Miami, FL 33143 ZIP Code Map


33143 Schools


  • Somerset Academy Bay
  • Somerset Academy Bay Hs
  • Mater Academy High School North Campus
  • Somerset Academy Bay Ms
  • Somerset Shores Academy
  • Sports Leadership Of Miami Charter High School
  • Isaac: Integrated Science And Asian Culture Academ
  • Somerset Academy Charter Middle School South Miami
  • Somerset Academy Elementary School South Miami Cam
  • Young Womens Academy For Academic And Civic Develo
  • South Miami Middle School
  • Sunset Elementary School
  • South Miami K-8 Center
  • Ludlam Elementary School
  • Somerset Academy Pompano High School
  • Ben Gamla Charter Academy
  • Somerset Central Miramar (K-5)
  • Ben Gamla K-8 Charter School
  • 33143 Hotels

  • Best Miami Hotel
  • Gables Inn
  • Hampton Inn Miami Dadeland
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    ZIP Code 33143 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33143 Street Addresses

    Acacia Ct ((6600-6699)) Almansa St ((7010-7799)) Altamira St ((7700-7999)) Bahia Vista Ter ((1-7199)) Calatrava Ave ((500-799)) Calatrava Ct ((501-599)) Camino Cir ((7801-8099)) Camino Ct ((8000-8099)) Cam Real ((7700-77799)) Caoba Ct ((100-299)) Capilla Ct ((7200-7399)) Carabela Ct ((200-299)) Casuarina Concourse ((1-799)) Cheryl Ln ((8201-8399)) Cocoplum Rd ((100-399)) Commerce Ln ((5700-6999)) Coronado Ave ((700-799)) Costa Brava Ct ((300-399)) Costanera Rd ((100-499)) Davis Rd ((600-5414)) Dolias Ct ((100-399)) E Ancia Cir ((8100-8199)) E Cheryl Ln ((8200-8399)) E Coast St ((5700-5899)) Edwin Dr ((1-7331)) E Lago Dr ((7100-7299)) Erwin Rd ((7200-8199)) Galeon Ct ((200-299)) Gavilan Ave ((100-199)) Gondoliere Ave ((400-699)) Hardee Dr ((6871-6898)) Isla Dorada Blvd ((100-399)) Kings Creek Dr ((8000-8399)) la Rampa St ((8200-8299)) Las Brisas Ct ((200-299)) Leucadendra Dr ((383-486)) Los Pinos Blvd ((7100-8299)) Los Pinos Cir ((7801-8299)) Los Pinos Ct ((100-249)) Los Pinos Pl ((2-399)) Ludlam Rd ((5600-8799)) Magnolia Ct ((6201-6799)) Malva Ct ((100-199)) Manor Ln ((6300-6599)) Marinero Ct ((200-299)) Miller Dr ((6800-7199)) Mimosa Ct ((6600-6699)) Mindello St ((7000-7999)) Mira Flores Ave ((6900-7199)) Monaco St ((7200-7499)) N Kendall Dr ((6700-7199)) NW 79th St ((2957-2999)) Old Cutler Rd ((7000-8799)) Orquidea Ave ((100-299)) Paloma Dr ((100-199)) Pine Dr ((4700-5199)) Poinciana Ct ((6500-6799)) Ponce de Leon Rd ((7200-8799)) Prado Blvd ((6001-7799)) Progress Rd ((5700-5899)) Puerta Ave ((500-699)) Rada Ct ((200-299)) Ridge Rd ((400-499)) Robles St ((7000-7199)) Rosales Ct ((100-199)) Saldano Ave ((700-799)) San Bruno Ave ((700-799)) San Juan Dr ((400-799)) San Servando Ave ((400-4699)) Santurce Ave ((400-799)) S Dixie Hwy ((5700-8799)) Snapper Creek Dr ((6293-6499)) S Red Rd ((5670-8799)) State Hwy 934 ((2957-2999)) State Hwy 959 ((5670-8799)) State Hwy 986 ((400-8699)) Sudlow Cir ((7200-7399)) Sunset Dr ((440-8699)) SW 47th Ave ((7200-8199)) SW 47th Ct ((7200-7799)) SW 47th Pl ((7600-7799)) SW 48th Ave E ((8200-8399)) SW 48th Ave W ((8201-8399)) SW 48th Ct ((7200-7899)) SW 48th Pl ((7800-7899)) SW 49th Ave ((7200-8799)) SW 49th Ct ((7400-7499)) SW 49th Pl ((7400-7498)) SW 50th Ave ((7600-7699)) SW 50th Ct ((7400-7999)) SW 51st Ave ((7700-8299)) SW 52nd Ave ((7200-8799)) SW 52nd Ct ((7200-7999)) SW 53rd Ave ((7200-8799)) SW 53rd Ct ((7200-8799)) SW 53rd Pl ((7200-7999)) SW 54th Ave ((7200-8799)) SW 54th Ct ((7200-8699)) SW 55th Ave ((7200-7999)) SW 56th Ave ((7200-7799)) SW 56th St ((6800-7199)) SW 56th Ter ((5700-7499)) SW 57th Ave ((5801-5899)) SW 57th Ct ((6200-7999)) SW 57th Dr ((6200-6399)) SW 57th Path ((8401-8599)) SW 57th Pl ((6400-6599)) SW 57th St ((6200-7199)) SW 57th Ter ((5700-7999)) SW 58th Ave ((5797-8699)) SW 58th Ct ((5600-7999)) SW 58th Pl ((5600-6989)) SW 