Tampa, FL 33610 ZIP Code Map


33610 Schools


  • Teen Parent North
  • Ferrell Middle Magnet School
  • Middleton Adult/Community Center
  • Tampa Bay Tech Evening School
  • Learey Technical Center
  • Gary Adult Center
  • Adult Central
  • Erwin Technical Center
  • Florida Autism Charter School Of Excellence
  • Pepin Middle School
  • Pepin Elementary School
  • Pepin Transitional School
  • Aparicio-Levy Technical Center
  • Sheehy Elementary School
  • Lockhart Elementary Magnet School
  • Middleton High School
  • Pepin Academy Of Tampa
  • Lomax Magnet Elementary School
  • James Elementary School
  • Carver Exceptional Center
  • Mendez Exceptional Center
  • Tampa Bay Tech High School
  • Early Childhood & Host Programs
  • Young Middle Magnet School
  • Williams Middle Magnet School
  • Robles Elementary School
  • Potter Elementary School
  • Ferrell Middle Magnet School
  • King High School
  • Sligh Middle School
  • Foster Elementary School
  • Edison Elementary School
  • 33610 Hotels

  • Comfort Suites At Fairgrounds-Casino
  • East Lake Inn
  • Hilton Garden Inn Tampa East Brandon
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Tampa-Fairgrounds-Casino
  • Knights Inn Tampa
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites Tampa East-Fairgrounds
  • Red Roof Inn Tampa Fairgrounds
  • Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
  • Sheraton Tampa East Hotel
  • Census



    ZIP Code 33610 is located in Hillsborough County

    33610 Street Addresses

    29th St ((7000-7099)) 31st Ave ((3400-3499)) 32nd Village Ave ((2600-2698)) 33rd Ave ((1500-2098)) 35th Street Cir ((4800-4899)) 41st St ((4501-4599)) 56th Commerce Park Blvd ((5300-5699)) Alameda Ct ((6400-6499)) Allen Way ((4800-4899)) Almora Dr ((9700-9799)) Angela Ct ((2900-2999)) Anna Dr ((5201-10598)) Annarbor Dr ((4400-4499)) Ansley Cir ((5200-5299)) Arapahoe Ct ((4800-4899)) Ashland Dr ((4600-4899)) Ashley Oaks Ct ((9300-9399)) Ashmore Dr ((4500-4799)) Ashmore Pl ((4600-4699)) Atwater Dr ((4400-4499)) Atwood Dr ((4400-4499)) Autoway Dr ((3400-3999)) Badger Dr ((6400-6499)) Ballymoney Rd ((7800-8299)) Baptist Church Rd ((5401-5599)) Barbara Rd ((4800-5099)) Baywater Dr ((5200-5549)) Bellewstown Dr ((5900-5998)) Belmont Oaks Ln ((2600-2699)) Bemont Oaks Ln ((2600-2699)) Berkley Dr ((4000-4399)) Besito Ct ((2800-2899)) Birch Ln ((100-299)) Bismarck Palm Dr ((4001-4299)) Bismark Palm Dr ((4000-4299)) Blackjack Rd ((10900-11098)) Blue Palm Way ((9800-9899)) Bonacker Dr ((5400-6099)) Booker T Dr ((4400-4699)) Boran Dr ((5400-5599)) Breckenridge Park Dr ((5600-5799)) Breckenridge Pkwy ((5600-5999)) Brook Acres Cir ((5000-5099)) Bryan Rd ((4200-10898)) Canopy Tree Dr ((6201-6499)) Carl St ((9900-10099)) Carmack Rd ((5400-6098)) Carnegie Ct ((4100-4199)) Carolyn Ct ((4500-4599)) Charter Oak Ct ((4100-4199)) Cherry Ln ((1-299)) Chestwood Ct ((4200-4299)) Choctaw Ct ((4700-6599)) Cinder Bend Dr ((4000-4099)) Citibank Center ((3800-3899)) Claymore Dr ((4500-4998)) Clay Pit Rd ((10900-11099)) Clewis Ave ((4000-5399)) Cliftview Ct ((4501-4599)) Comfort Dr ((5400-5499)) Cone Rd ((4800-5699)) Connacht Way ((11000-11099)) Courson Dr ((4000-4099)) Courtland St ((2300-4699)) Cragmont Dr ((4000-4399)) Cromwell Dr ((4000-4399)) Dana Michelle Pl ((7800-7899)) Darin Ct ((1-99)) Deerwood Cir ((8000-8070)) Deleuil Ave ((3000-7799)) Diana Ct ((6400-7199)) Diana St ((4300-5599)) Double D Cir ((4800-4860)) Douglas Oaks Cir ((10100-10299)) Downing Cir ((7700-8099)) Downpatrick Ct ((8000-8299)) Down Royal Rd ((7900-8299)) Draper Pl ((7100-7199)) Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((4724-13998)) Dunquin Pl ((4700-4899)) E 28th Ave ((3350-3398)) E 31st Ave ((1500-2999)) E 31st St ((2200-2599)) E 32nd Ave ((1500-4199)) E 33rd Ave ((2600-3699)) E 38th Ave ((2400-3799)) Eastern Ave ((4400-4699)) E Belmont Estate ((2201-2599)) E Broad St ((1900-2099)) E Caracas St ((1500-3999)) E Cayuga St ((1500-7299)) E Chelsea St ((1500-8099)) E Clifton St ((1900-4999)) E Clinton St ((1900-2099)) E Comanche Ave ((1500-7799)) E Conover St ((3900-3999)) E Crawford Cir ((1500-1799)) E Crawford St ((2100-2999)) E Crenshaw St ((1900-2099)) E Curtis St ((1500-4899)) Eden Ct ((9300-9399)) Eden Dr ((9300-9398)) E Diana St ((1500-4999)) E Dr Luther King Jr Blvd ((1030-11709)) E Ellicott St ((1400-10199)) E Elm St ((3000-7899)) E Emma St ((1500-7299)) E Fern St ((1700-4799)) E Flora St ((1800-3099)) E Ford St ((1500-1599)) E Frierson Ave ((1500-4599)) E Gate Plz ((2200-2399)) E Genesee St ((1500-3999)) E Giddens Ave ((1500-5599)) E Grove St ((3600-4299)) E Grove St Cir ((3400-3499)) E Hamilton Ave ((1800-2199)) E Hanna Ave ((1500-7098)) E Henry Ave ((1500-5599)) E Hillsborough Ave ((1501-111599)) E Hillside Dr ((1800-1898)) E Ida St ((1500-6899)) E Idlewild Ave ((1500-4999)) E Jean St ((1500-9099)) E Knollwood St ((1500-4199)) E Lake Ave ((1500-4899)) E Lambright St ((1400-3899)) Elderberry Ln ((100-199)) Ellen Ave ((10100-10299)) Elm Ct ((6700-6799)) Elm Fair Blvd ((8600-8699)) Elm Ln ((100-399)) E Louisiana Ave ((1500-4299)) E Machado St ((3701-3899)) E Mc Berry St ((4400-4499)) E McBerry St ((2301-2349)) E Minnehaha St ((2200-2599)) E Mohawk Ave ((3200-7499)) Empire Pl ((4200-4299)) E New Orleans Ave ((1500-2499)) E Noel St ((1700-1999)) E Norfolk St ((1500-3099)) E North Bay St ((1500-6899)) E North St ((1500-3699)) E Old Hillsborough Ave ((10300-11399)) E Osborne Ave ((1400-5899)) E Palifox St ((1500-4299)) E Paris St ((1600-4299)) E Park Cir ((1500-7299)) E Patterson St ((1900-2099)) E Pocahontas Ave ((3000-4999)) E Powhatan Ave ((1500-5999)) Eric Slane Ln ((5000-5099)) E Robson St ((1900-2099)) Escort Ave ((1500-1899)) E Shadowlawn Ave ((1500-4799)) E Shadowlawn St ((5100-5599)) E Sligh Ave ((1500-10399)) Estevez Ln ((4200-4299)) Eureka Springs Rd ((5200-6599)) E Veve Ln ((1701-7599)) E Wilder Ave ((1501-10099)) Fairyhouse Ln ((5901-5999)) Fan Palm Way ((9800-9899)) Fawn Cir ((4000-4399)) Fawnridge Cir ((8000-8071)) Faye Ct ((4200-4298)) Frontage Rd ((10100-10399)) Garden Ln ((4000-5399)) Glenoak Ct ((8000-8099)) Golden Groves Ln ((6500-6598)) Great Oak Ct ((4100-4199)) Green Grass Pl ((4700-4799)) Green Palm Ln ((4500-4599)) Hampton Oaks Pkwy ((5900-5999)) Harney Rd ((4100-6899)) Harney Rd Access Rd ((5000-5099)) High Hampton Cir ((1-3599)) Highland Manor Dr ((10100-10499)) Hila Ct ((1-99)) Hillsborough Cir ((5300-5399)) Hillside Dr ((1500-1898)) Hines Rd ((1000-10099)) Howell St ((1801-2999)) in Ct ((9300-9399)) Jackson Ct ((3700-3855)) Jacobs Glenn Dr ((4800-4899)) Juliann Rd ((10800-18099)) Julie St ((6300-6599)) Karin Ct ((6900-86998)) Kenneth Ct ((4200-4299)) Key Thatch Dr ((4100-4299)) Kilkenny Dr ((4700-4799)) King Alfred Dr ((4000-4299)) Kingsbury Cir ((7000-7399)) Kyra Ct ((1-99)) Lankford Dr ((4100-4299)) Laurel Fair Cir ((8300-8499)) Leanne Dr ((10800-10899)) Lee Ellis Ct ((9200-9298)) Lee St ((10900-10999)) Lehman Rd ((10900-11099)) Lenox Dr ((5400-5799)) Leopardstown Dr ((5801-5999)) Le Tourneau Cir ((5100-5199)) Lilac Dr ((100-4999)) Lila St ((3100-3399)) Limerick Dr ((4601-4899)) Linda Pl ((9700-9899)) Lindell Ave ((2600-3899)) Living Water Pl ((6700-6899)) Lowry Ct ((3716-3899)) Lurline Cir ((4400-4499)) Lyle Dr ((1-99)) Lyman Ave ((6800-6899)) Mabel Loop ((4700-4799)) Mabel St ((5800-5899)) Machado St ((3701-3799)) Magnolia Ln ((100-399)) Malchado St ((3701-3899)) Maple Ln ((5400-6999)) Mariners Cove Ct ((4100-4198)) Marys Miracle Ln ((5300-5398)) Mayglass Dr ((5800-5998)) Mc Berry St ((1500-3799)) McCartney Ln ((3900-3999)) Mc Lane Dr ((4000-4099)) Michael Ln ((9300-9399)) Mobile Ave ((1500-1899)) Mr D S Pl ((4801-4899)) Muskogee Ct ((4701-4799)) N 15th St ((3700-7299)) N 16th St ((3700-7099)) N 17th St ((3600-7099)) N 18th St ((4400-7199)) N 19th St ((3700-7299)) N 20th St ((3700-7599)) N 21st St ((3600-7299)) N 22nd St ((3650-7899)) N 23rd St ((6000-6699)) N 24th St ((3700-6899)) N 25th St ((4200-4499)) N 26th St ((3700-6599)) N 27th St ((4000-4099)) N 28th St ((2800-5199)) N 29th St ((3700-5099)) N 30th St ((3700-8099)) N 31st St ((3700-6799)) N 32nd St ((3700-6799)) N 33rd St ((4000-6799)) N 34th St ((107-6699)) N 35th St ((3700-4699)) N 36th St ((3700-6499)) N 37th St ((3800-6499)) N 38th St ((3700-6499)) N 39th St ((3700-6499)) N 40th St ((1800-7537)) N 41st St ((3700-6698)) N 42nd St ((3700-6499)) N 43rd St ((4800-6599)) N 44th St ((4400-6499)) N 45th St ((5101-6499)) N 46th St ((5400-5499)) N 47th St ((5000-6899)) N 48th St ((4400-6899)) N 49th St ((6000-6499)) N 50th St ((5000-6899)) N 51st St ((5700-6499)) N 53rd St ((5800-6899)) N 54th St ((5700-6899)) N 56th St ((4000-6899)) N 59th St ((5400-5499)) N 68th St ((4000-4299)) N 69th St ((4000-4099)) N 72nd St ((4400-4699)) N 77th St ((4400-4499)) N 78th St ((6500-6899)) NE Lambright St ((1500-1799)) N Englewood St ((4400-4499)) New Ross Ct ((7900-8098)) New Village Dr ((4700-4799)) N Falkenburg Rd ((3100-6499)) N