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    ZIP Code 35175 is located in Marshall County (82.70%) Morgan County (17.30%)

    35175 Street Addresses

    Allens Cross Rd ((1-1899)) Apple Grove Rd ((513-1462)) Applehill Ln ((1-198)) Armstrong Acres ((1-199)) Ball Park Rd ((1-1998)) Bama Dr ((1-498)) Bean Dr ((1-499)) Bean Rock Rd ((1-3099)) Bear Creek Rd ((2-599)) Bettinger Mountain Rd ((1-1599)) Bettinger Mt Rd ((1000-1498)) Blackberry Ln ((1-99)) Blevins Rd ((1-199)) Blue Rock Rd ((1-899)) Bramlett Rd ((1-999)) Branum Ln ((1-499)) Brock Chapel Rd ((1-1499)) Brooks Rd ((1-499)) Cactus Rd ((2-499)) Camilla Dr ((1-899)) Canary Rd ((1-199)) Carriage Ln ((1-399)) Cedar Ridge Dr ((1-1099)) Charlois Ln ((101-199)) Cherokee Ridge Ct ((2-98)) Cherokee Ridge Dr ((700-4099)) Chimney Rock ((1-199)) Christmas Ln ((200-598)) Church Pvt Dr ((1-99)) Clover Rd ((1-1299)) Coachman Ln ((1-499)) Colonial Dr ((1-198)) Co Rd 240 ((2230-12799)) Co Rd 32 ((2200-3254)) Co Rd 418 ((3800-5099)) Co Rd 493 ((1-2899)) Cotton Seed Dr ((1-499)) Country Side Dr ((1-599)) Cove Ln ((1-299)) Creekwood Dr ((1-499)) Criscoe Cir ((1-899)) Criscoe Rd ((1-499)) Crosswinds Dr ((1-299)) Cypress Rd ((1-899)) Daisy Ln ((1-299)) Dan West Rd ((1-299)) Davidson Dr ((2200-3254)) Deepwoods Dr ((1-398)) Deep Woods Dr ((1-299)) Deer Trl ((1-399)) Dove Cir ((1-2399)) Driftwood Dr ((1-798)) Dry Creek Rd ((100-199)) Dunn Rd ((1-399)) Dusty Trl ((1-199)) Elton Ln ((1-99)) Falling Leaf Ln ((300-598)) Farm Supply Rd ((1-199)) Forest Dr ((100-199)) Friendship Rd ((4246-6499)) Gibson Rd ((1-299)) Graves Rd ((1-299)) Green Biron Rd ((2500-3499)) Green Briar Cove Rd ((1-5599)) Griffin Acres ((1-299)) Grover Dr ((1-199)) Gullion Rd ((1-399)) Heart of Dixie Hwy ((4100-16199)) Hickory Cir ((1-2599)) Highlands Ct ((100-498)) Hunter Dr ((1-199)) Irby Cir ((1-1232)) Ivy Ln ((1-199)) Jameson Cir ((1-199)) Justin Ln ((1-299)) Kid Creek Dr ((1-99)) King Clfs ((100-399)) King Dr ((1-499)) Knight Rd ((1-299)) Lawrence Rd ((301-399)) Lemon Tree Cir ((1-399)) Limestone Cir ((1-1799)) Limestone Dr ((1-1898)) Longleaf Pvt Dr ((1-99)) Lynns Dam Rd ((1-699)) McDermont Rd ((1-1899)) Midway Rd ((1-1899)) Mill Bluff Rd ((1-699)) Mill Hollow Rd ((200-698)) Mill Ridge ((1-299)) Mill Valley Rd ((1-199)) Mobb Hill Rd ((1-1498)) Mobbs School Rd ((2192-5099)) Mountain View Church Rd ((1-499)) Mountain View Rd ((1-2899)) Mount Olive Church Rd ((1-999)) Mount Tabor Rd ((1-299)) New Friendship Rd ((1-2299)) Newsome Sinks Rd ((1-598)) Noble Ln ((1-299)) Northridge Cir ((2-98)) N Ridge Dr ((2-498)) Oak Pl ((1-598)) Oak Ridge Ct ((1-99)) Oak Ridge Pl ((1-99)) Oak Ridge Way ((1-99)) Oden Rd ((1-199)) Oleander Church Rd ((1-399)) Parches Cove Rd ((1-4899)) Parker Rd ((1-399)) Park Rd ((1-299)) Pea Ridge Cir ((1-2299)) Pear Ln ((1-99)) Pinecrest Dr ((1-99)) Pine Crest Dr ((1-99)) Pine Hill Cir ((1-599)) Pine Ridge Rd ((500-2999)) Pinnacle Pt ((2-298)) Pioneer Dr ((1-299)) Pleasant Valley Rd ((1-5099)) Poplar Ln ((2-198)) Pritchett Dr ((500-598)) Pritchett Mountain Rd ((1-1599)) Quarry Rd ((1-2099)) Rescue Rd ((1-3199)) Ridge Dr ((100-198)) Ridgewood Cir ((1-198)) Rockvale Rd ((1-499)) Rocky Ridge Rd ((201-499)) Royster Dr ((1-299)) Royster Rd ((1-799)) Sam Gibbs Rd ((632-1199)) Savannah Cir ((1-299)) SE Helms Rd ((1-299)) SE Lawrence Rd ((1-399)) Selby Dr ((1-199)) Shady Brook Dr ((100-198)) Silverwood Dr ((1-299)) Sinks View Private Dr ((1-99)) Skyview Rd ((1-899)) Snapwood Ln ((1-99)) State Rte 53 ((4300-16199)) Stillwell Dr ((100-1798)) Stoney Brook Dr ((1-1299)) Substation Rd ((1-299)) Sue Nora Dr ((1-398)) Sunrise Rd ((1-199)) Thurman Rd ((1-598)) Tiger Lily Ln ((1-99)) Timberlake Dr ((1-499)) Tinner Mayo Rd ((1-1299)) Trailwood Dr ((1-299)) Turning Leaf Dr ((2-198)) Union Chapel Rd ((1-3799)) Union Grove Rd ((2230-12799)) Union Hill Loop ((1-99)) Union Hill Rd ((2200-3254)) US Hwy 231 ((4100-16199)) Valley View Dr ((1-199)) Walters Rd ((1-199)) Water Tank Rd ((1-1598)) Wheeler Dr NW ((1-99)) Wildwood Ln ((1-498)) Willis Rd ((200-1199)) Willow Ln ((1-398)) Willow Tree Ln ((1-598)) Woodland Ln ((1-298)) Woodmont Dr ((1-399))

