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  • Wilson Middle School
  • Gorrie Elementary School
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  • Hyde Park Hotel
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    ZIP Code 33606 is located in Hillsborough County

    33606 Street Addresses

    Adalia Ave ((1-199)) Adriatic Ave ((1-199)) Aegean Ave ((1-99)) Albemarle Ave ((1-99)) Arbor Pl ((1-99)) Baffin Ave ((1-99)) Bahama Cir ((1-99)) Baltic Cir ((1-199)) Barbados Ave ((1-199)) Bayshore Blvd ((100-2199)) Beach Pl ((100-299)) Bering St ((1-99)) Bermuda Ave ((100-199)) Biscayne Ave ((1-199)) Blanca Ave ((2-499)) Blanca Ln ((300-399)) Bosphorous Ave ((502-566)) Bosporus Ave ((100-699)) Caspian St ((200-399)) Cayuga Ave ((1-99)) Ceylon Ave ((100-299)) Channel Dr ((200-799)) Chesapeake Ave ((1-199)) Chippewa Ave ((100-799)) Columbia Dr ((1-699)) Como St ((200-399)) Corsica St ((100-299)) Crescent Pl ((100-299)) Crosstown Expy ((100-1399)) Cyprus Ave ((1-199)) Danube Ave ((1-699)) Davis Blvd ((1-199)) de Soto Ave ((1300-1599)) E Davis Blvd ((1-699)) Erie Ave ((400-599)) Fig St ((1000-1999)) Formosa Ave ((1-99)) Fuller St ((1300-1599)) Geneva Pl ((600-798)) Gilchrist Ave ((100-199)) Grand Central Ave ((200-699)) Gunby Ave ((1300-1599)) Hayden Ct ((100-199)) Hudson Ave ((400-699)) Huron Ave ((1-199)) Hyde Park Pl ((100-299)) Islamorada Ln ((1100-1199)) Itasca Ave ((400-499)) Jamaica Ave ((600-699)) Jetton Ave ((1700-2198)) Keller St ((1-299)) Key Haven Ct ((100-199)) Ladoga Ave ((1-199)) Ladrone Ave ((500-599)) Lemon St ((1000-1299)) Library Cir ((100-199)) Lucerne Ave ((400-599)) Luzon Ave ((500-699)) Madeira Ave ((500-599)) Marmora Ave ((400-699)) Martinique Ave ((1-999)) Melville Ave ((100-699)) Morrison Ave ((1000-1099)) N Albany Ave ((100-999)) Nance Ave ((1400-1599)) N Brevard St ((100-299)) N Delaware Ave ((100-999)) N Edison Ave ((100-999)) N Fremont Ave ((100-999)) N Gilchrist Ave ((200-999)) N Howard Ave ((100-999)) Nick Bay Pl ((801-899)) N Newport Ave ((100-999)) N Oregon Ave ((100-999)) North Blvd ((100-1899)) N Rome Ave ((100-999)) N Westland Ave ((100-499)) N Willow Ave ((1-1007)) Oakhurst Pl ((700-999)) O Briens Ln ((800-899)) Oconee Ave ((600-699)) Ontario Ave ((600-699)) Parker St ((100-399)) Poe Pkwy ((100-299)) Rhine Ave ((500-599)) Richardson Pl ((1600-1899)) Riviera Dr ((400-699)) S Albany Ave ((100-1599)) S Brevard Ave ((100-799)) S Bruce St ((900-999)) S Bungalow Ter ((700-799)) S Cedar Ave ((100-599)) S Davis Blvd ((600-899)) S Delaware Ave ((100-999)) S Edison Ave ((100-999)) Severn Ave ((400-1399)) S Fielding Ave ((100-799)) S Fremont Ave ((100-1199)) S Gunby Ave ((1200-1299)) S Howard Ave ((100-1699)) S Hyde Park Ave ((100-699)) S Magnolia Ave ((100-799)) S Newport Ave ((100-999)) Soho Bay Ct ((2200-2299)) S Oregon Ave ((100-1099)) S Orleans Ave ((200-1099)) South Blvd ((100-999)) South Dakota Ave ((100-1199)) S Packwood Ave ((100-999)) Spartan Ln ((100-199)) S Plant Ave ((100-399)) S Rome Ave ((100-1199)) State Hwy 60 ((600-2299)) State Hwy 618 ((342-539)) State Hwy 685 ((600-2299)) State St ((1300-2299)) Superior Ave ((600-699)) Suwanee Cir ((400-599)) S Village Cir ((700-899)) S Westland Ave ((2-799)) S Willow Ave ((100-999)) Tampa Prep Pl ((100-299)) The Place Ct ((400-499)) Trinidad Ave ((200-599)) Union Station St ((770-895)) University Dr ((300-499)) W Azeele St ((400-2299)) W Bay St ((500-799)) W Bristol Ave ((1700-2299)) W Brorein St ((100-399)) W Cardy St ((100-299)) W Carmen St ((1000-2199)) W Cass St ((100-2199)) W Cleveland St ((400-2299)) W Cypress St ((900-2299)) W Davis Blvd ((2-599)) W Dekle Ave ((1900-2299)) W de Leon St ((300-2299)) W Gray St ((1300-2298)) W Hills Ave ((1700-2299)) W Horatio St ((500-2299)) W Inman Ave ((600-2299)) W Kennedy Blvd ((400-2299)) W Lemon St ((1300-3199)) W Marjory Ave ((2100-2199)) W Morrison Ave ((1100-2299)) W North A St ((700-2299)) W North B St ((400-2299)) W Platt St ((1-3013)) W Richardson Pl ((1900-1999)) W Snow Ave ((1600-1699)) W Snow Cir ((1601-1699)) W Southview Ave ((2100-2399)) W Swann Ave ((500-2299)) W Targa Ct ((100-198)) W Verne St ((100-299)) W Watrous Ave ((1400-2299))

