Miami, FL 33180 ZIP Code Map


33180 Schools


  • Aventura Waterways K-8 Center
  • Aventura City Of Excellence School
  • Highland Oaks Middle School
  • Ojus Elementary School
  • Virginia A Boone-Highland Oaks School
  • 33180 Hotels

  • Courtyard by Marriott Aventura Mall
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Miami Aventura Mall
  • Turnberry Isle Miami
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    ZIP Code 33180 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33180 Street Addresses

    215 St ((2400-2599)) 215th St ((2400-2699)) Aventura Blvd ((2600-3099)) Bay Ct ((20900-20999)) Biscayne Blvd ((20600-21499)) Carmel Lake Rd ((1800-2599)) Collins Ave ((19053-19199)) Delvista Ct ((20200-20399)) E Country Club Dr ((19200-720599)) E Dixie Hwy ((20200-21499)) Harbor Way ((21200-21252)) Helmsman Dr ((21114-21199)) Hidden Bay Dr ((3330-3398)) Ives Dairy Rd ((2700-2999)) Jib Ct ((21100-21198)) Leeward Ct ((20900-20999)) Magellan Cir ((3500-3599)) Mainsail Cir ((21100-21199)) Marina Cove Cir ((21300-21399)) Mystic Pointe Dr ((3401-19199)) N Country Club Dr ((3100-35799)) NE 185th St ((2300-3099)) NE 186th St ((2100-2699)) NE 186th Ter ((2600-2699)) NE 187th St ((2326-2899)) NE 188th St ((2300-3399)) NE 189th St ((2600-2699)) NE 189th Ter ((2600-2699)) NE 190th St ((2500-3399)) NE 190th Ter ((2600-2699)) NE 191st St ((2200-19199)) NE 192nd St ((2200-3899)) NE 193rd St ((2300-2799)) NE 194th St ((2300-2451)) NE 195th Ln ((3600-3699)) NE 195th St ((2300-2699)) NE 195th Ter ((3683-3699)) NE 196th St ((2300-2499)) NE 197th St ((2200-2499)) NE 199th St ((2400-3799)) NE 199th Ter ((3868-3999)) NE 200th St ((2400-3799)) NE 201st St ((2200-3799)) NE 201st Ter ((2700-2999)) NE 202nd St ((2100-2651)) NE 203rd St ((2100-2999)) NE 203rd Ter ((2200-2299)) NE 203 St ((2400-2431)) NE 204th Ter ((2600-2699)) NE 205th St ((2600-2699)) NE 206th Ln ((2500-2599)) NE 206th St ((2600-2799)) NE 206th Ter ((2500-2599)) NE 207th St ((2145-3899)) NE 207th Ter ((2500-3799)) NE 208th St ((2700-3799)) NE 208th Ter ((2500-3799)) NE 209th St ((2300-2999)) NE 209th Ter ((2400-3899)) NE 210th Ln ((3400-3498)) NE 210th St ((2900-3499)) NE 210th Ter ((3400-3499)) NE 211 St ((3100-3199)) NE 211th St ((2138-21056)) NE 211th Ter ((2600-20971)) NE 212th St ((2201-2299)) NE 212th Ter ((2333-2699)) NE 213th St ((2600-3799)) NE 213th Ter ((2333-2399)) NE 214th St ((2300-3899)) NE 214th Ter ((2600-2998)) NE 215th St ((2200-2698)) NE 21st Ct ((2480-20399)) NE 22nd Ave ((2480-20699)) NE 22nd Ct ((19900-21199)) NE 22nd Pl ((20349-20699)) NE 23rd Ave ((19200-21499)) NE 23rd Ct ((18500-21499)) NE 24th Ave ((19600-21199)) NE 24th Ct ((18600-21499)) NE 24th Pl ((18600-18699)) NE 25th Ave ((18700-192098)) NE 25th Ct ((20100-21399)) NE 25th Pl ((18600-20699)) NE 26th Ave ((19300-21499)) NE 26th Ct ((18967-19099)) NE 27th Ave ((20450-21498)) NE 27th Ct ((20100-21128)) NE 28th Ave ((20600-21199)) NE 28th Ct ((18500-21399)) NE 29th Ave ((18700-21399)) NE 29th Ct ((20150-20299)) NE 29th Pl ((20201-20299)) NE 30th Ave ((20201-20998)) NE 30th Ct ((18339-20999)) NE 30th Pl ((18345-20999)) NE 31st Ave ((21001-21299)) NE 31st Pl ((20700-20944)) NE 32nd Pl ((20701-20845)) NE 33rd Ave ((21100-21299)) NE 34th Ave ((20100-21299)) NE 34th Ct ((20200-21098)) NE 34th Pl ((21001-21099)) NE 36th Pl ((19563-20099)) NE 37th Ave ((19500-21499)) NE 37th Ct ((19900-20999)) NE 37th Pl ((20700-20899)) NE 38th Ave ((2101-21499)) NE 38th Ct ((19901-19999)) NE 39th Pl ((19900-20199)) Point Pl ((21001-21499)) Porto Vita Way ((19901-19999)) State Hwy 854 ((2100-2799)) State Hwy 856 ((2900-3899)) State Hwy 860 ((2200-2699)) SW 11th St ((2500-2570)) SW 209th St ((8100-8199)) SW 81st Pl ((20900-20999)) SW 84th Ct ((20900-20998)) Turnberry Way ((19200-19899)) US Hwy 1 ((20600-21499)) Waterways Blvd ((2701-3899)) W Country Club Dr ((19000-20599)) W Dixie Hwy ((18600-21498)) Yacht Club Dr ((3500-3799)) Yacht Club Way ((3500-3599))

    33180 Places and Attractions

    Aventura Aventura Charter Elementary School Aventura Heliport Aventura Hospital and Medical Center Aventura Mall Aventura Mall Aventura Montessori School Aventura Police Station Avenutura Post Office Beth Torah Adath Yeshurun City of Aventura Coes Trailer Court Coes Trailer Park Dixie Mobile Court Enchanted Lake First Baptist Church of Ojos First Baptist of Ojus Child Care Fort Apache Marina Golden Shores Greynolds Park Highland Oaks Elementary School Highland Oaks Junior High School Highland Oaks Park Highland Oaks School High Lift Marina Hillel Community Jewish Day School and High School Jewish Community Center Michael and Ann Russell Branch Jewish High School of South Florida Landmark Mobile Home Park Loehmann's Fashion Island Shopping Center Lone Pines Mobile Village Mariner Sands Country Club Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 8 Miami Gardens Fire Station Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center Michael Ann Russell Jewish Community Day Care Center New Bethel Temple Day Care Northeast Library Ojus Ojus Community Center Ojus Elementary School Ojus Park Ojus Post Office Ojus School Palm Garden Regents Park at Aventura Rosenblum Synagogue School Saint Lawrence Child Care Center Saint Lawrence Church Saint Lawrence School Saint Lawrence School Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School Shoppes at the Waterways Sinai Academy Solomon Schecter Day School of North Dade Sparling Lake Spirit of Christ Child Development Center Sun Haven of Aventura Sun Swept Isles Tauber School at Aventura Temple Sinai Temple Sinai Preschool The Cloisters of the Ancient Spanish Monastery The Promenade Shops Turnberry Isle Country Club Virginia A Boone-Highland Oaks School Waterways Marina Waterways Shoppes West Greynolds Park West Lake