Tampa, FL 33603 ZIP Code Map


33603 Schools


  • Seminole Heights Charter High School
  • Memorial Middle School
  • Trinity Upper School
  • Walton Academy
  • North Tampa Alternative School
  • Riverside Academy
  • Trinity School For Children - Lower Division
  • Mendenhall Elementary School
  • Hillsborough High School
  • Broward Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 33603 is located in Hillsborough County

    33603 Street Addresses

    31st Ave ((900-1199)) 33rd Ave ((900-1499)) Alva St ((100-599)) Avon Ct ((1700-1799)) Bailey St ((3200-3399)) Baker St ((500-899)) Bartlett Dr ((4900-4999)) Beacon Ave ((900-1099)) Bon Vivant Dr ((5200-5299)) Braddock St ((1100-1399)) Brandon Dr ((1500-1599)) Cadiz St ((900-999)) Candlewood Ave ((900-999)) Chariton Ave ((4900-4999)) Clanton Ave ((900-999)) Clearfield Ave ((3700-4799)) Clinton Ct ((200-299)) Coolwater Dr ((1500-1599)) Cornelius Ave ((900-999)) Crabcake Cir ((3700-3799)) Darby Ave ((4700-4999)) Dartmouth Ave ((3500-3999)) Downs Ct ((801-999)) E 26th Ave ((100-899)) E 31st Ave ((1400-1499)) E 32nd Ave ((900-1399)) E Adalee St ((100-899)) E Caracas St ((500-1499)) E Cayuga St ((100-4399)) E Chelsea St ((100-1499)) E Conover St ((800-1399)) E Curtis St ((800-1499)) E Dr Luther King Jr Blvd ((102-1499)) E Ellicott St ((500-1399)) E Emily St ((100-899)) E Emma St ((100-1499)) E Floribraska Ave ((100-899)) E Frierson Ave ((101-1499)) E Genesee St ((100-1199)) E Giddens Ave ((100-1799)) E Gould Ct ((300-499)) E Hugh St ((400-898)) E Ida St ((200-1499)) E Indiana Ave ((100-199)) E James St ((500-599)) E Janette Ave ((200-499)) E Kentucky Ave ((101-299)) E Lake Ave ((100-899)) E Louise Ave ((1300-1499)) E Louisiana Ave ((600-1499)) el Paso Dr ((1800-1899)) el Sereno Pl ((500-599)) el Toro Ct ((5200-5299)) E Moore Ave ((200-299)) E New Orleans Ave ((500-1499)) E Nordica St ((200-499)) E North Bay St ((100-1499)) E Ohio Ave ((100-499)) E Osborne Ave ((200-1499)) E Palifox St ((1200-1499)) E Plymouth St ((100-898)) E River Pl ((1000-1099)) E Selma Ave ((701-899)) E Shadowlawn Ave ((900-1999)) E Shady Lane St ((200-399)) E Stratford Ave ((200-899)) E Violet St ((100-299)) E Virginia Ave ((100-898)) E Wilder Ave ((101-1499)) E Woodlawn Ave ((100-399)) Fairway Dr ((4600-4699)) Harding Ave ((2902-3199)) Harvey Ave ((4600-4699)) Hayden Ct ((3700-3799)) Hilda St ((100-799)) Holly St ((4200-4299)) James St ((400-899)) Jean de Arc Pl ((5400-5499)) Lee Pl ((5400-5499)) Lynn Ave ((3600-4798)) Mc Berry St ((900-1399)) Myrtle Ave ((3100-4299)) N 10th St ((3600-5299)) N 11th St ((3600-5399)) N 12th St ((3700-5399)) N 13th St ((3900-5399)) N 14th St ((3700-5599)) N 9th St ((4100-5299)) N Albany Ave ((5400-6199)) N Alexander Rd ((1700-1799)) N Arlington Ave ((3500-3999)) N Armenia Ave ((4400-5999)) N Ave Republica de Cuba ((3700-3799)) N Avon Ave ((3100-3899)) N Bask Dr ((1000-1099)) N Blvd ((5000-5399)) N Branch Ave ((4000-5399)) N Central Ave ((900-9699)) N Clearfield Ave ((3900-3999)) N Collins Ln ((4800-4998)) N Darwin Ave ((3700-3999)) N Decatur Ave ((2800-3399)) N Downing Ave ((4200-4299)) N Eddy Dr ((4500-4799)) N Elcoe Dr ((2300-2399)) N Elmore Ave ((3000-3499)) N Florida Ave ((2303-5399)) N Forest Hills Dr ((5400-5499)) N Fremont Ave ((4700-5899)) N Harding Ave ((3200-3399)) N Hernandez Ct ((400-499)) N Highland Ave ((3000-5399)) N Holly St ((4101-4199)) N Howard Ave ((4800-5299)) N Jefferson St ((3000-3899)) N Kinyon Ave ((3000-3499)) N Landsdowne Ct ((5400-5499)) N Lee Pl ((5300-5399)) N Marguerite St ((3700-4399)) N Massachusetts Ave ((3000-3199)) N Mayfield Ave ((3800-3999)) N McKay Ave ((5400-5699)) N Mendenhall Dr ((4800-5399)) N Mitchell Ave ((3000-3599)) N Morgan St ((3000-3499)) N Munro St ((4000-4299)) N Nebraska Ave ((3000-5399)) N Oakdale Ave ((2700-4199)) N Ola Ave ((3001-5099)) N Olney Ave ((4800-5199)) North Blvd ((1900-4799)) N Packwood Ave ((5800-5899)) N Perry Ave ((2901-3699)) N Pershing Pl ((5400-5499)) N Ridge Ave ((3800-3999)) N River Blvd ((4800-5399)) N River Shore Dr ((4800-5898)) N Rome Ave ((4500-5899)) N Seminole Ave ((4100-4299)) N Suwanee Ave ((3900-5399)) N Taliaferro Ave ((2800-5399)) N Willis St ((4700-4799)) N Woodrow Ave ((3000-3199)) Oaklawn Ct ((4100-4199)) Oleander St ((100-199)) Park Pl ((5400-5499)) Peninsular St ((700-1199)) Plymouth Ct ((3200-3299)) Poplar Ave ((3101-4199)) Ridge Ave ((3300-3899)) Riverbrook Ct ((800-999)) River Brook Ct ((805-999)) River Dr ((1500-1699)) River Front Ln ((4500-4599)) Riverside Dr ((4000-4398)) S Alexander Rd ((1700-1799)) Sandy Ridge Dr ((1600-1698)) Selma Ave ((200-599)) Seminole Ave ((4000-5399)) Shirley Dr ((4800-4999)) State Hwy 45 ((3000-5399)) State Hwy 574 ((102-1499)) State Hwy 600 ((500-2498)) Tampa St ((3900-5399)) Tampa St N ((3002-3999)) US Hwy 92 ((500-2498)) W 26th Ave ((100-299)) W Adalee St ((100-1399)) W Alexander Dr ((1600-1799)) W Alexander Dr N ((1700-1799)) W Alexander Dr S ((1700-1799)) W Alfred St ((100-1099)) W Allison Ct ((100-299)) Waters Edge Dr ((1500-1599)) W Banister Ave ((1000-1099)) W Barr Dr ((1500-1599)) W Bedinfield Dr ((1700-1899)) W Berry Ave ((1000-1099)) W Blann Dr ((1000-1099)) W Braddock St ((400-1099)) W Cayuga St ((100-399)) W Chelsea St ((100-699)) W Cimmeron Dr ((900-999)) W Clifton St ((1600-2399)) W Comanche Ave ((1000-2499)) W Crest Ave ((100-399)) W Curtis St ((100-699)) W Dallas Ave ((2100-2299)) W Dempsey Ave ((1700-1799)) W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((305-712)) W Eldred Dr ((1700-2399)) W Emily St ((100-299)) W Emma St ((100-799)) W Erna Dr ((1700-2199)) West Virginia Ave ((100-1199)) W Farwell Dr ((2100-2399)) W Ferris Ave ((1700-2199)) W Floribraska Ave ((100-299)) W Fribley St ((700-1499)) W Frierson Ave ((101-399)) W Genessee St ((100-399)) W Giddens Ave ((100-399)) W Haya St ((100-399)) W Henry Ave ((1700-2448)) W Hillsborough Ave ((500-2498)) W Ida St ((100-399)) W Idlewild Ave ((2100-2612)) Wilson St ((5000-5199)) W Indiana Ave ((100-1199)) Wishart Blvd ((4400-5399)) Wishart Pl ((4500-4599)) W Johnston Ave ((1700-1799)) W Kentucky Ave ((100-1099)) W Louisiana Ave ((100-1899)) W Mohawk Ave ((1000-2299)) W North Bay St ((100-699)) W Ohio Ave ((100-1198)) W Orient St ((700-1099)) W Osborne Ave ((100-2499)) W Park Ln ((1500-1599)) W Plymouth St ((100-1398)) W Powhatan Ave ((1000-2499)) W Rio Vista Ave ((1000-2499)) W River Heights Ave ((700-1099)) W River Ln ((1500-1599)) W River Pl ((4000-4098)) W River Shore Way ((1401-1699)) W South Ave ((100-399)) W Violet St ((101-2399)) W Wilder Ave ((100-399)) W Woodlawn Ave ((100-1399))

