Hialeah, FL 33010 ZIP Code Map


33010 Schools


  • Excelsior Charter High School
  • Citrus Health Lou Panci
  • Excelsior Language Academy Of Hialeah
  • Alpha Middle School
  • James W. Johnson Elementary School
  • South Hialeah Elementary School
  • Hialeah Elementary School
  • James H. Bright Elementary/J.W. Johnson Elementary
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    ZIP Code 33010 is located in Miami-Dade County

    33010 Street Addresses

    Bright Dr ((1700-2099)) Circle Dr ((1-399)) Curtiss Dr ((101-2099)) E 10th Ave ((1-1799)) E 10th Ct ((1-499)) E 10th Pl ((628-965)) E 10th St ((1-599)) E 11th Ave ((1300-1799)) E 11th Pl ((634-954)) E 11th St ((1-599)) E 12th Pl ((627-967)) E 12th St ((1-698)) E 13th St ((1-1198)) E 14th Pl ((600-949)) E 14th St ((1-1099)) E 15th Pl ((600-945)) E 15th St ((1-1099)) E 16th Pl ((600-999)) E 16th St ((1-1099)) E 17th St ((1-1199)) E 18th St ((1-399)) E 19th St ((1-399)) E 1st Ave ((1-2099)) E 1st St ((949-999)) E 20th St ((1-399)) E 21st St ((1-399)) E 2nd Ave ((1-2099)) E 2nd St ((101-999)) E 3rd Ave ((1-2099)) E 3rd St ((1-1049)) E 4th Ave ((100-2598)) E 4th St ((1-1099)) E 5th Ave ((1-2199)) E 5th St ((1-999)) E 6th Ave ((1-1799)) E 6th Ct ((900-1699)) E 6th Ln ((900-1049)) E 6th Pl ((600-799)) E 6th St ((1-999)) E 7th Ave ((1-1799)) E 7th Ct ((1115-1649)) E 7th St ((1-999)) E 8th Ave ((1-1799)) E 8th Ct ((500-1649)) E 8th Ln ((600-799)) E 8th St ((1-969)) E 9th Ave ((900-1799)) E 9th Ct ((1-1649)) E 9th Ln ((500-899)) E 9th Pl ((800-999)) E 9th St ((1-1298)) East Dr ((6301-7932)) E Circle Dr ((201-399)) E Okeechobee Rd ((100-121)) E Olive Dr ((100-198)) Essex Ave ((1-399)) Eucalyptus Dr ((1-599)) Flamingo Way ((100-2398)) Hialeah Dr ((1-1199)) Larry Paskow Way ((6301-7932)) Lindsey Ct ((1-99)) Ludlam Rd ((2800-2899)) Milander Blvd ((2200-2799)) NE 1st Pl ((600-899)) NE 2nd Pl ((600-899)) NE 3rd Pl ((600-899)) NE 4th Pl ((600-899)) NE 5th Ave ((1-99)) NE 6th Ave ((1-1199)) NE 9th Ave ((1-499)) N Red Rd ((1101-2899)) NW 100th St ((3400-3499)) NW 62nd St ((1-599)) NW Fo A Kee Dr ((1-299)) Olive Dr ((1-99)) Palm Ave ((200-3199)) Park Dr ((800-899)) Pash E Ho Wa Dr ((300-399)) Pen Na Na Dr ((1-299)) Pine Tree Dr ((100-198)) SE 10th Ave ((100-1499)) SE 10th Ct ((400-1299)) SE 10th Pl ((700-849)) SE 10th St ((800-999)) SE 10th Ter ((1200-1399)) SE 11th Ave ((400-499)) SE 11th Pl ((700-999)) SE 11th St ((978-1041)) SE 12th St ((800-1099)) SE 14th St ((800-1099)) SE 1st Ave ((1-99)) SE 1st Pl ((600-999)) SE 1st St ((400-999)) SE 2nd Pl ((600-999)) SE 2nd St ((400-599)) SE 3rd Pl ((600-999)) SE 3rd St ((400-599)) SE 4th Ave ((1-699)) SE 4th Pl ((600-899)) SE 4th St ((300-999)) SE 5th Ave ((1-799)) SE 5th Pl ((600-899)) SE 5th St ((400-1099)) SE 6th Ave ((1-899)) SE 6th Pl ((600-950)) SE 6th St ((400-599)) SE 7th Ave ((1-1099)) SE 7th Pl ((600-999)) SE 7th St ((500-599)) SE 8th Ave ((1-1299)) SE 8th Ct ((500-1399)) SE 8th Pl ((600-799)) SE 8th St ((400-1098)) SE 9th Ave ((1-1499)) SE 9th Ct ((1-1499)) SE 9th Pl ((401-799)) SE 9th Ter ((800-1499)) SE Park Dr ((600-799)) S Okeechobee Rd ((1-3499)) State Hwy 823 ((1101-1599)) State Hwy 934 ((2100-2598)) State Hwy 953 ((1-1799)) Suffolk Ave ((1-399)) SW 24th Ter ((100-11299)) To To Lo Chee Dr ((1-499)) US Hwy 27 ((1-3499)) W 10th Ave ((2100-2899)) W 10th Ct ((2100-2699)) W 10th St ((1-399)) W 11th Ave ((2176-2899)) W 11th Ct ((2600-2699)) W 11th St ((1-499)) W 12th Ave ((2200-2899)) W 12th Pl ((400-582)) W 12th St ((1-575)) W 13th St ((1-699)) W 14th Ave ((2800-2847)) W 14th St ((1-699)) W 15th St ((1-749)) W 16th Ave ((4248-5302)) W 16th St ((1-899)) W 17th St ((1-899)) W 18th St ((1-999)) W 19th St ((1-999)) W 1st Ave ((300-2899)) W 20th St ((1-899)) W 21st Pl ((850-1099)) W 21st St ((1-699)) W 22nd St ((1-1199)) W 23rd St ((1-1199)) W 24th Pl ((600-699)) W 24th St ((1-1299)) W 24th Ter ((600-699)) W 25th Pl ((400-1349)) W 25th St ((1-1298)) W 26th Pl ((1200-1399)) W 26th St ((1-1199)) W 27th St ((1-2799)) W 28th St ((1-1549)) W 2nd Ave ((500-2899)) W 3rd Ave ((700-3299)) W 3rd Ct ((2300-2899)) W 3rd St ((1-99)) W 4th Ave ((1601-1605)) W 4th Ct ((1200-2499)) W 4th Ln ((1200-1699)) W 4th St ((1-199)) W 5th Ave ((1500-3299)) W 5th Ct ((1200-2599)) W 5th Ln ((1200-1499)) W 5th St ((1-199)) W 5th Way ((2100-2599)) W 6th Ave ((1300-2899)) W 6th Ct ((2100-2498)) W 6th Ln ((2100-2599)) W 6th St ((1-199)) W 7th Ave ((1400-1699)) W 7th Ct ((1500-2299)) W 7th St ((1-199)) W 8th Ave ((1600-2899)) W 8th Ct ((2175-2699)) W 8th Ln ((2300-2699)) W 8th St ((1-199)) W 9th Ave ((2100-2299)) W 9th Ct ((2300-2699)) W 9th Ln ((2300-2699)) W 9th St ((1-399)) Wilson St ((1800-1899)) W Okeechobee Rd ((2401-2799))

