North Miami Beach, FL 33160 ZIP Code Map


North Miami Beach ZIP Codes

North Miami Beach

ZIP Code 33160 is located in Miami-Dade County

33160 Street Addresses

172nd St ((1-299)) 177th Dr ((100-299)) 178th Dr ((100-299)) 178th St ((100-398)) 179th Dr ((221-227)) 180th Dr ((200-299)) 181st Dr ((200-299)) 182nd Dr ((200-299)) 182nd St ((100-199)) 183rd St ((100-199)) 185th St ((100-299)) 186th St ((100-309)) 187th St ((200-399)) 188th St ((200-399)) 189th St ((100-399)) 189th Ter ((200-399)) 190th St ((200-399)) 191st St ((100-399)) 191st Ter ((200-399)) 194th Ln ((3900-3999)) 194th Trl ((3800-4099)) 196th St ((2-98)) 38th Ct ((19400-19499)) 39th Ave ((19400-19499)) 39th Ct ((19400-19499)) 40th Ave ((19400-19499)) 40th Ct ((19400-19499)) Atlantic Ave ((100-398)) Atlantic Blvd ((17500-19199)) Atlantic Isle ((100-399)) Bayview Dr ((100-599)) Biscayne Blvd ((15100-20599)) Center Island Rd ((300-499)) Centre Is ((300-499)) Church Dr ((17800-17899)) Collins Ave ((15645-192099)) Golden Beach Dr ((1-699)) Island Blvd ((1520-7198)) Island Estates Dr ((3900-7499)) Kings Point Dr ((1-499)) Leonard Dr ((2801-2869)) Marcos Dr ((2901-3099)) Margaret Ave ((2700-2799)) Massini Ave ((600-698)) Navona Ave ((100-299)) N Bay Rd ((16000-19199)) NE 164th St ((2600-3499)) NE 165th St ((2600-3499)) NE 165th Ter ((2700-2799)) NE 166th St ((3100-4099)) NE 167th St ((3100-4099)) NE 168th St ((3100-4099)) NE 169th St ((3100-4099)) NE 170th St ((2200-4099)) NE 171st St ((2200-4099)) NE 172nd St ((1-2599)) NE 173rd St ((2200-2399)) NE 174th St ((1-2399)) NE 174th Ter ((2201-2399)) NE 175th Ter ((100-199)) NE 181st St ((2500-2599)) NE 182nd St ((2486-2599)) NE 182nd Ter ((2428-2599)) NE 183rd Ln ((3001-3099)) NE 183rd St ((2400-7198)) NE 183rd Ter ((2300-2599)) NE 184th St ((2400-3299)) NE 184th Ter ((2332-18498)) NE 22nd Ave ((16300-18499)) NE 23rd Ave ((16800-17469)) NE 23rd Ct ((18300-18499)) NE 24th Ave ((18300-18699)) NE 24th Ct ((18400-18599)) NE 25th Ave ((18400-18449)) NE 25th Ct ((18430-18599)) NE 25th Pl ((17800-18299)) NE 26th Ave ((16300-16599)) NE 27th Ave ((16400-16599)) NE 27th Pl ((16400-16599)) NE 28th Ave ((16300-16399)) NE 28th Ct ((18400-18499)) NE 29th Ave ((16400-16499)) NE 30th Ave ((16400-18499)) NE 30th Pl ((3001-20999)) NE 31st Ave ((16400-18399)) NE 31st Ct ((17800-18298)) NE 32nd Ave ((16400-16499)) NE 33rd Ave ((16400-16499)) NE 34th Ave ((16400-16499)) NE 35th Ave ((16300-17099)) N Island Rd ((500-699)) N Pkwy ((400-598)) Ocean Blvd ((100-699)) Oleta Dr ((18000-18399)) Poinciana Dr ((100-499)) Point East Dr ((2600-3099)) Ravenna Ave ((100-199)) S Island Rd ((100-299)) S Pkwy ((200-398)) State Hwy 826 ((101-3998)) State Hwy 909 ((14200-16299)) Sunny Isles Blvd ((100-29699)) Terracina Ave ((2-98)) US Hwy 1 ((18336-20599)) Verona Ave ((100-299)) W Dixie Hwy ((14200-21399)) W Island Blvd ((2000-2098))

33160 Places and Attractions

127th Street Shopping Center Atlantic Island Aventura Fire Station Aventura Hospital and Medical Center Aventura Learning Center Bakers Haulover Inlet Bella Vista Bay Bella Vista Island Biscayne Academy Biscayne Creek Biscayne Harbour Shopping Center Causeway Plaza Causeway Square Central Island City of Sunny Isles Beach Dumfoundling Bay Eastern Shores East Greynolds Park Gold Coast Heliport Golden Beach Golden Beach City Hall Golden Beach Police Station Greynolds Park Golf Course Greynolds Park Manor Rehabilitation Center Haulover Beach Haulover Beach Park Interama Intracoastal Mall Intra Coastal Police Sub-Station Heliport Little Lake Maule Loggia Beach Park Maule Lake Maule Lake Marina Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 10 Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 21 Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 22 Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 33 Miami - Dade County Police Department Intercoastal Station Milton Littman Memorial Bridge North Island North Miami Athletic Stadium North Miami Beach Police Department Oleta River Oleta River State Park Philosophical and Spiritual University Poincianna Island R K Sunny Isles Plaza Royal Palm Island Saint Bernard de Clairvaux Episcopal Church Saint Mary Magdalen Church Shoprite Center Snyder Tennis Complex South Island South Park Sunny Isle Fishing Pier Sunny Isles Sunny Isles Beach Sunny Isles Beach Park Sunny Isles Beach Police Station Sunny Isles Marina Temple Bnai Zion Tiny Town Development Center Town of Golden Beach Trump International Golf Club