    33603 Places and Attractions

    Abundant Life Assembly of God Church Alice Heights Arlington Heights Arlington Heights North Arlington Heights West Assembly of God Church Bethel Temple Aurora Azalea Gardens Bears Plaza Belvoir Beulah Blue Moon Court Bonnieventure Borrell Park Broward School Buckeye Heights Buffalo Buffalo Avenue School Buffalo Gardens Buffalo Heights Buffalo Park Calvin Taylor Park Chelsea Chesterville Park Church of Christ on Nebraska Avenue Citrus Park Cooper Heights Corona Crabcake Cunningham De Leon Park Demorest Devon Park Dorothy Park Downing Duran Park Dyal Eckland Eldorado Eureka Evangel Temple Assembly of God Church Excelsior Fairfield Fairholme Fendigs Florida Place Freedom Park Garden Acres Garrett Heights Georgia Park Giddens Park Goodwater Grafton Place Grand View Greater Morning Star Baptist Church Hagle Hankins Virginia Heights Hanley Heights Headford Hillsborough High School Ida Interchange 46A Interchange 46B Jackson Block Kindred Hospital - Central Tampa Kindred Hospital Central Tampa La Belle Lamont La Vergne Logans Park Louisa Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Mackmay Madsen Court Magnolia Court Maine Park Marietta Mattie Maxwellton Meadowbrook Memorial Junior High School Mendenhall School Mendenhall Terrace Metropolitan Community Church Montessori House Mooreland Morales Grove Park Morey Mount Carmel Mount Olive Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Nebraska Heights Nebraska Heights South Nebraska Park New Bethel Progressive Missionary Baptist Church Nordica North Bay Street Heights Northside Assembly of God Church Northwest Christian Church Oakdale Playground Oak Villa Orangedale Park Orange Heights Palmaria Park View Pickron Pierce Pimm Pine Level Piney Woods Plainfield Plymouth Court Plymouth Playground Prospect Place Record Grove Rivercrest Rivercrest Park River Haven River Heights Rivershores Riverside Estates Riverside North Riverside Park Robles Park Robles Park Estates Roslyn Homes Sacred Heart Academy Saint Johns United Methodist Church Saint Peter Claver Scheurer Sedita Seffner Hills Academy Seminole Church of Christ Seminole Heights Branch Library Seminole Heights East Seminole Heights of North Tampa Seminole Heights Post Office Shadowlawn Showmans Rest Cemetery Sperry Spring Heights Stratford Place Suarez Sultenfuss Tampa Catholic High School Tampa Division Tampa Fire and Rescue Station 5 Tampa Heights Hospital Tampa Junior Academy Tampa Korean United Methodist Church Ta Wes Co Place Tibbettsville Trinity School for Children Lower Division Trinity School for Children Upper Division Turner Villa Bonnieventure Villa Rica Wagner Place Walton Academy for the Performing Arts Wellswood Wellswood Estates West Arlington Heights Western Heights Witchmere Woodlawn Cemetery Zambito