Tampa, FL 33605 ZIP Code Map


33605 Schools


  • Kings Kids Academy Of Health Sciences
  • Franklin Middle Magnet School
  • Delia Sanchez Full Service School
  • Hospital/Homebound/Homebased Programs
  • Washington Elementary School
  • Ese Birth Thru Age 5
  • Ami Kids Tampa
  • Orange Grove Middle Magnet School
  • Shore Elementary Magnet School
  • Oak Park Elementary School
  • Franklin Middle Magnet School
  • Desoto Elementary School
  • 33605 Hotels

  • Days Inn Tampa / Port of Tampa / Ybor City
  • Don Vicente De Ybor Historic In
  • Hampton Inn and Suites Tampa - Ybor City Downtown
  • Hilton Garden Inn Tampa Ybor Historic District
  • Quality Inn & Suites Near Fairgrounds Ybor City
  • Census



    ZIP Code 33605 is located in Hillsborough County

    33605 Street Addresses

    10th St ((2000-2099)) 17th Ave ((900-1399)) 18th Ave ((1200-1999)) 21st Pl ((3000-3099)) 21st St ((3201-3299)) 23rd Ave ((900-2499)) 24th Ave ((900-4699)) 25th Ave ((900-4498)) 26th Ave ((900-1499)) 28th St ((100-499)) 2nd Ave ((1300-3699)) 8th Ave ((4900-4999)) Acline Dr E ((4500-4999)) Acline St ((3900-3999)) Adamo Dr ((1200-7999)) Angel Oliva Senior St ((1605-1699)) Arrow St ((3000-3099)) Banza St ((2800-2999)) Barge Ave ((1-2099)) Barker Rd ((2200-2299)) Barton Ave ((1301-1399)) Bermuda Blvd ((600-1399)) Cassell St ((2400-2599)) Channelside Dr ((1400-1599)) Chapin St ((1900-2399)) Chipco St ((1700-3399)) Clay St ((3100-3599)) Cone Ct ((3500-3599)) Co Rd 574 ((900-4999)) Cord St ((2700-3499)) Corrinne St ((2000-2999)) Crosstown Expy ((854-1029)) Davis St ((2000-2499)) Delmar B Drawdy Dr ((1900-3299)) Devon St ((3400-3699)) Distribution Dr ((4300-4999)) Dodge St ((3000-3299)) Durham St ((2000-2899)) Dyer Ter ((2300-2399)) E 10th Ave ((900-5598)) E 11th Ave ((900-4299)) E 12th Ave ((900-4699)) E 137th Ave ((808-808)) E 13th Ave ((1400-3299)) E 14th Ave ((900-4999)) E 15th Ave ((900-3999)) E 17th Ave ((1400-3199)) E 18th Ave ((2000-4999)) E 19th Ave ((900-4299)) E 1st Ave ((3100-3199)) E 20th Ave ((900-2999)) E 21st Ave ((700-5199)) E 22nd Ave ((900-4699)) E 23rd Ave ((2000-4999)) E 24th Ave ((1500-3399)) E 25th Ave ((1000-2999)) E 26th Ave ((1500-5499)) E 27th Ave ((1200-4899)) E 28th Ave ((800-4599)) E 29th Ave ((1200-3699)) E 32nd Ave ((4600-4999)) E 3rd Ave ((1000-3799)) E 4th Ave ((1200-3699)) E 5th Ave ((1200-3699)) E 6th Ave ((1200-2599)) E 7th Ave ((900-4299)) E 8th Ave ((1200-4299)) E 9th Ave ((1200-4299)) Eastport Dr ((1800-2199)) E Broadway Ave ((4300-4999)) E Clark St ((2200-3599)) E Columbus Dr ((900-4898)) E Dr Luther King Jr Blvd ((4918-4942)) E Estelle St ((1409-1499)) E Grace St ((3100-3399)) E Henderson Ave ((100-999)) E Lake Ave ((100-1499)) Elmwood Ave ((1900-62098)) E Maryland Ave ((900-999)) E Palm Ave ((900-2199)) E Scott Dr ((900-999)) Flagler St ((1800-82099)) Florence St ((2000-2099)) Gatx Dr ((1900-3299)) Gordon St ((2000-2499)) Gordy Pl ((100-199)) Grant St ((1200-2499)) Guy N Verger Blvd ((2000-2999)) Hacienda Ct ((1600-1699)) Harper St ((2000-2499)) Harvey Ct ((1501-1599)) Hemlock St ((1700-2099)) Hendry St ((1900-1999)) Holmes Ave ((1200-1399)) Holmes St ((3200-3399)) Hudson