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Miami Gardens

33056 Schools


  • Richard Allen Leadership Academy
  • Excelsior Charter Academy
  • School For Integrated Academic (North Campus)
  • Robert Renick Education Center
  • Miami Carol City Senior High
  • Parkway Middle Community School
  • North Dade Middle School
  • Parkview Elementary School
  • North County K-8 Center
  • Barbara Hawkins Elementary School
  • Myrtle Grove Elementary School
  • Crestview Elementary School
  • Brentwood Elementary School
  • 33056 Hotels

  • El Palacio Sports Hotel
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    ZIP Code 33056 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33056 Street Addresses

    181st St ((2200-2299)) 197th Ter ((2800-2831)) 200th St ((3200-3299)) 204th Ln ((3001-3049)) 204th Ter ((3031-3049)) 209th Ter ((3400-3699)) 212th St ((2758-2851)) 28th Ct ((20400-20499)) 29th Pl ((17500-17549)) 32nd Ct ((19548-19799)) 32nd Pl ((19700-19744)) 34th Ct ((18900-20099)) Douglas Rd ((20700-21399)) Honey Hill Dr ((3200-3699)) Myrtle Lake Dr ((17700-17899)) NW 167th St ((721-5398)) NW 167th Ter ((2700-3199)) NW 168th St ((2400-3399)) NW 168th Ter ((2700-3199)) NW 169th St ((2200-2539)) NW 169th Ter ((2700-3755)) NW 170th St ((1800-3599)) NW 170th Ter ((1600-2699)) NW 171st St ((1700-3699)) NW 171st Ter ((1700-3699)) NW 172nd St ((1948-2199)) NW 172nd Ter ((1800-3599)) NW 173rd St ((1900-1999)) NW 173rd Ter ((2000-3599)) NW 174th St ((2700-3699)) NW 174th Ter ((2200-2399)) NW 175th St ((1700-3699)) NW 175th Ter ((2400-2567)) NW 176th St ((2900-3699)) NW 176th Ter ((2400-3599)) NW 177th Ter ((2200-3599)) NW 178th St ((2000-3699)) NW 178th Ter ((2400-2499)) NW 179th St ((1700-3699)) NW 179th Ter ((1700-2539)) NW 17th Ave ((15700-20898)) NW 17th Ct ((17000-19049)) NW 180th St ((1900-3598)) NW 180th Ter ((1700-2499)) NW 181st St ((3200-3999)) NW 181st Ter ((2300-2499)) NW 182nd St ((3200-3931)) NW 182nd Ter ((2300-2539)) NW 183rd Dr ((1700-1799)) NW 183rd St ((1700-3699)) NW 184th St ((1700-3199)) NW 185th St ((1700-3199)) NW 185th Ter ((1700-3199)) NW 186th St ((1700-2399)) NW 186th Ter ((2900-3199)) NW 187th St ((1700-3699)) NW 187th Ter ((1700-3499)) NW 188th St ((2924-3699)) NW 188th Ter ((1700-2299)) NW 189th St ((2800-6711)) NW 189th Ter ((1700-2299)) NW 18th Ave ((16700-19599)) NW 18th Ct ((18734-19437)) NW 190th St ((2800-3698)) NW 190th Ter ((1700-2265)) NW 191st Ln ((2900-2999)) NW 191st St ((1501-3699)) NW 191st Ter ((1900-2999)) NW 192nd Ln ((2900-2999)) NW 192nd St ((1700-2987)) NW 192nd Ter ((1900-2999)) NW 193rd St ((1659-3699)) NW 193rd Ter ((1924-2986)) NW 194th St ((1700-3666)) NW 194th Ter ((1900-3699)) NW 195th Ln ((2900-2999)) NW 195th St ((1601-3083)) NW 195th Ter ((3200-3699)) NW 196th Ln ((2900-3699)) NW 196th St ((2227-3199)) NW 196th Ter ((2200-2899)) NW 197th St ((3200-3699)) NW 197th Ter ((2700-3499)) NW 198th St ((2800-3299)) NW 198th Ter ((2750-3499)) NW 199th Ln ((2700-2752)) NW 199th St ((1748-3932)) NW 199th Ter ((2700-2999)) NW 19th Ave ((16700-19499)) NW 19th Ct ((18700-19449)) NW 200th St ((3300-3669)) NW 200th Ter ((2700-3499)) NW 201st St ((3300-3499)) NW 201st Ter ((2700-2799)) NW 202nd Ln ((2720-3331)) NW 202nd St ((3300-3873)) NW 202nd Ter ((2716-3337)) NW 203rd Ln ((2800-3499)) NW 203rd St ((3200-3699)) NW 203rd Ter ((2900-3170)) NW 204th Ln ((2701-3199)) NW 204th St ((1700-2899)) NW 204th Ter ((2726-3699)) NW 205th St ((2546-3698)) NW 205th Ter ((3000-3152)) NW 206th St ((2000-3605)) NW 207th St ((1704-3699)) NW 207th St Rd ((3800-3999)) NW 207th Ter ((3049-3087)) NW 208th St ((2300-3599)) NW 208th Ter ((2300-3599)) NW 209th Ter ((2720-3399)) NW 20th Ave ((16700-20699)) NW 20th Ct ((20400-20599)) NW 210th Ter ((2723-3699)) NW 211th St ((2700-3699)) NW 212th St ((2929-3699)) NW 212th Ter ((2700-2899)) NW 213th St ((2900-3699)) NW 213th Ter ((3200-3699)) NW 214th St ((2900-3699)) NW 215th St ((2900-3698)) NW 21st Ave ((18300-20599)) NW 22nd Ave ((16650-21099)) NW 22nd Ct ((17900-20699)) NW 22nd Pl ((18400-20699)) NW 23rd Ave ((16900-20899)) NW 23rd Ct ((18400-20899)) NW 24th Ave ((16700-20899)) NW 24th Ct ((16800-20899)) NW 24th Pl ((17140-17321)) NW 25th Ave ((16700-20849)) NW 25th Ct ((16700-20509)) NW 26th Ct ((20400-20699)) NW 27th Ave ((1200-21499)) NW 27th Cir ((20000-30227)) NW 27th Ct ((17100-21299)) NW 27th Pl ((20200-20499)) NW 28th Ave ((16700-20899)) NW 28th Ct ((2853-21298)) NW 28th Pl ((18300-19470)) NW 29th Ave ((16700-21299)) NW 29th Ct ((17500-21199)) NW 29th Pl ((17100-20499)) NW 30th Ave ((16700-21199)) NW 30th Ct ((18700-21199)) NW 30th Pl ((19600-19699)) NW 31st Ave ((17125-120798)) NW 32nd Ave ((16700-21499)) NW 32nd Ct ((17100-21049)) NW 32nd Path ((20300-20399)) NW 32nd Pl ((18700-20899)) NW 33rd Ave ((16900-21399)) NW 33rd Ct ((3350-21099)) NW 33rd Pl ((18900-20628)) NW 34th Ave ((16861-21499)) NW 34th Ct ((18300-21049)) NW 34th Pl ((21049-21099)) NW 35th Ave ((3500-21399)) NW 35th Ct ((17900-18299)) NW 35th St ((19900-20198)) NW 36th Ave ((16900-20949)) NW 36th Ct ((19900-20499)) NW 37th Ave ((15500-21399)) NW 38th Ave ((20925-20999)) NW 44th St ((7800-8099)) NW Miami Gardens Dr ((1700-2399)) State Hwy 817 ((16700-21499)) State Hwy 854 ((1748-2699)) State Hwy 860 ((2401-3699)) Sugar Lake Ter ((2-98)) W Sugar Lake Dr ((2-98))

