Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 ZIP Code Map


33311 Schools


  • Mavericks High Of Central Broward County
  • Somerset Village Academy
  • Somerset Academy Village Charter Middle School
  • Rise Academy Ii
  • Life Skills Broward County
  • Eagle Academy Charter School
  • Arthur Robert Ashe, Junior Middle School
  • Rock Island Elementary School
  • Pace Center For Girls, Inc.
  • Broward Detention Center
  • Smart School Charter Middle
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary School
  • Martin Luther King Elementary School
  • North Fork Elementary School
  • William Dandy Middle School
  • Wingate Oaks Center
  • Parkway Middle School
  • Larkdale Elementary School
  • Sunland Park Elementary School
  • Broward Estates Elementary School
  • Lauderdale Manors Elementary
  • Dillard High School
  • Walker Elementary School (Magnet)
  • Dillard Elementary School
  • 33311 Hotels

  • Days Inn Ft Lauderdale/Oakland Park
  • Census


    ZIP Code 33311 is located in Broward County

    33311 Street Addresses

    31st St ((1500-1699)) Chateau Park Dr ((900-1499)) Cityview Dr ((301-399)) City View Dr ((200-399)) E Dixie Ct ((200-399)) Executive Airport Way ((5000-5307)) Franklin Park Dr ((2500-2599)) Harris Ter ((700-799)) Lauderdale Manor Dr ((1600-1899)) Lauderdale Villa Dr ((1400-1599)) N Andrews Ave ((1-5899)) N Andrews Sq ((1700-1799)) NW 10th Ave ((1-3099)) NW 10th Ct ((2800-3099)) NW 10th Pl ((900-2799)) NW 10th Ter ((600-1199)) NW 11th Ave ((1-2999)) NW 11th Ct ((900-2999)) NW 11th Pl ((900-2999)) NW 11th St ((1-3099)) NW 11th Ter ((400-2999)) NW 11th Way ((1500-1699)) NW 12th Ave ((1-2999)) NW 12th Ct ((1500-3099)) NW 12th Pl ((3000-3299)) NW 12th St ((1-3099)) NW 12th Ter ((700-1699)) NW 13th Ave ((400-2099)) NW 13th Ct ((900-3299)) NW 13th Ln ((1200-1399)) NW 13th Pl ((1300-1499)) NW 13th St ((1-3698)) NW 13th Ter ((600-999)) NW 14th Ave ((1-2199)) NW 14th Ct ((900-3699)) NW 14th Pl ((3200-3399)) NW 14th St ((1-3399)) NW 14th Ter ((400-1499)) NW 14th Way ((400-899)) NW 15th Ave ((1-2299)) NW 15th Ct ((1100-3299)) NW 15th Ln ((1600-1699)) NW 15th Pl ((1100-3399)) NW 15th St ((1-3999)) NW 15th Ter ((400-1899)) NW 15th Way ((200-1899)) NW 16th Ave ((400-1899)) NW 16th Ct ((1100-2799)) NW 16th Ln ((1400-1599)) NW 16th St ((1-3399)) NW 16th Ter ((800-999)) NW 16th Way ((1100-1699)) NW 17th Ave ((300-1299)) NW 17th Ct ((100-3699)) NW 17th Ln ((1600-1699)) NW 17th Pl ((300-599)) NW 17th Pl Exd ((400-499)) NW 17th St ((1-3699)) NW 17th Ter ((2800-3099)) NW 18th Ave ((1-2899)) NW 18th Ct ((1000-3599)) NW 18th Pl ((3200-3599)) NW 18th St ((500-3499)) NW 18th Ter ((2600-2799)) NW 19th Ave ((300-2699)) NW 19th Ct ((900-1499)) NW 19th St ((700-3999)) NW 19th Ter ((700-899)) NW 1st Ave ((600-1899)) NW 1st Ct ((3200-3799)) NW 1st St ((700-3499)) NW 20th Ave ((1-2699)) NW 20th Ct ((1400-3099)) NW 20th St ((1-3999)) NW 20th Ter ((800-899)) NW 21st Ave ((400-5498)) NW 21st Ct ((100-3099)) NW 21st Pl ((600-699)) NW 21st St ((200-3999)) NW 21st Ter ((400-2199)) NW 22nd Ave ((200-699)) NW 22nd Ct ((600-3399)) NW 22nd Ln ((2000-2199)) NW 22nd Rd ((600-2699)) NW 22nd St ((100-3899)) NW 22nd Trl ((2800-2899)) NW 23rd Ave ((400-3099)) NW 23rd Ct ((3200-3699)) NW 23rd Ln ((2200-2599)) NW 23rd Rd ((1000-1099)) NW 23rd St ((100-3999)) NW 23rd Ter ((1000-3399)) NW 23rd Way ((1000-3099)) NW 24th Ave ((400-3099)) NW 24th Ct ((2600-3099)) NW 24th St ((100-3999)) NW 24th Ter ((1000-2499)) NW 25th Ave ((1-2799)) NW 25th St ((1-3899)) NW 25th Ter ((1-1899)) NW 25th Way ((1000-1099)) NW 26th Ave ((1000-2899)) NW 26th Ct ((300-2699)) NW 26th St ((600-83799)) NW 26th Ter ((1600-1899)) NW 27th Ave ((1-3399)) NW 27th Ct ((3600-3899)) NW 27th Ln ((1200-2199)) NW 27th St ((300-3899)) NW 27th Ter ((1-3098)) NW 27th Way ((800-3099)) NW 28th Ave ((1-3099)) NW 28th Ct ((300-3799)) NW 28th Ln ((2900-3099)) NW 28th St ((300-3899)) NW 28th Ter ((1-3099)) NW 28th Way ((1-3099)) NW 29th Ave ((1-3099)) NW 29th Ct ((600-3699)) NW 29th Dr ((2700-2799)) NW 29th Ln ((1700-1799)) NW 29th Pl ((2700-2799)) NW 29th St ((1-3999)) NW 29th Ter ((1-3099)) NW 29th Way ((1100-1799)) NW 2nd Ave ((1-2299)) NW 2nd St ((200-3799)) NW 2nd Ter ((501-599)) NW 30 Ter ((3000-3098)) NW 30th Ave ((1-3099)) NW 30th Ct ((200-3099)) NW 30th Dr ((2700-2799)) NW 30th Ln ((3001-3099)) NW 30th Pl ((2700-3099)) NW 30th St ((500-3599)) NW 30th Ter ((1-3099)) NW 30th Way ((2000-3099)) NW 31st Ave ((3-3099)) NW 31st Way ((1200-1599)) NW 32nd Ave ((1-1899)) NW 32nd Ter ((100-2399)) NW 33rd Ave ((1-3099)) NW 33rd Dr ((900-999)) NW 33rd Ln ((2900-2998)) NW 33rd Ter ((1-2999)) NW 33rd Way ((800-2999)) NW 34th Ave ((1-2799)) NW 34th St ((2701-2799)) NW 34th Ter ((100-2899)) NW 34th Way ((800-1499)) NW 35th Ave ((1-3099)) NW 35th Ter ((500-2899)) NW 35th Way ((1700-1899)) NW 36th Ave ((1-2899)) NW 36th Ter ((800-2799)) NW 36th Way ((1401-1499)) NW 37th Ave ((500-2499)) NW 37th Ter ((2000-2399)) NW 38th Ave ((100-2899)) NW 38th Ter ((2000-2899)) NW 38th Way ((1-299)) NW 39th Ave ((300-899)) NW 39th Ter ((2400-2899)) NW 39th Way ((2400-2899)) NW 3rd Ave ((1-2899)) NW 3rd Ct ((1100-2099)) NW 3rd St ((700-3999)) NW 3rd Ter ((1700-1899)) NW 4th Ave ((1-2299)) NW 4th Ct ((500-8598)) NW 4th Pl ((500-3899)) NW 4th St ((200-3899)) NW 5th Ave ((1-2999)) NW 5th Ct ((400-3899)) NW 5th Ln ((300-399)) NW 5th Pl ((3300-3699)) NW 5th St ((200-3999)) NW 6th Ave ((1-3099)) NW 6th Ct ((100-3999)) NW 6th Pl ((600-3899)) NW 6th St ((1-3899)) NW 6th Ter ((2200-2999)) NW 7th Ave ((1-2899)) NW 7th Ct ((1300-3899)) NW 7th Pl ((1300-3899)) NW 7th St ((1-3999)) NW 7th Ter ((400-1799)) NW 8th Ave ((1-2999)) NW 8th Ct ((800-3999)) NW 8th Pl ((1700-3999)) NW 8th Rd ((2800-3099)) NW 8th St ((1-3999)) NW 8th Ter ((2200-2299)) NW 9th Ave ((1-4399)) NW 9th Ct ((1700-3799)) NW 9th Ln ((1701-2899)) NW 9th Pl ((1200-2999)) NW 9th St ((1-3799)) NW 9th Ter ((1000-2999)) NW Oakland Ct ((2700-2899)) Oakland Park Blvd ((1500-1699)) Palm Ave ((1-4099)) Powerline Rd ((3045-4198)) S Dixie Ct ((900-1099)) Sistrunk Blvd ((2900-3099)) Somerset Dr ((2501-3299)) State Hwy 816 ((1-3999)) State Hwy 838 ((1-3898)) State Hwy 845 ((1000-4398)) SW 74th Ter ((2500-2799)) Tennis Club Dr ((600-6698)) Washington Dr ((2700-2898)) Washington Park Dr ((2700-2898)) W Dixie Ct ((200-399)) Willow Ave ((2701-2799)) Willow Ct ((3401-3499)) Willow Ln ((2700-3499)) Willow St ((3400-3498)) W Oakland Park Blvd ((1-5298)) W Sunrise Blvd ((1-3898))

