Ocala, FL 34470 ZIP Code Map


34470 Schools


  • Pace Center For Girls, Inc.
  • Wyomina Park Elementary School
  • Oakcrest Elementary School
  • Fort King Middle School
  • 34470 Hotels

  • Valueplace Ocala Silver Spring
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    ZIP Code 34470 is located in Marion County

    34470 Street Addresses

    5th St ((6501-6699)) Almond Drive Trl ((4-98)) Baseline Rd ((11-2899)) Cherry Rd ((6692-6714)) Co Hwy 200A ((300-3098)) Co Rd 200A ((1-3098)) Co Rd 314 ((5960-8398)) Co Rd 35 ((1435-2899)) E Fort King St ((2500-6998)) E Silver Springs Blvd ((1-5598)) Gleneagles Ln ((1201-1399)) Granada Way ((3100-3198)) Monte Vis ((3100-3198)) NE 10th Ave ((1-2399)) NE 10th Ct ((2200-2399)) NE 10th Pl ((2100-4698)) NE 10th St ((1-4899)) NE 11th Ave ((1-2499)) NE 11th Cir ((1200-1399)) NE 11th Ct ((2100-2599)) NE 11th Pl ((100-2199)) NE 11th St ((200-4999)) NE 12th Ave ((1-2099)) NE 12th Cir ((1300-1399)) NE 12th Ct ((1300-2799)) NE 12th Dr ((1100-1299)) NE 12th Pl ((1200-2198)) NE 12th St ((1-4999)) NE 12th Ter ((1-2599)) NE 13th Ave ((1-4099)) NE 13th Cir ((1300-1399)) NE 13th Pl ((200-2199)) NE 13th St ((1-4999)) NE 14th Ave ((1-3453)) NE 14th Pl ((4600-4899)) NE 14th St ((1-3999)) NE 15th Ave ((200-2799)) NE 15th Ct ((300-499)) NE 15th Pl ((1400-1599)) NE 15th St ((1200-4699)) NE 15th Ter ((200-1699)) NE 16th Ave ((2-3652)) NE 16th Ct ((2000-2399)) NE 16th Pl ((1700-4699)) NE 16th St ((1-5099)) NE 17th Ave ((300-5498)) NE 17th Ct ((700-1699)) NE 17th Pl ((1-4699)) NE 17th Rd ((1000-1499)) NE 17th St ((1400-3899)) NE 17th Street Cir ((3800-3899)) NE 17th Ter ((700-2998)) NE 18th Ave ((300-2999)) NE 18th Ct ((2200-2999)) NE 18th Pl ((2300-4899)) NE 18th St ((600-4099)) NE 18th Ter ((2300-2899)) NE 19th Ave ((200-2899)) NE 19th Ct ((2400-2599)) NE 19th Pl ((3600-4999)) NE 19th St ((600-1399)) NE 19th Street Cir ((3800-3899)) NE 1st Ave ((1-2799)) NE 1st Ln ((100-6699)) NE 1st Pl ((6300-6999)) NE 1st St ((1-6899)) NE 20th Ave ((1000-2599)) NE 20th Pl ((3600-3699)) NE 20th St ((1-5299)) NE 21st Ave ((300-999)) NE 21st Ct ((1000-1399)) NE 21st Ln ((3700-3999)) NE 21st St ((600-4599)) NE 21st Ter ((300-2699)) NE 22nd Ave ((1-2799)) NE 22nd Ct ((2600-2799)) NE 22nd Ln ((3701-3999)) NE 22nd Pl ((1000-1099)) NE 22nd St ((1100-3999)) NE 23rd Ave ((600-2799)) NE 23rd Cir ((300-598)) NE 23rd Pl ((1100-4099)) NE 23rd St ((1100-2999)) NE 23rd Ter ((1700-1899)) NE 24th Ave ((1000-2808)) NE 24th Ct ((2800-3099)) NE 24th Pl ((1400-4999)) NE 24th St ((600-6699)) NE 25th Ave ((1-2802)) NE 25th Ct ((2800-3099)) NE 25th Pl ((1400-4999)) NE 25th St ((1-4699)) NE 26th Ave ((300-699)) NE 26th Ct ((300-2698)) NE 26th Ln ((1400-1499)) NE 26th Pl ((4900-4999)) NE 26th St ((600-4999)) NE 26th Ter ((700-2698)) NE 27th Ave ((300-699)) NE 27th St ((600-4698)) NE 28th Ave ((1-3499)) NE 28th Ln ((1400-1499)) NE 28th Pl ((1700-1799)) NE 28th St ((1-4799)) NE 29th Ave ((2300-2399)) NE 29th Ter ((2300-2698)) NE 2nd Ave ((1400-2799)) NE 2nd Ln ((5201-5599)) NE 2nd Loop ((4800-6899)) NE 2nd Pl ((1200-6699)) NE 2nd St ((1-6699)) NE 30th Ave ((101-2698)) NE 31st Ave ((1-1099)) NE 31st Ter ((1-1099)) NE 31 Ter ((2501-2699)) NE 32nd Ave ((1-1799)) NE 32nd Ter ((1000-1699)) NE 33rd Ave ((1200-1399)) NE 34th Ave ((1000-1399)) NE 35th St ((5260-5499)) NE 36th Avenue Rd ((1-5798)) NE 36th Ct ((1600-1998)) NE 36th Pl ((3700-4398)) NE 36th Ter ((701-899)) NE 37th Ave ((1-1699)) NE 37th Ct ((200-2499)) NE 37th Ter ((100-299)) NE 38th Ave ((1500-2199)) NE 38th Ter ((1600-2299)) NE 39th Ave ((101-2399)) NE 