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Opa Locka ZIP Codes

33054 33055
Opa Locka

33054 Schools


  • North Park High School Charter
  • Florida International Elementary Academy
  • Here'S Help
  • Life Skills Center Opa Locka
  • Florida Int'L Academy Charter
  • N Dade Center For Modern Language
  • Jan Mann Opportunity School
  • Nathan B. Young Elementary School
  • Rainbow Park Elementary School
  • Dr. Robert B. Ingram/Opa-Locka Elementary School
  • Golden Glades Elementary School
  • Bunche Park Elementary School
  • Census



    ZIP Code 33054 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33054 Street Addresses

    136 St ((2400-2699)) Ahmad St ((1-1199)) Aladdin St ((100-999)) Alexandria Dr ((12800-13499)) Ali Baba Ave ((100-2698)) Arabia Ave ((700-999)) Aswan Rd ((12800-13599)) Atlantic Ave ((700-2699)) Bagdad Ave ((101-598)) Bahman Ave ((1-599)) Banu Ave ((100-299)) Banu St ((300-399)) Beachley St ((1-99)) Beder St ((100-399)) Bennett Rd ((1-14499)) Bunche Park School Dr ((2201-16199)) Burlington St ((500-2699)) Cairo Ln ((12700-13499)) Caliph St ((600-1099)) Codadad St ((100-1099)) Curtiss Dr ((500-1099)) Curtiss St ((1-4299)) Douglas Rd ((2-699)) Dunad Ave ((1-1399)) Duval St ((14600-15099)) E Bunche Park Dr ((1901-16399)) Ely Rd ((3800-4299)) Fisherman St ((100-1299)) Forestry Hill ((68-299)) Golf Course Blvd ((500-598)) Grant Ave ((2000-2199)) Gratigny Pkwy ((380-5899)) Harem Ave ((500-799)) Hoxey Rd ((13600-14999)) James St ((1800-1899)) Jann Ave ((400-1399)) Johnson St ((14800-15052)) Julnar Ave ((900-999)) Kalandar St ((1-298)) Kasim St ((1100-1399)) Langley Rd ((3800-3999)) Lincoln Ave ((1800-2199)) Medina St ((1100-1199)) NW 11th Ave ((13900-14299)) NW 127th St ((2800-3099)) NW 128th St ((4200-4899)) NW 128th State Rd ((4690-4899)) NW 129th St ((3000-3099)) NW 131st St ((2660-3199)) NW 132nd St ((3800-4799)) NW 132nd Ter ((2800-3299)) NW 133rd St ((3001-4599)) NW 134th St ((2801-3199)) NW 135th St ((2701-5699)) NW 136 St ((2300-2399)) NW 136th St ((2201-2699)) NW 139th St ((1900-2699)) NW 140th St ((1101-2599)) NW 140th Ter ((2201-2299)) NW 141st St ((1900-2699)) NW 143rd St ((1700-3999)) NW 144th St ((3800-4299)) NW 145th St ((3700-4299)) NW 147th St ((2200-2699)) NW 149th St ((2200-2399)) NW 150th Rd ((4300-4399)) NW 150th St ((2200-2499)) NW 151st St ((600-3499)) NW 151st Ter ((2700-3499)) NW 152nd St ((1700-2699)) NW 152nd Ter ((1600-3099)) NW 153rd St ((1500-3599)) NW 153rd Ter ((2701-3098)) NW 154th St ((1400-2699)) NW 154th Ter ((2700-3599)) NW 155th St ((1400-2699)) NW 155th Ter ((2300-2899)) NW 156th St ((2800-4699)) NW 156th St Rd ((2400-2699)) NW 157th St ((1700-4199)) NW 157th Ter ((2900-3199)) NW 158th St ((2114-3199)) NW 158th Street Rd ((2416-15999)) NW 159th St ((2700-4899)) NW 159th Street Rd ((2400-15999)) NW 159th Ter ((2346-2599)) NW 160th St ((1700-3199)) NW 161st St ((2356-4199)) NW 161st Ter ((2900-8099)) NW 162nd St ((2000-3199)) NW 162nd Street Rd ((2200-16499)) NW 162nd Ter ((2300-2699)) NW 163rd St ((2400-4699)) NW 163rd Street Rd ((1700-1999)) NW 164th St ((2500-4099)) NW 164th Ter ((2730-3199)) NW 165th St ((2000-4699)) NW 165th Ter ((2500-2699)) NW 166th St ((1700-4199)) NW 167th St ((1700-6699)) NW 17th Ave ((3984-16699)) NW 17th Ct ((15700-16599)) NW 17th Pl ((15700-16599)) NW 18th Ave ((14700-20599)) NW 18th Ct ((15700-16599)) NW 18th Pl ((15700-16599)) NW 192nd Ct ((4800-4849)) NW 193rd St ((4600-4699)) NW 19th Ave ((13601-20598)) NW 19th Ct ((16300-16599)) NW 204th St ((1718-1999)) NW 206th St ((1860-1929)) NW 20th Ave ((13900-16171)) NW 20th Avenue Rd ((15700-15799)) NW 20th Ct ((13900-14099)) NW 21st Ave ((15800-16599)) NW 21st Ct ((14200-14499)) NW 22nd Ave ((13500-16649)) NW 22nd Ct ((14100-16599)) NW 22nd Pl ((13700-14899)) NW 23rd Ave ((13700-15499)) NW 23rd Avenue Rd ((15546-15799)) NW 23rd Ct ((2300-16599)) NW 23rd Pl ((14100-14299)) NW 24th Ave ((13500-16599)) NW 24th Avenue Rd ((16200-16399)) NW 24th Ct ((14100-14999)) NW 25th Ave ((14500-16699)) NW 25th Ct ((14700-15099)) NW 26th Ave ((13800-16299)) NW 27th Ave ((12700-20865)) NW 27th Ct ((15500-16498)) NW 27th Pl ((15100-16299)) NW 28th Ave ((13200-16699)) NW 28th Ct ((15300-16299)) NW 28th Pl ((15200-16299)) NW 29th Ave ((13200-16699)) NW 29th Ct ((15100-15413)) NW 30th Ave ((12800-16699)) NW 30th Ct ((15300-15416)) NW 31st Ave ((13000-15414)) NW 32nd Ave ((12900-16699)) NW 32nd Ct ((15100-15416)) NW 32nd Pl ((15100-15417)) NW 33rd Ave ((15100-15417)) NW 33rd Ct ((15100-15499)) NW 33rd Pl ((15100-15451)) NW 34th Ave ((15200-15499)) NW 37th Ave ((2-16699)) NW 37th Ct ((15600-16499)) NW 37th Pl ((15500-16699)) NW 38th Ave ((12400-13199)) NW 38th Ct ((13200-16299)) NW 38th Pl ((15600-16699)) NW 39th Ave ((18800-19099)) NW 39th Ct ((15600-16699)) NW 39th Pl ((15500-16299)) NW 40th Ct ((15600-16699)) NW 41st Ave ((14300-16599)) NW 42nd Ave ((12600-16699)) NW 43rd Ave ((13000-13299)) NW 44th Ave ((13600-18699)) NW 44th Ct ((14100-20349)) NW 45th Ave ((4600-16649)) NW 47th Ave ((13000-16699)) Opa Locka Airport ((1-499)) Opa Locka Blvd ((100-2699)) Oriental Blvd ((600-2899)) Peri St ((2-1399)) Perviz Ave ((101-1198)) Port Said Rd ((12800-13499)) Railroad Dr ((15100-15599)) Rutland St ((900-2499)) Sabur Ln ((100-499)) Salih St ((500-1199)) Seaman Ave ((100-399)) Service Rd ((1700-2598)) Sesame St ((100-2699)) Sharar Ave ((1-81398)) Sharazad Blvd ((100-1399)) Sinbad Ave ((100-1199)) State Hwy 817 ((12700-20865)) State Hwy 9 ((12700-13999)) State Hwy 924 ((2701-5699)) State Hwy 953 ((12600-13599)) Sultan Ave ((400-1199)) Superior St ((600-2699)) SW 60th Way ((8064-8099)) Vermont St ((1200-1299)) W 84th St ((380-5899)) Washington Ave ((1700-2199)) W Bunche Park Dr ((2200-16099)) West Dr ((700-998)) Wilmington St ((1000-2199)) Wright Dr ((3800-4299)) Wright Rd ((3700-4299)) York St ((1100-2599))

