8240)) Mill Creek Ave ((3501-3799)) Millcreek Ln ((3801-3899)) Mlk Blvd ((6400-7098)) M L King Jr Blvd ((3300-5899)) Monnish Dr ((1-99)) Moody St ((3200-3399)) Moody Swamp Rd ((800-7299)) Myrtlewood Dr ((1000-1199)) Narrow Lane Rd ((103-2999)) N Pinehurst Dr ((1-99)) Oak Ave ((1000-1099)) Oaklea Ave ((700-2999)) Oak Ridge ((1-99)) Oak St ((2700-2999)) Oakwood Ave ((1-1499)) Oakwood Ct ((1-1598)) Oakwood Ct N ((1-1199)) Oconnor Dr ((800-1099)) Old Fosters Ferry Rd ((1500-3999)) Old Kaulton Rd ((2600-2799)) Old Mill St ((600-899)) Old Sanders Ferry Rd ((4301-5299)) Orange St ((400-499)) Orange St E ((1-499)) Ormond St ((3400-3599)) Ozment Rd ((2901-3199)) Parkview Dr ((1-1499)) Parkwood ((1-99)) Paul W Bryant Dr ((300-2699)) Paul W Bryant Dr E ((200-699)) Pearson Cir ((1-6799)) Pecan Orchard Dr ((9300-9599)) Pecan Orchard Ln ((9401-9598)) Pinehurst ((1-799)) Pine St ((100-3098)) Plantation Rd ((1001-1712)) Prince Acres ((400-499)) Prince Ave ((1-2699)) Prince Cir ((2700-2899)) Prince Dr ((1-2799)) Professional Plz ((900-999)) Prosperity Pl ((1801-1899)) Queen City Ave ((300-1999)) Railroad Cir ((3400-3599)) Railroad Dr ((3400-3899)) Railroad Loop ((3800-3899)) Reece Blvd ((2200-2299)) Reed St ((100-499)) Reese Ct ((1-806)) Resource Dr ((3601-3799)) Rhonda Dr ((1-99)) Riggs Rd ((3100-3199)) Riverdale Dr ((301-384)) Riverdale Dr N ((301-384)) Riverdale Dr NE ((301-384)) River Rd ((1101-3299)) River Ro Dr ((1701-1799)) Riverside Cir ((1-99)) Riverside Dr ((1000-1000198)) Robert Cardinal Rd ((5601-7999)) Sage Dr ((3400-3599)) Sahama Village ((3-99)) Sanders Ferry Rd ((6300-20399)) Shady Ln ((1300-1399)) Sherwood Dr ((1-99)) Short 14th St ((1500-1599)) Short 15th St ((1500-3399)) Short 16th St ((2600-3299)) Short 17th St ((1400-3699)) Short 18th St ((800-3499)) Short 19th St ((2700-3199)) Short 20th St ((2800-2899)) Short 21st St ((2500-2699)) Short 27th Ave ((1500-1599)) Short 32nd Ave ((1500-1599)) Smithwood Dr ((400-498)) Southern Gardens Dr ((1434-1449)) Southside Dr ((2101-2899)) State Rte 13 ((400-8199)) State Rte 215 ((225-4053)) State Rte 69 ((400-1499)) State Rte 7 ((1500-8199)) Stillman Blvd ((2400-5299)) Stonebrae Dr ((1300-1398)) Stratford Dr ((1-99)) Sumner Pl ((2700-2799)) Tamera Ave ((3301-3499)) Taylor Cir ((1-3299)) Ted Bates Rd ((101-299)) Terrace Ct ((1-1999)) The Downs ((1-99)) Thomas Cir ((1-1299)) Thomas St ((200-1299)) Ty Rogers Jr Ave ((900-2599)) T Y Rogers Jr Ave ((1712-1714)) Unity Dr ((3600-4399)) Unity Rd ((6400-7899)) University Blvd ((300-2799)) University Blvd E ((101-899)) University Cir ((1-299)) University Ln ((2-2998)) US Hwy 11 ((2594-3599)) US Hwy 11 N ((1500-17599)) US Hwy 43 ((400-17599)) Valley Dr ((1-298)) Veterans Memorial Pkwy ((800-2098)) Virginia Cir ((4800-5399)) Wallace Wade Ave ((500-999)) Washington Sq ((1-3998)) Washington St ((1-3998)) W Cir ((1-799)) Wesley Pl ((1-398)) Westlee Dr ((3200-3499)) Willowbrook Dr ((7200-7299)) Willow Ln ((3200-3899)) Windsor Rd ((1-99)) Woodhaven Dr ((9300-9599)) Wood Manor ((1-498))

35401 Places and Attractions

