Ocala, FL 34475 ZIP Code Map


34475 Schools


  • Marion County Jail
  • Marion Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
  • Evergreen Elementary School
  • Vanguard High School
  • Madison Street Academy Of Visual And Performing Ar
  • Howard Middle School
  • 34475 Hotels

  • Comfort Suites
  • Golden Palms Inn and Suites
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    ZIP Code 34475 is located in Marion County

    34475 Street Addresses

    13th Ave ((5201-5299)) 23 Rd Ave ((1700-1798)) 24th Ave ((4801-4899)) 3rd St ((2501-2799)) 47th Pl ((1-199)) Co Hwy 25A ((2601-9811)) Co Rd 200A ((100-399)) Co Rd 25A ((2601-12721)) Co Rd 326 ((1600-4299)) Co Rte 326 ((1600-3710)) Dixie Hwy ((3900-4199)) Kinard Rd ((2216-4098)) Martin Luther King Blvd ((100-3598)) NE 110th St ((301-1398)) NE 122nd St ((801-899)) NE 49th St ((50-165)) N Magnolia Ave ((1-12198)) N US Hwy 441 ((3500-9500)) NW 100th St ((1-20099)) NW 105th St ((3200-4057)) NW 10th Ave ((100-8699)) NW 10th Pl ((600-699)) NW 10th St ((1-3699)) NW 10th Ter ((8301-8699)) NW 111th Loop ((1600-2099)) NW 114th Loop ((1400-2299)) NW 114th St ((1-1599)) NW 117th St ((1-1199)) NW 11th Ave ((1-6598)) NW 11th St ((700-1999)) NW 11th Ter ((8300-9898)) NW 12th Ave ((100-6599)) NW 12th Ct ((4301-8699)) NW 12th St ((1200-2298)) NW 13th Ave ((700-6599)) NW 13th Ct ((8301-8699)) NW 13th Pl ((1900-1999)) NW 13th St ((200-1999)) NW 13th Ter ((500-698)) NW 14th Ave ((600-8699)) NW 14th St ((1-3298)) NW 15th Ave ((601-8899)) NW 15th Pl ((1-499)) NW 15th St ((3200-3299)) NW 16th Ave ((1-3799)) NW 16th Ct ((1-3499)) NW 16th Ln ((3001-3199)) NW 16th Pl ((3000-3199)) NW 16th Rd ((3400-3499)) NW 16th St ((1600-2099)) NW 16th Ter ((1-299)) NW 17th Ave ((1-10299)) NW 17th Cir ((1700-1798)) NW 17th Court Rd ((11100-11299)) NW 17th Pl ((1-3799)) NW 17th St ((100-3199)) NW 17th Ter ((4501-4599)) NW 18th Ave ((400-3299)) NW 18th Ct ((1400-2998)) NW 18th St ((1400-2999)) NW 19 Ct ((10701-10799)) NW 19th Ave ((100-7599)) NW 19th Avenue Rd ((7101-7599)) NW 19th Ct ((400-10799)) NW 19th St ((1600-1899)) NW 1st Ave ((1-6999)) NW 1st St ((1-2699)) NW 20th Ave ((1-4198)) NW 20th Ct ((1000-1799)) NW 20th Pl ((2800-2999)) NW 20th St ((100-2699)) NW 21st Ave ((1-4299)) NW 21st Ct ((1800-6398)) NW 21st Pl ((1-99)) NW 21st St ((100-3499)) NW 22nd Ave ((700-4599)) NW 22nd Ct ((700-1399)) NW 22nd Rd ((1800-1899)) NW 22nd St ((500-1599)) NW 22nd Ter ((5600-5899)) NW 23 Ave ((1400-1498)) NW 23rd Ave ((1-6898)) NW 23rd Pl ((100-3299)) NW 24th Ave ((1-6899)) NW 24th Ct ((600-5799)) NW 24th Pl ((400-899)) NW 24th Rd ((2000-2499)) NW 24th St ((100-132)) NW 25th Ave ((600-4099)) NW 25th Pl ((111-299)) NW 25th St ((100-599)) NW 26 Ter ((4200-4399)) NW 26th Ave ((1800-6599)) NW 26th Pl ((1700-1899)) NW 26th St ((100-899)) NW 27th Ave ((1-8898)) NW 27th Avenue Rd ((6101-6798)) NW 27th St ((1800-1899)) NW 28th Ave ((1800-2099)) NW 28th Ct ((1800-2099)) NW 28th Pl ((1600-1899)) NW 28th St ((1-3299)) NW 29th Ave ((1800-2099)) NW 29th Ct ((1800-8899)) NW 2nd Ave ((300-6598)) NW 2nd St ((1-2699)) NW 30th Ave ((1-9999)) NW 31st Ave ((1901-6199)) NW 31st St ((200-2098)) NW 32nd Ave ((1600-5598)) NW 