Miami, FL 33127 ZIP Code Map


33127 Schools


  • Secondary Student Success Center 802
  • Mater Brickell Preparatory Academy High School
  • Mater Academy Of International Studies
  • Mater Academy Middle School Of International Studi
  • Young Men'S Preparatory Academy
  • Esy Summer Center
  • Jose De Diego Middle School
  • Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School
  • Lindsey Hopkins Technical Ed Center
  • Miami Edison Senior High School
  • Miami Edison Middle School
  • Shadowlawn Elementary School
  • Santa Clara Elementary School
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar Elementary School
  • Lenora Braynon Smith Elementary
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    ZIP Code 33127 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33127 Street Addresses

    D A Dorsey Ave ((2501-2999)) N 55th St ((200-299)) NE 23rd St ((2-55)) NE 50th Ter ((69-199)) N Miami Ave ((1900-6199)) NW 10th Ave ((2000-6199)) NW 10th Ct ((2100-4599)) NW 10th Pl ((4500-4599)) NW 11th Ave ((2000-6799)) NW 11th Ct ((3200-4599)) NW 11th Pl ((3200-4599)) NW 12th Ave ((1150-6214)) NW 12th Pl ((6200-6214)) NW 1st Ave ((101-6199)) NW 1st Ct ((2000-5699)) NW 1st Pl ((2000-6199)) NW 20th St ((1-1099)) NW 20th Ter ((200-299)) NW 21st St ((1-1171)) NW 21st Ter ((490-1399)) NW 22nd Ln ((200-499)) NW 22nd St ((1-1199)) NW 22nd Ter ((200-1199)) NW 23rd St ((1-1199)) NW 24th St ((1-1199)) NW 25th St ((1-1199)) NW 26th St ((1-1199)) NW 27th St ((1-1199)) NW 27th Ter ((200-299)) NW 28th St ((1-1199)) NW 29th St ((1-1199)) NW 29th Ter ((700-1199)) NW 2nd Ave ((1901-6199)) NW 30th St ((1-1199)) NW 31st St ((1-1199)) NW 31st Ter ((600-699)) NW 32nd St ((1-1199)) NW 33rd St ((1-1199)) NW 34th St ((1-1199)) NW 34th Ter ((1-299)) NW 35th St ((1-1099)) NW 36th St ((1-1199)) NW 37th St ((1-1199)) NW 38th St ((1-1199)) NW 39th St ((1-1199)) NW 3rd Ave ((2000-5999)) NW 3rd Ct ((2200-2251)) NW 40th St ((1-1199)) NW 41st St ((1-1199)) NW 42nd St ((1-1098)) NW 43rd St ((200-1199)) NW 44th St ((1-1167)) NW 45th St ((1-1199)) NW 46th St ((1-1199)) NW 47th St ((1-1199)) NW 47th Ter ((1-1199)) NW 48th St ((1-1199)) NW 49th St ((1-1199)) NW 4th Ave ((5400-5799)) NW 4th Ct ((1700-2099)) NW 50th St ((1-1199)) NW 51st St ((1-1199)) NW 51st Ter ((1100-1199)) NW 52nd St ((1-1099)) NW 53rd St ((1-1099)) NW 54th St ((1-1199)) NW 55th St ((200-1199)) NW 55th Ter ((700-1199)) NW 56th St ((1-1199)) NW 57th St ((1-1199)) NW 58th St ((1-1199)) NW 58th Ter ((900-1199)) NW 59th St ((1-1199)) NW 59th Ter ((200-499)) NW 5th Ave ((2100-5999)) NW 5th Ct ((2144-7199)) NW 5th Pl ((2000-2199)) NW 60th St ((1-1199)) NW 60th Ter ((1-99)) NW 61st St ((1-1199)) NW 6th Ave ((2100-6198)) NW 6th Ct ((2155-6199)) NW 6th Pl ((2000-5799)) NW 7th Ave ((2000-6199)) NW 7th Avenue Cir ((3200-3399)) NW 7th Ct ((700-5999)) NW 7th Pl ((2300-5999)) NW 8th Ave ((2000-6199)) NW 9th Ave ((3000-6199)) NW 9th Ct ((3216-3599)) NW Miami Ct ((1800-5599)) NW Miami Pl ((5400-5599)) State Hwy 948 ((1-1199)) US Hwy 441 ((2000-6199))

    33127 Places and Attractions

    ABC Day Care Center Allapattah Baptist Church Allapattah Station Aspira Eugenio Maria De Hostos School Ball of Fire Paradise Day Care Center Beckham Hall Correctional Center Belafonte Tacolcy Ceenter Preschool Buena Vista Park Buena Vista School Centro Hispano Catholic Childcare Center Champagnat Catholic School of Miami Cherish Child Center Childrens World Day Care Center Church of the Incarnation City of Miami Department of Fire Rescue Station 6 Civic Center Station Community Outreach Center Corporate Academy North Corpus Christi Church Corpus Christi School Crestwood Park Daycare at Belafonte Tacolcy Center Deas Day Care Center Duharts Day Care Center Dunbar School East Bay Vista Park Easter Seal Demonstration School Ebenezer Christian Academy Elizabeth E Curtis Child Care Center Eneida Masses Hartner Elementary School Eugenio Maria De Hostos Neighborhood Service Center Expressway Baptist Church Florida Medi - Van Ambulance Service Flowers Day Care Center Happy Nest Learning Center Heritage School Iglesia Bautista de Wynwood Interchange 1 Interchange 2A Interchange 4A and 4B Jacksons Toddle Inn Jays Learning Center Learning School Number Two Lively Stone Church of Miami Maduro Miami Stadium Marks Day Care Center Miami Church of Religious Science Miami - Dade County Police Department - Operations Bureau Miami - Dade School Police Department Miami-Edison High School Miami Edison Middle School Miami North Police Station Miami Stadium Miami Wynwood Network Police Station Mohammed Kindergarten Monastery of the Exaltation of the Most Holy Cross Moore Park Moore Park Day Care Center North Bay Vista Park Our Little Ones Day Care Center Palm Springs Presbyterian Kindergarten Pratts Kindergarten Progressive Day Care Pullman Mini Park Rainbow Village Park Robert E Lee Middle School Robert E Lee Park Roberto Clemente Park Saint Lazarus Nursery/Kindergarten School Santa Clara School Shadowlawn School Sheyes of Miami Young Achievers Nursery and Day Care Center Sheyes Young Acheiver Day Care Center Shores School South Bay Vista Park South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center Sunshine and Sunset Adult Day Care Center Tacolcy Park Unification Academy for Learning West Val-Don Day Care Center West Buena Vista Park Yahweh Education Center