39th Ct ((400-1999)) NE 39th Rd ((1200-1299)) NE 3rd Ave ((1-2799)) NE 3rd Pl ((5500-6999)) NE 3rd St ((1-7299)) NE 40th Ave ((300-2399)) NE 40th Cir ((1800-4099)) NE 40th Ct ((1800-1999)) NE 40th St ((1874-1898)) NE 40th Ter ((400-2299)) NE 41st Ave ((1-1099)) NE 42nd Ave ((1100-2099)) NE 42nd Ct ((800-999)) NE 42nd Rd ((2400-2799)) NE 42nd St ((701-737)) NE 42nd Ter ((700-1099)) NE 43rd Ave ((1-599)) NE 43rd Ct ((300-699)) NE 43rd Ln ((2400-2499)) NE 43rd Rd ((2400-2899)) NE 44th Ave ((1-1099)) NE 44th Ter ((200-599)) NE 45th Ave ((900-2399)) NE 45th Ct ((300-699)) NE 45th Ter ((1-599)) NE 46th Ave ((700-2799)) NE 46th Ct ((700-1299)) NE 46th Rd ((1401-1799)) NE 46th St ((2000-2198)) NE 46th Ter ((700-1099)) NE 47 Ct ((2-4498)) NE 47th Ave ((1401-1699)) Ne47th Ct ((2-199)) NE 47th Ct ((1-1999)) NE 48th Ave ((1-699)) NE 48th Avenue Rd ((700-1399)) NE 48th Ct ((2400-3272)) NE 49th Ave ((1-2826)) NE 49th Ct ((2601-2699)) NE 4th Ave ((2400-2799)) NE 4th Ln ((6700-6999)) NE 4th Pl ((4000-6699)) NE 4th St ((700-5799)) NE 50th Ave ((1-1999)) NE 50th Ct ((1-399)) NE 50th Rd ((1-399)) NE 51st Ave ((1-1099)) NE 51st Avenue Rd ((300-599)) NE 52nd Ave ((1-3498)) NE 52nd Ct ((1-13398)) NE 53rd Ct ((100-699)) NE 54th Ct ((300-499)) NE 55th Ave ((1-199)) NE 55th Ct ((300-11199)) NE 56th Ct ((300-699)) NE 56th Ter ((1-99)) NE 58th Ave ((1-2899)) NE 58 Th Ter ((1-399)) NE 5th Ln ((5100-6699)) NE 5th Pl ((1800-6999)) NE 5th St ((1-6999)) NE 5th Street Rd ((4800-5099)) NE 61st Ter ((2-699)) NE 62nd Ter ((300-699)) NE 63rd Ct ((1-6398)) NE 63rd St ((2501-2858)) NE 64th Ave ((300-699)) NE 64th Ter ((1-299)) NE 65th Ave ((500-699)) NE 65th Ct ((300-598)) NE 66th Ct ((1-199)) NE 66th Ter ((300-699)) NE 68th Ct ((1-699)) NE 69th Ct ((1-99)) NE 6th Ave ((2-2899)) NE 6th Pl ((500-6999)) NE 6th St ((800-5699)) NE 70th Ave ((500-598)) NE 70th Ter ((1-699)) NE 71st Ave ((1-699)) NE 71st Ct ((1-299)) NE 71st Ter ((300-699)) NE 72nd Ter ((100-399)) NE 7th Ave ((100-2299)) NE 7th Ln ((3000-3399)) NE 7th Pl ((1900-5199)) NE 7th St ((900-7398)) NE 7th Ter ((300-599)) NE 8th Ave ((1-2799)) NE 8th Ln ((2500-2699)) NE 8th Pl ((2300-4699)) NE 8th Rd ((1600-3098)) NE 8th St ((1-5199)) NE 8th Ter ((2800-2899)) NE 92nd St ((1285-1399)) NE 9th Ave ((300-4599)) NE 9th Ln ((5100-5299)) NE 9th St ((1-5199)) NE Fort King Pl ((7000-7298)) NE Jacksonville Rd ((300-3098)) NE Osceola Ave ((1-1399)) NE Sanchez Ave ((1-299)) NE Tuscawilla St ((1-299)) NE Watula Ave ((1-899)) NW 13th St ((1-99)) NW 14th Rd ((100-399)) NW 14th St ((400-499)) NW 17th Pl ((200-699)) NW 1st Ave ((800-1199)) NW 20th St ((400-499)) NW 21st Pl ((2-98)) NW 21st St ((600-699)) NW 28th St ((700-749)) NW 2nd Ave ((1-599)) NW 3rd St ((1-99)) NW 4th Ave ((300-1499)) NW 4th St ((200-399)) NW 5th St ((100-399)) NW 64th St ((900-1099)) NW 6th Pl ((1-99)) NW 7th St ((1-99)) NW 9th St ((1-99)) NW Mag Ter ((1300-1399)) NW Pine Ave ((1150-1698)) Old Anthony Rd ((3000-3499)) Old Pine St ((400-599)) Pecan Pass ((79-84)) Pecan Rd ((5801-5844)) Pecan Run Dr ((47-99)) Pecan Run Ln ((8-99)) San Anna ((3100-3198)) Sanchez Ave ((300-1199)) San Pedro ((3100-3198)) SE 19th Ave ((1950-3399)) SE 1st St ((6200-6741)) SE 61st Ct ((455-599)) SE Hwy 314 ((8300-8398)) S Pine Ave ((4500-4660)) State Hwy 200 ((1150-1698)) State Hwy 200A ((1600-1919)) State Hwy 25 ((1150-1698)) State Hwy 35 ((1-1433)) State Hwy 40 ((1-2499)) S US Hwy 441 ((4500-5198)) Teak Rd ((89-98)) Teak Way Dr ((11-99)) US Hwy 27 ((4500-5198)) US Hwy 301 ((1150-1698)) US Hwy 441 ((1150-5198)) W Anthony Rd ((4775-4899))