33rd Ave ((1000-11999)) NW 33rd Ct ((1-1399)) NW 34th Ave ((1-2099)) NW 35th Ave ((1700-2099)) NW 35th Avenue Rd ((6300-7199)) NW 35th St ((1-2698)) NW 37th Ave ((700-999)) NW 37th St ((1600-1799)) NW 38th Ave ((3900-6999)) NW 38th Avenue Rd ((7928-8399)) NW 38th Pl ((1800-1999)) NW 39th Rd ((1801-1899)) NW 39th St ((1400-2099)) NW 3rd Ave ((1-2799)) NW 3rd St ((100-2699)) NW 3rd Ter ((2800-3099)) NW 40th St ((1800-4098)) NW 42nd Ln ((801-1299)) NW 42nd Pl ((800-1899)) NW 42nd St ((1-4098)) NW 43rd Ln ((900-2699)) NW 43rd St ((1900-22099)) NW 44th Pl ((1901-2699)) NW 44th St ((900-1999)) NW 45th Ln ((400-998)) NW 45th Pl ((2400-2599)) NW 46th Ln ((1800-2199)) NW 46th Pl ((1300-1399)) NW 46th St ((1800-2399)) NW 47th Pl ((1-299)) NW 47th St ((1300-1798)) NW 48th St ((1400-1599)) NW 49th St ((700-3198)) NW 49th St Rd ((400-798)) NW 4th Ave ((300-6899)) NW 4th Cir ((200-4498)) NW 4th Pl ((600-1999)) NW 4th St ((500-2699)) NW 4th Ter ((200-299)) NW 51st St ((2101-2299)) NW 52nd St ((2101-2399)) NW 53rd Pl ((2700-2798)) NW 53rd St ((2901-3098)) NW 56th St ((1-3798)) NW 57th Pl ((2200-2499)) NW 57th St ((1600-2099)) NW 58th Ln ((1600-2599)) NW 58th Pl ((2300-2599)) NW 59th St ((1-699)) NW 5th Ave ((500-6899)) NW 5th Ct ((4501-4599)) NW 5th St ((1-1999)) NW 60th St ((3000-3798)) NW 61st St ((1-399)) NW 62nd St ((1-3299)) NW 63rd Pl ((100-2499)) NW 63rd St ((2-4399)) NW 64th Pl ((200-1098)) NW 64th St ((900-2698)) NW 65th Pl ((2100-2498)) NW 65th St ((200-2399)) NW 66th Pl ((100-899)) NW 66th St ((701-2499)) NW 67th Pl ((600-1399)) NW 67th St ((200-2599)) NW 68th Pl ((600-1399)) NW 68th St ((2400-2598)) NW 69th St ((600-1398)) NW 6th Ave ((500-6899)) NW 6th Cir ((4400-4599)) NW 6th Ct ((4401-9998)) NW 6th Pl ((1900-2099)) NW 6th St ((201-2699)) NW 6th Ter ((1-999)) NW 70th St ((1600-3799)) NW 74th Pl ((1200-1599)) NW 77th St ((1600-4299)) NW 7th Ave ((1-4499)) NW 7th Pl ((700-799)) NW 7th St ((400-2699)) NW 83 Pl ((1501-1599)) NW 83rd Pl ((1301-1499)) NW 85th Loop ((1801-1899)) NW 85th St ((1201-1498)) NW 86th Ln ((1001-1499)) NW 86th Pl ((1800-1898)) NW 8th Ave ((400-2799)) NW 8th Pl ((200-2999)) NW 8th St ((1-2299)) NW 90th St ((1600-2999)) NW 95th St ((146-2999)) NW 9th Ave ((1-8698)) NW 9th St ((100-2399)) NW Blitchton Rd ((3001-3799)) NW Gainesville Rd ((2601-12721)) NW Martin Luther King Jr Ave ((100-3598)) NW Old Blitchton Rd ((1601-3199)) NW Pine Ave ((1-3499)) NW Wire Rd ((3500-6298)) Old Blichton Rd ((3100-3799)) Old Pine St ((400-698)) State Hwy 200 ((1900-12598)) State Hwy 25 ((1900-12598)) State Hwy 40 ((400-3799)) State Hwy 464 ((800-2899)) State Hwy 500 ((500-2899)) SW 11th Ave ((201-299)) SW 16th Ter ((1-99)) SW 19th Ave ((1-199)) SW 1st St ((1700-2499)) SW 20th Ave ((1-99)) SW 24th Ave ((1-111)) SW 26th Ave ((1-99)) SW 27th St ((1-99)) SW 6th Ter ((1-99)) SW 7th Ave ((1-99)) SW 9th Ave ((1-99)) SW Broadway St ((400-1675)) SW Martin Luther King Jr Ave ((1-99)) US Hwy 27 ((800-3798)) US Hwy 301 ((1-12598)) US Hwy 441 ((1-12598)) W Anthony Rd ((3500-5999)) W Broadway St ((2900-2920)) W Co Hwy 326 ((3613-4299)) W Hwy 326 ((1600-4299)) W Silver Springs Blvd ((1-3799)) W Silver Springs Pl ((501-1099))

