Miami, FL 33125 ZIP Code Map


33125 Schools


  • Green Springs High School Charter
  • Ramz Academy 6-8 Middle, Miami Campus
  • Ramz Academy K-5 Miami Campus
  • Miami Bridge North
  • Primary Learning Center D
  • Early Beginnings Academy Civic Center
  • Citrus Grove Middle School
  • Kensington Park Elementary School
  • Citrus Grove Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 33125 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33125 Street Addresses

    Delaware Pkwy ((1700-3799)) Glen Royal Pkwy ((1-2320)) NW 10th St ((1800-1851)) NW 11th St ((1200-3699)) NW 11th Ter ((3000-3099)) NW 12th Ct ((700-824)) NW 12th St ((1200-3699)) NW 12th Ter ((3500-3699)) NW 13th Ave ((1-1399)) NW 13th Ct ((700-1699)) NW 13th Ln ((3200-3265)) NW 13th St ((1300-3699)) NW 13th Ter ((1300-3329)) NW 14th Ave ((1-1949)) NW 14th Ct ((700-933)) NW 14th St ((1200-4398)) NW 14th Ter ((1301-3699)) NW 15th Ave ((1-1999)) NW 15th St ((1329-3699)) NW 15th Street Rd ((1500-1899)) NW 16th Ave ((1-1699)) NW 16th St ((1100-3699)) NW 16th Ter ((1500-3733)) NW 17th Ave ((1-1999)) NW 17th Ct ((1-1500)) NW 17th Pl ((1-899)) NW 17th St ((1400-3699)) NW 17th Ter ((2700-2799)) NW 18th Ave ((1-2799)) NW 18th Ct ((100-1139)) NW 18th Pl ((700-1299)) NW 18th St ((1431-3699)) NW 18th Ter ((1700-3899)) NW 19th Ave ((1-1999)) NW 19th Ct ((700-1199)) NW 19th St ((1000-3699)) NW 19th Ter ((1400-3699)) NW 1st St ((1200-3699)) NW 1st Ter ((1900-2199)) NW 20th Ave ((300-1999)) NW 20th Ct ((700-1099)) NW 20th St ((3000-3399)) NW 21st Ave ((1-4499)) NW 21st Ct ((700-1099)) NW 22nd Ave ((1-1999)) NW 22nd Ct ((700-1999)) NW 22nd Pl ((700-1999)) NW 23rd Ave ((1-1499)) NW 23rd Ct ((316-1399)) NW 23rd Pl ((300-699)) NW 24th Ave ((1-1999)) NW 24th Ct ((1-1999)) NW 25th Ave ((1-1999)) NW 25th Ct ((300-699)) NW 26th Ave ((1-1999)) NW 26th Avenue Rd ((1100-1199)) NW 27th Ave ((1-1999)) NW 27th Ct ((1-1799)) NW 28th Ave ((200-1899)) NW 29th Ave ((700-16815)) NW 29th Ct ((1500-1699)) NW 2nd St ((1200-3699)) NW 2nd Ter ((3400-3699)) NW 30th Ave ((1-1899)) NW 30th Ct ((700-1199)) NW 30th Pl ((400-1199)) NW 31st Ave ((1-1999)) NW 32nd Ave ((1-1999)) NW 32nd Ct ((1-1399)) NW 32nd Pl ((1-1399)) NW 33rd Ave ((1-3299)) NW 33rd Ct ((1400-1499)) NW 34th Ave ((1-1999)) NW 35th Ave ((1-1329)) NW 35th Ct ((700-1099)) NW 36th Ave ((700-1999)) NW 36th Ct ((1-1099)) NW 37th Ave ((1-2499)) NW 3rd St ((1200-3699)) NW 3rd Ter ((2300-2349)) NW 4th St ((1200-3699)) NW 4th Ter ((2200-3699)) NW 5th St ((1200-3699)) NW 6th St ((528-3699)) NW 7th St ((900-4199)) NW 8th St ((1500-2099)) NW 8th Ter ((1200-2199)) NW 9th St ((1500-3699)) NW Flagler Ter ((1800-3699)) NW North River Dr ((1300-2699)) NW South River Dr ((1101-2999)) Pasco Jose de la Luz Y Caballero Ct ((700-1099)) S River Dr ((1700-1799)) State Hwy 817 ((1-1999)) State Hwy 9 ((1-1999)) SW 28th Ter ((12720-12798)) W Flagler St ((3208-3299))

    33125 Places and Attractions

    Allapattah Child Care Center Allapattah Wynwood Community Development Center Allapattah Wynwood Jardin Infantile Allapattah YMCA Day Care Ame Activities Kiddie Ranch Day Care Center Bimini Shipping Wharf and Slip Boulevard School Bruce W Carter Veterans Affairs Medical Center Champagnat Catholic School Childrens Development Center Christ-Mar School Citrus Grove Junior High School Citrus Grove Occupational Training Center Citrus Grove School Civic Center Library Kiosk Comfort Canal Number C-5 Concord Christian Academy Dade County Auditorium Downtown Family Health Center Easter Seal Society School Fern Isle Park First Spanish United Presbyterian Church Day Care Center Florida Career College Florida Detroit Diesel Slip Floridean Nursing Home Fort Dallas (historical) Gerry Curtis Park Global Marine Trading Slip Graceland Heights Park (historical) Grapeland Heights Library Grapeland Heights Park Grapeland Park Preschool Grove Mini Park Harbor View Hospital Hardie Yachts Basin Hempstead Marine Wharf Hope Preschool Hurricane Cove Marina Hurricane Terminal Slip Interamerican Military Academy (historical) Jackson Plaza Nursings and Rehabiliation Center Jest Island Jose Marti Post Office Justice Building Kensington Park School Kensington Primary School Kiddie Kingdom Child Care Center La Progresiva Presbyterian School Lincoln Marti Child Care Center Lincoln Marti Day Care Number 10 Lincoln-Marti School 10th Campus Lincoln-Marti School 8th Campus Lucerne Lakes Golf Club Mahi Shrine Auditorium Marlins Ballpark Martin Technical College Melreese Golf Course Merrill - Stevens Dry Dock Main Yard Slip Number 3 Repair Wharf Merrill - Stevens Dry Dock South Yard Wharf and Boat Basin Miami Aerospace Academy Miami - Dade County Auditorium Miami - Dade County Jury Pool - Criminal Miami - Dade County Police - Court Liaison Miami Police Benevolent Association Park Miami Police Department Little Havana NET Miami River Rapids Mini Park New Mount Zion Baptist Church New Way Fellowship Baptist Church North Fork Miami River Norwood Shopping Center Orange Bowl (historical) Paradise Trailer Park Paradise Trailer Park Poland Yacht Basin Porta Kiosk Library River Run Yacht Club Marina Saint Francis Xavier School Saint Josephs Catholic Church Saint Michaels School Saint Michael the Archangel Church Saint Michael the Archangel School Saint Thomas Episcopal Parish School Schurger Diving and Salvage Mooring Sewell Park Shepherd School South Fork Miami River Sunflowers Day Care Center Sunny Day Care Center Sunny Day School Temple Beth Am Day School The Pumpkin Share Day Care Center United Cerebral Palsy Association of Miami Day Care Center Wee Lads and Lassies Preschool Windmoor Healthcare of Miami YWCA Citrus Grove