Miami, FL 33138 ZIP Code Map


33138 Schools


  • Phyllis R. Miller Elementary School
  • Morningside Elementary School
  • Miami Shores Elementary School
  • 33138 Hotels

  • Motel Blu
  • New Yorker Boutique Hotel
  • Shalimar Motel
  • Census


    ZIP Code 33138 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33138 Street Addresses

    85th St ((1241-1247)) Belle Meade Blvd ((900-7499)) Belle Meade Island Dr ((800-7399)) Biscayne Blvd ((999-11203)) Club Dr ((9301-9999)) Dunham Blvd ((7700-7899)) E Dixie Hwy ((8200-8699)) Grand Concourse ((200-799)) N Bayshore Dr ((7800-9699)) NE 100th St ((1-1399)) NE 101st St ((1-1599)) NE 102nd St ((1-1499)) NE 103rd St ((1-1698)) NE 104th St ((1-1699)) NE 105th St ((1-1799)) NE 106th St ((1-5098)) NE 107th St ((1000-5098)) NE 10th Ave ((7100-9999)) NE 10th Ct ((7800-10699)) NE 10th Pl ((10500-10699)) NE 11th Ave ((10500-10699)) NE 11th Ct ((10500-10699)) NE 12th Ave ((8100-10499)) NE 13th Ave ((9700-10299)) NE 14th Ave ((10145-10155)) NE 1st Ave ((6200-10899)) NE 1st Ct ((6400-7799)) NE 1st Pl ((6200-8499)) NE 1st Place No 2 ((6200-6599)) NE 2nd Ave ((6200-10699)) NE 2nd Ct ((6500-10699)) NE 2nd Pl ((10500-10699)) NE 3rd Ave ((6400-10699)) NE 3rd Ct ((7350-10699)) NE 3rd Pl ((7500-8372)) NE 4th Ave ((6300-10698)) NE 4th Avenue Rd ((8600-10098)) NE 4th Ct ((6200-8343)) NE 4th Pl ((8100-8399)) NE 5th Ave ((6200-10699)) NE 5th Avenue Rd ((9600-9898)) NE 61st St ((457-499)) NE 62nd St ((1-899)) NE 62nd Ter ((100-199)) NE 63rd St ((1-799)) NE 63rd Ter ((143-199)) NE 64th St ((1-899)) NE 64th Ter ((1-699)) NE 65th St ((1-599)) NE 66th St ((45-599)) NE 67th St ((1-799)) NE 68th St ((1-749)) NE 68th Ter ((1-199)) NE 69th St ((1-999)) NE 6th Ave ((8904-10699)) NE 6th Ct ((6300-7699)) NE 70th St ((1-899)) NE 71st St ((1-999)) NE 72nd St ((200-1099)) NE 72nd Ter ((300-1099)) NE 73rd St ((1-1099)) NE 74th St ((1-1099)) NE 75th St ((1-999)) NE 76th St ((1-899)) NE 77th St ((127-799)) NE 77th Street Rd ((400-499)) NE 77th Ter ((744-799)) NE 78th St ((1-999)) NE 78th Street Rd ((400-1099)) NE 79th St ((1-1299)) NE 79th Ter ((350-399)) NE 7th Ave ((6400-10099)) NE 7th Ct ((6700-7799)) NE 80th St ((250-1199)) NE 80th Ter ((1-399)) NE 81st St ((400-1299)) NE 81st Ter ((1200-1299)) NE 82nd St ((1-1299)) NE 82nd Ter ((18-1099)) NE 83rd Ln ((600-699)) NE 83rd St ((100-1299)) NE 83rd Ter ((600-799)) NE 84th St ((18-1299)) NE 85th St ((200-1299)) NE 86th St ((1-1299)) NE 87th St ((1-1299)) NE 88th St ((1-1299)) NE 88th Ter ((600-687)) NE 89th St ((1-1299)) NE 89th Ter ((900-999)) NE 8th Ave ((7100-9899)) NE 8th Ct ((7900-8899)) NE 8th Pl ((8200-8299)) NE 90th St ((1-1299)) NE 91st St ((1-1299)) NE 91st Ter ((800-1256)) NE 92nd St ((1-1299)) NE 93rd St ((1-1299)) NE 94th St ((1-1398)) NE 95th St ((1-1299)) NE 96th St ((1-1299)) NE 97th St ((1-1299)) NE 98th St ((1-1299)) NE 99th St ((1-1299)) NE 9th Ave ((7500-9999)) NE 9th Ct ((8800-8999)) NE 9th Pl ((9300-9498)) NE Bayshore Ct ((1000-8099)) NE Bayshore Dr ((8400-8699)) NE Little River Dr ((1000-1099)) NE Miami Ct ((6400-8699)) NE Miami Pl ((6200-6799)) NE Miami Place No 2 ((6500-6699)) NE Quay Blvd ((1-99)) NE Quaybridge Ct ((10600-10699)) NE Quay Plz ((10600-10699)) NE Quayside Ter ((1400-5098)) Park Dr ((401-10099)) Quayside Ter ((1000-1098)) Shoreland Blvd ((1000-1299)) State Hwy 915 ((8904-10699)) State Hwy 932 ((1-599)) State Hwy 934 ((1-1299)) Towerside Ter ((1001-5098)) US Hwy 1 ((6200-10899))