58th St ((6000-8699)) SW 58th Ter ((5700-6499)) SW 59th Ave ((5600-8699)) SW 59th Ct ((5600-7799)) SW 59th Pl ((5600-7599)) SW 59th St ((5700-7649)) SW 60th Ave ((5600-8699)) SW 60th Ct ((6250-8299)) SW 60th St ((5700-7649)) SW 60th Ter ((6000-6999)) SW 61st Ave ((5900-8799)) SW 61st Ct ((5900-7399)) SW 61st Pl ((8700-8799)) SW 61st St ((5700-7699)) SW 61st Ter ((6500-6699)) SW 62nd Ave ((5600-8798)) SW 62nd Ct ((6200-8799)) SW 62nd Pl ((5700-8499)) SW 62nd St ((5700-7699)) SW 62nd Ter ((5700-6899)) SW 63rd Ave ((5701-8760)) SW 63rd Ct ((5600-8798)) SW 63rd Pl ((8000-8499)) SW 63rd St ((5900-6899)) SW 63rd Ter ((6000-6699)) SW 64th Ave ((5600-8799)) SW 64th Ct ((6200-8799)) SW 64th Pl ((5600-6799)) SW 64th St ((1-8699)) SW 64th Ter ((6000-6199)) SW 65th Ave ((5601-8499)) SW 65th Pl ((7500-7899)) SW 65th St ((6500-6898)) SW 65th Ter ((6500-6699)) SW 66th Ave ((6800-7999)) SW 66th Ct ((7452-7551)) SW 66th St ((5700-8499)) SW 66th Ter ((5900-8199)) SW 67th Ave ((5600-8799)) SW 67th Ct ((6200-7999)) SW 67th St ((5800-7599)) SW 67th Ter ((7700-7999)) SW 68th Ave ((6800-7999)) SW 68th Ct ((6200-8999)) SW 68th St ((5700-8299)) SW 68th Street Rd ((8400-8699)) SW 68th Ter ((6700-8099)) SW 69th Ave ((5600-8099)) SW 69th Ct ((5600-7599)) SW 69th Ln ((6653-6682)) SW 69th St ((5800-6399)) SW 69th Ter ((6700-8199)) SW 70th Ave ((6000-7199)) SW 70th Ln ((6600-6699)) SW 70th St ((5800-8799)) SW 70th Ter ((6600-7499)) SW 71st Ave ((6100-7999)) SW 71st Ct ((6600-7199)) SW 71st Ln ((6600-6699)) SW 71st St ((5800-6999)) SW 72nd Ave ((1300-8799)) SW 72nd Ct ((6400-7799)) SW 72nd St ((400-8699)) SW 72nd Ter ((7700-8599)) SW 73rd Ave ((5800-8199)) SW 73rd Ct ((6100-7999)) SW 73rd Pl ((7600-7999)) SW 73rd St ((4900-8699)) SW 73rd Ter ((5000-7499)) SW 74th Ave ((5600-7598)) SW 74th Ct ((5600-7599)) SW 74th Ln ((7700-7799)) SW 74th Pl ((7800-7999)) SW 74th St ((400-8699)) SW 74th Ter ((4800-8699)) SW 75th Ave ((5600-7799)) SW 75th Ct ((6600-6699)) SW 75th Ln ((4900-4999)) SW 75th St ((5000-8699)) SW 75th Ter ((6400-7799)) SW 76th Ave ((5700-7999)) SW 76th St ((4700-7399)) SW 76th Ter ((4700-8499)) SW 77th Ave ((5800-8399)) SW 77th Ct ((7200-7699)) SW 77th Pl ((7000-9499)) SW 77th St ((4900-8199)) SW 77th Ter ((5700-7299)) SW 78th Ave ((7900-7999)) SW 78th Ct ((7200-7799)) SW 78th St ((4700-85598)) SW 78th Ter ((6500-7599)) SW 79th Ave ((5700-8798)) SW 79th Ct ((5800-7799)) SW 79th Pl ((8600-8799)) SW 79th St ((5900-7399)) SW 79th Ter ((6800-8199)) SW 80th Ave ((6600-8199)) SW 80th Ct ((6900-8699)) SW 80th Pl ((8400-8799)) SW 80th St ((600-8199)) SW 80th St Plz ((7300-7399)) SW 81st Ave ((7400-8547)) SW 81st Ct ((8100-8799)) SW 81st Dr ((8000-8399)) SW 81st Ln ((8300-8699)) SW 81st Pl ((8100-8299)) SW 81st St ((5700-77799)) SW 81st Ter ((5500-8599)) SW 82nd Ave ((5600-8799)) SW 82nd Avenue Rd ((5600-6098)) SW 82nd Ct ((6800-8799)) SW 82nd Pl ((8100-8299)) SW 82nd St ((4700-8544)) SW 82nd Ter ((8300-8699)) SW 83rd Ave ((5800-8799)) SW 83rd Ct ((6800-8799)) SW 83rd Pl ((6800-8199)) SW 83rd St ((4900-8698)) SW 83rd Street Plz ((7200-7298)) SW 84th Ave ((5600-8799)) SW 84th Ct ((7200-8799)) SW 84th Pl ((7200-7999)) SW 84th St ((5200-8398)) SW 84th Ter ((5400-8699)) SW 85th Ave ((5800-8799)) SW 85th Ct ((7700-7999)) SW 85th St ((4700-8599)) SW 85th Ter ((5700-8399)) SW 86th Ave ((6800-8799)) SW 86th Ct ((7400-8799)) SW 86th St ((4900-7999)) SW 86th Ter ((4700-8399)) SW 87th Ln ((6301-6399)) SW 87th St ((5400-6381)) SW 87th Ter ((6300-8699)) SW Poinciana Ct ((6500-6798)) Tahiti Beach Island Rd ((2-99)) Tibidabo Ave ((500-799)) Tivoli Ave ((400-599)) Tiziano Ave ((600-899)) Tulipan Ct ((6900-6999)) Twin Lake Dr ((5600-6199)) US Hwy 1 ((5700-8799)) Veleros Ct ((200-299)) Vera Ct ((1-299)) Vistalmar St ((1-7499)) Viznar Ave ((600-699)) W Lago Dr ((7100-7299))

