Miami, FL 33162 ZIP Code Map


33162 Schools


  • Mavericks High Of North Miami Dade County
  • Primary Learning Center C
  • North Miami Beach Senior High
  • John F. Kennedy Middle School
  • Gertrude K. Edleman/Sabal Palm Elementary School
  • Oak Grove Elementary School
  • Greynolds Park Elementary School
  • Fulford Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 33162 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33162 Street Addresses

    Biscayne Blvd ((17612-17898)) East Dr ((2-17299)) Miami Dr ((1800-16799)) NE 10th Ave ((15100-18499)) NE 10th Ct ((15100-18249)) NE 11th Ave ((15900-17499)) NE 11th Ct ((15100-17749)) NE 12th Ave ((15100-18499)) NE 12th Ct ((16200-17499)) NE 13th Ave ((10401-18299)) NE 14th Ave ((15100-18299)) NE 14th Ct ((15100-16799)) NE 151st St ((1-3099)) NE 151st Ter ((1000-1599)) NE 152nd St ((1-1599)) NE 152nd Ter ((1000-1599)) NE 153rd St ((701-2099)) NE 153rd Ter ((800-1599)) NE 154th St ((1-2099)) NE 154th Ter ((1014-1899)) NE 155th St ((700-2199)) NE 155th Ter ((400-1599)) NE 156th St ((1-1399)) NE 156th Ter ((800-1499)) NE 157th St ((400-1499)) NE 157th Ter ((400-1999)) NE 158th St ((1-1999)) NE 159th St ((1-2199)) NE 15th Ave ((15500-18499)) NE 15th Ct ((15100-15799)) NE 15th Pl ((15500-15799)) NE 160th St ((1-2199)) NE 160th Ter ((200-1199)) NE 161st St ((1-2199)) NE 161st Ter ((1000-1199)) NE 162nd St ((1-2199)) NE 163rd St ((1-2299)) NE 164th St ((1-2299)) NE 164th Ter ((200-799)) NE 165th St ((1-2099)) NE 165th Ter ((1000-1199)) NE 166th St ((1-1199)) NE 167th St ((1-2199)) NE 168th St ((1-2199)) NE 168th Ter ((246-499)) NE 169th St ((1-2199)) NE 169th Ter ((100-1199)) NE 16th Ave ((15100-18299)) NE 170th St ((1-2199)) NE 170th Ter ((1000-1099)) NE 171st St ((1-2199)) NE 171st Ter ((1-1299)) NE 172nd St ((1-2199)) NE 172nd Ter ((600-1099)) NE 173rd St ((1-2199)) NE 173rd Ter ((600-899)) NE 174th Dr ((1-99)) NE 174th St ((100-2199)) NE 175th St ((100-1999)) NE 175th Ter ((200-599)) NE 176th St ((300-1999)) NE 176th Ter ((1000-1239)) NE 177th St ((400-1999)) NE 177th Ter ((1000-1299)) NE 178th St ((400-1999)) NE 178th Ter ((624-1179)) NE 179th Dr ((500-599)) NE 179th St ((1-2199)) NE 179th Ter ((648-1139)) NE 17th Ave ((15700-18299)) NE 180th Dr ((300-599)) NE 180th St ((600-2199)) NE 180th Ter ((1000-1102)) NE 181st St ((1-2199)) NE 182nd St ((700-2199)) NE 182nd Ter ((800-999)) NE 183rd St ((1-999)) NE 18th Ave ((15100-18299)) NE 18th Ct ((15748-16299)) NE 18th Pl ((601-16299)) NE 19th Ave ((16300-18499)) NE 19th Ct ((15400-16299)) NE 19th Pl ((15700-16299)) NE 1st Ave ((16500-17529)) NE 1st Ct ((15200-18099)) NE 1st St ((17201-17299)) NE 20th Ave ((16300-18299)) NE 21st Ave ((15100-18299)) NE 22nd Ave ((17900-18315)) NE 2nd Ave ((15100-17699)) NE 2nd Ct ((17100-18499)) NE 3rd Ave ((15900-17699)) NE 3rd Ct ((16700-917298)) NE 4th Ave ((15500-17799)) NE 4th Ct ((15544-18499)) NE 4th Pl ((16700-17399)) NE 5th Ave ((15001-17699)) NE 5th Ct ((15500-17699)) NE 6th Ave ((15066-18099)) NE 6th Ct ((16800-17999)) NE 6th Pl ((17348-20346)) NE 7th Ave ((15100-17699)) NE 7th Ct ((16900-18299)) NE 7th Pl ((17500-17699)) NE 8th Ave ((15100-18499)) NE 8th Ct ((16048-17699)) NE 8th Pl ((16800-17699)) NE 9th Ave ((15100-17699)) NE 9th Ct ((15100-18249)) NE 9th Pl ((16000-18099)) N Glades Dr ((1700-18299)) N Miami Ave ((16101-16199)) N Miami Beach Blvd ((800-1099)) NW Miami Ct ((18100-18299)) S Glades Dr ((1700-18399)) State Hwy 826 ((1-3398)) State Hwy 860 ((1-999)) State Hwy 909 ((15100-15999)) State Hwy 915 ((15066-18099)) Sunny Isles Blvd ((2300-29635)) US Hwy 1 ((17612-17898)) W Dixie Hwy ((15100-15999))

    33162 Places and Attractions

    19th Place Park Academia Rico Allen Park Allison Academy Aqua Bowl Park Azolina Young Family Day Care Center Beth Torah School Beth Torah Synagogue Brave Day Care Center Briar Bay Convenience Center Centro Educational Angel E Fuster School Chandler Academy City of North Miami Beach Donalds Day Care Fulford Christian Day Care Fulford School Gingerbread House Day Nursery Greynolds Park School Hazel Crawford Day Care Center Hebrew Home for the Aged - North Dade Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Center John F Kennedy Junior High School Kennedy Junior High School Lincoln-Marti Nursery School Littman Park Mall at 163rd Street Mall at 163rd Street Mall at 163rd Street McArthur Day Care Center Miami Aerospace Academy Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 31 Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 32 Miami Gardens-441 Shopping Center Miami Industrial Park Nance School Neal Park Northeast Academy North Miami Beach North Miami Beach Library North Miami Beach Police Department - Neighborhood Resource Center North Miami Beach Police Station North Miami Beach Presbyterian Church Day Care Center North Miami Beach Senior High School North Miami Beach Surgical Center Nova Southeastern University Fischer Center Oak Grove Park Oak Grove School Pan American Institute Primary Learning Center C Royal Galdes Canal Sabal Palm School Saint John Boscos Kindergarten Sauls Park Schreiber Promenade Shenkenbeger Park Skylake Mall Small Fry Educational Center Snake Creek Park Sonia Garbutt Day Care Center Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine Southeastern Medical Center Temple Samu-el Early Childhood Educational Program Terrys Day Nursery The Little Sailors School Toras Emes Academy of Miami Uleta Park Uleta Park Community School Uleta Post Office Victory Park Washington Park Watercrest Care Center Yale Preschool Yale Preschool