    33138 Places and Attractions

    80th Terrace Health Center Advent Lutheran Church Child Care Center Belafonte Tacolcy Center Preschool Belle Meade Island Belle Meade Park Bethany Church of Miami Bird Key Biscayne Canal Number C-8 Biscayne Heights Park Biscayne Park Mobile Home Park Biscayne Plaza Shopping Center Bola Child Care and Learning Center Brockway Memorial Library Canaan Child Development Center Church of the Ascension City of Miami Department of Fire Rescue Station 13 City of Miami Department of Fire Rescue Station 9 Corpus Christi School Desired Haven Marina Elisa Lopez Family Day Care Center El Portal El Portal City Hall El Portal Municipal Building El Portal Police Station Evangel Temple Happy Children's Day Care Center Keystone Mobile Home Park Keystone Tourist Court Kiddie Academy Kids Klub International Kids on the Move and More Day Care Center Lake Belmar Lake Ward Legion Picnic Islands Lincoln Park Shopping Center Lincoln Road Mall Little Farm Mobile Court Little Farm Mobile Court Little River Little River Little River Community Park Little River Library Little River Post Office Mainlands Golf Course Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 30 Miami - Dade County Police Department Miami Military Academy (historical) Miami Military Academy (historical) Miami Preparatory School Miami Shores Miami Shores Baptist Church Miami Shores City Hall Miami Shores Community Church Day Care Center Miami Shores Country Club Miami Shores Elementary School Miami Shores Fire Station Miami Shores Mobile Crime Watch Miami Shores Police Station Miami Shores Presbyterian Church Day Care Center Miami Upper Eastside Police Station Mirror Lake Morningside School Mother of Christ Catholic Church My Kids Christian Day Care Center North Bayshore Park North Beach Marina Northeast Baptist Church Notre Dame Day Care Center Oakland Grove Mini Park Palm Bay Club Palm Bay Marina Pelican Harbor Park Peterson Tots Kindergarten Phyllis Ruth Miller Elementary School Rader School Revelation Christian Academy Saint James Catholic Church Saint James Day Care Saint Martha Church Saint Rosa of Lima School Shores Academy for the Gifted Simons Kiddie Kastle Christian Day Care Small Fry Educational Day Care - Third Campus Small People Academy Sparks Kindergarten and Day Care Stafford Day Care Center Tender Loving Christian Day Care Center The Learning Tree Preschool Thomas Tots Kindergarten Tots for Christ School Tots Town University Child Care Center Trailer Grove Mobile Home Park Turners Kindergarten Village of El Portal Village of Miami Shores WOCN-AM (Miami) Young Years Day Care