John Bell Dr ((4400-4699)) N Manley St ((4600-4699)) N Schipman Ct ((5400-5498)) N US Hwy 301 ((4300-7199)) N Winnie St ((5000-5299)) Oakdale Dr ((6800-6899)) Oak Fair Blvd ((4500-4999)) Oak Knoll Ct ((4100-4199)) Oak Ln ((100-299)) Oak Tree Ct ((6400-6499)) Oakview Ter ((6600-6699)) Oakwood Ct ((5300-5399)) Orange Ln ((101-399)) Orangewood Ter ((6600-6699)) Oran St ((6200-6499)) Orient Rd ((4000-7299)) Osborne Oaks Way ((3800-3899)) Palifox Cir ((7200-7299)) Palmetto Ter ((100-199)) Palm Park Ct ((5100-5199)) Paradise Dr ((9300-9499)) Park Cir ((1800-7299)) Park Dr ((7200-7799)) Parke East Blvd ((6700-7199)) Park Oaks Blvd ((4000-4299)) Phlox St ((100-199)) Pickron Ln ((5200-5399)) Pine Grove Rd ((6300-6399)) Pioneer Days Ln ((2600-2699)) Polack Dr ((9400-9499)) Polak Dr ((9700-9799)) Princess Palm Ave ((10101-10299)) Pullman Ave ((4400-4699)) Queen Palm Dr ((3801-3899)) Railway Blvd ((4500-4599)) Redwing Ct ((2800-2899)) Redwood Ter ((100-198)) Riverbend Cir ((6400-6499)) River Grove Ct ((3800-3899)) River Grove Dr ((3000-3899)) Rockaway Ct ((2900-2999)) Rolling Hammock Pl ((6200-6299)) Rose Ln ((100-199)) Ross St ((10900-10999)) Rough Rd ((7400-7499)) Rowlett Park Dr ((7001-8399)) Roxbury Dr ((9600-9699)) Royal Banyan Dr ((4100-4199)) Royal Oak Dr ((5200-5399)) Sabina Ct ((2800-2899)) Sane Pl ((8000-8099)) Saybrook Ct ((2800-2899)) Schipman Ct ((5400-5498)) Seagrave Ct ((2800-2899)) SE Lambright St ((1500-1799)) Senoj St ((6900-6999)) Shadeville Ln ((6700-6799)) Shadowlawn Ave ((5000-5599)) Sherwick Dr ((4100-4399)) Short 30th St ((4000-4099)) Shoshone Ct ((4800-4899)) Silvia Pl ((5300-5399)) Six Mile Creek Rd ((9300-9998)) Smugglers Cove Dr ((1-99)) Spencer Cir ((6800-6999)) Spiral Ct ((2800-2899)) Staley Dr ((5400-5799)) State Hwy 41 ((4300-4898)) State Hwy 574 ((1030-13998)) State Hwy 585 ((3650-5399)) State Hwy 600 ((1501-10905)) St Charles Pl ((5100-5199)) Stephanie Ln ((10701-10899)) Summersun Ct ((4500-4599)) Sundown Ln ((4500-4599)) Sunset Dr ((9300-9499)) Sycamore Ln ((100-299)) Tanbark Ct ((2900-2999)) Tanner Rd ((10100-10699)) Thames Pl ((8000-8099)) Thonotosassa Ave ((4300-4699)) Thrasher Dr ((6800-7099)) Tiffany Ter ((9300-9499)) Tipperary Ln ((7800-8099)) Travis Blvd ((6000-6999)) Trinity Pl ((7200-7299)) Troll Trl ((7500-7599)) Troy Ct ((5703-5799)) Troy St ((4200-4699)) Tudor Pl ((8000-8099)) Twin Star Pl ((10200-10299)) Ulster Ct ((11000-11099)) US Hwy 41 N ((1501-5399)) US Hwy 92 ((1501-111599)) Valda Ln ((4800-4899)) Valia Rd ((10701-10799)) Valley Tree Dr ((3700-3899)) Vandenberg Airport Rd ((9300-9399)) Vandenberg Hangar Ln ((6000-6299)) Victoria Ln ((9300-9399)) Vinson Dr ((5100-5299)) Violet Dr ((100-4899)) Walis Pl ((4200-4399)) Walton Way ((6100-6699)) Waring Dr ((4000-4099)) Watson Rd ((4000-4099)) W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((1724-1798)) Webster St ((4400-4699)) Wedgemere Dr ((4001-4199)) Wexford Park Dr ((7700-7999)) Wilkinson Way ((4800-4899)) Wilkins Rd ((5400-5899)) Willana Ct ((5201-5299)) William Grant Way ((5401-5699)) Williams Landing Cir ((3700-3799)) Williams Rd ((3400-5499)) Willow Ln ((100-299)) Wood Branch Dr ((6703-6799)) Woodville St ((6700-6899)) York Ct ((4900-4999)) Zemeis Dr ((5600-5699))