    33056 Places and Attractions

    Adranah's Day Care Center Beacon Hill School Betty's Learning Center Brentwood Elementary School Brentwood Park Calder Race Course Carol City Carol City Complex Carol City Shopping Center City of Miami Gardens Cleare Day Care Center Comprehensive Day Care Center County Line School Crestview School District Instructional Center 17 District Instructional Center 18 Dolphin Plaza Earlene L Dorsett Academy Annex Edith Hunter Family Day Care Center Emmanuel Kindergarten and Day Care Center Golden Glades Church Golden Glades Day Care Center Happy Day Nursery Day Care Center J & I Christian Academy 2nd Campus Joe Robbie Stadium Heliport Kiara Day Care Center Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne Census Designated Place (historical) Lake Lucerne City Park Lakewood Estates Land Shark Stadium Ludlam-Gratigny Plaza Maranatha Seventh Day Adventist Day Care Center Miami Carol City Adult School Miami Carol City Senior High School Miami Coral City High School Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 11 Miami - Dade County Police Department Miami Gardens Miami Gardens Division Miami Gardens Police Department Mirimar High School Myrtle Grove Elementary School Myrtle Lake Myrtle Park North County Elementary School North Dade Bible Church North Dade Regional Academy North Dade Regional Library Packway Junior High School Parkview Elementary School Parkway Church Parkway Junior High School Riviera Mobile Park Riviera Park Mobile Home Park Robert Renick Education Center Rudolph Day Care Center Saint Michael's Preschool Saint Monica Church Saint Monica School Samuels Day Care Center Savary Day Care Center Scott Lake Scott Lake Census Designated Place (historical) Skipper Chuck Child Care Center Skipper Chuck Day Care Center Sunny Isles Church The Baby School The Eddie's B and M Kiddie World Center Universal Academy Wee Care Day Care Center William A Kirlew Junior Academy Williams Day Care and Kindergarten