Miami, FL 33161 ZIP Code Map


33161 Schools


  • Archcreek Elementary School
  • Aspira Raul Arnaldo Martinez Charter School
  • Linda Lentin K-8 Center
  • North Miami Senior Adult Education
  • North Miami Senior High School
  • North Miami Middle School
  • North Miami Elementary School
  • W. J. Bryan Elementary
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    ZIP Code 33161 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33161 Street Addresses

    Arch Creek Rd ((12300-12999)) Biscayne Blvd ((10600-11099)) Griffing Blvd ((10700-13099)) Memorial Hwy ((13100-15399)) N Bayshore Dr ((10701-11099)) NE 106th St ((1001-1998)) NE 107th St ((1-1199)) NE 108th St ((1-1699)) NE 109th St ((1-1699)) NE 10th Ave ((10800-15099)) NE 10th Ct ((14700-15099)) NE 10th Pl ((10800-10899)) NE 110th St ((1-1699)) NE 110th Ter ((200-1699)) NE 111th St ((1-1566)) NE 112th St ((200-1299)) NE 113th St ((200-1199)) NE 113th Ter ((1200-1299)) NE 114th St ((200-1049)) NE 114th Ter ((1300-1399)) NE 115th St ((1-1399)) NE 116th St ((1-1599)) NE 117th St ((1-1599)) NE 117th Ter ((1200-1399)) NE 118th St ((1-1599)) NE 118th Ter ((200-1599)) NE 119th St ((1-1399)) NE 119th Ter ((300-399)) NE 11th Ave ((10800-15099)) NE 11th Ct ((10800-15099)) NE 11th Pl ((11100-12499)) NE 120th St ((100-1099)) NE 120th Ter ((1200-1299)) NE 121st St ((1-1899)) NE 121st Ter ((100-399)) NE 122nd St ((100-1099)) NE 122nd Ter ((1200-1299)) NE 123rd St ((100-1646)) NE 123rd Ter ((1-799)) NE 124th St ((1-1599)) NE 124th Ter ((1-71)) NE 125th St ((1-1599)) NE 125th Ter ((1400-1599)) NE 126th St ((301-1199)) NE 127th St ((40-1599)) NE 127th Ter ((1-99)) NE 128th St ((1-1599)) NE 128th Ter ((44-199)) NE 129th St ((48-1599)) NE 12th Ave ((10800-15099)) NE 12th Ct ((11700-12498)) NE 12th Pl ((12200-12399)) NE 130th St ((1-1599)) NE 131st Ln ((1500-1599)) NE 131st Rd ((1401-1599)) NE 131st St ((1-1599)) NE 132nd Rd ((1400-1599)) NE 132nd St ((1-1399)) NE 132nd Ter ((46-599)) NE 133rd Rd ((1400-1499)) NE 133rd St ((44-1399)) NE 134th Rd ((1400-1499)) NE 134th St ((1-1399)) NE 135th St ((1-1599)) NE 135th Ter ((1200-1299)) NE 136th St ((444-1599)) NE 136th Ter ((1200-1299)) NE 137th St ((400-1599)) NE 137th Ter ((1200-1299)) NE 138th St ((300-1599)) NE 139th St ((1-1599)) NE 139th Ter ((132-199)) NE 13th Ave ((10800-13999)) NE 140th St ((400-1599)) NE 141st St ((1-1599)) NE 142nd St ((100-1599)) NE 143rd St ((1-1599)) NE 144th St ((400-1599)) NE 145th St ((400-1599)) NE 146th St ((1-1599)) NE 146th Ter ((300-499)) NE 147th St ((548-1599)) NE 147th Ter ((300-499)) NE 148th St ((1-1599)) NE 149th St ((500-1599)) NE 14th Ave ((11000-15099)) NE 150th St ((1-1599)) NE 15th Ave ((12502-14299)) NE 15th Ct ((13600-13699)) NE 16th Ave ((11600-16799)) NE 1st Ave ((11500-14198)) NE 1st Ct ((12400-12699)) NE 2nd Ave ((10650-15127)) NE 2nd Ct ((10700-14799)) NE 2nd Pl ((10700-14399)) NE 3rd Ave ((10700-13299)) NE 3rd Ct ((10700-14649)) NE 4th Ave ((10601-14799)) NE 4th Ct ((10700-13399)) NE 5th Ave ((10800-14999)) NE 5th Ct ((14500-14999)) NE 5th Pl ((14300-14499)) NE 6th Ave ((8800-15099)) NE 6th Ct ((650-12499)) NE 6th Pl ((14900-15099)) NE 7th Ave ((11200-15099)) NE 7th Ct ((731-15099)) NE 8th Ave ((10800-15591)) NE 8th Ct ((10801-14899)) NE 9th Ave ((10700-15099)) NE 9th Ct ((10900-15099)) NE Miami Ct ((12100-13899)) NE Miami Pl ((12100-12699)) N Miami Ave ((14422-14613)) N Spur Dr ((14600-15099)) Peachtree Dr ((10700-11599)) Pioneer Blvd ((1001-1099)) S Biscayne River Dr ((13500-14613)) S Spur Dr ((14600-15198)) State Hwy 909 ((13500-14199)) State Hwy 915 ((10700-15099)) State Hwy 916 ((1-1599)) State Hwy 922 ((1-1646)) State Hwy 924 ((1-1599)) SW 20th St ((3520-3661)) Towerside Ter ((1001-1998)) US Hwy 1 ((10600-11099)) W 4th Ct ((3401-3665)) W Biscayne Canal Rd ((11100-12099)) W Dixie Hwy ((11800-14199))