    35175 Places and Attractions

    Allens Bar (historical) Allens Crossroads Apple Grove Bean Rock Bean Rock Bluff Bean Rock Creek Bean Rock School Beard Cemetery Beech Spring Beech Spring Cemetery Beech Spring Church Benton Round Mountain Bettinger Mountain Black Bluff Black Cemetery Black Mountain Blacks Landing (historical) Black Spring Blowing Cave Spring Blowing Spring Blue Rock Bluff Blue Rock Landing (historical) Bob Mountain Boston Hollow Bowling Branch Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department Station 3 Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department Station 4 Substation Briscoe Brock Chapel Brock School (historical) Burden-Childers Farms Cagle Hollow Cane Creek Cave Spring Ridge Cedar Mountain Cherry Hollow Chunns Store (historical) Clarksville Mountain Cotaco Valley Cotton Sinks Davidson Spring Dunlap Cemetery Ferguson Farms Flat Rock School (historical) Flint River Towhead (historical) Friendship Greenbriar Cove Greenhaw Spring Gullion Mountain Haney Mountain Hills Chapel Hughes Spring Kid Creek King Hollow Lemons Spring Little Cane Creek Lynn Creek Lynn Dam Lynn Mill Pond Lynn Spring Mack Ralph Mountain McDermott Mountain Mead Hollow Merritt Bottom Midway School (historical) Mill Bluff Mill Hollow Mount Olive Mount Olive Cemetery Mount Olive Church Mount Olive Church of Christ Mount Olive School (historical) Mount Tabor Baptist Church Mount Tabor Cemetery Mount View Church Nearen Cemetery New Canaan Cemetery New Howard School (historical) Newsome Sinks Norrell Sink Old Prince Place Spring Oleander Oleander Church Parches Cove Pea Ridge Perkins Hollow Pigeon Roost Creek Pine Ridge Pine Ridge Baptist Church Pine Ridge Cemetery Pine Ridge School (historical) Pleasant Valley Church Polly Cemetery Prince Cemetery Pritchett Mountain Rescue Rescue Cemetery Rocky Ridge Shoal Creek Short Cemetery Shumate Mountain Skidmore Cemetery Skidmore Chapel Skidmore Spring Skidmore Spring Southern (historical) Spout Spring Spout Spring Spring Mountain Church Stone Quarry Hollow Tacket Branch Toten Creek Town of Union Grove Union Chapel Church Union Chapel Community Center Union Grove Union Grove Division Union Grove Junior High School Union Grove Volunteer Fire Department Venice School (historical) Wolf Creek