Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 33701 is located in Pinellas County

33701 Street Addresses

10th Ave N ((100-4799)) 10th Ave NE ((100-699)) 10th Ave S ((400-899)) 11th Ave N ((100-899)) 11th Ave NE ((100-699)) 11th Ave S ((300-899)) 12th Ave N ((100-899)) 12th Ave NE ((100-699)) 12th Ave S ((500-899)) 13th Ave N ((100-999)) 13th Ave NE ((100-799)) 13th Ave S ((200-899)) 13th Ave SE ((100-499)) 14th Ave N ((100-899)) 14th Ave NE ((100-799)) 14th Ave S ((100-899)) 14th Ave SE ((100-299)) 15th Ave S ((100-899)) 15th Ave SE ((100-499)) 16th Ave S ((100-899)) 16th Ave SE ((100-299)) 17th Ave S ((100-999)) 17th Ave SE ((100-399)) 1st Ave N ((100-899)) 1st Ave NE ((100-299)) 1st Ave S ((100-1599)) 1st Ave SE ((1-599)) 1st St N ((1-1399)) 1st St NE ((1-1399)) 1st St S ((101-1799)) 1st St SE ((1-1799)) 23 St S ((1000-1100)) 2nd Ave N ((100-1099)) 2nd Ave NE ((100-899)) 2nd Ave S ((100-999)) 2nd Ave SE ((100-399)) 2nd St N ((1-1299)) 2nd St S ((1-1799)) 3rd Ave N ((100-899)) 3rd Ave NE ((100-199)) 3rd Ave S ((100-1299)) 3rd St N ((1-1399)) 3rd St S ((1-1799)) 4th Ave N ((100-899)) 4th Ave NE ((100-299)) 4th Ave S ((100-999)) 4th St N ((2-1399)) 4th St S ((1-1848)) 5th Ave N ((100-899)) 5th Ave NE ((100-599)) 5th Ave S ((100-1599)) 5th Ave SE ((100-599)) 5th St N ((1-2199)) 5th St S ((1-1799)) 5th Ter S ((100-899)) 6th Ave N ((100-699)) 6th Ave NE ((100-599)) 6th Ave S ((100-999)) 6th St N ((1-1099)) 6th St S ((1-1799)) 7th Ave N ((100-899)) 7th Ave NE ((100-599)) 7th Ave S ((100-899)) 7th St N ((1-2199)) 7th St S ((1-1799)) 8th Ave N ((100-699)) 8th Ave NE ((100-499)) 8th Ave S ((300-899)) 8th Ave SE ((100-699)) 8th St N ((1-1399)) 8th Street Ct S ((1100-1299)) 8th St S ((1-1799)) 9th Ave N ((100-898)) 9th Ave NE ((100-599)) 9th Ave S ((400-899)) 9th St N ((1-1399)) 9th St S ((1-1799)) Arlington Ave N ((600-999)) Asbury St S ((700-899)) Astor Pl S ((400-499)) Bay Shore Dr NE ((1-799)) Bay Shore Dr SE ((1-499)) Bay St NE ((400-1399)) Bay St SE ((1300-1899)) Beach Dr NE ((1-1399)) Beach Dr SE ((1-1799)) Burlington Ave N ((700-899)) Calla Ter N ((700-899)) Central Ave ((1-798)) Charles Ct S ((1-799)) Cherry St NE ((1000-1399)) Chester Ct S ((600-699)) Crescent Lake Dr N ((900-2199)) Dartmoor St N ((500-1099)) Delmar Ter S ((100-899)) Dr Martin Luther King Jr St N ((1301-1311)) Earl Ave N ((600-699)) Endicott Ct S ((400-499)) Fareham Pl N ((100-199)) Freeman St S ((1201-1799)) Granville Ct N ((900-1099)) Granville Ct S ((1700-1799)) Granville St N ((900-1099)) Grey Eagle Ct S ((300-399)) Grove St N ((300-899)) Grove St S ((1700-1799)) Hall Ct S ((500-699)) Highland Ct N ((1100-1399)) Highland Ct S ((500-599)) Highland St N ((500-1399)) Highland St S ((1100-1799)) James Ct S ((500-699)) Jannus Landing Ter N ((1-299)) Jannus Landing Ter NW ((1-299)) Jasmine Ter S ((600-899)) Joyce Ter N ((400-499)) Kirkwood Ter N ((500-799)) Lang Ct N ((300-399)) Locust St NE ((900-1399)) Marion Ct S ((800-899)) Mirror Lake Dr N ((100-799)) Moffett Ct N ((300-399)) Mound Park Ave S ((100-599)) Mound Park Way S ((600-699)) Newton Ave S ((400-899)) N Panama St S ((200-298)) N Shore Dr NE ((600-1399)) Oak St NE ((700-1399)) Parkside Pl S ((400-499)) Preston Ave S ((400-899)) Progress Plz ((1-99)) Prospect Ct S ((700-999)) Queensboro Ave S ((800-899)) Roser Park Dr S ((401-899)) Rowland Ct NE ((300-399)) S Panama St S ((100-198)) State Hwy 687 ((2-1399)) Sunshine Ln N ((200-299)) Sunshine Ln NE ((1-199)) Tuxedo Ct S ((300-399)) US Hwy 92 ((2-1399)) Water St SE ((1400-1499))

