Miami, FL 33155 ZIP Code Map


33155 Schools


  • Miami Children'S Hospital
  • South Miami Senior High School
  • West Miami Middle School
  • Sylvania Heights Elementary School
  • David Fairchild Elementary School
  • Everglades K-8 Center
  • Emerson Elementary School
  • Coral Terrace Elementary School
  • Banyan Elementary School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 33155 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33155 Street Addresses

    Alley Way ((7300-7398)) Coral Lake Dr ((6200-6399)) Coral Way ((5751-8399)) Dade Blvd ((2700-2799)) Devonshire Blvd ((5700-6099)) Fairchild Blvd ((5700-5799)) Jose Canseco St ((7700-8753)) la Luneta Ave ((5700-5799)) Ludlam Rd ((1600-8998)) Miller Dr ((5700-8699)) N Waterway Dr ((6000-7199)) S Lake Dr ((3200-3999)) S Red Rd ((800-5669)) State Hwy 959 ((800-5669)) State Hwy 972 ((5700-8699)) State Hwy 976 ((5700-8699)) SW 16th St ((5700-8753)) SW 16th Ter ((5900-8699)) SW 17th St ((5700-8199)) SW 17th Ter ((7000-8199)) SW 18th St ((5900-8399)) SW 18th Street Rd ((7200-7399)) SW 18th Ter ((6300-8199)) SW 19th St ((5700-8399)) SW 19th Street Rd ((7300-7499)) SW 19th Ter ((6300-7699)) SW 20th St ((5700-8699)) SW 20th Ter ((6200-8699)) SW 21st St ((6200-8699)) SW 21st Ter ((7600-7999)) SW 22nd St ((5700-7999)) SW 23rd St ((6300-77498)) SW 24th St ((5700-8699)) SW 25th St ((5700-8399)) SW 25th Ter ((6400-6899)) SW 26th St ((3600-8199)) SW 26th Ter ((6700-6899)) SW 27th Ln ((8200-8699)) SW 27th St ((5700-8699)) SW 27th Ter ((8200-8699)) SW 28th St ((5700-8699)) SW 28th Street Rd ((7500-7599)) SW 28th Ter ((6700-7599)) SW 29th Rd ((2600-2647)) SW 29th St ((5800-8699)) SW 29th Ter ((7700-7899)) SW 30th Rd ((7000-7199)) SW 30th St ((5700-8699)) SW 30th Ter ((7300-7599)) SW 31st St ((5700-8399)) SW 32nd St ((5700-8699)) SW 32nd Ter ((6700-8699)) SW 33rd St ((5700-7599)) SW 33rd Ter ((7700-8699)) SW 34th St ((5700-8199)) SW 34th Street Rd ((7200-7499)) SW 34th Ter ((7300-8699)) SW 35th St ((5700-7599)) SW 35th Ter ((7700-8599)) SW 36th St ((6201-8699)) SW 36th Ter ((7900-8199)) SW 37th St ((6000-8499)) SW 37th Ter ((7900-8199)) SW 38th St ((5800-8699)) SW 39th St ((5700-8399)) SW 39th Ter ((6200-7599)) SW 40th St ((5700-8699)) SW 41st St ((5700-8499)) SW 41st Ter ((8200-8699)) SW 42nd St ((5700-8699)) SW 42nd Ter ((5700-8699)) SW 43rd St ((6200-8699)) SW 43rd Ter ((8200-8699)) SW 44th St ((6100-8699)) SW 44th Ter ((5800-6199)) SW 45th Ln ((6800-6899)) SW 45th St ((5700-8699)) SW 45th Ter ((5700-5899)) SW 46th St ((5900-8699)) SW 46th Ter ((5700-6499)) SW 47th St ((5700-8699)) SW 47th Ter ((8200-8699)) SW 48th Ln ((6900-7199)) SW 48th St ((5700-8699)) SW 48th Ter ((671-6899)) SW 49th St ((5700-6899)) SW 49th Ter ((6500-6799)) SW 50th St ((5700-6499)) SW 50th Ter ((5700-7499)) SW 51st St ((5700-6899)) SW 51st Ter ((5700-6699)) SW 52nd St ((6400-6899)) SW 52nd Ter ((5700-6699)) SW 53rd Ln ((6900-7199)) SW 53rd St ((6700-6899)) SW 53rd Ter ((5700-6699)) SW 54th Ln ((6500-6699)) SW 54th St ((6400-7199)) SW 54th Ter ((5700-6099)) SW 55th Ln ((6500-6699)) SW 55th St ((5700-6799)) SW 55th Ter E ((6900-7175)) SW 55th Ter W ((7000-7199)) SW 56th St ((5700-8699)) SW 57th Ave ((4201-4299)) SW 57th Ct ((1900-5299)) SW 57th Pl ((1900-1999)) SW 58th Ave ((2000-6299)) SW 58th Ct ((2000-4599)) SW 59th Ave ((1600-5899)) SW 60th Ave ((2000-3999)) SW 60th Ct ((1600-5599)) SW 60th Pl ((1900-5499)) SW 61st Ave ((2000-4474)) SW 61st Ct ((1900-1999)) SW 62nd Ave ((1600-5599)) SW 62nd Ct ((2200-4599)) SW 62nd Pl ((1800-1899)) SW 63rd Ave ((1600-5699)) SW 63rd Ct ((1800-5599)) SW 64th Ave ((1600-5599)) SW 64th Ct ((1700-5399)) SW 64th Pl ((4700-5599)) SW 65th Ave ((1600-5399)) SW 65th Rd ((5400-5499)) SW 66th Ave ((2000-5199)) SW 66th Ct ((1600-1899)) SW 67th Ave ((1600-8998)) SW 67th Ct ((1600-1999)) SW 68th Ave ((2400-5599)) SW 68th Court Cir ((4500-4599)) SW 68th Ct ((2200-4399)) SW 69th Ave ((1600-5299)) SW 69th Ct ((2600-2999)) SW 69th Pl ((4800-5599)) SW 70th Ave ((1600-3999)) SW 70th Ct ((1700-4399)) SW 70th Pl N ((5400-5599)) SW 70th Pl S ((5500-5599)) SW 71st Ave ((2800-4699)) SW 71st Ct ((1600-3699)) SW 71st Pl ((1600-5599)) SW 72nd Ave ((2000-5599)) SW 72nd Ct ((1600-4199)) SW 73rd Ave ((1646-4398)) SW 73rd Avenue Rd ((3000-3599)) SW 73rd Court Rd ((170-1999)) SW 73rd Ct ((1600-3999)) SW 74th Ave ((2700-4799)) SW 74th Avenue Rd ((1600-2999)) SW 74th Ct ((4000-5099)) SW 75th Ave ((1900-5099)) SW 75th Avenue Rd ((1600-1899)) SW 75th Ct ((3200-3599)) SW 76th Ave ((2100-3699)) SW 76th Ct ((1600-2199)) SW 77th Ave ((1600-3699)) SW 77th Ct ((2400-5799)) SW 77th Pl ((2900-3099)) SW 78th Ave ((2400-3439)) SW 78th Ct ((2400-3999)) SW 78th Pl ((1600-2399)) SW 79th Ave ((2400-3999)) SW 79th Ct ((1600-3399)) SW 80th Ave ((2400-3799)) SW 80th Ct ((2000-2399)) SW 81st Ave ((2000-3399)) SW 82nd Ave ((1600-5899)) SW 82nd Ct ((1600-4799)) SW 82nd Pl ((1400-4699)) SW 83rd Ave ((1600-4799)) SW 83rd Ct ((1600-3199)) SW 84th Ave ((1600-4799)) SW 84th Ct ((1600-4799)) SW 85th Ave ((1600-4699)) SW 85th Ct ((1500-1999)) SW 86th Ave ((1600-4799)) SW 88th Ct ((4100-4149)) S Waterway Dr ((6000-7599)) SW Ludlam Rd ((3041-3702)) W 34th Street Rd ((7000-7099)) Yalen Blvd ((1901-1999))

