Miami, FL 33147 ZIP Code Map


33147 Schools


  • Secondary Student Success Center-804
  • William H. Turner Technical Adult
  • Life Skills Center Miami-Dade County
  • The 500 Role Model Academy
  • D.A. Dorsey Educational Center
  • William H. Turner Technical Arts High School
  • Cope Center North
  • Miami Central Senior High School
  • Madison Middle School
  • Dr. Henry W. Mack/West Little River K-8 Center
  • Poinciana Park Elementary School
  • Miami Park Elementary School
  • Liberty City Elementary School
  • Lillie C. Evans K-8 Center
  • Broadmoor Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 33147 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33147 Street Addresses

    76th St ((1700-1799)) Broad Manor Rd ((3401-9398)) East Ct ((200-299)) East Plz ((200-299)) Little River Blvd ((9000-9799)) Little River Dr ((1200-10099)) Martin Luther King Blvd ((1200-1799)) NE 2nd Ave ((5043-5200)) NE Little River Dr ((1200-10099)) North Ct ((100-299)) North Plz ((100-199)) Northside Plz ((1-199)) NW 100th St ((1200-3699)) NW 100th Ter ((1200-1399)) NW 101st St ((1200-3699)) NW 102nd St ((1200-3699)) NW 103rd Ln ((1201-1299)) NW 103rd St ((1200-3699)) NW 104th St ((1900-2499)) NW 104th Ter ((2200-2699)) NW 105th St ((1900-2699)) NW 105th Ter ((2100-2398)) NW 106th St ((2500-3699)) NW 109th St ((501-699)) NW 12th Ave ((6215-6598)) NW 12th Ct ((6200-9099)) NW 12th Pkwy ((6200-6699)) NW 12th Pl ((6215-8299)) NW 13th Ave ((6216-10299)) NW 13th Ct ((6200-9399)) NW 13th Pl ((6200-6699)) NW 14th Ave ((6101-10299)) NW 14th Ct ((6200-8699)) NW 14th Pl ((7100-8299)) NW 15th Ave ((6200-10299)) NW 15th Ct ((7100-9499)) NW 16th Ave ((712-9299)) NW 17th Ave ((6200-10699)) NW 17th Ct ((7200-7699)) NW 17th Pl ((7500-7899)) NW 18th Ave ((6200-9399)) NW 18th Ct ((7900-8099)) NW 19th Ave ((6200-10499)) NW 19th Ct ((6200-6398)) NW 20th Ave ((6200-9999)) NW 21st Ave ((6200-10599)) NW 21st Ct ((6500-10299)) NW 21st Pl ((7200-7599)) NW 22nd Ave ((6200-10699)) NW 22nd Ct ((6200-9299)) NW 22nd Pl ((8300-8899)) NW 23rd Ave ((6200-10599)) NW 23rd Ct ((6700-8199)) NW 23rd Pl ((6700-6799)) NW 24th Ave ((6200-10599)) NW 24th Ct ((6300-8499)) NW 24th Pl ((6300-8499)) NW 25th Ave ((6200-10499)) NW 26th Ave ((6500-10499)) NW 27th Ave ((6200-12699)) NW 27th Ct ((7600-7698)) NW 28th Ave ((6700-10599)) NW 28th Ct ((10300-10599)) NW 29th Ave ((3520-10599)) NW 29th Ct ((7200-10599)) NW 30th Ave ((6200-10599)) NW 30th Ct ((6861-10599)) NW 30th Pl ((8300-10599)) NW 30th Rd ((8500-8699)) NW 30th Street Rd ((8500-8699)) NW 31st Ave ((7400-10599)) NW 31st Ct ((7500-10599)) NW 32nd Ave ((6200-12399)) NW 