33701 Places and Attractions

Albert Whitted Airport Albert Whitted Park Al Lang Stadium All Childrens Hospital All Childrens Hospital Foundation Barwood Park Bayboro Hall Bayboro Harbor Bayboro Station Shopping Center Bayboro Tower Bayfront Center for Sports Medicine Bayfront Family Health Center Bayfront Medical Center Bayfront Medical Center Incorporated Heliport Bayfront Medical Plaza Same Day Surgery Baywood Park-Indian Midden Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Booker Creek Born Again Believers Fellowship Center for Ocean Technology Center for Womens Health Central Yacht Basin Christ United Methodist Church City of Saint Petersburg Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater Coquina Hall Crescent Lake Davis Hall Demens Landing Park Edgewater Waterfront Park Elva Rouse Park Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida Fifth Avenue Baptist Church First Presbyterian Day School First United Methodist Church Florida Center for Teachers Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum Greenwood Cemetery Haney Landing Sailing Center Historic Round Lake Park Huggins Stengel Baseball Complex Humana Hospital Sun Bay International Park Jannus Live John C Williams Memorial Knight Oceanographic Research Center Mahaffey Theater Marine Science Warehouse Millennium Youth Park Uptown Playlot Mirror Lake Mirror Lake Branch Library Mirror Lake Branch Library Saint Petersburg Public Library Mirror Lake/Tomlinson Adult Education Center Mound Park Hospital Museum of Fine Arts Nelson Poytner Memorial Library North Shore Park North Ward School North Yacht Basin One Building University of South Florida Open Air Post Office Palm Lake Christian Church Park Uptown Playlot Mirror Lake Park Pinellas County Government Facilities Pioneer Park Port of Saint Petersburg Poynter Institute Poynter Park Ronald McDonald House Roser Park Roser Park School Round Lake Saint Mary's Catholic Church Saint Peter Catholic Church Saint Petersburg City Hall Saint Petersburg College - Downtown Campus Saint Petersburg Fire and Rescue Headquarters Saint Petersburg Fire and Rescue Station 1 Master Station Saint Petersburg Fire and Rescue Station 5 Master Station Saint Petersburg Museum of History Saint Petersburg Post Office Saint Petersburg Presbyterian Church Saint Peters Episcopal Cathedral Saint Thereses Catholic Church-Byzantine Rite Salvador Dali Museum Shorecrest School Snell House South Yacht Basin Spa Beach Park Straub Park - North Downtown Waterfront Park Straub Park - South Soreno Terrace East The Palladium Theater Tomlinson Adult Learning Center Trinity Lutheran Church University of South Florida Campus Activity Center University of South Florida Central Utility Facility University of South Florida Family Village University of South Florida Geography Laboratory University of South Florida Marine Science Laboratory University of South Florida Piano Man Building University of South Florida Plant Operations and Receiving Building University of South Florida Public Safety Department University of South Florida - Saint Petersburg Campus University of South Florida - Saint Petersburg Campus Police Station University of South Florida Special Services Building University of South Florida Welcome Center Vinoy Park WFTI-FM (Saint Petersburg) Whitted Airport Runway Extension Obstruction Light Williams House Williams Park Wilmers Park