Miami, FL 33150 ZIP Code Map


33150 Schools


  • Academy For Community Education (Ace)
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Miami Northwestern Senior High
  • Horace Mann Middle School
  • Jesse J. Mccrary, Jr. Elementary School
  • Martin Luther King Elementary School
  • Thena Crowder Elementary School
  • Holmes Elementary School
  • Edison Park Elementary School
  • Van E. Blanton Elementary School
  • Arcola Lake Elementary School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 33150 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33150 Street Addresses

    John Henry Peavy Jr Ave ((6501-6699)) Little River Dr ((700-1199)) Martin Luther King Blvd ((1100-1699)) NE 7th Ave ((7800-8099)) NE 82nd Ter ((1045-1045)) NE Little River Dr ((700-1199)) N Miami Ave ((6200-10699)) NW 100th St ((1-1199)) NW 100th Ter ((1-1199)) NW 101st St ((1-8199)) NW 102nd St ((1-1199)) NW 103rd St ((1-3199)) NW 104th St ((1-1199)) NW 104th Ter ((200-499)) NW 105th St ((1-1199)) NW 105th Ter ((1100-1199)) NW 106th St ((1-1199)) NW 10th Ave ((330-10699)) NW 10th Ct ((6800-8099)) NW 11th Ave ((6200-10699)) NW 11th Ct ((6800-8999)) NW 12th Ave ((6301-10894)) NW 12th Pl ((6301-7298)) NW 1st Ave ((6200-10899)) NW 1st Ct ((6200-9599)) NW 1st Pl ((6200-8299)) NW 2nd Ave ((6200-10699)) NW 2nd Ct ((6400-10699)) NW 2nd Pl ((6200-9499)) NW 3rd Ave ((6200-10399)) NW 3rd Ct ((6200-7299)) NW 4th Ave ((6200-9799)) NW 4th Ct ((6700-8499)) NW 5th Ave ((6700-10699)) NW 5th Ct ((6701-9799)) NW 5th Pl ((6700-8499)) NW 62nd St ((1-1699)) NW 62nd Ter ((200-399)) NW 63rd St ((200-1199)) NW 63rd Ter ((200-299)) NW 64th St ((1-6499)) NW 64th Ter ((1-99)) NW 65th St ((1-1199)) NW 66th St ((1-1199)) NW 67th St ((1-1199)) NW 68th St ((1-1199)) NW 68th Ter ((1-199)) NW 69th St ((1-6999)) NW 6th Ave ((400-10699)) NW 6th Ct ((6700-8499)) NW 70th St ((1-999)) NW 71st St ((1-1199)) NW 72nd Ln ((300-399)) NW 72nd St ((1-699)) NW 72nd Ter ((200-399)) NW 73rd Ln ((500-699)) NW 73rd St ((1-1199)) NW 73rd Ter ((200-699)) NW 74th St ((80-1199)) NW 74th Ter ((530-651)) NW 75th St ((1-2439)) NW 76th St ((1-1199)) NW 77th St ((1-1199)) NW 77th Ter ((700-999)) NW 78th St ((1-799)) NW 79th St ((1-1199)) NW 79th Ter ((1100-1199)) NW 7th Ave ((6200-10699)) NW 7th Ct ((6800-10099)) NW 80th St ((200-1199)) NW 81st St ((237-1299)) NW 82nd St ((1-499)) NW 82nd Ter ((244-499)) NW 83rd St ((1-1199)) NW 83rd Ter ((700-999)) NW 84th Ln ((400-499)) NW 84th St ((1-999)) NW 84th Ter ((220-999)) NW 85th St ((1-1199)) NW 85th Street Rd ((169-598)) NW 86th St ((1-299)) NW 87th St ((1-1199)) NW 88th St ((1-1199)) NW 88th Ter ((300-499)) NW 89th St ((1-1165)) NW 8th Ave ((6200-10699)) NW 8th Ct ((7715-7899)) NW 90th St ((1-5199)) NW 91st St ((1-1235)) NW 91st Ter ((400-499)) NW 92nd St ((1-999)) NW 93rd St ((1-599)) NW 94th St ((1-599)) NW 95th St ((1-1198)) NW 95th Ter ((500-1099)) NW 96th St ((1-999)) NW 97th St ((1-999)) NW 98th St ((1-899)) NW 99th St ((1-1199)) NW 9th Ave ((7716-9899)) NW 9th Ct ((8900-9099)) NW Miami Ct ((6200-10299)) NW Miami Pl ((6200-7899)) State Hwy 932 ((1-1199)) State Hwy 934 ((1-1199)) US Hwy 441 ((6200-10699))

    33150 Places and Attractions

    Abc Day Care Center Number 1 Alpha Academy Annie Jean Kindergarten Arcola Lake Elementary School Avocado Trailer Park Blanton School Calvary Church Carver YMCA Early Childhood Development Center Colonial Acres Mobile Home Park Cravero Lake Crowder School District Instructional Center 15 District Instructional Center 16 Edison Center Edison Center Library Edison Park School Edison West Little River Neighborhood Center Elizabeth E Curtis Child Care Center Evangelism for Christ Christian Day School Franco Nursing Home Gilberts Angels Nursery Day Care Center Granada Presbyterian Church Griffins Day Care Nursery School Haitian Catholic Center Holmes School Horace Mann Junior High School Interchange 6A Interchange 6B Interchange 7 Interchange 8A Interchange 8B Juanitas Day Care Lafayette Private School Lake Arcola Larchmont Gardens Park Learning Development Center Legion Park Liberty City Charter Project School Lil People Paradise Day Care Center Lincoln-Marti Day Care Center Little River Baptist Day Care Center Little River Junior High School Little River M and M Mobile Home Park Little Skipper Preschool and Kindergarten Lord's Day Care Center Martin Luther King Elementary School McDonald's Playworld of Knowledge Day Care Center Metropolitan Baptist Church Day Care Center Miami Edison Senior High School Miami Lakes Educational Center Miami Northwestern Adult School Miami Northwestern Senior High School Miami Police Department - Little Haiti NET Mizell Kiddie Kampus New Antioch Moriah Day Care Center New Avocado Trailer Park North Shore Hospital North Shore Medical Center North Shore Medical Center Heliport North Shore Nursing Home Northwestern High School Northwest Hospital Patricias Center for Learning Pinewood Pinewood Census Designated Place Pinewood Park Providence Hope Evangelical Ministry School Range Park Rovell Mobile Home Park Saint Holmes School Saint Marys Cathedral Saint Mary's Cathedral School Saint Marys School Sharie Conner Day Care Center Sheyes of Miami Number 2 Shores School Soar Memorial Park South Florida Military Academy (historical) Thena Crowler Elementary School Trinidad Court Mobile Home Park Upper Room Assembly of God Victory Homes Head Start Victory Homes Recreation Area Westland Mobile Home Park