    33155 Places and Attractions

    A D Barnes County Park Banyan Elementary School Banyan Park Biltmore School Bird Drive Park Bird Ludlam Shopping Center Christian Montessori Child House Church of Christ Southwest Coral Gables Canal Coral Lake Coral Terrace Coral Terrace Census Designated Place Coral Terrace School Coral Way Hispanic United Methodist Church Coral Way Park Coral Way United Methodist Church Coral Way Village Discovery Day Care Center District Instructional Center 10 District Instructional Center 9 El Salvador School Emerson School Fairchild School Gladeview Baptist Kindergarten Glenn Neal School Highpoint Academy Humble Mini Park Iglesia Bautista de Westchester Kendall Acres Academy Kings Christian School Lake Catalina Little Bird Kindergarten Little Friends Child Care Center Ludlam Ludlam Post Office Miami Childrens Hospital Miami Children's Hospital Child Care Center Miami Childrens Hospital Heliport Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 3 Montessori Childrens House O'Farrill Learning Center Rainbowland Academy Red Bird Shopping Center Saint Kevin Catholic School Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Schenly Park School House Preschool Small World Christian Day Care Center South Dade Christian Church South Miami Senior High School Sunlight Child Care Center Temple Zion Tender Care Learning Center The Baby Club Day Care Center The Learning Garden Day Care Center The Learning Tree Day Care Preschool The Learning Tree II Day Care Center The School House Day Care Center Trail to the World Day Care Nursery Tropical Park Tropical Park Railroad Station University Baptist Church University Christian Church University of Miami Hospital and Clinics Wagner Montessori School Westchester Westchester General Hospital Westchester General Hospital Westchester Mall West Gables Health Care Center West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital West Miami Junior High School Words of Life Fellowship Church WRHC-AM (Coral Gables)