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Tabernacle Alabama Central Female College (historical) All Nations Church of Jesus Christ Alta Vista Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library Arlington Drive Arlington Mobile Home Park Audubon Place Audubon Place Historic District Bailey Christian Methodist Episcopal Temple Baker Field Bama Mall Shopping Center Baptist Student Center Batchelor Hall Beacon Light Baptist Church Beautiful Zion African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Beautiful Zion Cemetery Berkshire Estates Bethel Baptist Church Bethel Spiritual Church Bethlehem Spiritual Church Beulah Missionary Baptist Church Bible Missionary Church Big Bend School (historical) Birthright Hall Brandon Memorial Methodist Church (historical) Bridge Landing (historical) Brooksdale Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church Bryant Culberson Airport Bryant-Denny Stadium Bryce (historical) C A Fredd State Technical College Calvary Baptist Church Camellia Park Canterbury Chapel Episcopal Church Capitol Park Caplewood Drive Historic District Capstone Church Capstone Medical Center Cedar Crest Central Church of Christ Central Elementary School Central High School East Campus (historical) Central High School West Campus (historical) Childress Hill Christ Episcopal Church Christ Lutheran Church Christ Temple Apostolic Church Church of God Church of God Church of God in Christ Church of the Living God Cloverdale College Hills Community Center Park Country Club Gables Country Club Hills Covenant Presbyterian Church Cribbs Mill (historical) Dalys Bottom Dearing Place Denny Chimes Double Portion Baptist Church Downtown Plaza Shopping Center Downtown Station Tuscaloosa Post Office Downtown Tuscaloosa Historic District Druid City Baptist Church Druid City Historic District Druid City Hospital East Arlington East End Eastwood Park Elizabeth Baptist Church Emmanuel Baptist Church Evergreen Cemetery Fairlawn Faith Chapel Faith Mission Church of God Falcon Field Fernridge Fernwood Fifteenth Street Plaza Shopping Center First African Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Church of the Nazarene First Community Methodist Church First Presbyterian Church First United Methodist Church Fitts Heights Forest Hills Forest Lake Forest Lake Baptist Church Forest Lake Dam Forest Lake United Methodist Church Frank H M Williams Hall Friday Lake Friday Lake Dam Friedman Library (historical) Friendship Baptist Church Gardendale Geneva Hall Glendale Gardens Goose Pond Gorgas-Manley Historic District Greater Emmanuel Mission Green Valley Greenview Greenwood Cemetery Hale Memorial Hospital (historical) Happy Acres Harmon Field Hay Student Center Hays Court Hendricks Reef (historical) Herman Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church Hickory Forest Hillcrest Hollywood Park Hunters African Methodist Episcopal Zion Chapel Indian Rivers Community Mental Health Center Ingleside Village Interchange 1 Interchange 2 Jemison Elementary School John Knox Hall Kaulton Field Kings Acres Knox Temple Lake Forest Lake Forest Lake Tina Lake Tina Dam Lakeview Liberty Cemetery Liberty Church Liberty School (historical) Lincoln Park Lincoln Park Church Livingston Subdivision Lower Ophelia Landing Macedonia Baptist Church Marr Bend Marrs Field Plantation (historical) Marrs Spring Martin Luther King Junior Elementary School Martin Luther King Junior Hall McKenzie Courts McLure Library McPherson Number 1 Dam Meadow Lawn Meadowbrook Shopping Center Mechanicsville (historical) Memorial Coliseum Miracle House of Prayer Mission House of Prayer Monnish Park Moody Slough Moodys Swamp Morning Star Baptist Church Mount Tabor Baptist Church New Home Baptist Church New Home Church of God in Christ Newtown (historical) Newtown Ferry (historical) Newtown Landing (historical) Nineteenth Street Church of Christ Nineteenth Street Pentecostal Church Oak Ridge Oakdale Oakdale Elementary School Oakdale Primitive Baptist Church Old Fosters Ferry Road Church of God Oliver Lock and Dam Parkview Parkview Plaza Shopping Center Parkwood Pearson Subdivision Pearsons Academy Pine Flat Pine Ridge Cemetery Pinehurst Pinehurst Historic District Plum Grove Church Potatoe Creek Pullentown (historical) Queen City Park Reed Bluff Richards Memorial Catholic Church Richards Memorial Catholic School (historical) River Hill Riverside Circle Riverwood Presbyterian Church Robinson Bend Rosedale Rosedale Baptist Church Rosedale Courts Rosedale Park Royal Pines Russell Lee Lake Russell Lee Lake Dam Sahama Village Saint Gregory Orthodox Church Saint John Baptist Church Saint Johns Holy Name Catholic Church Saint Johns School (historical) Saint Marks African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Mathew Church Saint Paul Baptist Church Saint Pauls Church (historical) Saint Peters African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Saint Phillips Church (historical) Salvation Army Church Second Baptist Church (historical) Seventeen Street School Sewage Lagoon Dam North Sewage Lagoon Dam South Sewage Lagoon North Sewage Lagoon South Shepherd Library Snedecor Hall Snow Terrace Solid Rock Spiritual Church Sommerville South Plaza Industrial Park South Side Second Presbyterian Church (historical) Southside Baptist Church Southside Methodist Church Southside Park Stafford Global Studies Center (historical) Stafford Park Stillman College Stillman Heights Educational Center Stinson Math-Science Building Tabernacle Baptist Church Tater Hill Creek Taylor Circle Tenth Street Missionary Baptist Church Terri Wood The Boneyard (historical) The Downs The Glens The Grove Church The Village on Hargrove Road Shopping Center Thompson Chapel Trinity Episcopal Church Trinity United Methodist Church Triumph Church Truevine Baptist Church Truevine Primitive Baptist Church Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Community Center Tuscaloosa Country Club Tuscaloosa County Courthouse Tuscaloosa County Health Center Tuscaloosa County Jail Tuscaloosa Middle School Tuscaloosa Municipal Airport Tuscaloosa Post Office Tuscaloosa Public Library Tuscaloosa Public School (historical) Tuscaloosa Shoals (historical) Tuscaloosa University High School (historical) Twentieth Street Elementary School Unity Church University Church of Christ (historical) University Lane University Lutheran Church University Manor University Place University Place Elementary School University Post Office University Presbyterian Church University Substation Tuscaloosa Police Department University Town Center Shopping Center University Training School (historical) University Worship Center Upper Ophelia Landing Ursuline Convent School (historical) Verner Elementary School (historical) WACT-AM (Tuscaloosa) WACT-FM (Tuscaloosa) WTBC-AM (Tuscaloosa) WTSK-AM (Tuscaloosa) WUOA-FM (Tuscaloosa) WVUA-FM (Tuscaloosa) Washington Square Weaver Branch Library Weeping Mary Baptist Church Wend Public School (historical) West Alabama Crippled Childrens Clinic West End Baptist Church West End Elementary School West End Methodist Church West End Park West End Presbyterian Church (historical) West Haven West Highland Baptist Church West Highland Memorial Cemetery Westgate Shopping Center Westlawn Junior High School William Bacon Oliver Lake Williamson Prayer Chapel Winsborough Hall Wood Manor