Miami, FL 33165 ZIP Code Map


33165 Schools


  • Bridgepoint Academy
  • Pinecrest Cove Academy
  • Miami Coral Park High Adult Education
  • Prek Intervention
  • Southwest Miami Adult & Community Education Center
  • Doral Middle School
  • Southwest Miami Senior High
  • Miami Coral Park Senior High
  • Rockway Middle School
  • Riviera Middle School
  • Tropical Elementary School
  • Royal Palm Elementary School
  • Rockway Elementary School
  • Olympia Heights Elementary School
  • Cypress Elementary School
  • Blue Lakes Elementary School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 33165 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33165 Street Addresses

    29th Ter ((10800-10849)) Jose Canseco St ((8700-10499)) Miller Dr ((8700-8899)) Miller Rd ((8700-11699)) NW 51st St ((10300-10349)) NW 53rd St ((10300-10349)) Oak Ln ((5000-5599)) State Hwy 972 ((8700-11699)) State Hwy 973 ((1600-5599)) State Hwy 976 ((8700-11699)) State Hwy 985 ((1-5599)) SW 100th Ave ((1600-4718)) SW 100th Ct ((2000-5099)) SW 101st Ave ((1600-5499)) SW 101st Ct ((2400-3199)) SW 102nd Ave ((1600-5599)) SW 102nd Ct ((1700-5299)) SW 102nd Pl ((1600-5299)) SW 103rd Ave ((300-5599)) SW 103rd Ct ((2000-4299)) SW 103rd Pl ((1700-5599)) SW 104th Ave ((1700-5599)) SW 104th Ct ((1700-5599)) SW 104th Pl ((1700-4199)) SW 105th Ave ((2400-3599)) SW 105th Ct ((2000-3899)) SW 106th Ave ((2800-5599)) SW 106th Ct ((2000-2399)) SW 107th Ave ((1-5599)) SW 107th Ct ((2500-4399)) SW 107th Pl ((4000-4199)) SW 108th Ave ((2400-4799)) SW 108th Ct ((2401-4199)) SW 108th Pl ((2400-2999)) SW 109th Ave ((2400-3999)) SW 109th Ct ((2400-4799)) SW 110th Ave ((2400-5599)) SW 110th Ct ((3200-5499)) SW 111th Ave ((2400-5598)) SW 111th Ct ((2600-3399)) SW 112th Ave ((2400-5599)) SW 112th Ct ((2401-5599)) SW 112th Pl ((2400-5299)) SW 113th Ave ((2600-5299)) SW 113th Ct ((2400-5199)) SW 113th Pl ((2400-5599)) SW 114th Ave ((2400-5099)) SW 114th Ct ((3301-5499)) SW 115th Ave ((2400-5699)) SW 115th Ct ((3300-3399)) SW 116th Ave ((4000-5499)) SW 116th Pl ((3200-3499)) SW 16th St ((8700-10499)) SW 16th Ter ((8700-9998)) SW 17th St ((8800-10799)) SW 17th Ter ((8800-9499)) SW 18th St ((8700-8999)) SW 18th Ter ((8800-9699)) SW 19th St ((8800-10499)) SW 19th Ter ((8700-8799)) SW 20th St ((8700-10499)) SW 20th Ter ((8700-10699)) SW 21st Ln ((10500-10699)) SW 21st St ((8700-10499)) SW 21st Ter ((8700-10499)) SW 22nd Ln ((10500-10699)) SW 22nd St ((9700-10499)) SW 22nd Ter ((9200-10699)) SW 23rd Ln ((9000-9099)) SW 23rd St ((9900-10499)) SW 23rd Ter ((9800-10699)) SW 24th St ((8700-11699)) SW 24th Ter ((100-11398)) SW 25th Dr ((9400-9599)) SW 25th St ((8700-11198)) SW 25th Ter ((11200-11399)) SW 26th Dr ((9400-9599)) SW 26th St ((9000-11399)) SW 26th Ter ((9800-10899)) SW 27th Dr ((9400-9599)) SW 27th St ((8700-11399)) SW 27th Ter ((9800-10099)) SW 28th St ((8700-11699)) SW 28th Ter ((9000-91113)) SW 29th St ((9500-11499)) SW 29th Ter ((9000-9599)) SW 30th St ((9700-11399)) SW 30th Ter ((9000-9599)) SW 31st St ((10700-10799)) SW 31st Ter ((9000-9999)) SW 32nd Ln ((11400-11699)) SW 32nd St ((8700-11699)) SW 33rd Circle Pl ((11200-11299)) SW 33rd Ln ((11400-11499)) SW 33rd St ((10000-11299)) SW 33rd Ter ((11500-11699)) SW 34th Ln ((11200-11699)) SW 34th St ((8700-11199)) SW 34th Ter ((9800-9899)) SW 35th Ln ((11400-11599)) SW 35th St ((9200-10899)) SW 35th Ter ((9800-11299)) SW 36th St ((8700-11199)) SW 37th St ((9200-11199)) SW 37th Ter ((9700-10399)) SW 38th Ln ((11000-11099)) SW 38th St ((8700-11199)) SW 38th Ter ((9900-10999)) SW 39th St ((9200-9699)) SW 39th Ter ((9900-10199)) SW 40th St ((8700-11699)) SW 40th Ter ((8900-11599)) SW 41st St ((8700-11499)) SW 41st Ter ((8700-11699)) SW 42nd St ((8700-11599)) SW 42nd Ter ((8700-11499)) SW 43rd Ln ((10700-11599)) SW 43rd St ((8700-11599)) SW 43rd Ter ((8700-11699)) SW 44th St ((8900-11499)) SW 44th Ter ((10400-10599)) SW 45th St ((8900-11699)) SW 45th Ter ((8900-10299)) SW 46th St ((9700-11499)) SW 46th Ter ((9000-10599)) SW 47th St ((9500-11599)) SW 47th Ter ((8900-11699)) SW 48th St ((8700-11499)) SW 48th Ter ((8900-10899)) SW 49th St ((8700-11399)) SW 49th Ter ((10700-11599)) SW 50th St ((8700-11399)) SW 50th Ter ((8800-11499)) SW 51st Dr ((10700-10799)) SW 51st St ((8700-11699)) SW 51st Ter ((9300-11099)) SW 52nd Dr ((10800-11099)) SW 52nd St ((8700-11499)) SW 52nd Ter ((9200-11599)) SW 53rd Dr ((10900-11099)) SW 53rd St ((8700-11199)) SW 53rd Ter ((9700-11699)) SW 54th St ((8700-10599)) SW 54th Ter ((8700-8899)) SW 55th St ((9300-11599)) SW 55th Ter ((10700-10799)) SW 56th St ((8700-11699)) SW 87th Ave ((1600-5599)) SW 87th Ct ((1600-5499)) SW 87th Pl ((1600-5099)) SW 88th Ave ((1600-4499)) SW 88th Ct ((3200-5399)) SW 88th Pl ((3200-5599)) SW 89th Ave ((1900-5599)) SW 89th Ct ((2100-5599)) SW 89th Pl ((1600-5599)) SW 89th Way ((4700-4799)) SW 90th Ave ((1600-4799)) SW 90th Ct ((4800-5599)) SW 91st Ave ((3200-5599)) SW 92nd Ave ((1600-5599)) SW 92nd Ct ((1700-3399)) SW 92nd Pl ((1600-3399)) SW 93rd Ave ((1900-5599)) SW 93rd Ct ((1600-5599)) SW 93rd Pl ((1700-3399)) SW 94th Ave ((1600-5399)) SW 94th Ct ((1800-5599)) SW 94th Pl ((3200-3399)) SW 95th Ave ((1829-5099)) SW 95th Ct ((1800-5599)) SW 95th Rd ((2400-2699)) SW 96th Ave ((1600-5599)) SW 97th Ave ((301-5599)) SW 97th Ct ((1600-5599)) SW 97th Pl ((1600-4399)) SW 98th Ave ((1600-5599)) SW 98th Avenue Rd ((4800-5299)) SW 98th Ct ((1600-5499)) SW 98th Pl ((2000-4999)) SW 99th Ave ((1600-5599)) SW 99th Ct ((1100-5499)) SW 99th Pl ((1600-5599)) Westwood Lake Dr ((4800-11099))