    33054 Places and Attractions

    Angelee Day Care Center Beacon Hill Center Becky Veal - Niblack Day Care Center Billy Graham Farm Village Biscayne College Bunche Park Bunche Park Bunche Park Census Designated Place (historical) Bunche Park Elementary Head Start Bunche Park Elementary School Bunche Park Fire Station Bunche Park Recreation Center and Pool Bunche Park School Children Academy City of Opa-locka Coast Guard Air Station Miami Collier Day Care Center Donny's Day Care Center Earlene Dorsett Academy Earlene L Dorsett Academy Ethel Moreland Child Care Center First Baptist Church First Baptist Church of Opa-Locka Florida International Academy Florida Memorial College Florida Memorial College Library Florida Memorial University Nathan W Collier Library Golden Glades School Harvey Day Care Center Iglesia de Cristo en Opa-Locka Ingram Park Jan Mann Opportunity School Jean's Kiddie Kollege Jewish High School of South Florida Kiddies Day Care Center Learning School Le Jeune Industrial Park Love Thy Kids Academy Marian Center School Memorial Temple Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 25 Miami - Dade County Fire Rescue Station 54 Mitchell Lake Estates Nathan B Young Head Start Nathan Young School Naval Air Station Miami (historical) North Country Charter School North Dade Center for Modern Language North Dade Center of Modern Language Day Care Center North Dade Community Development Children's Center North Dade Community Development Corporation North Dade Head Start North Dade Health Center North Dade Junior High School North Regional Park North Regional Recreation Center Opa-locka Opa-Locka City Hall Opa-Locka Community Correctional Center Opa Locka Crime Prevention Opa-Locka Educational Service Center Opa-Locka Elementary School Opa-Locka Executive Airport Opa Locka Head Start Opa Locka Library Opa-locka North Census Designated Place (historical) Opalocka Police Mini Station Opa-Locka Police Station Opa Locka Post Office Opa-Locka School Opa-Locka Station Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Pace High School Parkway Baptist Wee Care Center Rainbow Park School Saint Kevin Church Saint Thomas University Saint Thomas University Saint Thomas University Bobcat Center Saint Thomas University Carnival Cruise Lines Science and Technology Building Saint Thomas University Carroll Hall Saint Thomas University Cascia Hall Saint Thomas University Chapel of Saint Anthony Saint Thomas University Chikee Hut Saint Thomas University Convocation Hall Saint Thomas University Donnellon Hall Saint Thomas University Glass House Saint Thomas University Institute for Work Force Enhancement Saint Thomas University Kennedy Hall Saint Thomas University Law Library Saint Thomas University Law School Saint Thomas University Law School Annex Saint Thomas University Lewis Hall Saint Thomas University O'Mailia Hall Saint Thomas University Student Center Saint Thomas University Sullivan Hall Segal Park Sherbondy Park Soul Saving Station Day Care Center Taylor Day Care Center Vankara: A Learning Exchange Preschool Vankara School Wanza and Braxton Pink and Blue Day Care Center West Day Care Center Work and Play Center