32nd Court Rd ((8800-9299)) NW 32nd Ct ((8336-10599)) NW 32nd Pl ((9500-10599)) NW 33rd Ave ((6700-10599)) NW 33rd Avenue Rd ((8800-9250)) NW 33rd Court Rd ((8800-9199)) NW 33rd Ct ((8700-9499)) NW 34th Ave ((8124-10599)) NW 34th Avenue Rd ((8700-9199)) NW 34th Ct ((7300-7399)) NW 35th Ave ((6200-10599)) NW 35th Avenue Rd ((8801-8999)) NW 35th Ct ((8515-10599)) NW 35th Pl ((8300-10599)) NW 36th Ave ((6200-10299)) NW 36th Ct ((7100-10599)) NW 36th Pl ((7900-100522)) NW 37th Ave ((6101-10649)) NW 37th Ct ((6700-7098)) NW 62nd Ln ((1200-1399)) NW 62nd St ((1200-3799)) NW 62nd Ter ((1200-1899)) NW 63rd St ((1200-3099)) NW 63rd Ter ((1300-1399)) NW 64th St ((1200-3099)) NW 65th St ((1200-3499)) NW 65th Ter ((1200-1399)) NW 66th St ((1200-3199)) NW 67th St ((1200-3799)) NW 68th Ln ((2100-2198)) NW 68th St ((1200-3499)) NW 68th Ter ((1200-3199)) NW 69th St ((1200-3499)) NW 69th Ter ((1400-3199)) NW 70th St ((1200-2699)) NW 70th Ter ((2900-3199)) NW 71st Ln ((2300-2355)) NW 71st St ((1200-3799)) NW 71st Ter ((1200-3499)) NW 72nd St ((500-3799)) NW 72nd Ter ((2300-2349)) NW 73rd St ((1400-3799)) NW 73rd Ter ((2300-10999)) NW 74th St ((1200-3799)) NW 74th Ter ((1700-2399)) NW 75th St ((1200-3199)) NW 75th Ter ((1300-1399)) NW 76th St ((1900-3699)) NW 76th Ter ((1700-1799)) NW 77th St ((1300-3799)) NW 77th Ter ((1200-2699)) NW 78th St ((1700-3199)) NW 79th St ((100-32098)) NW 79th Ter ((2100-7998)) NW 80th St ((1300-8019)) NW 80th Ter ((3100-3599)) NW 81st St ((1200-3799)) NW 81st Ter ((1300-3599)) NW 82nd St ((1300-3799)) NW 83rd St ((1200-3599)) NW 83rd Ter ((1400-3599)) NW 84th St ((1400-8499)) NW 84th Ter ((1200-3553)) NW 85th St ((1500-2499)) NW 85th Ter ((3000-3554)) NW 86th St ((1200-3299)) NW 86th Ter ((1700-2399)) NW 87th St ((1200-3599)) NW 87th Ter ((1400-3572)) NW 88th St ((1200-3199)) NW 88th Ter ((1800-1999)) NW 89th St ((1400-2399)) NW 89th Ter ((1700-3599)) NW 90th St ((1248-3199)) NW 91st St ((1192-3199)) NW 91st Ter ((3200-3299)) NW 92nd St ((1400-3299)) NW 92nd St Rd ((3200-3299)) NW 92nd Ter ((1400-3599)) NW 93rd St ((1300-3299)) NW 93rd Ter ((1550-2699)) NW 94th St ((1700-3299)) NW 94th Ter ((3300-3599)) NW 95th St ((1139-3699)) NW 95th Ter ((1300-3599)) NW 96th St ((1300-3599)) NW 96th Ter ((2100-2199)) NW 97th St ((1400-3699)) NW 98th St ((1400-3699)) NW 98th Ter ((1300-1399)) NW 99th St ((1200-3699)) NW 99th Ter ((2000-2499)) S Dixie Hwy ((8442-8498)) South Ct ((1-199)) State Hwy 817 ((6200-12699)) State Hwy 9 ((6200-12699)) State Hwy 932 ((1200-3699)) State Hwy 934 ((1200-32098)) US Hwy 1 ((8439-8499)) West Plz ((1-299)) Windham Ct ((100-599))