    33165 Places and Attractions

    Bird Road Baptist Church Bluebird Lake Blue Lake Blue Lakes Elementary Prime Time School Blue Lakes Elementary School Blue Lakes Park Briarcliffe College Calvary Church Care A Lot Day Care Center Christopher Columbus High School Concord Park Concord Shopping Center Coral 97th Plaza Coral Park Baptist Church Coral Park Day School and Kindergarten Coral Village Church Cypress Elementary School Elba Lemus Family Day Care Home First Baptist Church Westwood Lake First Infant University Florida Christian Elementary School Florida Christian School Francisco Baldor School Francisco Baldor School Gateway Baptist Church Great Beginnings Day Care Center Grove Gate Shopping Center Happy Faces Dade County Day Care Center Happy Faces of Westwood Day Care Center Kiddie Day Care Kids Paradise Day Care Center Kid Station Day Care Center Kid Station Day Care Center Little Bird Kindergarten and Day Care Little Village Academy Loyola College Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 47 Miami-Dade County Tamiami Stadium Heliport Miller Drive Park Montessori Childrens Academy My Garden's Friend Day Care Center Noah's Ark Christian Child Care Center Olga Music and Day Care Center Olympia Heights Olympia Heights Census Designated Place Olympia Heights Church Olympia Heights Elementary School Olympia Heights Post Office Olympia Heights United Methodist Kindergarten and Day Care Center Pebbles Day Care Center Perez Family Day Care Home Peter Pan Child Care and Learning Center Petit Carousel Day Care Center Pioneer Park Play and Learn Child Care Center Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana de Westwood Lake Riveria Junior High School Rockway Elementary School Rockway Junior High School Rockway Park Roxy Performing Arts Center Royal Palm Elementary School Saint Brendan Church Saint Brendan School Saint John Vianney College Seminary Saint John Vianney College Seminary Maytag Memorial Library Saint Simons Church Saint Thomas Academy Saint Thomas University South Dade Center Saint Timothy School Smiling Faces Day Care Center Southwest Miami Adult School Southwest Miami Senior High School Tamiami Park Stadium The Growing and Learning Center Tiny Town Day Care Center Town Park Estates Trinity Church Trinity Church Trinity Presbyterian School Tropical Estates Park Tropical School University Park University Park Census Designated Place Westchester Census Designated Place West Dade Regional Library and Governement Center Westwood Christian Day School Elementary Westwood Christian School Westwood Lake Westwood Lake Westwood Lake First Baptist Church Westwood Lakes Census Designated Place Westwood Lake South Westwood Park