    33161 Places and Attractions

    27th Avenue Farmers Market Arch Creek Nursing Home Aspira Youth Leadership School Atlantic International University Barry University Berkshire Manor Bethany Covenant School Bethany Evangelical Covenant Kindergarten Biscayne Park Biscayne Park Police Station Biscayne Park Village Hall Bon Secours Hospital Breezeswept Park Burk Recreation Center Cagni Park Cagni Park Center of Contemporary Art Central Shopping Plaza Children's Academy Preschool City of North Miami City of North Miami Museum of Contemporary Art Claridge House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Clown Around Preschool Dixie Shopping Center Farahs Angels Day Care Center Fountainhead Nursing and Convalescent Center Greenwich Studios Griffing Adult Center Griffing Park Holy Cross Church Holy Cross Lutheran School Holy Cross School Holy Family Church Holy Family School I Am Sanctuary JMD Loving Day Care Center Kiddie Country Club Kobe Trailer Court Linda Lentin Elementary School Miami Country Day School Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 20 Miami Shores Church of Christ Miami Shores Community Church Day Care Miami Shores Preparation School Monsignor William Barry Memorial Library Mount Sinai - Saint Francis Nursing Home Museum of Contemporary Art My Kids Place Christian Day Care Center My Second Home Loving Care Day Care Center Nelson Mobile Home Park North Miami North Miami Adult School North Miami Baptist Academy North Miami Beach City Hall North Miami Community Center North Miami Downtown Commercial Center North Miami Early Childhood and Day Care Center North Miami Early Childhood School North Miami East Fire Station North Miami General Hospital North Miami Junior High School North Miami Library North Miami Police Station North Miami Public Library E May Avil Branch North Miami School North Miami Senior High School Norwood Shopping Center West Palm Trailer Park Palm Trailer Park Pinecrest Convalescent Home Pines Nursing Home Popiel School Saint Catherines Rehabilitation Hospital Saint Pauls United Methodist Church Day Care Center Shady Acres School Shady Oak School Shady Oaks Mobile Home Park Shady Oaks Trailer Park Siegler School Sixth Avenue Trailer Park Sixth Avenue Trailer Park Small Wonders Child Care Center Spur Canal Number Four Stanton Memorial North Shore Church Star Bright Child Development Center Star Bright Preschool Star Bright Preschool and Kindergarten Sunshine Shopping Center Temple Beth Moshe School Temple Hatikvah Messianic Assembly Toddler's Inn Totland Child Care Center Tysba Day Care and Learning Center Unity Center of Practical Christianity University Shopping Center Village of Biscayne Park Villa Maria Hospital Villa Maria Nursing Center Von Wedel Gardiner School Von Wedel-Gardiner School William Jennings Bryan School YMCA of Greater Miami