    33143 Places and Attractions

    Academicare Centers Academy of Arts of Miami A Childs Place Alpha and Omega Christian Day Care Center Barrington Academy Brewer Park Broad Canal Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Cartagena Plaza Cathedral del Pueblo Child Care Center Children's Paradise Child Care Center Christain Day Care Center City of South Miami Cocoplum Plaza Cocoplum Yacht Club Marina Coral Gables Waterway Dadeland North Station Dante B Fassell Park Epiphany School Evangelism for Christ Church Evelyn Richardson Family Day Care Center Florida Language Institute Fuchs Park Glenvar Heights Glenvar Heights Census Designated Place Glenvar Lake Growing House School Gulliver Preparatory School Gulliver South Miami Campus Happi Tymes Kindergarten Happi-Tymes Kindergarten Isla Dorada Isla Grande Isla Marina Jre Lee Educational Center Kendall Academy Kendall Academy Kendall United Methodist Church Kings Creek Day School Lago Maggiore Lago Minore Lago Monaco Larkin Community Hospital Learning Workshop Lee School Ludlam Elementary School Marshall Williams Park Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 14 Miami Memorial Miami Memorial Park Cemetery Mount Nebo Community Day Care Center Murray Park New Riviera Health Resort Our Lady of Lourdes Academy Our Lady of the Lourdes Academy Paladin Academy Palmetto Presbyterian Preschool Playhouse and Biltmore School Plymouth Preschool of Plymouth Congregational Church Princeton Preschool Rosie Lee Wesley Center Saint Albans Day Nursery - Second Campus Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church of Kendall Saint Brendan High School Saint Matthew's Cooperative Preschool Saint Thomas the Apostle School School House Shops at Sunset Place South Miami South Miami Elementary School South Miami Head Start South Miami Hospital South Miami Hospital Child Care Center South Miami Hospital Transitional Care Facility South Miami Junior High School South Miami Library South Miami Lutheran Preschool South Miami Lutheran School South Miami Police Station South Miami Post Office South Miami Recreation Area South Miami Station Southside Field Unit Star of David Memorial Park Sunkist Estates Park Sunset Blossom F Michel Child Development Center Sunset Corners Sunset Montessori School Sunset School Tahiti Beach The Children's House Day Care Center Trinity Pineland County Park Twin Lakes Canal Unity Center of Practical Christianity University Christian Children's Center Village Square Plaza