    33147 Places and Attractions

    27th Avenue Teen Center Advance Learning Center African Square Park Arcola Lakes Community Park Arcola Park Bell Haven Mobile Home Park Bethel Pentecostal Holiness Church Bible Baptist Christian Academy Bible Baptist Church Day Care Center Bible Baptist Church Day Care Center Bobs Mobile Home Park Broadmoor Park Broadmoor School C B Knight Child Development Center Central District Police Station Heliport Centro Hispano Catolico Charles Drew Elementary Headstart Charles R Drew Elementary School Charles R Drew Junior High School Children Christian Learning Center Children's Academy Number 2 Christ Crusade Academy Church of Christ Clara B Knight Development Center Community Outreach Center Cook Kindergarten Cope Center North Nurturing Center COPE North Alternative Education School DA Dorsey Educational Center Data-Dade Academy Teaching Center Delta Christian Academy Delta's Kiddie Academy Department of Health Rehabilative Services District Instructional Center 11 District Instructional Center 12 Doctor Martin Luther King Jr Post Office Dorsey Junior High School Dorsey Skill Center Head Start Drew Junior High School Drew School Early Advantage Kindergarten Eastern Academy Evans Park Evans School First Alliance Church First Deliverance Kindergarten Galaxy of Coral Gables Shopping Center Gladeview Gladeview Census Designated Place Gladeview Park Good Shepherd Catholic Church Greater New Bethel Baptist Church Gwen Cherry Park Hialeah Metro Police Sub-Station Number 2 Hialeah Shores Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Hibiscus Point Mobile Home Park Holy Redeemer Church Holy Redeemer Head Start Holy Redeemer School Holy Redeemer Toddler & Infants Day Care Center Interamerican Christian School - First Campus J Bar J Trailer Ranch J Bar J Trailer Ranch Jesca - Liberty Square Child Care Center Juanita Mann Health Center Juanita's Day Care Center Kim Kiz of Liberty Day Care Center Liberty City Elementary Head Start Liberty City School Liberty Square Community Center Lincoln Marti Day Care Center Lincoln-Marti School 2nd Campus Little River Canal Number C-7 Little River Park Little Skippers Preschool/Kindergarten Madison Junior High School Martin Luther King YMCA Day Care Center Medical Care Transportation Miami Agricultural School Miami Amtrak Station Miami Central High School Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 2 Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 7 Miami - Dade County Police Department Northside Station Miami-Douglas MacArthur High School North Miami Heights Trailer Park Miami Heights Trailer Park Miami Number One Day Care/Church of God of Prophecy Miami Park School Mizell Kiddie Kampus Day Care Center Mount Calvary Baptist Church New Tradewinds Trailer Park North Central Library Northside Field Unit Northside Shopping Center Northside Station Northwest Baptist Church Northwest Trailer Park Notre-Dame D'Haiti Oaklawn Pet Cemetery Olive Alexander Early Childhood Center Our Lady of the Divine Providence Catholic Church Palm Lake Mobile Home Park Palm Lake Trailer Court Parkside Mobile Home Park Plaza of the Americas Poinciana Industrial Park Poinciana Park School Progressive Day Care Center Rader Kindergarten Randolph's Kiddies Inn Day Care Center Revival Center Childcare Revival Tabernacle Day Care Center Riverside Child Development Center Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Day Care Center Saint Vincent DePaul Church Sands Small World School Santa Rosa of Lima Catholic Church Schmidts Adult Mobile Home Park Seventh Day Adventist Church Miami Spanish Seventy-ninth Street Baptist Kindergarten Sherry and Ernest Hamilton Day Care Center Silver Blue Lake Sister Clara Muhammad School Sparks Day Care Center Sunny South Trailer Park Thomas Tot Kindergarten and Nursery Tradewinds Trailer Park Traditional Catholic Church Trapp Day Care Center Tri-Rail-Metrorail Transfer Station Tropical Trailer Village Turner's Kindergarten Twin Lakes Unification Academy of Learning 1st Campus Unification Child Care Center Westgate West Little River West Little River Census Designated Place West Little River School William H Turner Adult School Williams Day Care Center Young Years Child Care Center YWCA Liberty City