    33610 Places and Attractions

    1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre 22nd Street Park Altamira Heights Altamonte Heights Anointing Christian Fellowship Church Apostolic Church of Jesus Arrand Heights Ashley Oaks Mobile Home Park Balo Barnhart Beacon Hill Bellows Lake Belmont Heights Belmont Heights Church of Christ Belz Factory Outlet Mall Bens Bethel Heights Betty Jean Heights Big Oaks Blackwater Hammock Park Bonita Booker T Park Boran Breckenridge Park Bryan Alternative School Caleb Park California Heights California Heights Addition Campbell Academy for the Gifted Carl Sagan Academy Cashwell Castle Homes Cathedral of Faith Center for Manifestation Central Village Centro Asturiano Cemetery Centro Espanol Memorial Hospital Chesterfield Heights Church of the Kingdom of God Church of the Living God Clifton Park College Heights College Hill Branch Library Hillsborough County Public Library College Hill School Courtland Culver Cyrus Greene Park Eastern Heights East Gate Mobile Estates East Gate Shopping Center East Henry Heights East Lake East Lake-Orient Park Census Designated Place East Lake Park Eastlake Square East Point Eastside Mobile Villa Eastwood Commerce Center Edgewood Edison School Eldra Emma Heights Emory Heights EMS Heliport Englewood Epiphany of Our Lord Church Erwin Area Vocational Technical Center Esco Park Etzler Grove Heights Eureka Homes Eureka Springs Church Eureka Springs Church Eureka Springs First Baptist Church Fair Oaks Park Faith Community United Church Faith Temple Church of God Faulkenburg Heights Firn Acres First Born Church of the Living God First Community Christian Church First Mount Carmel African Methodist Episcopal Church Foster School Friendship Funks Home Park Fun-Lan Drive-In Galloway Heights Georgia Terrace Glorious Christian Academy Gold Coast Golden Golden Ring Groves Green Playground Grove Hill Heights Guterman Hampshire Park Hanani Missionary Baptist Church Hanna Heights Harney Flats Hazard Heiter Heights Highland Oaks Highland View High Ridge High School Heights Hillcrest Mobile Estates Hillsborough County Emergency Management Office Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Station 32 East Lake Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Station 9 Sabal Park Hillsborough County Hospital Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Community Substation East Lake Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Community Substation Nuccio Hillsborough Heights East Hilltop Estates Hill Top Heights Hodges Shady Grove Holley Heights Holy Outreach Church Holy Tabernacle Lighthouse of God Church Iglesia de Dios Pentecost Iglesia Missionera Asamblea de Dios Independence Square Interchange 260 