Fort Pierce, FL 34950 ZIP Code Map


34950 Schools


  • Positive Expectations Academy
  • Garden City Early Learning Academy
  • Dale Cassens Education Complex
  • Fort Pierce Magnet K-8 School
  • Center School Dale Cassens
  • Lucie Adolescent Parent Program, Dale Cassens
  • Lincoln Park Academy
  • Frances K. Sweet Elementary School
  • Dan Mccarty School
  • St. Lucie Elementary School
  • Lawnwood Elementary School
  • 34950 Hotels

  • Super 8 Ft. Pierce
  • Census


    ZIP Code 34950 is located in St. Lucie County

    34950 Street Addresses

    12th St ((500-599)) 16th Ct ((800-1799)) A E Backus Ave ((100-699)) Alma Ct ((100-299)) Apple St ((1000-1299)) Atlantic Ave ((100-1499)) Ave A ((1-799)) Ave B ((101-2699)) Ave C ((700-2499)) Ave D ((100-2499)) Ave F ((400-1599)) Ave G ((300-2699)) Ave H ((200-1699)) Ave I ((400-2499)) Ave J ((401-1599)) Ave K ((1000-2499)) Ave L ((1000-1899)) Ave M ((600-2499)) Ave M Extended E ((1-99)) Avenue E ((100-2499)) Avenue I Ct ((900-999)) Avenue N ((1700-2499)) Avenue S ((1602-1798)) Ave O ((503-2699)) Ave P ((1900-2499)) Ave Q ((1200-3031)) Ave T ((2100-2499)) Beach Ct ((500-1199)) Bethany Ct ((100-698)) Birch St ((1200-1599)) Boston Ave ((100-2499)) Browns Ct ((400-499)) Canal Ter ((301-2398)) Captains Walk ((1400-1499)) Cedar St ((100-799)) Chipola Rd ((1000-1199)) Citrus Ave ((300-1699)) Colonial Dr ((1000-1999)) Colonial Rd ((1000-2299)) Co Rd 68 ((400-2499)) Co Rd 707 ((100-2898)) Dayman Ave ((800-1299)) Decordre Ct ((300-499)) Delaware Ave ((100-2499)) Douglas Ct ((400-599)) Dundas Ct ((100-899)) Easter Ave ((100-2099)) Edgewood Ter ((1300-1599)) Emerald Ter ((1300-1699)) Fishermans Wharf ((200-299)) Florida Ave ((100-2499)) Fulton Dr ((1700-1999)) Georgia Ave ((300-2898)) Golfview Ct ((2000-2199)) G Ter ((1400-1699)) Hampton Pl ((500-699)) Harbor St ((1000-1199)) Havana Ave ((1300-2299)) Hayes Rd ((400-499)) Hibiscus Ave ((1100-1299)) Hills Ct ((2000-2199)) Indiana Ave ((1300-1899)) Indian River Dr ((401-899)) Jersey Ave ((1300-1899)) Kaufman Ave ((800-1299)) Kentucky Ave ((1000-1499)) Laurel Leaf Ln ((1600-1699)) Lincoln Pl ((1100-1199)) Mariners Cove ((1700-1799)) Mayflower Ln ((500-599)) Mayflower Rd ((1000-1199)) McCray Ct ((1200-1299)) Means Ct ((400-998)) Melody Ln ((100-299)) Metzger Rd ((3901-4099)) Miami Ct ((1700-1899)) Mississippi Ave ((1000-2499)) N 10th St ((100-1399)) N 10th St Exd ((1400-1499)) N 11th St ((100-1699)) N 12th St ((100-1799)) N 13th St ((100-1999)) N 14th St ((100-1799)) N 15th St ((100-1799)) N 16th Ct ((1800-1999)) N 16th St ((100-1999)) N 17th St ((100-1999)) N 18th Ct ((100-399)) N 18th St ((100-1799)) N 19th St ((100-1799)) N 20th St ((100-1399)) N 21st St ((100-2053)) N 22nd St ((100-1799)) N 23rd St ((100-1799)) N 24th St ((100-1699)) N 2nd St ((100-1699)) N 4th St ((200-1898)) N 5th St ((100-199)) N 6th St ((200-799)) N 7th St ((100-1199)) N 8th St ((100-899)) N 9th St ((100-999)) N Depot Dr ((100-199)) Nebraska Ave ((1000-2499)) N Indian River Dr ((101-199)) N Lawnwood Cir ((1300-1899)) Nobles Ter ((1200-1299)) N US Hwy 1 ((200-1898)) Ohio Ave ((400-1099)) Okeechobee Rd ((1700-3699)) Oleander Ave ((1600-2399)) Oleander Blvd ((1600-2399)) Orange Ave ((100-2499)) Ormond Ave ((1100-1299)) Palm Walk Ln ((1200-1299)) Parkland Ct ((1600-1799)) Parkway Dr ((400-899)) Park Way Dr ((800-999)) Pennsylvania Ave ((1000-1099)) Pennsylvannia Ave ((700-799)) Peppertree Trl ((1315-1399)) Pheasant Walk ((1501-1599)) Pierce St ((500-599)) Pinewood Dr ((400-499)) Poinsettia Dr ((1000-1099)) Preston Ct ((300-499)) Quincy Ave ((500-2499)) Raymond Ave ((1100-1299)) Reynolds Ct ((1400-1499)) Rhode Island Ave ((700-1099)) S 10th St ((100-2299)) S 11th St ((100-2299)) S 12th St ((600-1399)) S 13th St ((100-2399)) S 14th St ((100-499)) S 15th Ct ((600-699)) S 15th St ((100-1199)) S 16th St ((100-299)) S 17th Cir ((1700-1799)) S 17th St ((100-1099)) S 18th St ((100-1699)) S 19th Ct ((100-398)) S 19th St ((100-399)) S 20th St ((100-399)) S 21st St ((100-1799)) S 22nd St ((100-799)) S 23rd St ((100-2299)) S 24th St ((100-799)) S 2nd St ((100-799)) S 3rd St ((300-2398)) S 4th St ((100-2898)) S 5th St ((100-799)) S 6th St ((100-899)) S 7th St ((100-1199)) S 8th St ((100-1999)) S 9th St ((500-1099)) Saint Andrews Ln ((200-399)) S Depot Dr ((100-299)) Seaway Dr ((201-399)) S Indian River Dr ((100-2898)) S Lawnwood Cir ((1300-1899)) S Mayflower Rd ((1600-1999)) Soltman Ave ((800-1299)) South Ave ((1700-1799)) Southern Ave ((200-1199)) S State Hwy A1A ((201-399)) State Hwy 70 ((400-2499)) Sunrise Blvd ((800-2798)) S US Hwy 1 ((100-2898)) Tennessee Ave ((300-1099)) Terminal Dr ((100-299)) Texas Ct ((500-1299)) Tucker Ct ((1800-1999)) US Hwy 1 ((100-499)) Warrick Dr ((1100-1199)) Wendell Rd ((400-799))