    34475 Places and Attractions

    Agnew Cemetery Ascension Lutheran Church Christ Anglican Church Christian Pentecostal Church Christian Walk Faith Center Church of God Church of God in Christ Gospel Temple Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Clifton Mine Country Oaks Mobile Home Park Covenant Church Crumpton Golf Club East Radio Tower WCFI Edgewood Mobile Home Park Eighth Street Church of God Evergreen Cemetery Faith Christian Center First Church of Christ Scientist (historical) First Church of the Nazarene (historical) Florida District United Pentecostal Church Florida State Fire Fighting College (historical) Forest Assembly of God Church (historical) Gerig and Webb Sports Complex Golden-Collum Memorial Federal Building and United States Courthouse Gospel Temple Church of God in Christ Grace Episcopal Church Greater Hopewell Baptist Church Green Pastures Worship Center Higher Ground Harvest Center House of God Church Howard Academy Community Center Howard Middle School Howard School (historical) Kendrick Kendrick Baptist Church Kendrick United Methodist Church Lamb Park Life Changing Ministries Lillian F Bryant Park Lincoln Memorial Gardens of Ocala Living Waters Worship Center Madison School Marion Correctional Institution Marion Correctional Institution Heliport Marion County Criminal Justice Complex Marion County Judiciary Center Marion County Sheriff Fleet Maintenance Marion County Sheriff Office - North Multi District Marion County Sheriff Office - Operation Center Marion County Sheriff's Office - Civil Division Marion County Sheriff's Office - Fugitive Marion County Sheriff's Office Radio Tower Martin Martin Mine Mount Sinai House of Prayer Mount Tabor AME Church Mount Tabor Cemetery New Bethel Church New Saint John Baptist Church New Saint Marys Baptist Church New Zion Missionary Baptist Church Northside Baptist Church Oakwood Mobile Manor Mobile Home Park Ocala Ocala Baptist Temple Ocala Church of God Ocala Highlands Estates Ocala Sewage Disposal Plant Our Daily Bread Gospel Tabernacle House of Praise Pennbrooke Fairways Penny Park Estates Mobile Home Park Pentecostal Full Gospel Church Pentecostal Holiness Church Pine Manor East Mobile Home Park Pine Oaks of Ocala Municipal Golf Course Pure Vision Church of God in Christ (historical) Regal Park Saint Paul Christian Academy Saint Pauls African Methodist Episcopal Church Santa Theresas Roman Catholic Church Second Bethlehem Baptist Association Shady Grove Mobile Home Park Temple Cemetery Temple of Church of God by Faith Temple of Faith Temple of Grace Missionary Baptist Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Rightway Christian Church of God Toms Park Tucker Hill Cemetery United Holiness Church of Christ Deliverance Center United Methodist Church Zion Wandering Oaks Mobile Home Park War Memorial Recreation Center WCFI Radio Tower WOCA-AM (Ocala) WTMC-AM (Ocala) Youngs Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Zion United Methodist Church Zuber