St ((3000-3099)) Ingram Ave ((1300-1398)) King Rd ((1200-1399)) Knox Rd ((1200-1898)) Kreher Rd ((1200-1299)) Lemler Ln ((600-1199)) Lily White Ct ((1001-1199)) Link St ((2300-2398)) Linsey St ((2000-2499)) Long Shoremans Ct ((1000-1099)) Long St ((2200-2899)) Lowe St ((2101-2199)) Lucas Dr ((1501-1599)) Machado St ((3100-3699)) Mallory Ave ((2000-2499)) Maple Ave ((1900-2299)) Marconi St ((2200-2899)) Maritime Blvd ((1701-4299)) McArthur Plz ((1200-1299)) Mc Closkey Blvd ((500-599)) McClosky Blvd ((500-1799)) Melburne Blvd ((2900-4999)) N 10th St ((2-3899)) N 11th St ((1900-3799)) N 12th St ((2000-4799)) N 13th St ((1400-3699)) N 14th St ((1300-3699)) N 15th St ((1200-3699)) N 16th St ((1200-3699)) N 17th St ((1100-3399)) N 18th St ((1300-3699)) N 19th St ((200-3899)) N 20th St ((101-3699)) N 21st St ((1000-3599)) N 22nd St ((100-5058)) N 23rd St ((1200-3699)) N 24th St ((100-3599)) N 25th St ((1200-3699)) N 26th St ((100-4799)) N 27th St ((1200-2999)) N 28th St ((1100-3798)) N 29th Pl ((2900-2999)) N 29th St ((2500-3699)) N 30th St ((100-3699)) N 31st St ((600-3698)) N 32nd St ((1500-3699)) N 33rd St ((1700-3698)) N 34th St ((1-3699)) N 35th St ((1100-3699)) N 36th St ((1300-3599)) N 37th St ((3500-3799)) N 38th St ((1700-3199)) N 39th St ((900-3699)) N 40th St ((1900-3699)) N 42nd St ((1800-3099)) N 43rd St ((1600-4799)) N 44th St ((3000-3299)) N 45th St ((800-3599)) N 46th St ((2700-4499)) N 47th St ((1800-3499)) N 48th St ((2300-3898)) N 49th St ((1900-3499)) N 9th St ((2000-3599)) N Ave Republica de Cuba ((1300-3699)) N Carioca Ct ((2800-3598)) Nick Nuccio Pkwy ((1300-1798)) N Nebraska Ave ((2820-2899)) North Rd ((2200-2299)) N Reid St ((3000-3099)) Nuccio Pkwy ((1300-2099)) Oakwood Ave ((1900-2099)) O Berry Ln ((2701-2899)) Ocean View Pl ((1900-2099)) Owen St ((2700-3299)) Pacheco Dr ((2400-2499)) Penny St ((1500-1899)) Port Ave ((1500-1599)) Potter St ((3500-3699)) Powell Rd ((1000-1199)) Rawlings Rd ((400-699)) Republica de Cuba Ave ((3000-3099)) Rivera Ct ((1700-1799)) Rodney St ((1500-1599)) Roosevelt Plz ((700-799)) S 20th St ((100-1999)) S 22nd St ((100-1799)) S 24th St ((100-999)) S 26th St ((100-599)) S 30th St ((100-199)) S 34th St ((100-199)) Sahlman Ave ((1300-1899)) Sahlman Dr ((1601-1899)) Sanchez St ((2900-3399)) Sand Dune Ln ((3400-3499)) Sarah St ((3500-3699)) Saxon St ((2000-2299)) S Bermuda Blvd ((100-599)) Scott St ((1314-1799)) Selma Smith Ct ((900-999)) Sertoma Dr ((1200-1899)) S Gordy Pl ((100-199)) S Harbor Blvd ((2500-2999)) Shoreline Ave ((1300-1999)) Simon Ct ((1700-1798)) Stallone Dr ((2700-2799)) Star St ((3000-30098)) State Hwy 45 ((100-906)) State Hwy 574 ((4918-4942)) State Hwy 585 ((800-3649)) State Hwy 60 ((1300-7999)) State Hwy 618 ((854-1029)) St Clair St ((900-999)) Stuart St ((2000-2599)) Studebaker Dr ((1500-1599)) Taliaferro Ave ((2822-2899)) Tampa Park Plz ((1400-1499)) Thelma St ((3000-3099)) Thrace St ((1600-2499)) Transport Dr ((4500-4799)) Union Station St ((854-906)) US Hwy 41 Bus ((100-1799)) US Hwy 41 N ((3500-3599)) Van Keuren Rd ((900-1199)) Waters Ct ((1601-1699)) Wyn Koop Dr ((1800-1899)) Yale St ((2400-2699)) Ybor St ((2900-3398))