    33010 Places and Attractions

    Anchor Mobile Home Park Andy's Nursery School Apple Tree Preschool Babcock Park Benny Babcock Park Birdsall Industrial Park Bright School Carrousel Day Center Children's Christian School House Church of Christ Hialeah Cinderella Day Care Cinderella Day Nursery Coral Child Care Center Cotson Park Country Club Plaza Edison School El Arca Day Care Center El Caballito Blanco Day Care Center El Travieso Day Care Center Faith Lutheran School First Baptist Church Day Care Center First Baptist Schools Glory of God Child Development Center Granada Plaza Happy Babies Day Care Center Hialeah Convalescent Home Hialeah Elementary School Hialeah Fire Department Station 1 Hialeah Fire Department Station 6 Hialeah Housing Authority Day Care Center Hialeah Market Station Hialeah Metrorail Station Hialeah Police Substation Hialeah Post Office Hialeah Race Track Hialeah Station It's A Small World Learning Center Johnson School Kids City Day Care Center Lake Flamingo La Scala Day Care Center I La Scala Preschool El Bebe Day Care Center Lincoln-Marti Day Care Center Lincoln-Marti Day Care Center Lincoln-Marti School 12th Campus Lincoln-Marti School 4th Campus Lua A Curtis Library Mattingly Park Miami Springs Chamber of Commerce Miami Technical College Nana's Day Care Center Obispo Duncan Day Care Center Okeechobee Metrorail Station Okeechobee Station Rainbow Christian School Saint Johns School Saint John the Apostle School Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral Second Home Day Care Center South Day Care and Kindergarten Southeast Park South Hialeah Elementary Head Start South Hialeah School Sunrise Presbyterian Church Preschool Sun-Tan Village The Glory of God Christian School Triangle Park Young America Number 2 Day Care Center