Hialeah, FL 33012 ZIP Code Map


33012 Schools


  • Citrus Health Sipp/Crisis
  • Westland Hialeah Senior High School
  • Palm Springs Middle School
  • Henry H. Filer Middle School
  • Mae M. Walters Elementary School
  • Twin Lakes Elementary School
  • Marcus A. Milam K-8 Center
  • Meadowlane Elementary School
  • John G. Dupuis Elementary School
  • 33012 Hotels

  • Ramada Inn Miami Airport North
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    ZIP Code 33012 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33012 Street Addresses

    57th Ter ((1601-1699)) 7th Ct ((3900-3999)) Gratigny Dr ((601-1398)) Ludlam Rd ((2845-6799)) N Red Rd ((2901-6799)) NW 110th Dr ((5800-11115)) NW 110th St ((400-6399)) NW 110th Ter ((5700-6337)) NW 111th St ((5700-5799)) NW 111th Ter ((5700-6399)) NW 112th Ter ((5700-6335)) NW 113th Ter ((5700-6339)) NW 114th St ((800-6099)) NW 115th St ((5700-5869)) NW 117th St ((400-5899)) NW 118th St ((401-5856)) NW 119th St ((400-1698)) NW 57th Ct ((11500-11698)) NW 58th Ave ((5800-11699)) NW 58th Ct ((11500-11699)) NW 58th Pl ((6100-11863)) NW 59th Ave ((11034-11399)) NW 59th Ct ((11000-11399)) NW 59th Pl ((11039-11349)) NW 60th Ct ((11035-11349)) NW 61st Ave ((11036-11349)) NW 62nd Ave ((11000-11399)) NW 62nd Ct ((11001-11399)) NW 67th Ave ((5471-6799)) Palm Ave ((2900-6499)) S Okeechobee Rd ((2900-3495)) Stacey E Cox Ct ((11500-11699)) State Hwy 932 ((1-1199)) US Hwy 27 ((2900-3495)) W 10th Ave ((814-6399)) W 10th Ct ((3700-5598)) W 10th Dr ((3836-3962)) W 10th Ln ((4100-5599)) W 11th Ave ((2700-6799)) W 11th Ct ((3700-6799)) W 11th Ln ((3700-6607)) W 12th Ave ((2845-6799)) W 12th Ct ((4900-6599)) W 12th Ln ((4200-6599)) W 13th Ave ((3200-6799)) W 13th Ct ((5400-6799)) W 13th Ln ((4400-4775)) W 14th Ave ((2800-6799)) W 14th Ct ((3200-6199)) W 14th Ln ((3200-6199)) W 14th St ((3300-3498)) W 15th Ave ((3100-4499)) W 15th Ct ((5300-6799)) W 16th Ave ((500-6799)) W 16th Ln ((5700-5999)) W 17th Ave ((5500-5799)) W 17th Ct ((3200-6499)) W 17th Ln ((5600-5799)) W 18th Ave ((3300-6799)) W 18th Ct ((4100-5999)) W 18th Ln ((4100-5999)) W 19th Ave ((4100-6199)) W 19th Ct ((4400-4899)) W 1st Ave ((2900-6499)) W 1st Ct ((5300-6499)) W 20th Ave ((3500-6399)) W 29th Pl ((400-499)) W 29th St ((1-1599)) W 2nd Ave ((2900-6499)) W 2nd Ct ((3600-6899)) W 2nd Ln ((3800-4899)) W 30th Pl ((400-499)) W 30th St ((1-1398)) W 31st Pl ((400-1799)) W 31st St ((1-1499)) W 32nd Pl ((400-1799)) W 32nd St ((1-1599)) W 33rd Pl ((400-1799)) W 33rd St ((1-1399)) W 34th Pl ((400-1599)) W 34th St ((1-1499)) W 35th Pl ((400-1599)) W 35th St ((1-1999)) W 36th Pl ((33-1099)) W 36th St ((1-1499)) W 36th Ter ((200-399)) W 37th Pl ((500-599)) W 37th St ((1-1799)) W 37th Ter ((800-1198)) W 38th Pl ((400-1799)) W 38th St ((1-1967)) W 38th Ter ((800-1199)) W 39th Pl ((1-1799)) W 39th St ((400-1999)) W 39th Ter ((1100-1199)) W 3rd Ave ((2900-6599)) W 3rd Ct ((3800-6599)) W 3rd Ln ((4000-5999)) W 3rd Pl ((6450-6499)) W 40th Dr ((800-898)) W 40th Pl ((1-1199)) W 40th St ((900-1999)) W 41st Pl ((400-1169)) W 41st St ((1-1799)) W 42nd Pl ((400-1799)) W 42nd St ((1-1799)) W 43rd Pl ((400-1599)) W 43rd St ((1-998)) W 44th Pl ((400-1999)) W 44th St ((1-1499)) W 44th Ter ((1044-1483)) W 45th Pl ((1-1199)) W 45th St ((100-399)) W 46th Pl ((400-599)) W 46th St ((200-1898)) W 47th Pl ((1302-1304)) W 47th St ((200-1199)) W 48th St ((200-1199)) W 49th Pl ((1219-1499)) W 49th St ((1-1999)) W 4th Ave ((3300-11899)) W 4th Ct ((3355-5569)) W 4th Ln ((5300-5599)) W 50th Pl ((600-1199)) W 50th St ((1-1199)) W 51st Pl ((400-1399)) W 51st St ((1-399)) W 52nd St ((1-399)) W 53rd St ((1-1999)) W 53rd Ter ((1-2046)) W 54th St ((100-1599)) W 55 Pl ((900-1199)) W 55th Pl ((400-1599)) W 55th St ((1-1599)) W 56 St ((900-1299)) W 56th Pl ((400-6399)) W 56th St ((1-1998)) W 56th Ter ((1700-1799)) W 57th St ((1-1799)) W 57th Ter ((1500-1798)) W 58th St ((1-1898)) W 58th Ter ((1-399)) W 59th Pl ((1000-1199)) W 59th St ((1-1799)) W 5th Ave ((3700-5599)) W 5th Ct ((3700-6299)) W 5th Ln ((4126-11899)) W 5th Pl ((6500-6799)) W 60th St ((1-2099)) W 60th Ter ((1200-1399)) W 61st Pl ((1200-1399)) W 61st St ((1-399)) W 62nd St ((1-1877)) W 63rd Dr ((600-799)) W 63rd St ((1-5899)) W 64th Pl ((900-1099)) W 64th St ((1-1999)) W 64th Ter ((1-1399)) W 65th Dr ((400-798)) W 65th St ((2-1799)) W 65th Ter ((400-599)) W 66th Pl ((1700-1798)) W 66th St ((400-1299)) W 67th St ((800-1099)) W 68th St ((1301-1999)) W 6th Ave ((2500-6799)) W 6th Ct ((2447-6799)) W 6th Ln ((3700-5569)) W 6th Rd ((11850-11949)) W 7th Ave ((2700-5569)) W 7th Ct ((3700-5569)) W 7th Ln ((3700-4399)) W 8th Ave ((2900-11399)) W 8th Ct ((3701-11399)) W 8th Ln ((3700-6599)) W 8th Pl ((4500-4799)) W 8th Way ((3700-3999)) W 9th Ave ((2500-6898)) W 9th Ct ((3701-5999)) W 9th Ln ((3901-5999)) W 9th Way ((3738-4111)) W Ludlam Rd ((3390-3398)) W Palm Ct ((3600-6499))