    33311 Places and Attractions

    16th Street Shopping Center 6 Street Haitian Mission in Pompano African-American Research Library African - American Research Library and Cultural Center Alridge Post Office Apostle Faith Church of Jesus Arthur Robert Ashe Junior Middle School Ascension Child Care Center Assembly of God-Evangel Church Boulevard Gardens Boulevard Gardens Census Designated Place Browardale Broward County Sheriff's Office Broward County Sheriffs Office Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services Station 14 Broward Estates Broward Estates School BSO Public Safety Helistop Calvary Baptist Church Calvin School Church of Christ Sixth Street Church of Scientology Mission of Fort Lauderdale Church of the Intercession Episcopal Church of the Lord Jesus Cradle Nursery Dandy Middle School Delevoe Park Delevoe Park Dillard Elementary School Dillard High School Dillard Park Day Care Center Eagle Academy Charter School East Gate Park Emmaus Baptist Church Everglades Junior High School Faith Christian Academy Faith Tabernacle Fifteenth Street Church of Christ Fire Station Number 46 First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale First Baptist Church of West Hollywood Flamingo Village Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Station 2 and Station 8 Headquarters Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Station 46 Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School Fort Lauderdale Strip Shopping Center Franklin Park Franklin Park Census Designated Place Full Gospel Church of the Living God Golden Heights Census Designated Place (historical) Golden Heights Church of Christ Golf Estates Good Day School Grace Brethren Christian School Henderson Crisis Stabilization Unit Highway Church of Christ Interchange 29A and 29B Interchange 31A and 31B Jenada Isles Larkdale School Lauderdale Manors Baptist Church Lauderdale Manors Plaza Lauderdale Manors School Lauderdale Memorial Gardens Lauderhill Fire Rescue Station 110 Manor Shopping Center Mickel Field Middle River Middle River Vista Mitchell Memorial Highway Church of Christ Montessori Learning Center New Mount Olive Baptist Church North Fork School Northside Church of Christ Oakland Park Shopping Center Osswald Park Pace Center for Girls Palm Court Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Parkway School Pompano Beach Presbyterian Church Provident Hospital Road Rock Incorporated Heliport Rock Island Rock Island Census Designated Place (historical) Rock Island Elementary School Rock Island Village Rock Pit Lake Roosevelt Gardens Roosevelt Gardens Census Designated Place Royal Palms Park Sabal Palm Elementary School Saint Anthonys Rehabilitation Hospital Saint Clements School Saint George Saint Helen School Saint Johns Nursing and Rehabilitation Hospital Salem Seventh Day Adventist Community Center Seventh Day Adventist Church of Pompano Beach Seventh Day Adventist Church-Salem Smart School Charter Middle School Southwest Baptist Church Spiritual Guidance Society Sunland Park Sunland Park Elementary School Sunset Memorial Gardens Swap Shop Drive-In Thunderbird Heliport Thurgood Marshall Elementary School Tyrone Bryant Branch Library Unitarian Church in Fort Lauderdale Unity Church of Pompano Beach Von D Mizell Branch Library Walker School Washington Memorial Cemetery Washington Park Washington Park Census Designated Place Way of Life Assembly of God Church West Broward Hospital West Ken-Lark Census Designated Place (historical) WFTL-AM (Fort Lauderdale) William Dandy Middle School Wilton Plaza Windgate Oaks Center Wingate Park