Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 33316 is located in Broward County

33316 Street Addresses

Almond Ave ((200-299)) Banyan St ((2900-2999)) Barbara Dr ((2300-2699)) Belcher Rd ((1000-1599)) Castillo St ((3000-3099)) Cordova Rd ((600-1799)) Cortez St ((2900-3099)) Davie Blvd ((1-599)) del Lago Dr ((2400-2599)) Eisenhower Blvd ((1700-8199)) E Lake Dr ((1200-1699)) Eller Dr ((861-3399)) Grace Dr ((2600-2799)) Hall of Fame Dr ((1-99)) Harborage Dr ((1-99)) Harborage Isle Dr ((1-99)) Harbor Beach Pkwy ((2600-2899)) Harbor Dr ((3000-3099)) Harbor Inlet Dr ((1919-2099)) Haskins Ave ((1600-1699)) Holiday Dr ((300-3099)) Inlet Dr ((2600-2698)) Isla Bahia Dr ((1-99)) Isla Bahia Ter ((1-99)) Laguna Dr ((2400-2599)) Laguna Ter ((2500-2599)) Las Olas Cir ((1-299)) Lucille Dr ((2500-2698)) Marion Dr ((2600-2699)) Mayan Dr ((2600-2799)) Mercedes Dr ((2500-2599)) NE 25th Pl ((17800-17839)) N Rio Vista Blvd ((1259-1399)) N Seabreeze Blvd ((1-299)) Poinciana Dr ((614-700)) Poinsettia St ((2900-3099)) Ponce de Leon Dr ((600-1698)) Portside Dr ((1-99)) River Ln ((1600-1699)) Rose Dr ((1-299)) S Andrews Ave ((2-3399)) S Atlantic Blvd ((1-699)) S Birch Rd ((1-299)) SE 10th Ave ((1200-2199)) SE 10th Ct ((300-599)) SE 10th St ((1-1899)) SE 10th Ter ((1600-1699)) SE 11th Ave ((700-899)) SE 11th Ct ((400-1499)) SE 11th St ((1-1799)) SE 12th Ct ((400-1799)) SE 12th St ((1-1898)) SE 12th Way ((1000-1399)) SE 13th St ((1-1799)) SE 13th Ter ((1000-1399)) SE 14th Ave ((2000-2199)) SE 14th Ct ((400-999)) SE 14th Pl ((1000-1199)) SE 14th St ((1-2698)) SE 15th Ave ((1200-1699)) SE 15th St ((1-2599)) SE 16th Ct ((300-1099)) SE 16th St ((1-1699)) SE 17th St ((1-2598)) SE 18th Ave ((1800-1999)) SE 18th Ct ((1-1999)) SE 18th St ((1-2399)) SE 19th Pl ((2300-2499)) SE 19th St ((100-2299)) SE 1st Ave ((1200-2099)) SE 20th St ((1-2799)) SE 21st Ave ((1700-2199)) SE 21st St ((1-2699)) SE 22nd Ave ((1900-1999)) SE 22nd St ((1-1699)) SE 23rd Ave ((1700-2099)) SE 23rd St ((1-999)) SE 24th Ave ((1800-2099)) SE 24th St ((1-1699)) SE 25th Ave ((1700-2099)) SE 25th St ((1-699)) SE 26th Ave ((614-2099)) SE 26th St ((100-599)) SE 26th Ter ((2000-2099)) SE 27th St ((100-599)) SE 28th St ((100-1299)) SE 29th St ((100-599)) SE 2nd Ave ((700-1399)) SE 30th St ((100-599)) SE 31st St ((100-699)) SE 32nd Ct ((300-899)) SE 32nd St ((100-599)) SE 33rd St ((500-799)) SE 3rd Ave ((2-1899)) SE 4th Ave ((1000-3199)) SE 4th St ((3000-3199)) SE 5th Ave ((1000-1099)) SE 5th St ((2900-3099)) SE 6th Ave ((2700-3399)) SE 6th Ter ((1100-1199)) SE 7th St ((1400-1899)) SE 8th St ((1-1899)) SE 9th Ave ((700-1199)) SE 9th Ct ((400-599)) SE 9th St ((1-1899)) Seabreeze Blvd ((300-1799)) S Federal Hwy ((700-2799)) S Miami Rd ((1200-2699)) S Ocean Dr ((1200-2298)) S Ocean Ln ((1100-2299)) S Rio Vista Blvd ((600-1199)) S Seabreeze Blvd ((1-299)) State Hwy 736 ((1-399)) State Hwy A1A ((1-2598)) Sylvan Ln ((1-99)) US Hwy 1 ((1700-2799)) Valencia St ((2900-3099)) W Lake Dr ((1200-1799))

33316 Places and Attractions

Bahia Mar Shopping Center Bahia Mar Yacht Center Bethany Christian School Broward County Sheriff's Office Broward County Sheriffs Office Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services Station 6 Broward General Hospital Broward General Medical Center Broward General Medical Center Heliport Broward Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Burnham Point Charter School of Excellence Church of Christ Andrews Avenue City of Fort Lauderdale Las Olas Marina Cliff Lake Davie Apostolic Church Downtown Adult Center Everglades Marina Evergreen Cemetery Fire Station Number 49 Florida Oaks School Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Station 49 Fort Lauderdale Fire Retirement Fort Lauderdale Police and Fire Retirement Fort Lauderdale Post Office Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center Harbor Beach Harbor Beach Convalescent Center Harbor Beach Plaza Harbordale School Harbor Heights Lake Mabel Lake Sylvia Las Olas General Hospital Lauderdale Harbors Lauderdale Marina Lauderdale Yacht Club Marina Marina del Mar Mayan Lake Middle River Mooney Point New River Sound Pier 66 Marina Port Everglades Port Everglades Approach Light Port Everglades Berth 29 Port Everglades Berth 4 Port Everglades Berth 4A Port Everglades Berths 1A and 1B Port Everglades Berths 1and 2 And 3 Port Everglades Berths 30 and 31 and 32 Port Everglades Berths 5 and 6 Port Everglades Heliport Port Everglades Power Plant Rio Vista Isles Saint Jerome Catholic Church Seventeenth Street Causeway Bridge South Beach Park Southport Shopping Center Southside Station Post Office Stranahan River Tarpon River Turning Basin