    34470 Places and Attractions

    Abiding Hope E V Lutheran Church Appleton Museum of Art Arbors of Ocala Mobile Home Park Blue Skies Estates Mobile Home Park Cala Springs Mobile Home Park Central Christian Church Central Church of Christ Chazal Park Chelsea Square Christ Community Church of Ocala Church of Christ Central Church of Family Ministries Church of God of Prophecy Community of Christ Country Aire Mobile Home Park Ebenezer Independent Free Methodist Church First Assembly Christian School First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church of Silver Spring Shores First Church of the Nazarene First Free Will Baptist Church First Pentecostal Church Forest Hills Memorial Park Fort King Baptist Church Fort King Baptist Church Fort King Burial Grounds Fort King Middle School Fort King Presbyterian Church Forty East Shopping Center Free Will Baptist Church Grace Episcopal School Greenwood Cemetery Section Harvest Fellowship Bible Church Heritage Baptist Church Highland Christian School Highland Memorial Park Highland Memorial Park - Woodlawn Cemetery Highlands Baptist Church Hillcrest Cemetery Section Islamic Center of Ocala Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Life Tabernacle Living Hope Community Church Magnolia Park Shopping Center Marion County Public Library - Main Branch Marion County Sheriff's Office-Silver Springs District Montessori PreSchool Montessori School New Hope Community Church New Testament Baptist Church New Testament Baptist Church Northside Missionary Baptist Church Northside Park Oakbrook Plaza Oakcrest Elementary School Oak Griner Christian School Oakmont School Ocala Amtrak Station Ocala Bible Chapel Ocala Bible College Ocala Fire and Rescue Headquarters Ocala Fire and Rescue Station 5 Ocala Grace Brethren Church Ocala Junior Academy Ocala-Marion County Veterans Memorial Park Ocala Municipal Trailer Park Ocala Police Department Ocala Seventh Day Adventist Church Ocala Shopping Center Ocala Union Station Ocala West Shopping Center Our Lady of the Springs Catholic Church Pelican Sound Golf and River Club Pine Island Ridge Country Club Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Saint Basil the Great Eastern Orthodox Church Saint Jude Catholic Church Saint Mark's United Methodist Church Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church Saint Patricks Episcopal Church Sanctuary of Ocala Siloan Baptist Church Silver Springs Camp Six Gun Plaza Skylark Plaza Spanish Palm Estates Mobile Home Park Sunnyside Christian Center Temple Baptist Church Temple Beth Shalom The Appleton Museum of Art Time for Freedom Ministries and Freedom Church Tuscawilla Park United Pentecostal Church Unity of Ocala Church Wagon Wheel Mobile Home Park Woodlawn Cemetery Woodside Baptist Church Wyomina Park Baptist Church Wyomina Park Elementary School