    33012 Places and Attractions

    Acres O Sun Trailer Park Asbury Christian School Asbury School Bambi Land Day Care Center Bethel Baptist Christian School Bethel Baptist Day Care Center Big Star Day Care Center Bright Post Office City of Hialeah Dupuis Elementary Head Start Du Puis School Edison Private School - First Campus Fairytales Preschool Faith Lutheran School Filer School Florida National College Friendship House Cooperative Preschool Friendship Presbyterian Day Care Center Glenbeigh Hospital of Miami Gonzalez Day Care Center Goodlet Park Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool Center Graham Park Happy Day Care Center Hialeah Estates Hialeah Fire Department Station 3 Hialeah Fire Department Station 8 Hialeah Gardens Academy Hialeah Speedway Hibiscus Mobile Homes Hibiscus Trailer Park Holiday Acres Holiday Acres Mobile Home Park Horeb Christian School Immaculate Conception Church Immaculate Conception School Jiny's Learning Center John F Kennedy Library Kiddie Wonderland Day Care Center Kid's Playhouse Child Care Center Lake Catalina Lake Hialeah Lake Laurence East Lake Laurence West Lake Tahoe La Scala Preschool L'Enfant Day Care Center Little Angels Christian Day Care Center Little Angels of Westland Day Care Center Mar-Kiss Child Care Center Meadowlane School Meija Day Care Center Milander Park Milan School Millan Day Care Center Miracle Mile Shopping Center My Child's Dreams Day Care Center New Aladdin Learning Center North Hialeah Baptist Church North Hialeah Baptist Day Care Center North Hialeah Christian School O'Quinn Park Our Lady of Charity Day Care Center Our Lady of Charity Private School Palm Springs Palm Springs Estates Palm Springs General Hospital Palm Springs Junior High School Palm Springs Mall Pooh and Friends Preschool Roblanca Academy Saint Cecilia Day Care Center Saint Luke Kindergarten Saint Thomas University Villanuva Center San Lazro Church Shoppes on 49th Street Southern Winds Hospital Southern Winds Hospital Sparks Park Strawberry Village Trailer Park Strawberry Village Trailer Park Sunny Gardens Trailer Park Sunset Heights Baptist School Susanna Wesley Heath Center The Children Kingdom Learning Center The Little House of Mary Day Care Center Tiny Tots Day Nursery and Kindergarten Tutor Me Day Care Center Twin Lakes Elementary School Vasquez Day Care Center Walker Park Walters School We Love Kids Day Care Center West Hialeah Baptist Kindergarten Westland Mall Westland Plaza Westland Promenade Shopping Center Wilde Park Wynken Blynken and Nod Trailer Park Young America Number 1 Day Care Center