    33605 Places and Attractions

    Academy Heliport Alameda Albion Alfred "Al" Barnes Jr. Park Alma Heights Amans Country Club Archer Askew Askew Heights Bakers Addition Bayside School Belmont Belmont Heights Estates Belvedere Place Bethanie Seventh Day Adventist French Church Beulah Baptist Church Boaz Booker T Washington Elementary School Brown Temple Church of God Bryans Canning Carlton Place Carolina Terrace Centennial Park Centro Asturiano Hospital (historical) Centro Espanol Cemetery Children of God Pentecostal Church Christ United Methodist Church Cones Cortinos Crilly Cuscaden Grove Cuscaden Park Cushing Darcy Deliverance Tabernacle Denis Place DeSota School Desoto Park Deutsch Amerikanischer East Bay East Bay Park East Point Assembly of God Church East Ybor Park Eben-Ezer Baptist Haitian Church Edgewater Park El Centro Espanol De Tampa Elizabeth El Valle de Tampa Enterprise Epiphany of Our Lord Church Erin Place Faith Tabernacle of Tampa Fiorito First Baptist Church of West Tampa First John Missionary Baptist Church Florida Tampa Mission Fort Brooke (historical) Francis Franklin Junior High School Franklin Place Franquiz Futchs Garden of Memories Cemetery Gardenville Gary Gary Playground Gary School Garytown Geneva Glovers Gonzales Good Shepherd Catholic Church Grace Baptist Church Hawks Highburg Highland Estates East Highland Heights Highland Pines Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Operation Center Homestead Hookers Point House of God Church Howard F Curren Advanced Water Treatment Plant Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church Immanuel Lutheran Church Interchange 1 Interchange 2 Jackson Heights Jackson Heights School Jessie Heights Jochumsen Kingdom of God and Christ Church Knowles La Carbayera La Casa Lacata Bridge La Covadonga La Paloma Liberty Baptist Church Lincoln Hospital Little Cuba Little Lamb Christian School Loveras Lucky Strike Lullaby Pines Maritime Industrial Center Maryland Avenue Matanzas Mays McKay Bay Merriams Mills Miracle Temple Christian School Morey Heights Most Holy Name School Most Holy Redeemer Church Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church Nebraska East Nebraska Heights East New Light Missionary Church Nistals Oak Park Oak Park School Orange Grove School Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church Ownahome Palmetto Tampa Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church Panama Park Place of East Tampa Pentecostal Alpha Omega Church Pons Princeton Heights Reese Reina Victoria Resurrection Catholic Church Robert W Saunders Public Library Rosalie Rose of Sharon Spiritual Church Ruiz Saint Catherines Episcopal Church Saint Johns Greek Orthodox Church Saint Matthews Baptist Church Saint Patrick Catholic School Saint Peter Claver Catholic Church Salmon Seiver Sharon School Shore School Siglo Viente Souders Sparkman Channel Stiggins Swannsylvania Tampa Fire and Rescue Station 10 Tampa Fire and Rescue Station 4 Tampa Fire and Rescue Station 6 Tampa Marine Institute Tampa Railroad Station Tampa Trolley Station Taylor Heights Temple Heights Baptist Church Temple Heights Christian School The Quarter at Ybor Thrashers Town and Country Church of God Triumph Church Tyner Uceta Pines Vedado Verdier Park Vicente Guerra Victory Tabernacle Missionary Church Wallace Wallis Watch Hill Wells Wells Shopping Center Whitesburg Wilsons Wimberly Preschool and Kindergarden Ybor Channel Ybor City Ybor City Historic District Ybor City Museum State Park Ybor City Post Office Ybor City Railroad Station Ybor Heights Ybor School Ybor Square Ybor Turning Basin Youth for Christ Zephyr Grove