Miami, FL 33169 ZIP Code Map


33169 Schools


  • Miami Norland Senior High School
  • Norland Middle School
  • Scott Lake Elementary School
  • Parkway Elementary School
  • Norwood Elementary School
  • Norland Elementary School
  • Hibiscus Elementary School
  • Biscayne Gardens Elementary
  • 33169 Hotels

  • Holidays Golden Glades Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Roma Golden Glades Resort
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    ZIP Code 33169 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33169 Street Addresses

    Atlantic Ave ((148-285)) Atlantic Isle ((148-285)) Chapel St ((300-499)) East Dr ((1-17299)) Golden Glades Dr ((1-199)) Honey Hill Dr ((3200-3898)) Memorial Hwy ((15000-15399)) N Biscayne River Dr ((200-699)) NE 163rd St ((1-199)) NE 167th St ((1-199)) N Miami Ave ((15100-21499)) N Seaboard Rd ((200-499)) NW 10th Ave ((16500-20699)) NW 10th Ct ((15100-19299)) NW 10th Pl ((18856-20199)) NW 10th Rd ((18500-18836)) NW 119th St ((1600-1624)) NW 11th Ave ((17025-20699)) NW 11th Ct ((18700-20699)) NW 11th Pl ((18600-18899)) NW 11th Rd ((18600-18899)) NW 12th Ave ((15100-20699)) NW 12th Ct ((17000-20699)) NW 12th Pl ((19900-20699)) NW 13th Ave ((15700-20699)) NW 13th Ct ((17536-20699)) NW 13th Pl ((19500-19649)) NW 14th Ave ((16800-20599)) NW 14th Avenue Rd ((18800-19199)) NW 14th Ct ((17626-20599)) NW 14th Pl ((17624-20699)) NW 151st St ((1-1299)) NW 152nd St ((1-672)) NW 153rd St ((229-1119)) NW 154th St ((1-199)) NW 155th Dr ((1300-15709)) NW 155th Ln ((700-1266)) NW 155th Ter ((1300-1699)) NW 156th St ((1-199)) NW 157th St ((200-699)) NW 158th St ((1-199)) NW 159th Dr ((800-1199)) NW 159th St ((1-1650)) NW 15th Ave ((15550-20699)) NW 15th Ct ((17627-17899)) NW 160th St ((1-199)) NW 161st St ((1-599)) NW 162nd St ((1-199)) NW 163rd Dr ((1000-1299)) NW 163rd St ((1200-1600)) NW 164th St ((1-299)) NW 165th St ((1100-1699)) NW 165th Street Rd ((1-16499)) NW 166th St ((1-999)) NW 167th St ((100-1699)) NW 167th Ter ((723-899)) NW 168th Dr ((726-899)) NW 168th St ((1-199)) NW 168th Ter ((750-1699)) NW 169th St ((1-87)) NW 16th Ave ((17001-18299)) NW 16th Ct ((15550-16699)) NW 170th St ((1-799)) NW 170th Ter ((700-1698)) NW 171st St ((1-1399)) NW 171st Ter ((48-17199)) NW 172nd St ((700-1399)) NW 172nd Ter ((726-1699)) NW 173rd St ((1-24)) NW 173rd Ter ((800-1599)) NW 174th St ((824-1599)) NW 175th Dr ((700-799)) NW 175th St ((200-1699)) NW 175th Ter ((900-1699)) NW 176th St ((1-199)) NW 176th Ter ((700-1699)) NW 177th St ((200-699)) NW 177th Ter ((700-1349)) NW 178th Ter ((700-1399)) NW 179th St ((200-1699)) NW 179th Ter ((225-1699)) NW 17th Ave ((19001-19099)) NW 180th Ter ((900-1699)) NW 181st St ((1-1599)) NW 181st Ter ((700-829)) NW 182nd St ((900-1599)) NW 182nd Ter ((200-675)) NW 183rd Dr ((747-1049)) NW 183rd St ((1-1699)) NW 183rd Ter ((1-699)) NW 184th Dr ((700-1199)) NW 184th Ter ((1-649)) NW 185th Dr ((700-1099)) NW 185th St ((545-699)) NW 185th Ter ((1-1199)) NW 186th Dr ((700-948)) NW 186th St ((250-1299)) NW 186th Ter ((1-99)) NW 187th Dr ((700-799)) NW 187th St ((100-1299)) NW 188th Dr ((700-799)) NW 188th St ((1-1449)) NW 188th Ter ((1150-1699)) NW 189th St ((1-654)) NW 189th Ter ((1-1699)) NW 190th St ((1-1449)) NW 191st St ((1-1499)) NW 191st Ter ((1600-1699)) NW 192nd St ((1-1499)) NW 192nd Ter ((1200-1699)) NW 193rd St ((1-1699)) NW 193rd Ter ((1-1499)) NW 194th St ((500-1499)) NW 194th Ter ((250-899)) NW 195th St ((1-1699)) NW 195th Ter ((200-699)) NW 196th St ((1-1499)) NW 196th Ter ((700-1499)) NW 197th St ((1-1457)) NW 197th Ter ((700-1099)) NW 198th St ((1-1454)) NW 199th St ((1-3898)) NW 1st Ave ((16500-20899)) NW 1st Ct ((19344-20799)) NW 1st Pl ((19100-19899)) NW 200th St ((700-1598)) NW 200th Ter ((700-1299)) NW 201st St ((300-1199)) NW 202nd St ((700-1599)) NW 202nd Ter ((25-1199)) NW 203rd St ((400-1599)) NW 203rd Ter ((1-349)) NW 204th St ((1-1499)) NW 204th Ter ((101-399)) NW 205th St ((900-1298)) NW 205th Ter ((36-399)) NW 206th St ((801-1499)) NW 206th Ter ((1-1299)) NW 207th St ((1-1599)) NW 208th St ((100-141)) NW 209th St ((30-199)) NW 209th Ter ((1-79)) NW 210th St ((300-899)) NW 212th St ((1-79)) NW 213th Ln ((800-899)) NW 213th Ter ((800-899)) NW 214th St ((400-999)) NW 2nd Ave ((15300-21499)) NW 2nd Ct ((15400-20699)) NW 2nd Pl ((15400-19799)) NW 3rd Ave ((16400-20699)) NW 3rd Ct ((19549-20359)) NW 3rd Pl ((19900-20099)) NW 4th Ave ((16764-20699)) NW 5th Ave ((15100-19899)) NW 5th Ct ((17936-19799)) NW 5th Pl ((19100-19799)) NW 6th Ave ((15651-20299)) NW 6th Ct ((17935-19899)) NW 6th Pl ((17900-19799)) NW 7th Ave ((15100-21399)) NW 7th Avenue Rd ((16700-17199)) NW 7th Ct ((17934-20698)) NW 7th Pl ((17934-18121)) NW 8th Ave ((16400-20699)) NW 8th Ct ((18600-20599)) NW 8th Pl ((17720-21399)) NW 8th Rd ((18400-18699)) NW 9th Ave ((16740-20599)) NW 9th Ct ((17030-21399)) NW 9th Hwy ((15803-15899)) NW 9th Pl ((17000-21399)) NW Miami Ct ((17100-21499)) NW Miami Pl ((20700-20899)) NW Sunshine State Pkwy ((17500-18299)) NW Sunshine State Pkwy E ((19100-19699)) NW Sunshine State Pkwy W ((17200-18299)) Park Centre Blvd ((900-1199)) S Biscayne River Dr ((200-14998)) S River Dr ((15101-15399)) State Hwy 826 ((1-17399)) State Hwy 854 ((1-1599)) State Hwy 860 ((1250-1499)) State Hwy 9 ((15803-15851)) US Hwy 441 ((15100-21499))

