Miami, FL 33135 ZIP Code Map


33135 Schools


  • Bridgepoint Academy Interamerican
  • Alpha Charter Of Excellence
  • International Studies Charter Middle School
  • International Studies Charter High School
  • Miami Senior Adult Education Center
  • Miami Senior High School
  • Shenandoah Elementary School
  • Auburndale Elementary School
  • Lincoln-Marti Elementary Charter School
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    ZIP Code 33135 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33135 Street Addresses

    8th St SE ((2-2699)) Beacom Blvd ((1-799)) Douglas Rd ((76-901)) E Ponce de Leon Blvd ((100-199)) NW 27th Ave ((1100-1299)) Poinciana Ave ((4141-4199)) Ponce de Leon Blvd ((1-199)) S Douglas Rd ((76-1341)) State Hwy 817 ((1-1299)) State Hwy 9 ((1-1299)) State Hwy 90 ((700-3699)) State Hwy 968 ((1-3699)) SW 10th St ((1200-3699)) SW 10th Street Rd ((900-999)) SW 10th Ter ((2700-2799)) SW 11th St ((1200-3699)) SW 11th Ter ((1400-2399)) SW 12th Ct ((800-1299)) SW 12th St ((1200-3699)) SW 13th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 13th Ct ((800-1299)) SW 13th St ((2700-2899)) SW 14th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 15th Ave ((1-1199)) SW 16th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 17th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 17th Ct ((1-299)) SW 18th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 18th Ct ((1-299)) SW 19th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 1st St ((1200-3399)) SW 20th Ave ((1-1199)) SW 21st Ave ((1-1299)) SW 21st Ct ((2-299)) SW 22nd Ave ((1-1299)) SW 22nd Avenue Rd ((300-799)) SW 22nd Ct ((1200-1299)) SW 23rd Ave ((1-1199)) SW 23rd Ct ((1200-1299)) SW 23rd St ((2900-3099)) SW 24th Ave ((1-1318)) SW 24th Ct ((800-999)) SW 25th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 27th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 28th Ave ((800-1099)) SW 29th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 29th Ct ((300-1099)) SW 2nd St ((1200-3698)) SW 2nd Ter ((2200-2399)) SW 30th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 30th Ct ((1-1299)) SW 30th Pl ((1200-1299)) SW 31st Ave ((1-1299)) SW 31st Ct ((1-1099)) SW 32nd Ave ((1-1299)) SW 32nd Court Rd ((1-299)) SW 33rd Ave ((1-1199)) SW 34th Ave ((1-1599)) SW 35th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 36th Ave ((1-1299)) SW 36th Ct ((1-1199)) SW 37th Ave ((76-1341)) SW 3rd St ((1200-3699)) SW 4th St ((1200-3699)) SW 5th St ((500-3699)) SW 5th Ter ((3600-3699)) SW 6th St ((1200-3699)) SW 7th St ((1200-3699)) SW 8th St ((2700-3699)) SW 9th St ((1500-3699)) SW 9th Ter ((3300-3699)) SW Flagler Ter ((1-1699)) US Hwy 41 ((2700-3699)) W Flagler St ((1200-3699))

    33135 Places and Attractions

    Atlantis Academy Auburndale School Bethel Temple Kindergarten Day Care Center Calvary Baptist Church Day Care Center Calvary Baptist Church School City of Miami Department of Fire Rescue Station 7 Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture DaVinci Institute Debbie School Fairglade School Florida Highway Patrol Troop E Investigations Gingerbread House Day Care Center Gladys Molina Family Day Care Center Gomez Park Grapeland Park Preschool Hispanic Library Holy Comforter Episcopal Church Holy Comforter Episcopal School Hope Center ICA Learning Center of America Iglesia Victoria International Jose Marti YMCA Day Care Center Jose Marti School 2nd Campus Koubek Center La Luz School Las Americas Day Care Center Latin American Art Museum Latin Quarter Latin Quarter Cultural Center of Miami Lincoln-Marti School 1st Campus Lincoln-Marti School 3rd Campus Lincoln-Marti School 5th Campus Lincoln Marti Schools Lincoln Marti Schools Little Havana Miami Dade Community College Interamerican Center Miami-Dade Community College Preschool Laboratory Miami Senior Adult School Miami Senior High School Miami South Police Station Mi Casita Day Care Center Nance School New Sunrise Day Care Center Palmetto Baptist Church Pan American Institute Ponce Plaza Nursing and Rehabiliation Center Refugee Health Clinic Riverside Baptist Church Saint Dominics Catholic Church Saint Louis Catholic Church Saint Matthew's Lutheran School Shenandoah School Silver Court Trailer Park Silver Court Trailer Park Sunflowers Academy Suniland Academy Tamiami United Methodist Church Elementary School Tamiami United Methodist Day Care Center Terry's Day Nursery The Candy House Day Care Center Williams Private School Woodlawn Park Cemetery YMCA International