    34950 Places and Attractions

    Apostolic Church of Jesus Bethel Baptist Church Bible Baptist Church Chapel by the Sea Church of Christ Church of God Church of God by Faith City of Fort Pierce City of Fort Pierce Marina Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church Dan McCarty Middle School Fairlawn Baptist Church Faith Baptist Church Faith Tabernacle First Assembly of God First Baptist Church First Bethel Baptist Church First Born Church of the Living God First Christian Church-Disciples of Christ First Church of Christ Scientist First Haitian Christian Church First Holiness Church of the Living God First United Methodist Church of Fort Pierce Flamingo Lakes Country Club Fontenelle Plaza Fort Pierce Fort Pierce Cemetery Fort Pierce Church of God Fort Pierce Division Fort Pierce Elementary School Fort Pierce Inlet Center Range Front Light Fort Pierce Police Department Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Full Gospel Church of Deliverance Garden City Church of Christ Garden City Elementary School Garden of Heavenly Rest Glidden Park Greater New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Heavenly Church of First Born Henry D King Power Plant Holy Faith Episcopal Church Indian Hills Golf and Country Club Indian River Baptist Church Johnson Temple Church of God in Christ Kingdom Hall Jehovahs Witnesses Lakewood Park United Methodist Church Lawnwood Elementary School Lawnwood Medical Center Heliport Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and Heart Institute Liberty Baptist Church Lincoln Park Middle School Marina at Fort Pierce Means Court Elementary School Midway Church Moore Creek Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church Northside Baptist Church Orange Avenue Post Office Parkview Baptist Church Pentecostal House of Prayer Pilgrim Way Congregational Church Pine Grove Cemetery Saint Andrew Lutheran Church Saint Andrews Episcopal Parish Saint Johns Missionary Baptist Church Saint John United Methodist Church Saint Lucie County Fire District Station 15 Saint Lucie County Fire District Station 1- Central Station Saint Lucie County Law Library Rupert J Smith Library Saint Lucie County Library System Fort Pierce Branch Library Saint Lucie County Library System Headquarters Saint Lucie County Schools Saint Lucie County Sheriff's Office - Civil Saint Lucie Elementary School Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church Saint Marks Catholic Church Saint Matthews Missionary Baptist Church Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Peters Lutheran Church Saint Simons Episcopal Church Seventh Day Adventist Church Tabernacle Church of Deliverance The Alliance Church The Shops of Fort Pierce Thirteenth Street Church of God Trinity Lutheran Church Triumph the Church and Kindgom of God in Christ Church Unity Church of Fort Pierce Victory Temple of Jesus Christ Vineyard of Miracle Prayer Temple WIRA