    33169 Places and Attractions

    Ames Shopping Center Andover Andover Census Designated Place (historical) Andover Golf Estates Andover Lakes Andover Lakes Estates Andover Park Baby Nursery Christian Day Care Center Bailey Day Care Center Belfon Day Care Center Bethany Lutheran Day Care Center Bethany Lutheran Kindergarten Biscayne Canal Biscayne Gardens Biscayne Gardens Day Care Center Children's Academy Preschool Number 2 Cloverleaf Park County Square Shopping Center District Instructional Center 3 District Instructional Center 4 Doreens School Evangel Church First Alliance Church Galaxy School Golden Gates Toll Plaza Golden Glades Census Designated Place Golden Glades Interchange 1 Golden Glades Regional Medical Center Golden Glades Station Golden Glades Unit Hampton Court Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Hebraica Miami Community Center Hibiscus School Holy Family Church Interchange 12A Interchange 12B interchange 12C Jackson North Medical Center John F Kennedy Head Start Kaleidoscope Kids Day Center Kennedy Plaza Lewis Day Care Center Metropolitan Day Care Center Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 38 Miami Gardens Church of Christ Miami Gardens Police Department Miami General Hospital Miami-Norland High School Miami Park Railroad Station Miami Plantation Railroad Station Monsignor Edward Pace High School Norland Norland Census Designated Place (historical) Norland Methodist Preschool Norland Methodist Preschool Norland Middle School Norland Post Office Norland School North Dade Community Church North Dade Optimists Club Park North Dade Regional Academy Norwood Elementary School Norwood Landfill Norwood Park Norwood School Norwood Shopping Center Parkway Elementary School Parkway Regional Medical Center Heliport Parkway School Pearson Day Care Center Pentecostal Tabernacle North Miami Plaza Executive Center Robert King High Preschool Rolling Oaks Park Saint Timothy Lutheran Church Preschool Scott Lake Scott Lake School Scott Park Shoppes at Concorde Centre Sierra Norwood Child Development Center Sierra Norwood Child Development Center Small Fry School - First Campus Small Talk Academy Sunshine Day Care Center Sunshine Day Care Center Sunshine State Industrial Park Trinity International University Library WBFS-TV (Miami) WEDR-FM (Miami) WFLC-FM (Miami) WHQT-FM (Coral Gables) WHYI-FM (Fort Lauderdale) Williams Day Care Center WLRN-TV (Miami) WLTV-TV (Miami) WLVE-FM (Miami Beach) WLYF-FM (Miami) WMXJ-FM (Pompano Beach) WPBT-TV (Miami) WPLG-TV (Miami) WPOW-FM (Miami) WQBA-FM (Miami) WSCV-TV (Fort Lauderdale) WSHE-FM (Fort Lauderdale) WSVN-TV (Miami) WTMI-FM (Miami) WTVJ-TV (Miami) WYHS-TV (Hollywood) WZTA-FM (Miami Beach)