Interchange 260A Interchange 260B Interchange 6 Interchange 7 Interchange 9 Interstate Business Park Ivinell Jackson Cemetery Jackson Heights Church of Christ Kies Kings Forest Lake Marie Mobile Estates Lakewood Crest La Petite Lewis Heights Light of the World Church Livingston Heights Lockhart Elementary School Lomax School Lucy Dell Lurline Terrace Maranatha Chapel Mar Cha Long Marie Marie Heights Martin Luther King Village Mary Help of Christmas School Memorial Park Cemetery Middleton High School Miranda Montana City Montana Heights Mora Morris Oak Ridge Mossy Oaks Murray Myrtle Hill Cemetery National Education Center - Tampa Technical Institute New Rising Star Church New Smyrna Full Gospel Baptist Church Norma Lee Heights North Beauty Heights North Campobello North Oak Heights Northside Christian Academy Northside Community Mental Health Center Northview Hills Northview Terrace Oak Dale Heights Oak Gardens Oakhaven Oak Heights Oakhurst Oakland Cemetery Oakland Park Oak Ridge Terrace Oak Tree Oran Orange Hill Cemetery Orange Hill Heights West Orange Wood Park Osborne Oaks Osborne Woods Otis Palm River Plaza Pardeau Shores Parke East Parkers Railroad Station Park of Commerce Parrish Home Peeler Heights Pepin Academy of Tampa Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church Potter Elementary School Powhatan Hills Primera Iglesia Bautista Prince Progreso Quest Middle School Rainbow Heights Raven Oaks Riverbend Court Riverbend Manor River Grove Estates River Grove Park Robles Cemetery Robles Elementary School Robles Heights Rogers Park Rose Hill Cemetery Sabal Center Saint Andres Catholic Church Saint Cecilia Episcopal Church Saint Francis Episcopal Church Saint Matthew Missionary Baptist Church Sandy Ridge Seminole Crest Seminole Crest Estates Seminole Police Department Shadowlawn Village Shady Grove Cemetery Shady Rest Sheehy Elementary School Silver Moon Sito Sixmile Creek Church Sligh Junior High School Sperry Grove Estates Spiritual Temple Church Spring of Life Church Stephen Foster Highlands Strathmore Sultana Glade Sunnyside Sunray Hills Sunway Tampa Bay Area Vocational Technical Center Tampa City Fire Station 18 Tampa Executive Airport Tampa Fire and Rescue Station 18 Tampa Gardens Tampa General Hospital Genesis at Healthpark Tampa General Hospital Specialty Center at Healthpark Tampa International Harvest Church Tampa Police Department District 3 Headquarters Tampa Preparatory School Tampa Reservation Tampa Water Works Lake Temple Crest Baptist Church Temple Terrace First Assembly of God Church The First Christian Fellowship Assembly of God Church The Greenhouse Shops The Woodlands Tripoli Place Tulsa Heights Twenty Second Street Heights Unity Circle Variety Grove Estates Vestas Court Vick Vista Bonita Westmoreland Pines West Rosedale Williams Crossing Williams Elementary School Williams Middle Magnet School Wilma Highlands Winifred Park Woodland Terrace Woodward Terrace Young Junior High School Zion Height