    33606 Places and Attractions

    AIDS Memorial Park Alfred and Beverly Austin Hall Allen N Reeves Theater Amelia Anderson Park Art and Polly Pepin Stadium Bayshore Boulevard Linear Park Bayshore Place Bayside Baywood Blake Trail Brevard Hall Bungalow Terrace Cancer Survivors Plaza Cass Building Central Avenue Baptist Church Christ Metaphysical Church Church of God Latin-American Mission Church of Scientology of Hyde Park Columbus Statue Park Corronella Courier City David A Straz Junior Hall David Falk Theater Davis Island Park Davis Islands Davis Islands Davis Island Seaplane Basin Davis Islands Playground Delo Park Dobyville School East Bay Missionary Baptist Church Edison Building Edison Park Ferman Music Center First Assembly God Church of Tampa First Christian Church Fortuna Gilchrist Building Gorrie School Grand Salon Plant Hall Haven Poe Runaway Shelter School Henry B Plant Museum Holden Hyde Park Hyde Park Carrier Annex Post Office Hyde Park Place Hyde Park United Methodist Church Hyde Park West John H Sykes College of Business Kennedy Bridge Kennedy Place Krusen Health Center Library Annex University of Tampa Lingerlong Luna Park MacDonald-Kelce Library Martinez Sports Center McKay Hall McNeel Boathouse McNiff Fitness Center Melville Heights Morrison Grove Oscawana Packwood Peter O Knight Airport Plant Hall Plant Hall Academic and Administrative Building Plant Park Pro-Cathedral Church of Jesus of Nazareth Richardson Place Riverside Riverside Center Riverview Park R K Bailey Art Studios Robert A Jaeb Computer Center Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Saint Marks Baptist Church Sam Bailey Baseball Field Saunders Center For the Arts Scarfone-Hartley Art Gallery School of Continuing Studies University of Tampa Sea-Born School Seaplane Basin Seddon Channel Small Blessings Early Childhood Center Smiley Hall Springs Assembly of God Church Swann Albany Sword and Shield Building Tampa Bay Baptist Church Tampa Bay Hotel Tampa Fire and Rescue Station 17 Tampa Fire and Rescue Station 3 Tampa General Hospital Tampa General Hospital Heliport Tampa General Hospital Pediatric Clinic at Healthpark Taylor Memorial Baptist Day School The Tarrymore The Willows of Hyde Park Uleta University of Tampa University of Tampa Branch Post Office University of Tampa Central Receiving and Plant Management Building University of Tampa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences University of Tampa Communications Building University of Tampa Computer Center Annex University of Tampa Digital Imaging Laboratory University of Tampa Health Center University of Tampa Intramural Field University of Tampa - Merl Kelce Library University of Tampa Public Access Studios University of Tampa Stadium University of Tampa Tennis Courts University of Tampa Track University of Tampa Womens Softball Field Valencia in Old Hyde Park Vaughn Center Vaughn Center Plaza Walker Hall West End West Hyde Park West Land West Side Park Shopping Center Wilson Junior High School Woodlawn Park